Miniatures and Dollhouses


Address directorium Shopping Recreation Models

  • A Child at Heart Offering furniture, accessories, dolls, electrical, building supplies and components.
  • A Little Something Offering dolls houses, dolls, furniture, accessories and D.I.Y. supplies.
  • A Miniature Marvel Supplier of dollhouses, accessories, furniture, glassware and china in 12th scale and 24th scale.
  • A Rainbow's End Offering gift wrap, bow makers, greeting cards and kits.
  • Acclaim Miniatures Silver accessories in quarter inch, half inch and one inch scale, including Christmas stocking hangers, ice buckets, candle sticks, goblets, and vases.
  • Acquisto Silver Company Pete Acquisto's sterling silver miniature reproductions, handcrafted in great detail to 1/12 of the original size.
  • Amanda E. Skinner Miniatures Carousel animals, pull toys, dolls and decorative pottery by artist Amanda E. Skinner.
  • Ann Weiner Miniatures Offering handcrafted furniture, dolls, bears and accessories made by various artisans.
  • Annie's Specialties Specializing in dollhouse interior decorating. Wallpaper, carpeting and paint, coordinating with miniature furniture and accessories.
  • ArtForge Hallmarked silverware in limited editions, and sculptures in bronze and silver. Made in Surrey by Simon Walker.
  • Artistry in Wood Offering of one-of-a-kind, hand turned, wooden dollhouse miniatures in 1 inch scale.
  • At the Doll House Dollhouse kits, furniture, accessories and crafting supplies. A guide to create, style, build, and design a dollhouse.
  • B B Miniatures Handcrafted miniature books and plates in 1/12th scale.
  • B J Miniatures Quarter inch scale furniture and accessories. Plus tips for electification and scale conversions, and show schedule.
  • Barnyard Shoppe of Amos D. Bugg Miniature farmhouses, cabins, churches, and barns. Also rustic carved Santas.
  • Bee and Dee's Miniatures Offering dollhouse kits, dolls, furniture and accessories.
  • Belara Beach Originals Offers handcrafted foods, quilts, baskets, plants and accessories.
  • Beneath the Leaf Fairy cottages by artist Elisabeth Finn.
  • Bits n Pieces Artisan Miniatures Offering baskets from Al Chandronnait, foods from Lola's Originals, books from Lee Ann Borgia, pewter from Cary's Cabin and Warwick Miniatures. Glass, animals, tools and supplies. Also a gallery of original sculpted character dolls.
  • Black Hills Miniatures Handcrafted accessories such as home decor, food and games.
  • Blohm Design Miniatures Handcrafted accessories, dollhouses, roomboxes, and displays.
  • Bo Press Miniature Books Illustrated miniature and 1/12th scale books, journals, maps, and photographic portfolios, hand-made with traditional bookbinding methods. The books are bound in decorative paper and leather from all over the world.
  • Borcraft Miniatures Manufacturers of 1/12th and 1/24th scale architectural mouldings, stripwood, doors, windows, fireplaces, furniture and room box kits for dollhouses.
  • Boston Miniatures Sells figurines, kits, furniture, and accessories; with photographs, prices and a mailing list.
  • Braxton Payne Miniatures Framed art, fireplaces, fireplace accessories and pottery.
  • Bridget McCarty Offers custom order furry cats and small dogs.
  • Bromley Craft Products Brick and stone finishes and other DIY products. Also decorating, lighting, furniture and accessories.
  • Brooke Tucker Miniature room settings, dollhouse accessories and standing screens. Workshop and show schedule.
  • Cashmere's Collectables Furniture, porcelain, toys and accessories hand crafted by Jack Cashmere.
  • Chautauqua Miniatures & Dollhouse Gallery A full service shop located in Western New York, with unusual items offered for sale online, plus class information.
  • Chevalier Miniatures Hand carved miniature rocking horses and hand sewn miniature Teddies by Suzanne Knight.
  • Choice Dolls Houses Wooden dollhouses for children and collectors from a family-run company in Sussex, UK. Also castles, dolls, toys, figures, and accessories.
  • Cinda Lee's Miniatures Offering dollhouses, furniture, accessories, lighting, food, plants, flowers, D.I.Y. supplies, and kits.
