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  • D'Capmper, Aleks Personal information, links and pictures.
  • Da Lage, Olivier Contains many articles on the Middle East, the Gulf and journalism. [English/French]
  • Da Man, Eric Includes photos of friends, favorite cartoon images, favorite Michael Jordan pictures, and links to Canadian websites.
  • Dacey, Andrew Includes personal information, photo galleries, a travel diary from Russia and information about two computer terms ARP and encapsulation.
  • Dagnell, Andreas - Sushi Brother Includes personal information, MP3s, photos, links, tracked modules and a guestbook.
  • Dagstine, Lawrence R. - The Vorpal Sword Includes personal information, pictures, and links.
  • Dague, Sean Includes a photograph gallery, presentations and writings, resume, and a weblog on various subjects.
  • Dahl, Brian Includes diary pages, information on Amsterdam, a personal page, pictures of movie posters and a list of his friends.
  • Dahlberg, Håkan Includes personal information and information about a vacation to Denmark. This site has an English and a Swedish version.
  • Dalavurak, Ihor Includes personal information and picture galleries.
  • Dallas, Vicky A. Includes personal information, goals, interests, her portfolio, and quotations.
  • Daly, Brendan Includes information about Christianity and Dr Pepper.
  • Damjanovic, Stevan A graduate student from Serbia presents his credentials and interests.
  • Dandekar, Nikhil A homepage by a engineering student from India.
  • Daney, Charles Information, essays, and links to various topics.
  • Daniel, Johnnie Includes favorite music, sports teams, pictures and videos.
  • Danielson, Mark Includes a journal, a resume, and photographs.
  • Danielson, William Includes links and outdoor photography.
  • Danielsson, Margit and Lars Gunnar Includes personal information, photographs, and golf.
  • Danielsson-Murphy, Lotta Includes resume, some samples of her writings and links to pages about China.
  • Dapper, Gwendolyn Includes a portfolio, a resume, and personal information.
  • Dariah, Raja Zara - Me, myself and I Contains personal information, family information, and links.
  • Dark, Taylor Professor at Doshisha University in Kyoto, Japan. Information on his book, projects, information for students, and links.
  • Darrell Provides contact methods including instant messenger, free chat, and internet radio.
  • Daub, Mike Includes personal information, resume, photos, and links.
  • Davenport, Andrew M. Includes personal information, pictures, and links.
  • David, Omid A Ph. D. candidate provides project and contact information.
  • Dawn, Melissa Modeling and acting pictures, biography, resume, poems, and favorite musicians.
  • Dawson, Nicole Includes personal information, photos and a guestbook.
  • Day, Allen - The Prawn Photos, his philosophy on life, his certificate of ordination from Universal Life Church, and his software projects. Also includes editable portions of his site that are built on a wiki model.
  • Dayah, Michael A page of links pointing to a blog, a report, and photos.
  • De, Saptarshi Includes personal information, photos, resume and favorite links of Saptarshi De.
  • de Bono, Edward The originator and developer of the tools for Lateral Thinking. Includes a detailed biograhy, a list of books he's written, upcoming projects and events, his written reports, and a discussion board.
  • de Satgé, Jeremy Information on his career as a singer, actor, writer, and teacher.
  • Deals, Shane Interests, achievements, and favorite links.
  • Deans, David H. Professional portfolio includes commentary on broadband public policy and power selling.
  • Deb, Sankha A Ph.D candidate in Industrial Engineering at Ecole Polytechnique Montreal, Canada with research focus on Computer-automated process planning.
  • DeBellis, Doc John Information about the Fratellanza Society, links, and pictures.
  • Debonneheure, Rosa - Dancing Cockroach Photography, poetry, migraine information, and vintage advertisements.
  • Decker, Joseph E. Includes personal information, work, and photographs.
  • DeConinck, Adam The author offers his views on life, quotes, physics formula sheet, and fractal gallery.
  • DeCoste, Scott Contains personal information, photo album with pictures of family, friends and Europe and a downloadable resume.
  • Deep, Sheetu Includes games, sports, and links.
  • DeGennaro, Michele Included are pages about poetry and thoughts.
  • DeHoyos, Donna Personal homepage with bingo and Avon.
  • Deisz, David Offers photos, and information.
  • Deitz, John B. Includes motorcycling, genealogy, musings, and recipes.
  • Dekker, M.L.- Dutchmarc European cars of the late sixties and personal information are included.
  • DeKuyper, Adam - Satan's Child Includes biography, picture galleries, contact information, and why love sucks.
  • Del Re, Eugenio Information on his recent scientific activities, resume, and links.
  • Del Real, Claudia Contains personal information and links to psychology, counselling, music and paid to read email sites.
