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  • Valadi, Nojan A student at the Medical College of Georgia studying Neurology. Includes a biography, resume, his research interests, photographs of his honeymoon, wedding, and vacations, and a web design portfolio.
  • Valdez-Ramirez, Mario A. A Consultant and freelance developer from Mexico. Contains personal information, software he's created, his presentations, photographs of family and friends, and a weblog. [Some pages are in Spanish]
  • Valenti, Mark A web developer and security analyst from Lincoln Park, Michigan. Includes a true story of his family surviving an accident, and a resume.
  • Van Achte, Scott and Lyndsay A married couple living in the Comox Valley, British Columbia. Includes the story of how they met, information about and a photograph gallery of places traveled, and their wedding and honeymoon.
  • Van Bossuyt, Douglas Contains information about his college days, a collection of his dreams, photographs, information about his hobbies, and a weblog.
  • Van Den Bremt, Davy His web design portfolio, a weblog, web resources for web designing and music equipment, a guest book, and various links.
  • Van Deusen, Mary S. A writer, multimedia and web designer, and video maker. Includes her photos, writings, music downloads, and links.
  • Van Dyke, Neil W. Information about his Internet research projects, downloadable open source software in Scheme and other languages, and a weblog covering topics like photography, journalism, new media, and Do-It-Yourself.
  • Van Dyke, William Pictures of and information about his King Snake Special bike, a list of all his CDs and songs, fan letters, and pictures of his friends and celebrities at biker events.
  • Van Ingen, Ap Pictures and a map of his house, his interests in motor-cycling, traveling, and computers, and information about how he built his website.
  • Van Kerckhoven, Alain A list of his published works, his projects, favorite things, friends' websites, and a resume.
  • Van Stijgeren, Dolf Pictures and history of the Berlin Wall and its art, Dutch art, a list of his rare tapes and CDs, and pictures from concerts he's attended in the Netherlands.
  • Van Tilburg, Christopher Presents biography and photographs of a wilderness doctor and author.
  • Vanden Berghe, Chris Photographs of his family and friends during vacations to different countries, including the U.S., Switzerland, and Belgium, a brief biography, a curriculum vitae, and his friends' homepages.
  • Vandenberghe, Xavier Locquet A software developer residing in Finland. Includes photographs, a diary, information about his hobbies, including Capoeira, and a faux interview with himself.
  • VanderBeek, Ben Web development, music, pictures and a weblog.
  • Vandoren, Bram A step-by-step process of how to install Ubuntu Linux on an Acer Travelmate 4651lci laptop.
  • Vanovschi, Vitalii A photo gallery and resume highlghtng his projects, awards won, and education.
  • VanTassell, Edward - EdTV A weblog, a photo gallery, amusing pictures, downloads, and video.
  • Varga, John H., MD A Senior Health Care Executive and Management Consultant from Falls Church, Virginia. Includes information about his 20 years in the US Navy, information about the health care field, and photos.
  • Varis, Rauno Photographs from places visited, including Brazil, and a paintings gallery.
  • Varma, Kalyan A collage of his wildlife photos, articles he's written and presentations he's given, a photo weblog, journal, biography, links to friends' sites, and contact information.
  • Varsano, Jon Photos of family, friends, and places traveled, family holiday greeting cards, and links.
  • Vashi, Pinak Photographs of family and friends and from vacations taken, a resume, and favorite links.
  • Vasquez, Jhonen - Hall of Mirrors Contains lyrics, art, writings, and a portfolio of pictures he's taken and manipulated.
  • Vaughan, Adam Includes rants, strange things like “The Great Bunny” tale found on an Easter egg package, a biography, and links.
  • Vaughn, Michael A visual artist from Virginia. Includes a collection of his paintings, pictures of himself and his friends, photos taken of different buildings while visiting Italy, and a brief biography.
  • Vecanski, Ivan A collage of photographs taken from his trips around the world, including Qatar, France, and Ireland.
  • Vega, Bob Details of his childhood, life at college, and married life, includes a horoscope, pranks he pulled while working at Radio Shack, a tale about the Dudley brothers, and slang terms for hacky-box.
  • Vehar, Jason Photographs of his friends, family, and wedding, and favorite links.
  • Veik, Tom - Veik's Hikes A photographer with an interest in hiking shows travel photos from national parks, including the Grand Canyon and Rocky Mountain national parks.
  • Veitch, Paul A software developer from Sydney, Australia. Includes his resume for download, information on his favorite UK indie band, The Charlatans, and information on the evolution of his website.
  • Veldman, Rick Includes travel photos, a poison ivy quiz, macro photography, a portfolio of his photographs, and a travel checklist.
  • Velu, Kamesh A Computer Science Engineer from India. Includes a biography, his likes and dislikes, photographs, his education, information about numerology, a resume, guest book, and his favorite links.
  • Venema, Wietse Zweitze Software he's written that's free to download, his papers, achievement awards won, contact information, and various links.