  • Collade Collectables From wisteria vines, house and pub signs, to mahogany rocking horses, room screens and paintings (including your pet painted in miniature) by British makers.
  • Cotton Ridge Designs Miniatures by many top artisans, publications, tools and supplies. Also free project instructions.
  • Country Store Miniatures Vancouver, Washington store offering houses, books, accessories, building supplies, electrical, food, furniture, people and room boxes.
  • Cristina Noriega Miniatures IGMA Artisan offering medical scenes, equipment and furniture.
  • Cynthia Howe Miniatures Accessory kits, online classes, dolls and molds. Free Tutorials.
  • DB Miniatures Individually accessorized and handmade items for collectors.
  • De Cave Design Creating faux bois finishes on fine furniture, handmade leather and paper books, crystal chandeliers and roomboxes.
  • Dean Designs Hand crafted artisan dolls, accessories and furniture, including many unusual and exclusive items.
  • Dee's Darlings Offering handcrafted wicker bassinets, vanity tables, "dressed" metal furniture, plus porcelain baby dolls and crochet clothing.
  • DeJoux Miniatures Shop in North Syracuse, NY offers dollhouse kits, furniture, accessories and finishing supplies.
  • Designer Canes by Tamara Marble Offering polymer clay canes that are shaped, such as dolphins, bears, flowers, baby bottles, and birds for use in miniatures and other crafts.
  • Designer Dog Miniatures Custom sculpted furred dogs, cats and other pets in dollhouse and play scale. Pet portrait sculptures.
  • Desirée Lafuente Miniatures Handcrafted furniture in 1/12 scale. Specializing in replicas of original sofas and armchairs, with leather and fabric upholstery. Warning: music plays when site loads.
  • DHE Minis Large selection of dollhouses, accessories and supplies.
  • Diane Paone Hand crafted food, Mardi Gras masks, paintings, toy kits and fashion doll scale shoes by IGMA Artisan, Diane Paone.
  • Dijon Miniatures Dolls house furniture and accessories in 1/12 and 1/24 scale.
  • Doll's House Fireplaces Real stone and marble fireplaces for 1/2th scale dollshouses and other architectural models. Styles include Victorian, Georgian, Regency, Adams, Queen Anne and Tudor and are made by a stonemason.
  • Dollhouse City Offers dollhouse kits and furniture.
  • Dollhouse Collectables Offering kits, furniture, accessories, and supplies. Includes wood and unfinished items, as well as a blog and tips.
  • Dollhouse Decor An Australian site selling handcrafted dollhouse accessories.
  • Dollhouse Domain Handcrafted dolls, structures, furniture and accessories.
  • Dollhouse Dreams & Miniature Wishes Offering dollhouses, kits, furniture, accessories, dolls and finishing supplies. Also collectable toys and antiques.
  • Dollhouse Miniatures Lara Copper Features handmade 1/12 scale dollhouse copper cookware miniatures pots, pans, and accessories by Lara Copper.
  • Dollhouse Portal Offering metal miniatures and decals, plus various manufactured accessories.
  • Dollhouses And More Handcrafted and manufactured dolls, furniture and accessories. Also offers supplies and materials.
  • Dolls House Decor 1/12th scale miniatures and accessories.
  • Dolls House Emporium Offers a selection of dollhouses, kits, and accessories.
  • Dolls House Miniatures of Bath Shop is situated in the Georgian city of Bath. Offering houses, furniture and accessories in 1:12 and 1:24 scales.
  • Dolls House Parade Offering unfinished dollhouses, conservatories, shops and roomboxes, plus furniture and accessories. Also has information about the history and the hobby, periods and styles, and steps to finishing your dollhouse.
  • Dolls House Shop Offering dolls houses, finishing supplies, lighting and electrical, and furniture in the United Kingdom.
  • Dolls House Superstore Specialising in ready made and decorated dolls houses and accessories.
  • Dolls House Suppliers Based in the UK, offers houses, furniture, accessories, dolls and components.
  • Dolls House Wallpaper Offering wallpaper, murals, and tiling, plus some free printies.
  • Dolls Houses are us Blackpool Shop in Blackpool UK offers limited items online.
  • Dorsett Publications Offering The Cabinetmaker's Guide Series for making scale furniture.
