Classifieds module for Google IG

Module “Classified ads – mali oglasi” for Google personalized home page is listed on

I hope my C.A. – M.O. module will soon be listed in Google directory, too.

Maybe I should again be modest, beacouse I am not Albert Dhtml Einstein, but I am pleased that I am not a Google module virgin anymore.

This is very exciting concept and I am very pleased and happy beacouse I can take even such a tiny part in googleizing the world. Like in old days of Commodore 64 – if you miss something, a programm, than sit and write it.

That is not the only thing we can see from Mountain View. Something big is happening and it became bigger and bigger every day. Maybe we should be afraid? You can find anything on Google, you can put anything, you can do anything.

Why am I talking so much about this and not about module? Beacose if you are reading this, than you do not need it. It is in serbian, it displays latest classified ads from Ads are in serbian, croatian, bosnian, macedonian, slovenian, bulgarian and few of them are in english, german, french…

But, if you want to give it a try – you’re welcome.

You can add it to your Google HP from here.

You can see it on

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