• 100 Phenomena Complete English text from the Finnish book "100 Phenomena" by Risto Linturi and Ilkka Hannula containing miniature scenarios for the years 2000 to 2020 illustrating what may happen in our future and how it will feel.
  • A Message From Future Generations People of the future give advice on spiritual and political development. Dr. Allen Tough's book.
  • Australia's Future A prediction about the nature of the impending Republic of Australia.
  • Carfree City Design Exploring the prospect of designing auto-less, sustainable communities with alternative transportation, renewable energy, pedestrian orientation, mixed-use zoning, fiber optics and recycling facilities in all units and other green features to aid in long-term quality of life survival.
  • Ethical Issues of Robots in Society Discusses the ethical issues of robots in society, such as robot slavery and daily treatment.
  • Future Studies Essays on change, the future of humanity, and transhumanism, by Nick Bostrom; archival site, no longer updated.
  • Future Studies: An Interdisciplinary Vehicle for Space Science Education Essay on use of future studies in the space science curriculum which includes example methods, suggested reading, and three futures course descriptions.
  • Futurlogics, a System of Prospective Thinking Research method and a predictive model for dealing with the unknown.
  • Innovation Watch Follows developments in science, technology, business, society and the environment and assesses their impact.
  • Introduction to Future Studies A summary of methodologies for studying change and future. By Linda Groff and Paul Smoker, Global Options, California State University, USA.
  • Manifesto for the Peoples of the Third Millennium An outline of processes for developing progressive alternative societies.
  • News for a Synergic Earth A collection of discussions and articles focused on culture, systems thinking and how to create a more sustainable future.
  • Philosophy of Technology Several essays centered on how the world will cope with humanity's natural drive towards cultural and physical speciation.
  • Principles of Forecasting From the Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania, USA. Seeks to develop a set of principles to guide forecasting for problems in management, operations research, and the social sciences.
  • ROBOT: Mere Machine to Transcendent Mind, by Hans Moravec Additional figures and text for Moravec's book on the next six decades.
  • Saving the Future Suggests key changes that lead to an acceptable future. Offers articles and forum.
  • Scenarios and Strategy Contains several papers about the future of the economy.
  • Social Fiction - S. Flor Report from the year 2029: local markets have become an important complement to the established global economic system.
  • The Collegiate Landscape of the Future The universities of the future won't be built around the Internet; they will be built around small residential colleges.
  • The National Intelligence Council's 2025 Project The fourth unclassified report prepared by US National Intelligence Council (NIC) in recent years that takes a long-term view of the future. It offers a fresh look at how key global trends might develop over the next 15 years to influence world events.
  • The Retrieval Hypothesis Some day, the humans or their descendants using a very advanced technology and knowledge will be able to rebuild dead individuals.
  • The Sky is the Linit A personal discussion of the most relevant and actual of the world's problems.
  • Why the Future Doesn't Need Us Article on how technologies, including robotics, genetic engineering, and nanotechnology, are threatening to make humans an endangered species.


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