  • Dragonfly International Handcrafted furniture, dolls, accessories and cats.
  • Earth & Tree Miniatures And Dollhouses New England area retail store offering dollhouses, kits, room boxes, furniture, books, tools, lighting and accessories. Ships worldwide.
  • El Greco Miniatures Retailer for 35mm, 54mm, and 70mm white metal figures such as ancients, Greeks, Romans miniatures.
  • Elegant Dollhouse Shop in Sacramento, California offering artisan dolls, furniture and accessories. Photo tour of store, event schedule.
  • Emmaflam & Miniman Handmade food, accessories and hand painted furniture from France.
  • Enchanted Miniature Shoppe Dollhouses, miniatures and accessories. Printable order form available or order via email.
  • Eric Horne's Collectables Handmade wooden toys, Hitty dolls, gollies, and rocking horses.
  • EV Miniatures Offering handcrafted antique looking books, maps, scrolls and documents, plus witchcraft and wizard accessories.
  • Evo Specialties Shop in Las Vegas offers the Reutter, Bodo Hennig and Town Square lines.
  • Family Room Miniatures Sells furniture, lumber, lighting, and accessories for dollhouse crafting. Retail store located in New York.
  • Fay-Vourite Crafts & Miniatures Handcrafted quality Judaica miniatures from food to ritual accessories, life-cycle, and holidays.
  • Fingertip Fantasies Dollhouse Miniatures Dollhouses, furniture, dollhouse kits, dolls, accessories, lights, tools, electric supplies, and building components.
  • Fiona's Miniature Workshop Featuring food, packages, furniture and accessories. Also offering built-to-order kits.
  • Frenchies Miniatures made in France A variety of handcrafted miniature accessories which can be ordered via email, phone or mail. Offers personalized items.
  • Gene Gill Miniatures One-of-a-kind miniature models of historical landmark buildings and monuments from around the world, with an average height of four inches.
  • Goodies Dollhouses, dollhouse equipment and miniatures. Also features gifts and curiosities from a shop in Coggeshall, Essex.
  • Grandma Holly's House Offeringe furniture, accessories, scale model artisan made items, and room boxes - both modern and traditional.
  • Grandpa Lee's Miniatures Dollhouses, "functioning" appliances, specialized tools, brass furniture and finishing supplies. Plus lots of detailed "how-to" articles for dollhouse kit selection, assembling, finishing and furnishing.
  • Grandpa's Doll House Canadian based, offering dollhouses and miniature accessories, kits and landscaping supplies.
  • Great Miniatures Offering unusual miniatures such as silver cutlery boxes, Tarot cards and toilet paper.
  • Green Gables Dollhouse & Miniature Shop Lexington, Kentucky miniature shop offering completed dollhouses, kits, room boxes, furniture, tools and accessories.
  • Groton Hobby Shop Located at 129 Main Street in Groton, NY, offering a range of miniature furniture, books, and accessories in 1/12th scale.
  • Handworks Miniatures Specializing in contemporary dollhouse miniatures, including artisan accessories and handcrafted doll clothing.
  • Hanky Panky Crafts Offering punches for flower-making, tools for miniature cake decorating, accessories, dolls, silk ribbon and trims, plus crochet books, patterns and supplies.
  • Happily Ever After A family-owned, full service, dollhouse and miniature shop serving the Northern Virginia area and beyond.
  • Happiness Is Handcrafted miniature historical and contemporary dolls, furniture and accessories.
  • Hart's Desire Minis Quality collectible handmade and manufactured dollhouse furniture, curtains, pieced quilts, dressed beds, rugs, and accessories in two scales.
  • Hobby Builders Supply Offering dollhouses, furniture, and accessories.
  • Homes in Miniature 1/24th scale dolls houses, furniture and dolls.
  • House of Cards Dolls house furniture and accessories in 12th, 16th and 24th scales. Houses are available from flat pack kits to fully built, lit and decorated.
  • House of Miniatures Dollhouse and miniature accessories from a variety of artisans.
  • Itsy Bitsy Ltd Offering a wide variety of 1/12th scale dolls houses, dolls, furniture, lighting, supplies and more.
