• W, Melissa - Honey Bee's Hive Pictures from Europe and information on Harlaxton College, University of Evansville, Music Therapy, Scoliosis, Colorado and Indiana.
  • W., Randall Some personal information and links to favorite sites.
  • Waddel , William - Horse Thief Story of William Waddel, who was transported to Australia to serve his seven year sentence for stealing a horse in Scotland. Also contains genealogy.
  • Wadler, David Includes personal information, writings, and musings.
  • Waechter, Lee Drafting and CADD technical illustration. Education, certificates, work experience, and portfolio.
  • Wages, James Contains web design tips and internet-related links and resources.
  • Wai, Wing Hong Onyx Professional activities, photographs, research, and contact information.
  • Wainwright, Karl Includes news, work, a resume, travel, hobbies, and family.
  • Waite, Matthew Electronic and computing resources, news, photographs from the Wigan beer festival, personal information, and a summary of things that make him angry.
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  • Wala, Avni Information on family, friends, and photos.
  • Waldrop, Steve and Anita Hobbies and information about the Waldrop's. Also graphics and links.
  • Wall, Eric Picture gallery, personal information and links.
  • Wallis, Mark Information software development projects (LORE-Portal, JIRS and others) plus personal and contact details.
  • Walmsley, Priscilla Includes a resume and links to personal publications and presentations.
  • Walvekar, Sheel Personal bio, photographs, jokes, riddles, and fan of the Detroit Red Wings.
  • Wambaugh, John Online resume, interests, and reviews.
  • Wand, Josh A food photography from New York City. Includes a personal gallery of his photographs.
  • Wanniarachchi, Amila Udayanka A Senior Network Engineer living in Nugegoda, Sri Lanka. Includes a biography and list of professional skills.
  • Wardell, Josh Links to his several web pages, including Pearl Jam MP3 Archive, Guilford High School Class of 1996 page, DVD, and personal information.
  • Wardzala, Joe Personal information, pictures and links.
  • Warner, Kerri Personal information, pictures, and favorite links.
  • Warner, Raleigh Personal information, pictures and links.
  • Wasik, T.J. Personal information, photographs, and links to friend sites.
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  • Wassenberg Mike and Mary Anne, from Warrenton, Virginia. Photos, resumes and links.
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  • Wassermann, Jan-Hendrik Personal information, humor, and links. In English and German.
  • Watts, Byron T. Personal information, pictures and links.
  • Watts, James M. Pictures, art projects, scripting, and links.
  • Waupoose, William John Photographs of him, his family, and his pets, links, and personal information.
  • Way, Emily Personal information, links, pictures and a guest-book.
  • Weathers, Rachel C. Features her dogs.
  • Weddington, Mark Family information, rants, and criticisms.
  • Weekly, David E. Writings and essays, journal entries, a codec comparison, free code, and newsletter.
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  • Wenzel, Thomas A Hardware Design Engineer from Northern Germany. Includes a biography, his interests in computers and video games, photographs from his travels, and information about his project on the MacAmp Mini.
  • Werneburg, Michael A father, an entrepreneur, a Canadian living in Japan, an amateur photographer and writer, and a former IT professional.
  • Wertheimer, David - netWert Personal, biographical, and professional information, as well as a resume and portfolio.
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  • Wetmore, Alex Personal interests and information.
  • Wheadon, Nigel and Anna Includes family pictures, Gin recipe, Christmas carols, and contact information,
  • Whettestone, Richard - Biography Personal information on a hopeful producer of weekly dramatic TV series.
  • Whitaker, Kirk Biography, music, family, and ministry objectives.
  • Whitefield, Nina and Livsey, Michael - Two For Joy! Arts pages, including their music, poetry, pictures and book reviews.
  • Whiteman, Bob Online journal and musings of ordinary Silicon Valley guy.
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  • Whittaker, Scott Jr. - The Pizza Boy Web Site Includes information about his hobbies and interests.
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  • Wiseman, J. D. A. Papers on electoral systems and on financial architecture.
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  • Woody, William Edward Includes personal information, pictures, and a resume.
  • Woolard, Ian Portfolio and personal website of product design engineer, UK.
  • Woolf, Linda M., Ph.D. An Associate Professor of Psychology at Webster University. Includes areas of interest, course information, a curriculum vitae, and recommended books.
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  • Wren, Donna and Chris of Arlington, Massachusetts. Photos, personal pages, information, and links.
  • Wright, Jevon: Jevon Online A Computer Science PhD student who's also interested in making music. Includes a biography, photographs, computer articles, software, and downloads.
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  • Wyss, Balz Personal and educational background with photographs of family and friends.
  • Wyss-Alba, Andre Personal information and pictures from trips and family events.

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