• Kaffer, Tim Includes music, book reviews, and a Kate Moss photo gallery.
  • Kahl, Alex Includes emergency action, environmental action, and hobbies.
  • Kahtava, Adam - A Portfolio A Software Engineer and Consultant from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. Includes a biography, his interest in information technology, book reviews, a weblog, resume, contact information, and various links.
  • Kaljee, Ton Quotes, humor, and links.
  • Kalomios, Georgios - Mister-K Includes a diary, a resume, and photographs.
  • Kalsi, Tejjit Singh Urdu poetry, historical figures and information about India and Denmark.
  • Kamat, Mohnish - Great Gig on the Web Personal information and interests with related links.
  • Kamath, Gautam Includes personal information, a resume, photographs, and links.
  • Kan, Robert Includes interests, food, and links.
  • Kanaujia, Atul Personal information and links with academic resources.
  • Kanchanomai, Chaosuan The Lecturer in the Department of Mechanical Engineering of Nagaoka University of Technology presents details on his scientific interests and personal information.
  • Kandukuri, Rajiv Includes interests, a resume, and pictures.
  • Kane, David Includes personal information, publications, and presentations.
  • Kaneria, Milan Contains personal information, work, photographs, and links.
  • Kang, Wei Personal information, photos and friends.
  • Kannaiyan, Jayanth - The Jay World Includes pictures, friends, and links.
  • Kapeghian, Van Includes personal information, thoughts, a resume, and music.
  • Kaper, Anna - Devil Woman's Gynecentric Hell Homage to classic cars and women that rock. Focuses on the antics of outlandish females, with resources for pre '66 car enthusiasts.
  • Kardas, Sigmund J, Jr. - Sonny's Cyber World Personal interests, commentary on life and noteworthy current events.
  • Kargl, Reinhard Services, current projects and personal information for the science journalist and producer.
  • Karp, Elisa - Tangy Bunnys Family and friends information, art, music, writing, and message boards.
  • Karpinski, Ron Includes stories, personal information, pictures, and links.
  • Karppanen, Pasi - Asteroid K Emphasis on science fiction writing including comprehensive links and quote archive.
  • Karsmaker, Richard Contains honeymoon pictures to Spain, and personal photos of family, friends, and a wedding.
  • Karwicki, Walt Autobiography. Divided into sections, sorted chronologically.
  • Kashiwagi, Wes Includes a resume, interests, photographs, and links.
  • Kasmaran, Liana Includes personal information, a weblog, photographs, and links.
  • Kaspar, Travis Includes a weblog, photographs, a resume, and links.
  • Katkam, Nitin Reddy An information technology professional from India. Includes information about and pictures of his past computers, information about his university friends, and links.
  • Katrick, Adam Contains news, wolves, art, and links.
  • Katz, Ray Family photographs, a biography, and thoughts on politics and life in general are included.
  • Kaufman, Matthew Images, music and world clock.
  • Kavita, Lisa - Absolutely Kavita Favorites, personal information, humor, and links.
  • Kayalar, Aykut Deniz About Turkey with photos and beautiful women pictures.
  • Kaye, David Original essays, theatre, opera, philosophy, gay information and feminism.
  • Kazem, Hassan Photograph, and songs.
  • Kearney, Kirsten Photographs, personal profile, and favorite links.
  • Keates, Roland Includes poetry, articles, a resume, and photographs.
  • Keaton, Josh - Josh's World Personal information, friends, links, and free web-based e-mail.
  • Keats, Bruce Includes a resume, photographs, fitness, and links.
  • Keehn, Michael Charles Naval officer born in northern California. Involved in submarines and nuclear power. A member of the EAA.
  • Keeler, Jeff Personal information, schooling, and favorites.
  • Keets, Tom View hobbies including cars, motorcycles, pets and remote control vehicles.
  • Kegel, Daniel R. Includes software, health, and games.
  • Keil, Jürgen Includes photographs, friends, travel, and computing.
  • Keiser, Ken Family page, with reports of family vacations and trips.
  • Kejriwal, Sandeep Chartered accountant from New Delhi, India. Résumé, cartoons, optical illusions, favorite links.
  • Kelm, Kevin - The Dark Prince of HTML Halloween costumes, personal information, software, journal, and humor.
  • Kelsey, Doug Includes interests, family, and personal and professional information.
  • Kembeis, Christian Dnepr and Ural-Bikersite with photos of tours and races in Europe.
  • Kemble, Roger A Yorkshire lad's compendium of colorful architecture, urban design, ideas to rejuvenate downtown Nanaimo, an appraisal of Mexico City's urban plazas, a mildly erotic illustrated story, paintings and poetry.