  • itsy bitsy mini Wallpaper and matching fabrics, pillows, accessories for retail and wholesale in 1/12 and 1/24 scale.
  • J and A Supplies Suppliers of dolls house fixtures, fittings, and accessories.
  • J. Getzan Dollhouse Miniatures Offering handcrafted chandeliers and sconces, copperware, wrought iron baker's racks, tables and chairs, hanging pot racks, utensils, wall shelves, miniature wine racks, and displays.
  • Jackson's Miniatures British mail-order company selling doors, windows, house plans, and wiring kits for dollhouses.
  • Jacky's Miniatures and Dreams Supplier of 1/12th, 1/16th and 1/24th scale dolls houses, kits supplies, furniture and accessories.
  • Janet Goodrick Miniatures A wide range of hand crafted accessories including display jewelry, wizard and witch supplies, Christmas trees and decorations.
  • JB's Doll Houses and Miniatures Offers selected handcrafted accessories and vintage dollhouses.
  • Jean Day Miniatures Books and albums, some limited editions. Some available in four miniature scales.
  • Jeepers Miniatures Shop located in Indiana offering online catalog with selected 1/12 and 1/24 scale items.
  • Jennifers of Walsall Offering dolls houses, accessories, furniture, and finishing supplies.
  • Jenny Wren Miniature Friends Handcrafted, flocked 1:12 scale animals suitable for dollhouse interiors or gardens. Backyard birds, bunnies, mice, hedgehogs, chipmunks, squirrels, pigs and toys.
  • Jill Castoral Offering unique miniatures, dolls, and kits. Vintage style holiday accessories. Antique and estate pieces. Also teaching doll making, room box vignettes, and cottage classes.
  • Joyce Bernard Miniatures Handcrafted dollhouses, furniture, accessories, doll clothing and "theme" trunks.
  • JSM Miniatures Offering 1/12 scale gutters, drainpipes, spouts, rainwater heads and all associated fittings, including water butts, for dollhouses.
  • Judith A Orr, A Fairy Walk in Fantasy, Dolls and Miniatures Handmade OOAK miniature fantasy art dolls, fairies, elves, dollhouse holiday miniatures and accessories by IGMA Artisan Judith Orr.
  • Julie Anns Dolls Houses Offers a selection of dolls house kits from UK and foreign manufacturers. Ships worldwide.
  • Just Miniature Scale A full service shop in Pennsylvania, offering furniture, accessories, building and finishing supplies and tools, memory domes, kits, custom work, and classes.
  • K T Miniatures Handmade 1/12th scale 1930s-1940s dolls house miniatures. 1/16th scale vintage dolls houses and furniture, also antique items.
  • Karen's Dollhouse Shop Offering handmade, fully finished dollhouses and dollhouse kits.  Specializing in handmade miniatures, furniture, lighting, foods, accessories, flowers, seasonal, landscaping and British miniatures. We also repair and refurbish dollhouses.
  • Karen Aird Miniatures Offering china, food, nursery, jewelry, linens, seasonal, and toys.
  • Karen Benson Miniatures Miniature furniture kits, dollhouse accessory kits, miniature birdhouse kits, and small scale kits for crafters and do-it-yourselfers.
  • Karen Cary's Miniatures Offering dollhouse miniature wicker furniture and accessories in one inch and quarter inch scales, both finished and as kits, plus metal miniatures.
  • Karen Fitzhenry Antique replica rocking horses and toys.
  • Kay's K9s Needle felted dogs and cats by Canadian artist K. Turple. Will do custom sculpted portraits of your pet from photo.
  • Kellogg's Dolls' Houses Offering hand-built, hand-crafted wooden dollhouses, plus miniatures and accessories. Fully-built wooden dollhouses of 3/8" birch plywood.
  • Kent's Mini Treasures Aged and distressed vintage style kitchen, laundry and bedroom furniture, accessories and character dolls by various artisans.
  • Kims Dollhouse Miniatures Offers finished dollhouses, kits, Bespaq furniture, accessories, artisan foods, dolls, and lighting.
  • Kitz A large selection of kits, accessories, and supplies.
  • Lady Jane Tiffany stained and foil glass greenhouses, conservatories and display cases.
  • LadyBug The handcrafted fairies, scenes and fairy furniture of Sue Thwaite in 1/12 scale and smaller.