  • Venkatesh, B.Balaji Information about himself, his favorite jokes, and his favorite links.
  • Ventrice, Tony Information and pictures of his year spent living and working in Austria, a biography, his writings and paintings, a children's story he wrote, and information about his favorite books.
  • Ventura, João Carlos Negrão His CV, computer science publications, information about his family, and various links.
  • Verbiest, Michel Information about his education and work experience, an abstract of his Master degree thesis, pictures of family and friends, and various links.
  • Verd, Brad Information and photographs of his appendectomy, various photos of his family, animals, and landscapes, and information about his job as a Systems Development, Operations and Architectural Design specialist.
  • Verma, Amit A graphic designer based in Delhi, India. Includes a portfolio, contact information, and a blog that includes Internet-related topics.
  • Vermorel, Joannès A researcher in data mining, knowledge discovery, statistics and machine learning. Includes pictures and information on how to build a pop-pop boat, his open source projects, and a list of his publications.
  • Vibber, Kelson - Hyperborea A collection of humorous quotes and items, his writings, including poetry and fan fiction, a photo gallery, and a journal.
  • Vicario, Leandro A collection of his website templates that are available for download, Java programs he's created, and a resume.
  • Victorine, Dale - The Heartflyer A collection of his writings, including poetry, music, and short-stories. Also includes his created symphonies for download, pictures, and downloadable music of his favorite artists.
  • Vier, Jeff A Senior Unix/Linux Administrator living in Chicago, Illinois. Contains a Purity Test, biography, photographs, a resume, and links.
  • Vik, Sigbjørn A biography, his interest in traveling and sports, past personal projects, including a downloadable game, a resume, and links.
  • Villamor, Achinette Joy - Chinchin A brief biography and pictures of her and her friends.
  • Villani, Constance L. Pictures of people with colorful hair color, an HTML resource, advertising banners and web pages she's created, and links to her friends' websites.
  • Vincent, Michael Lives in Arizona, USA. The site contains his writings, music, personal information including his computers, and current projects.
  • Viola, Addie Photos of friends, school, karate club, and team Yakuza.
  • Virgilio, Christina Song lyrics from her first CD, pictures of her playing different instruments and during ROTC training, details about her interests, and a resume,
  • Virgin, Jeff Chronicles the building of his home from the ground up in a span of 90 days. Includes photos of the house being built and daily notes on the progress.
  • Virkus, Emily A collage of pictures of her wedding and honeymoon, her animals, including cats, a dog and horse, and of her taking dancing lessons. Also, information about how she and her husband met.
  • Vishujoyshe, Yurgan Kumar Contains a brief biography, his interests in music, traveling, and religion, tips on how to create global change, samples of his personal electronic music, and photo galleries.
  • Vitaglione, Giosuè An information and communication technology expert originally from Italy and now living in the USA. Includes a brief biography, a resume, and various links.
  • Vitale, Russ A photo gallery with photos of himself, and his family and friends, FAQ about uploading a website and web counters, and lists of his friend's and family's websites.
  • Vittek, Marian A professor at the Institut of Informatica at Comenius University in Slovakia. Includes his research interests, a list of works published, and his software projects.
  • Vlachos, Alex Descriptions and illustrations of 3D graphics he's created, his 3D photography, a resume, and various links.
  • Voboril, Petr His photographs and graphics collection.
  • Vock, André A 3D web designer from Stockholm, Germany. Includes a collection of his website designs, his 3D visualizations, a biography, and a resume.
  • Voerman, Johanna - Stories From Africa A volunteer IT consultant for a humanitarian aid organization. Includes information about her wedding that took place in Africa and Canada, photographs from different African countries, a weblog, articles, and travelogues.
  • Vogl, Gregory J. Resume and online portfolio, learning materials for information technology and physical science, Java and JavaScript activities, and photos of family, friends and Africa.
  • Volpe, Chet Includes Java games, a resume, and a ghost story.
  • Volstad, Josey - Josey's Mambling Page Pictures of her family, friends, her senior year of college spent in France, and of her car accident.
  • von Berg, Scott - The Scotto Grotto Includes a biography, pictures of himself and his friends, a "Newtcam," a journal, games, and links.
  • Von Kohorn, Dan Information about his favorite things, including music, movies, and words, personal and financial notes, curriculum vitae, photos from ski trips, his research and writings, and links.
  • Vonbank, Sabine - Cosmic World Photos of her trips from around the world, including The Alps, Hawaii, Eurocamp, and the Canary Islands.
  • Vries, Hugo de - Kibrahacha Spiritual short stories and poems, genealogy, photography and maps of the Netherlands and the Netherlands Antilles, information about pottery, and resume. [Some pages are in Dutch]
  • Vries, Nico de Includes pictures of his family, information about his hobbies, his interest in space travel and science, a resume, and a weblog.
  • Vyduna, Jeff Contains his website development projects and a weblog.


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