  • Delahoy, Craig About his Amiga, Port Fairy, Miscellanea Digest and links.
  • Delane, Tobi Saavedra - Earth Sanctuary Includes art gallery and a tree personality chart.
  • Delatore, Dave and Kristin Includes personal information, photographs, and projects.
  • Delerue, Nicolas Includes research, pictures, a resume, and links. [English and French]
  • Dellio, Phil Various writings on music, movies and baseball.
  • Deloff, Gerald Includes a journal, a resume, photographs, music, and links.
  • Delorenzo, Frank Tarantino, Muscle Cars, Young Marines, weapons, and reptiles are included on Frank's homepage.
  • Delson, Scott Includes biography, opinions, cars, online journal, base conversion and loan calculators and links.
  • Demaeght, Christian Paris Includes personal information, pictures, and links.
  • Demirci, Nesrin and Tolga Includes jokes, photographs, and links.
  • Dempsey, Dann Own Includes personal information and poetry.
  • Dempsey, Erik and Anna Includes wedding information, photo album, as well as links and a Rush tribute.
  • Denison, Cameron and Linda Includes pictures, stories, and links.
  • Dennis, Susan Personal page about knitting and New Zealand.
  • Denny, Gabriel Grand Rapids, MI native in the Air Force stationed at Ramstein AB, Germany.
  • Denton, Christi Provides biography and résumé, current projects and list of past works, pictures, sound files, and writings.
  • Deodhar, Prabhakar Shankar Includes personal information, photographs, and articles.
  • Depping, Tom Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Main Street National Bank in Kingwood, Texas. Includes a biography and contact information.
  • Deredro, Rodrigo Includes information about his life, his thought, and his famous deeds.
  • DeRienzo, Jeffrey D. Includes personal information, cars, animals, family, and pictures.
  • Desai, Jigsha Resumé and other career related work, photographs, and favorite links.
  • Deshpande, Amit Includes some personal history and interests, links to research projects, and a photo gallery.
  • Determan, Tim Includes hunting, fishing, and pictures.
  • Deutschendorf, J.D. Contact information and poetry created by the owner.
  • Devernay, Frédéric Contains personal information and hobbies.
  • Devi, Anna Offers pictures, information on Amsterdam, and education.
  • DeVries, Thomas Brent Includes personal information, photographs, poetry, and links.
  • Dhanoa , Bhupinderjit Singh Current and completed projects. Includes software and tips.
  • Dhunay, Nav Includes personal information, family, and links.
  • Diaz, Stephen The owners personal biography, photos, opinions, and blog.
  • Diban, Fernando Includes a resume, family, pictures, and links.
  • DiBeneditto, Lukas About his interests, including data archive development, graphic design and programming. Includes portfolio and resume.
  • Dibler, Steve Includes personal information, photographs, and interests.
  • Dickens, Steven Includes personal information, travel, teaching, and photographs.
  • Dickert, Sanford Provides professional qualifications and contact information.
  • Dickinson, Adam Includes a resume, computer graphics, science fiction, and music.
  • Dickson, Carl Includes a resume, links to projects he has worked on and family news with family photos.
  • Digby, David Important events in the life of David Digby.
  • DiLascia, Paul Contains programming information and articles.
  • Dilger, Matthew Bernard- Knock Em Dead Fred Homepage of Matthew Bernard Dilger. Includes HTML help, film reviews, and personal information.
  • Dillon, Bill - Callypigia Includes essays, photographs, jokes, and links.
  • Dimitrov, Vladimir Associate Professor at University of Sofia, Bulgaria. Includes a CV, photographs, his publications, and scientific interests.
  • Dindayal, Robin Includes personal information, interests, pictures, and links.
  • Dino, Nico Contains professional and personal links, a resume, and graduation pictures.
  • DiRoss, Mike Includes photographs, personal information, and links.
  • Dirscherl, Florian Includes personal details, resume, pictures, tools and links.
  • Discoe, Ben - Washed Ashore Life story, photographs and past events, projects, environmental concerns, opinionated writing, notes on friends, and cultural and scientific links.
  • DiSerio, Luigi Includes articles, photographs, videos, and links.
  • Ditto, Mike - Ford's Home Page Mike 'Ford' Ditto's Home Page.
  • Dizon, Gerardo- JC Dizon's Shameless Homepage Includes an autobiography, artwork, and movie reviews.
  • Dizon, Yolly Includes personal information, pictures, and links.
  • Djumlija, Uwe CV, portfolio of web design, photographs, and contact information.
  • Doðru, Halil Includes personal information, curriculum vitae, friends, and links.
  • Dobronos, Liya Aleksandrovna A bilingual site with biography, interests and hobbies, job information, contact page, and a photo gallery.