  • Larriannes Small Wonders Offers a wide selection of miniatures.
  • Laura Anne Dolls Houses Company based in the United Kingdom offers furniture and accessories in Victorian, Georgian and Tudor styles.
  • Laura DuBois Miniatures & Collectibles Offering dollhouse furniture and doll accessory items for miniature dolls, Bespaq and other major brands, railroad accessories, and dollhouse collectibles.
  • Lewis Hobbies Store in Oregon offers 1:12 scale doll house kits and furnishings. Also offering historic wooden ship model kits.
  • Lil' Essentials Hand crafted range of food packages, house hold consumables and other household items.
  • Lilliput Dollhouses & Miniatures Offering their own line of houses and display rooms, plus furniture, dolls and accessories.
  • Lilyelf Miniatures Offering porcelain character dolls, working automata, fabric and trims, and doll wigs.
  • Linc's Mini World Shaped canes for slicing duplicate shaped slices for miniature hobby projects. Has Comet Cursor.
  • Lisa's Little Things Dollhouse miniature hand-painted faux china dishes and teapots by artisan Lisa Engler. Secure online ordering.
  • Little Green Workshop Makers and suppliers of traditional wooden collectors dolls houses and accessories in 1/12 scale.
  • Lorraine Miniatures: The Dollshouse Store Artisan made accessories, furniture and dolls.
  • Lorraine Scuderi Offering dressed beds, vintage paper products for men and ladies furnishings, toiletries, tea shop and holidays.
  • Lovely Things - Childhood Memories Offering antique and vintage dollhouse miniatures, plus custom theme roomboxes.
  • Magic Miniatures Handcrafted miniature icons, paintings, ships and tapestries.
  • Magpies Miniatures Offering 1/12 and 1/24 scale houses, furniture, accessories and finishing supplies.
  • Mainly Mini's Dollhouse Miniatures Miniatures and dollhouses.
  • Offering hobby model makers custom made trees, cars and people in a variety of small scales.
  • Malcolm's Miniatures Specializing in OOAK country cottages, scenes and the furniture, vehicles and figures to populate them. Also offering brick and thatch supplies. Includes a fair schedule.
  • Manor House Miniatures Offers furniture, accessories and dolls.
  • Marg's Minis Handcrafted food, candy, dishes, rugs, plants and flowers.
  • Martins Models and Crafts Sells collectable and specialist dolls houses and miniatures. Based in Leominster, UK.
  • Matlock Miniatures Specializing in lighting, furnishings and accessories for shops, pubs and bars also handcrafted Tudor style houses.
  • McMurray's Miniatures Offering furniture and accessories, specializing in handcrafted needlepoint rugs.
  • Meadowcroft Miniatures Manufacturers of brass, nickel, silver and glass accessories, furniture and fixtures, plus knitting patterns.
  • Memories in Miniature Custom-crafted miniature scenes of actual photographs, announcements, invitations and memories under glass domes.
  • Memory Lane Miniatures Large selection of unusual artisan made and hand crafted dollhouse miniatures, with an emphasis on modern miniatures.
  • MexicoEtc Miniatures Offers handmade Mexican miniatures, including food, pottery, utensils, baskets and toys.
  • Mike Barbour Character figures and accessories, including inventions, machines and devices that scientists or wizards might use.
  • Mini's by Mel Foods, printed accessories, pots and pans, and educational videos.
  • Mini Bijou Hand-made miniature accessories and furniture, original artwork.
  • Mini Creations Offering doll house kits, and some accessories.
  • Miniature Bookshelf One inch scale dollhouse books and food items.
  • Miniature Cabin Decor Accessories for log cabin, Adirondack, rustic, country, and colonial themes.
  • Miniature Corner Hand crafted curtains and bedding, plus accessories.
  • Miniature Cottage Shop in Nashville offering wallpaper, artisan made miniatures, fairy houses and live miniature gardens, dolls, and doll making supplies. Plus Custom dollhouse finishing services, classes and workshops.
  • Miniature Designs Full Service Dollhouse Miniature Shop in Georgia offers 4000 square feet of miniatures in all scales, classes, and custom dollhouse building and finishing. Site includes shopping, event calendar and class sign-up.
