• Aaronson, Jared Includes memorabilia, personal information, and news.
  • Aarts, Ronald Holiday pictures, his favorite movies and music, cartoons and his CV.
  • Abel, Lynette Writer and student of Aesthetic Realism, founded by Eli Siegel. Provides news articles and essays.
  • Abeleda, Aris Doctor from Marikina. Resume, personal information, games, and pictures.
  • Abelson, Hal Professor of Computer Science and Engineering. Founding director of Creative Commons. Member of the advisory board for MIT OpenCourseWare.
  • Aber, Joanne A collection of articles and stories with photographs, a book list, quotes and links.
  • Abeysinghe, Sasakthi A doctoral student at Washington University in St. Louis. Site contains information about his life, links, contact details, and research.
  • Abrachan, P. A. Information about dreams, experiences, and interests. Includes writing, friends, photography, India, reading, and music.
  • Abrahamsson, Thomas Includes personal information, interests, photos, and art gallery.
  • Abrary, Neda Pictures and links to Baha'i and Iranian information.
  • Abzug, Mordechai Interests, classes and personal information.
  • Accettura, Robert Includes a weblog, pictures, and links.
  • Achuta, Pavan Contact details, resume, and wedding photos.
  • Adagio, Shari: Adagio's Muse An eclectic site featuring PS2 walkthroughs, original graphics, biography and photos.
  • Adali, Tulay Research projects, theses and publications.
  • Adebayo, Olumide Resume and photos.
  • Adeoye-Phillips, Babajide Personal information, contact details, photographs, guestbook and links.
  • Adhiemurti, Laksmi Resume builder, javascript, pictures and links.
  • Adhikari, Sarmistha Includes personal information, music, and photographs.
  • Adler, Mark Contains personal information, pictures, and links.
  • Aebi, Markus A weblog, his flash and video projects, a guestbook, and links.
  • Afanuh, Richard K. Contains information on Afanuh, Benin, travel, programming, and soccer. [English and French]
  • Affleck, Erin Includes resume, web design portfolio and links.
  • Afiouni, Khaled News, personal information, quotes, resume and contact details.
  • Aggarwal, Amit Kumar Includes a picture gallery for Hollywood and Bollywood actresses, shayari, and emotional stories.
  • Agrawal, Manoj Contains pictures, rejected articles, and rejected songs.
  • Ahl, David Biography, books, jokes, contact details, photographs, guestbook and links.
  • Aho, Janne Personal details and information on computers, RPGs, friends, and Formula One racing.
  • Ahrens, Kent Includes personal information, photographs, interests, and a resume.
  • Aidley, Tim Includes personal information, pictures, art, and games.
  • Airey, Shawn Pictures, friends and personal information.
  • Aish, Andrew Coal Furze home site, featuring the sunflower competition and personal photos.
  • Aitchison, Robert Includes personal information and opinions.
  • Aitken, Tom - Aitken Portal In Hawaii, with links to his family, human and civil rights, and queer issues.
  • Aivaliotis, Michael Journal, forum, links, contact details, photographs and information on Greece.
  • Ajasin, Oladipupo Includes personal information and links.
  • Akin, Dean Photo albums for family and friends, hobbies, pets, favorite links, videos archives of gatherings of family and friends, birthday list, and his personal ponderings.
  • Akinmade, Aralola Travelogue, artwork and career and personal information.
  • AL-Fadha, Munther Curriculum vitae, a list of publications, research, and excerpts from his books. [Arabic/Swedish/English]
  • Al-Karbi, Mohamad Resume, photo gallery, and favorite links.
  • Alam, Zeeshan Personal information and snapshots with brother.
  • Alba, Eric Weblog and photographs.
  • Albert, Lou Lou has fluent aphasia from a stroke caused by medications for Type-2 Diabetes. Photography, information about his condition, studies, and links.
  • Albert, Todd Family, friends, work and research.
  • Albrecht, Kate Information about Kate, her humor, music, and poetry.
  • Alcocer, Pedro A PhD student at the University of Maryland department of linguistics studying psycholinguistics and neurolinguistics. Includes a curriculum vitae, facts, and downloads.
  • Alcock, Roly Includes information about dogs, music, engines and model planes.
  • Aldana, Carlos H. Professional information.
  • Aldema, Niva Contains photos, mottos and art.
  • Alder, Doug Doug and Dianne Alder of Trail, British Columbia, Canada. Includes recipes, photography, jokes and resume.
  • Alder, Timothy Journal, pictures, links and personal information.
  • Aldrich, Jonathan E. Includes personal information and publications.
  • Aleman, Kees Includes personal information, magic, and chess.
  • Aleman, Marcella Marcella is very proud of her second homepage and wants others to visit.
  • Alexander, Bradley Includes articles on Linux, flight simulation and computer security.
  • Alexandersson, Lasse Art work and interests.
  • Alhassan, Fahad A personal page with a large quantity of photographs of friends and family.
  • Alicea, Jose Includes personal information, photographs, family, and links.
  • Aljaz, Anderle Climbing competition results, pictures, climb details and personal information.
  • Alkins, Adam Personal information, pictures, PHP scripts, Java games and links.
  • Allan, Moray Includes photographs and essays.
  • Allanach, Simon Featuring examples of his computer work, his poetry, and photographs of his pets, as well as a section about hydrocephalus.
  • Allday, Nik Philosophical writings, artwork, thoughts and emotions, profile, pictures, and links.
  • Allegri, Alessandro Virtual home with his writings, thoughts, family and friends and favorite places. In English and Italian.
  • Allingham, E.S. Contains information about his house, car and art work.