  • Kemp, Steven Includes personal information, cars, music, and links.
  • Kendall, Philip Biography, astronomy and core wars game information.
  • Kenig, Ola Includes personal information, cartoons, and photographs.
  • Kenney, Brooke Includes a resume, family history, and links.
  • Kennington, Alan Offering a great deal of personal information about Alan, as well as extensive links, personal thoughts, software library and Linux section.
  • Kenyon, Paul Profile, photo album, hobbies, and favorite links.
  • Keough, Matthew Flash movies of his sons, pictures of family and friends, and a poll.
  • Kern, KC Biography, interests and missions.
  • Kertesz, Gabriel Includes personal information, pictures, a resume, software, and links.
  • Kesman, Bryan Brief history of how his family immigrated from Czechoslovakia in 1908. Also has special interest information about MG automobiles and Vespa motor scooters.
  • Kessel, John - The Kesselateers Tales Laffs Participated in the Olympics for volleyball. Pages on Sydney 2000, parenting, family, articles, and jokes.
  • Kessler, Valerie - The WiliQueen's Woods Theatre resume, information and links on costuming, fan fiction, and webpage design.
  • Ketterer, Mike Modified images, Camaro pictures, AVI and morphs.
  • Kettman, Scott Includes family, friends, graphic novels, and links.
  • Key, Rusty Personal and professional information. Friends, class reunions, pictures, family, resume, and hobbies.
  • Khaliq, Shamim Photos of family and friends, Java source code, resume, and personal information.
  • Khan, Kamran Poetry, Flash movies, baby photo album and personal information.
  • Khetan, Gaurang Information about himself, pictures, resume, his programs, links, and his online journal.
  • Khode, Rohit - Rohit's Web Space Education, software, MP3s, games, jokes, and links.
  • Khor, Shing - Odd Hatter Includes art, poetry, and personal information.
  • Khurana, Sandeep About love life and rhythm; for the fans of Panchamda, Kishoreda, Mohd Rafi, Lataji and Ashaji.
  • Kidding, Tom - World on the Web Digitized art, music, poetry, song lyrics, and personal information.
  • Kidney, Brian Includes personal information, articles, and links.
  • Kiehl. Josiah A student at Drexel University majoring in Software Engineering. Includes a resume and weblog.
  • Kiernan, Matthew Includes personal information and links.
  • Kiessling, Craig Smith Personal information, martial arts, poetry, and links.
  • Kifer, Ken Includes environmentalism, personal information, and links.
  • Kight, Pat Personal, professional, and political information. Pictures of friends and family; writings.
  • Kimmey, Ron - Myrtle Park Website Pictures and memories of people who gathered at Myrtle Park in Larchmont N.Y.
  • Kimoto, Kenechi - Kaioken Includes personal information, pictures, and links.
  • Kinder, Ken Resume, photos, software and contact information.
  • Kinney, Toby Includes pictures, links, and sports.
  • Kinstler, Mark - Markus on the Net Photographs, current CD and reviews, and information on his extensive travels.
  • Kintz, Allan A Pen State University graduate and an Information Technology professional residing in Corning, New York. Includes a biography, information about his car, and photographs.
  • Kirbby, Brian Includes personal information, family, and interests.
  • Kirikos, George Finance professional from Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Personal information, quotes, music, and links.
  • Kirkham, Alan Contains images, humor, games, favorite links, and a biography.
  • Kirkpatrick, Wilson Chat room, jokes, downloads, pictures, and links.
  • Kirkwood, Jay - Tone Def Some personal details, information on his hobbies and interests, and links.
  • Kirman, Paula E. Displays her various writing, music, and web design projects.
  • Kister, Jeremy Information and pictures of the Kister family and their home.
  • Kitagawa, Masayuki Biographical information, information about inventions, and photos of places he used to live or has visited.
  • Kittivorapat, Sirinuch Includes personal information, a resume, and links.
  • Klekovkin, Kirill Personal resume with favorite links and contains some Russian.
  • Klippel, Shirley - The Klippel Review Features pictures, scribble wall for son Paul, and links of interest.
  • Klise, Derrick - Wobberjacky Resume, projects, opinion papers, humor, and links.
  • Klos, Chuck Includes digital photographs, humor, and fishing stories.
  • Klus, Helen - The Star Garden Science and philosophy, essays, fiction, wallpaper and music.
  • Knaffl, William Includes personal information, interests, and links.
  • Knauth, Laura Contains personal information and links.
  • Kneis, Phil Science fiction, post-structuralism, transcendentalism and similar themes. Essays, reviews, poems, diary and analyses.
  • Knepp, Ethan Offers personal information, streaming web cam, and photos of friends and family.