  • Miniature Gallery Dollhouse miniatures from around the world, including art, furniture, accessories, collectables, dollhouses and dolls; plus artisan-made pieces.
  • Miniature Living Shop located in Eastbourne offering structures and houses, furniture, accessories and supplies.
  • Miniature Luxuries & Papers Handpainted painted decals, wallpapers, fabrics and rugs for dollhouses and scale miniatures.
  • Miniature Resource Offering furniture, accessories and supplies.
  • Miniatures Online 1/12 and 1/24 scales, with many made in the United Kingdom. Offering unusual items such as war time ration books and dried eggs, coffins, royalty, shops and pubs, and musical instruments.
  • Minimum World Offering range of houses, furniture and accessories in 1/12th and 1/24th scale.
  • MiniPewter Artist Marimiltes Speridião offers pewter modern furniture and accessories, hand painted tea sets, animals, and dome covered castles.
  • Minis by Karen Offering items handcrafted by Karen Laisure including flowers, accessories, Leeds Miniature frames, framed art and mirrors.
  • Minizer Offering an organizer that helps keep track of supplies and products.
  • Minst Shop in Stockholm, Sweden offering European accessories including clocks and games.
  • Miss Molly's Dollhouse Miniatures Furniture, building supplies, lighting and electrical supplies and miniature accessories.
  • Mollys House Miniatures Offering a selection of 1/24, 16th, and 48th scale miniature accessories, dolls and furniture. Located in the UK.
  • Mostly Paper Offering the book "Mostly Paper" by Jeannie Lindquist, showing how to make dressed tables with mostly paper. Includes events calendar, blog and wiki.
  • Mott's Doll House Shop Furiniture, accessories, dollhouses, dolls, and artisan items. Supplies and kits to build and finish a doll's house.
  • Mountain Miniatures 1/12 (1 inch) and 1/24 (half inch) scale dollhouse kits, furniture, dolls and accessories.
  • Ms Mini Gift Shop Handcrafted dollhouse miniatures and accessories.
  • Mum and Me Miniatures Offering hand crafted room boxes, kitchen, work shop and store accessories.
  • My Little World Offering variety of doll houses, supplies, furniture and accessories. Worldwide shipping.
  • My Miniature Manor Shop in Garden City, New York offers dollhouses, furniture, accessories, and finishing supplies.
  • My Tiny World Offering accessories, food, and furniture.
  • Nancy's Dollhouses & Miniatures Offering kits, electric lights, wallpaper, Bespaq furniture and artisan pieces.
  • Nantasy Fantasy Unique handcrafted one inch scale miniatures and dolls for collectors made by Nancy and AJ Quinby, IGMA Artisans. Show Schedule listed.
  • New England Miniatures Offering high quality furniture and accessories. Includes a link to their Victorian decorating blog and personal doll house collection site.
  • Norm's Dollhouse A full line dollhouse and miniature store in Littleton, Colorado.
  • Nostalgia by the Inch Hand-hooked rugs, dolls, kits and accessories.
  • Nu-Cut Wood Products Barbie-sized doll houses and dollhouse supplies. Wooden kits and miniature supplies including furniture for 1/6 scale fashion dolls.
  • O'Meara Sterling 1/12th scale miniature reproductions of English and American domestic silver, for doll house collectors.
  • Out of the Ordinary A full line miniature shop in Ontario with dollhouses, dolls house furniture, dollhouse kits, Bespaq, Reutter, Aztec, Real Good Toys, Lee's Line and artisan pieces.
  • Patricia Paul Miniatures IGMA Fellow Patricia Paul presents her miniature Haunted Housewares, Noah's Arks, paintings, accessories, toys, pottery and lamps.
  • Patti's Patches Dollhouse Minis Offering accessories and ponds handcrafted by Pat Sprague.
  • Peeps By Post Offering dolls houses and miniatures from a miniature shop in England.
  • Perfect Frames by Billen Handmade dollhouse and miniature frames, mirrors, and framed pictures.
  • Petit Connoisseurs A dollhouse miniatures online boutique showcasing artisan miniatures made especially for the serious-minded collector. Specializing in the work of South African artisans.