  • Dobrowolski, Stephan Includes personal information, books, and photographs.
  • Dockerty, Nick Contains personal information and a portfolio.
  • Doctor, Sarosh A. Contains information about Sarosh, pictures, and links.
  • Doering, Richard Includes personal information, a Curriculum Vitae, photographs, and links.
  • Dole, Bryn Projects he's worked on, employment history, blog, and links.
  • Dole, Leslie R. Environmental Remediation Consultant.
  • Dollahite, Chris Includes information on the history of Halloween, an image gallery, history of the Blair Witch legend and pictures from Star Wars.
  • Dolley, Simon Includes family, pictures, genealogy, and links.
  • Dominguez, Sonny Information about his favorite music, shows, movies and books. Includes Christian links.
  • Domman, Markus Includes personal information, some photo albums, chords and lyrics for songs, computer downloads and a guestbook.
  • Donath, Judith S. Assistant Professor of Media Arts And Sciences. A number of her papers are included.
  • Dong, Mitchell An alternative energy entrepreneur.
  • Dong, Shuonan Includes a resume, research, and personal information.
  • Donkin, Joel The personal web site of an Australian father, nurse, soldier and horseman.
  • Donovan, Gregory The owner's curriculum vitae, research blog and wiki, and contact information.
  • Doolittle, Jeff Includes a weblog, photographs, and work.
  • Doomen, Peter Includes wine links, jokes, and artificial intelligence papers as well as links.
  • Doorly, Sean - Doorly.Com Artist, designer, web producer and writer. Information on the Doorly name.
  • Doppler, Thomas Includes personal information, family, work, travel, and physics.
  • Dorn, Trae - Traegorn RavenHawk Online Articles, photos, winamp skins, and forum by a Wiccan gamer.
  • Dorr, Tim Weblog with flash and HTML experiments, details of web design services and some personal trivia.
  • Doser, Cathy Work history, activities and pictures.
  • Dosooye, Nilesh Contains personal information, a resume, information about Mauritius, pictures, and links.
  • Dovi, Frank Includes pictures, friends, and links.
  • Downie, Robert Rob's homepage includes bushwalking, rockclimbing, and photography.
  • Downton, James Travel and personal interest information related to language, culture, and translation.
  • Drain, Jonny Includes writings, opinions, and links.
  • Dredd, Adryen Photos, artwork and personal information.
  • Drewes, Jim Includes personal information, a resume, projects, and a weblog.
  • Drinkwater, Mary Pictures and stories about her family, friends and cats.
  • Driscoll, Desiree Reannon Includes personal information, photographs, and a resume.
  • Dronamraju, Ravi Investment ideas, weblog, and links of a man in San Francisco.
  • Du, Vinny Poetry and stories are among the contents here.
  • Dubik, Steve News from his home town, including information about the Chicago Fire, World Soccer, and The Zoomers.
  • Duco, Armand R Includes family photographs and other photography.
  • Dudka, Rich Resume of professional experience and work history.
  • Dudley, Peter Personal creative writing, photos, and author's daily amusements.
  • Duff, Jim- XD's Place Jim Duff's Mercruiser V8 powered, fully customized, 1985 Pontiac Fiero is the main focus of his homepage. Skydiving information and links are also included.
  • Duffy, Sean Includes music, writings, pictures and chat.
  • Duffy, Sean E. Includes academic research, a Curriculum Vitae, student resources, and information about the origins of Arizona's drug wars.
  • Dugan, Lisa Lynn Includes photograph album and genealogy.
  • Dugdale, Timothy. Includes curriculum vitae, writing and links.
  • Dumortier, Gilles - The Obvious Hack Family, activities, and publications are included on the unique homepage.
  • Dunbar, Damon Resume and job history.
  • Dungan, Fred Information about Dungan's books, as well as religious and political commentary. Sections in French, Dutch, and Spanish.
  • Dunlap, Toni Offers experiences with yoga and buddhism, along with photographs, recipes, and music interests.
  • Dunlop, Julia Includes personal information, crosswords, photographs, food, and links.
  • Duperrier, Marc Includes a resume, achievements, and books.
  • Durken, Daryl Information on family, list of places that have pissed the author off, and artwork.
  • Durocher, Amy C Includes pages on graphic design, photography and illustration.
  • Durward, Mary Besore Includes photographs, interests, and links.
  • Duttweiler, Mark E. Includes personal information and research.
  • DuVal, David Includes projects, a portfolio, family, and photographs.
  • Duy, Do Nhat Includes pictures, personal information, and games.
  • Duyck, Wouter Includes academic sections and psychology links.
  • Dykes, Dave Personal photos, thoughts, and web design experiments.
  • Dykstra, Matthew Contains information about his religious ministries, a profile and schedule.

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