  • Knezek, Teresa - Mivox Essay's, Mac graphics and links, and personal portfolio.
  • Knickerbocker, Glenn - Not R's Not Quite at Home Page Personal information, travel scrapbook, pets, and links.
  • Knighten, Thomas Includes personal information, a weblog, photographs, and a resume.
  • Knuetter, Christian Contains travels, photographs, and motorcycles.
  • Knutsen, Ib A Norwegian freelance journalist living in Africa. Includes a curriculum vitae, photographs, original short movies, a collection of his articles, a guestbook, and various links.
  • Knutsson, Ola A short presentation of his research and publications.
  • Koch, Volker Maximillian - Paderborn Resume, personal information, education, research, and links.
  • Kocherginsky, Masha Includes a resume, photographs, and friends.
  • Koed, Torben Family, pictures, daily life, and hobbies. [English and Danish]
  • Koehler, Christian Includes projects, publications, and a Curriculum Vitae.
  • Kofalt, Jim Includes personal information, family, product reviews, software, and recipes.
  • Kogekar, Sachin Includes personal information, a resume, projects, and links.
  • Kohn, Dan Information on interests such as travel, movies and screenwriting, books, scuba diving and skydiving.
  • Koksal, Bulent Personal information, resume, pictures, and information on Turkey.
  • Koller, Kenneth E. Categorized portfolio of photographs, a movie, poetry and fiction, and resume.
  • Komisarek, Kimberly L. Includes a resume, personal information, and links.
  • Konarske, Eric His trip down vanity (domain) lane, complete with résumé (he's a computer network administrator), an ode to bicycle road races, photos.
  • Kong, Lai Ching Includes music production.
  • Kongsgaard, Erik Magnus Home page of a law student. CV, resume and comments on news, private events and public affairs.
  • Kongshem, Lars An award-winning Internet and media professional with experience in online business strategies, web content development, and magazine publishing. Includes articles, interviews, a blog, awards, downloadable music, and profile.
  • Konrad, Unger Teacher in Burgenland, Austria. Ancestors, family tree and landscape photos from Wallern.
  • Kontzie, Nick Edwin Personal photo gallery, online journal, and family tree.
  • Kose, Nurullah Information about Nurullah Kose as well as many popular rf/mobile/telecommunications engineering topics. Besides that, you'll also find links on a large range of topics.
  • Koss, Jason Contains several galleries of personal photographs.
  • Kovats, George Includes art, a weblog, comics, pictures, and links.
  • Krayem, Nizar Showcases his graphic design work, covering logos, print, web and other whimsical design and hand-sketched elements.
  • Krebes, David A Includes a thesis work on knot theory and information on schizophrenia.
  • Kretek, Paul Includes personal information, a weblog, and links.
  • Kriman, Alex Includes a resume and photographs.
  • Kritzer, Amanda Includes personal information, family information, baseball, and photographs.
  • Krohn, Fred Includes photographs, jokes, and links.
  • Kroll, Kat Includes personal information, art, and poetry.
  • Krouse, William E. Personal information, resume, pictures, and links.
  • Krueger, Barry Includes personal information, family, photographs, and music.
  • Kryzak, Josh Includes personal information, a weblog, pictures, and music.
  • Kucklinski, Juergen Stories of his travels in New Orleans, San Francisco, Venice and Florence; book reviews and wedding pictures. [English/German]
  • Kuhn, Bradley M. - BKuhn Work with Perl as a system administrator, free software advocate, author. Personal information, pictures, resume, quotes, and links.
  • Kuijpers, Edwin - Edwin World Information about his band, photos of Australia, stories, and profile.
  • Kumar, C. Rajesh A brief overview of life's journey until now, with personal information, family profiles, friends, and contact information.
  • Kummet, Kristin Includes musings, poetry, and photographs.
  • Kumon, Ronald Contains professional and personal information.
  • Kumuds Page Information about the webmaster, including his interests, friends, and aspirations.
  • Kundu, Anshuman Contains a photo album and contact information.
  • Kurosaki, Shu Includes information about his dog, travels, and friends.
  • Kurtz, Christopher Contains personal information, friends, and music.
  • Kusljugic, Ena A collection of family photos.
  • Kutz, Josh and Rachel Kutz-Flamenbaum They were married July 6, 2002 in Babylon, NY, USA. Portfolios, resumes, and wedding details.
  • Kuzia, Kevin Contains ponderings, personal information, a resume, and photographs.
  • Kwong, Eddie Pictures of South Korea and a tiger park.
  • Kynaston, Joe Personal interests, including bikes, skiing, and flying.
  • Källman, Jonas Includes books, films, and links.


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