  • Private Collection Laser-cut miniature flooring in a variety of woods and faux finishes. Also artisan furniture kits, classes and workshops.
  • Raggedy D's Dollhouse Miniatures Offering handcrafted 1 inch scale fairy, mermaid, modern and period dolls, food, plants and holiday items; plus workshops and how-to projects.
  • Remember When Miniatures Handcrafted miniatures in glass enclosed shadowboxes, portraying scenes of early Americana.
  • Replicast Miniatures Manufacturers and suppliers of ornate plaster work for dolls houses. Offering fireplaces, cornices, archways and columns in plain plaster or hand painted marble finishes.
  • Richard Stacey Offering brick and stone products for finishing dollhouses and miniatures. Includes fair show schedule.
  • Rio Rondo Enterprises Model horse tackmaking kits and supplies, including saddles, bridles, hardware, bits, and stirrups. Plus model horse hobby information, and limited edition sculptures.
  • Robin Betterley's Miniatures & Design Charming and whimsical miniature kits in all scales from quarter inch to two inch. Includes workshop and show schedule.
  • Rocky Mountain Miniatures Colorado dollhouse shop will help you build, decorate, furnish, and exhibit your miniature project, and will buy miniature collections. Photo gallery of customer projects and collections.
  • Ross' Miniature Treasure House Offering accessories and supplies including cedar shingles, carpets and runners, moulding and building supplies.
  • Rustic Replicas Dollhouse kits of miniature log cabins. 1/2" and 1" scale kits with removable roofs, illustrated plans and finishing materials.
  • S P Miniatures Silver, porcelain, pottery, glassware, and accessories from many countries. Mail order, including overseas and shows. Email ordering available. Major credit cards accepted.
  • S.A.R. Miniatures Offers a selection of dollhouses, kits, and accessories. Specialists in making miniature wedding dresses. Also offers period style carpets and rugs.
  • Santa's Workshop Miniatures Handcrafted 1:12th scale books with detailed graphics embossed with gold or silver foil, bookcases, bookends and statues.
  • Scale Designs Offers 1/2” (1:24) scale accessories, furniture, houses and dolls from around the world; many artisan-made and one of a kind.
  • SDK Miniatures Contemporary furniture, kits, structures and plants in 1", 1/2", and 1/4" scales, handcrafted by Susan Karatjas.
  • Second Childhood Wicker furniture, teddy bears and other nostalgic nursery toys. Also offers furniture and teddy bear kits.
  • Shepherd Miniatures Offering dolls houses and accessories.
  • Small Scale Miniatures and the Village Wheelwright Offers moving figures, dolls houses, room boxes, furniture, and vehicles.
  • Small Wonders Miniatures Offers a variety of furniture and accessories in 1/12 scale; mostly handmade, unusual items.
  • Small World Creations Dollhouse kits, finishing supplies, furniture, and accessories, plus other craft items and sports collectibles.
  • Small-Time Miniature working clocks, marquetry wood flooring kits, non-working barometers and pocket watches made in the United Kingdom. Orders accepted by phone and mail only.
  • smallDreams Offers accessories, furniture, dolls, components and DIY supplies.
  • Smaller Than Life Offers tools for crafting miniature furniture, class and show schedule, plus photos of hand crafted wooden furniture and accessories.
  • Stewart Dollhouse Creations Handmade 1/12 scale accessories.
  • Stockton Miniatures Hand-crafted furniture and accessories, including church and school items.
  • Story Time Miniatures Provides a variety of miniatures for both the collector and hobbyist from dollhouse furniture and accessories to kits and building supplies.
  • Stubbs Miniatures 12th scale miniature handmade Tudor furniture and accessories.
  • Studebaker Miniatures Offering antique, modern, and artisan houses and accessories, 1/12 scale music boxes, restoration, and custom work. Also has show schedule and classes.
  • Sue Cook Miniatures Architectural details, fireplaces, mouldings and trims. Organized by item type or historic period, and offered in various finishes.
  • Superior Dollhouse Miniatures Specializing in furniture, accessories, kits, building components and dollhouse supplies.
  • Susan Gutheridge Miniature Kits Kits to make shop displays, boxes, stationary, soaps, dresses, hats, shoes, purses and gloves. Also offers finished displays and project books.