  • Alpay, Ertan Includes Ertan's resume, some photos and information about Turkey.
  • Alston, Brian Includes personal information, interests, photographs, and a weblog.
  • Alten, Selmer Martijn van A journal, personal biography, photographs, opinions and links.
  • Alterovitz, Gil Includes personal information, downloads, research, and work experience.
  • Altfeld, Helge Includes resume, pictures, extracts from works and links.
  • Alvarez-Icaza, Rodrigo His interests, research projects, pictures, and curriculum vitae.
  • Alwazzan, Mohammed Contains pictures and interests.
  • Amar, Sandra Several movie reviews, personal news and contact details.
  • Amaya, Sergio Includes personal information, a webcam, and pictures.
  • Amend, Michael News, personal information, links, music and pictures.
  • Amico, Kristin Includes projects, dining, a resume, and a weblog.
  • Ammann, Rudolf Includes photographs, a biography, contact information, a weblog, and links.
  • Ammerlaan, Boris Resume, personal interests like watching movies and favorite links.
  • Amsbaugh, Jay Includes news, photographs, and family.
  • Anand, Vaibhav Includes music, personal information, and photographs.
  • Anani, Kouassi Raymond Personal information, work, guestbook, contact information, shop and links.
  • Anbiah, R. Rajesh Jeba Information on his education and interests, a C programming book he has coauthored, and his aspirations towards movie directing. With a contact form.
  • Ancarrow, Jason Includes personal information, a resume, a weblog, and links.
  • Andraos, Eric Includes personal information, a portfolio, and a resume.
  • Angelakis, Tom Contains Russian politics and canoeing.
  • Antaki, Carl TI-89 calculator tutorial and programs, photographs and information about tennis, PDA operating system comparison, Java programs, pictures of family, links, and a guest book.
  • Anthonsen, Lasse Contains cars, art, and movies.
  • Antifaro, Dom Tips on making your own soy milk, seed and nut milk are included, in addition to information about Dom.
  • Antoniac, Peter An Assistant Professor at the University of Oulu. Includes lists of his publications, courses he teaches, his Linux and Java projects, technical information about his website, a resume, and links.
  • Antoniadis, Giannis Includes resume and interests. [Greek/English]
  • Antonova, Anita Information on her personal life and career, pictures and links.
  • Anttila, Edward Contain a portfolio, free desktop wallpaper, streaming radio and the fake Dr. Pepper land.
  • Anvari, Ahmad Includes personal information, photographs, a weblog, and friends.
  • Aparicio, Michael News, services offered, and his favorite movies.
  • Apostolos, Paul Provides personal information, stories, pictures and hobbies.
  • Appleby, Robert Includes personal information, a Curriculum Vitae, pictures, and links. [English and German]
  • Appleton, Brad Professional profile, projects, papers and links.
  • Apuntar, Apolonio E. Includes personal information, photographs, a journal, and links.
  • Arai, Benjamin Includes personal information, research, photographs, and software.
  • Arias, Armando D. Includes family, work, and links.
  • Arien, Fiery Has statistics and photos of Kentucky's up and coming unsigned metal band, "Aftermath". Also contains the statistics of Fiery Arien.
  • Arilds, Jørn Personal information, photographs and martial arts information.
  • Arjunan, Satya Nanda Vel Junior scientist in the field of molecular systems biology. Contains contact information, his photograph, publications list, and software he's developed.
  • Armistead, Cynthia Includes information about online safety, parenting, needlework, music, homeschooling and troubleshooting PCs.
  • Armstrong, Tom Includes publications, personal information, photographs, and a weblog.
  • Arrakeen, Chris Travel information, photographs, personal information, contact details and links.
  • Arturo, Juan Writings on relationships, censorship, schooling, and ratings. Also contains personal details, astrology, games, and links.
  • Arvanitides, Yorgo Portfolio, photographs, personal information, contact details and links.
  • Arya, Amit Personal details, writings, poems, and links.
  • Asaad, Robert Personal information, CD reviews, links, MP3s, and band information.
  • Asaris, Brodie Thoughts and opinions, pictures, personal information, quotes, resume, and links.
  • Ashar, Ashish Includes a collection from Hollywood to Bollywood, cars, cartoons, resume and personal information.
  • Ashworth, Christopher Includes theatre, photographs, and links.
  • Aslam, Talha Bin Personal information, guestbook, links and contact details.
  • Asplen-Taylor, Mark Includes career history and the history of the development of an open-source billing system
  • Aster, Dis J Features links and stories from Aster Enterprises.
  • Astwood, Charles Music, personal information, journal, virus information, contact details and links.
  • Atashbar, Houman Includes a profile, detailed resume, current projects, interests, and links.
  • Atiya, Amir F. Contains personal information, research interests, publications, and links.
  • Atluri, Pradeep, M.D., Ph.D General and addiction psychiatry professional from New York, USA, presents his education, work experience, and publications.
  • Atwood, Loren Jim Includes genealogy, photographs, family, travel, and dogs.
  • Au, Amy Pictures of her family, boyfriend and friends; biography, music, movies, and her resume.
  • Auen, Paul Includes information about his career, photography and the role playing game Duelmasters.
  • Autrey, Christopher Includes family and pictures.
  • Avery, Matthew Stories and pictures of friends, writings, and journal entries.
  • Awad, Mohamed M. Detailed resume with personal photograph.
  • Azevedo, Chris and Rita Includes photos galleries and links to favorite sites.
  • Aziz, Farrukh Contains personal information, celebrity pictures, and links.
  • Azman, Danny A personal home page with information about his friends and his life.

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