  • Susan Lee Miniatures Handcrafted leather footwear and accessories, painted wooden toys and bears; also a show schedule.
  • SussexCrafts Miniautures A range of quality scale replicas of household items used in past times. Includes furniture, accessories, architectural, building and finishing components.
  • Suzanne Andrew's Miniatures Half and quarter scale handcrafted miniatures and houses.
  • Swan House Miniatures From artisans all over the world: plants and floral arrangements, crystal, lighting, bronze sculptures, food, paintings, pewter Object d' Vertu, clocks, decorative accessories, ceramics, furniture, porcelain, and silver.
  • Swan House Miniatures DIY Offering do-it-yourselfers a wide selection of high-end building, decorating and finishing supplies for dollhouses and miniature room boxes.
  • T & D Miniatures Offering handmade miniatures, dollhouse furniture, lighting, wallpaper, flooring, artisan miniatures, dollhouse building, wiring and remodeling. Class schedule.
  • Tadpoles Miniatures 1/12 scale hand-crafted knitted garments, open books, luggage, pottery, glassware, furniture and accessories.
  • Taller Targioni Handcrafted 1/12 scale furniture, silver, and accessories, plus some 1/144 scale furnished rooms and cabinets.
  • Tammy's Heirlooms Offering dollhouses, furniture, dolls, accessories, and craft supplies.
  • Texas Themed Dollhouse Miniatures Specializing in 1:12 scale Texas, Cowboy, Mexican, Western themes with unique items like cowhide chairs and rugs, paintings, piñatas, and folk art.
  • The Bottega Design Studio Offering paper crafts for 1/12 scale dollhouses, available in cut and glue kits, as well as CDs and shadow boxes. Includes a free club, news, wholesale information, and tutorials.
  • The China Doll Handcrafted porcelain dollhouse dolls by Connie Sauve, IGMA Fellow.
  • The Craft Pack Company English business offers DIY miniature project and furniture kits, as well as supplies. Includes news, competitions, and a mailing list.
  • The Doll House Shop in Scotsdale, Arizona offering dollhouses, miniatures, dolls and toys.
  • The Doll House Offering dolls, accessories, musical instruments, prams, white wire furniture, lamps, office furniture and elegant garden settings.
  • The Doll House Cafe Offering houses and accessories and kits.
  • The Doll House Elora Dollhouse kits, furniture and accessories, plus big dolls, teddy bears and children's costumes.
  • The Doll House Shop Full-service shop in Richmond, Virginia offers doll houses, both custom built as well as kits, as well as scale miniatures, furniture, accessories and building, decorating, finishing and electrical components.
  • The Dollhouse Corner Shop in Florida offering dollhouse kits, furniture and accessories online.
  • The Dolls House Mall Brass and stainless steel accessories, including lighting fixtures, wrist watches, wall clocks, racks, kitchen utensils, signs, birdhouses and tools.
  • The Dolls House Store Offers a personal service to fellow enthusiasts. Dolls houses, kits, furniture and accessories on display and in stock.
  • The Dolly Lodge Offers a variety of dolls houses, furniture and accessories.
  • The Fairy Door and Window Company Handmade miniature doors and windows designed for fairy cottages, doll houses, and as accessories to children's furniture.
  • The Little Dollhouse Company Offers kits, furniture and complete sets. Located in Toronto, Canada.
  • The Manor of the Lady Porcelain dolls, tapestries, pottery. plants and antiques.
  • The Miniature Cellar A full-service shop in northeastern Ohio, sells a complete range of dollhouses, kits, furniture and accessories, artisan pieces, and building, electrical and decorating supplies in both one inch scale and half inch scale.
  • The Miniature Scene York Dollhouses, kits, furniture, and accessories. Prices are in British pounds.
  • The Quarter Source Quarter scale laser cut furniture and accessory kits, room box and structure kits by Karen Benson, Robin Betterley; plus Brodnax wallpapers and Grandt Line building components.
  • The Toy Box Dollhouse and collectibles shop located in Paris.
  • The Vintage Dollhouse Selling half scale, quarter scale, 1/144, and 1/12 scale artisan handcrafted dollhouse collectibles, including foods, furniture, Tudor accessories.
  • The Wonham Collection Offering dolls house furniture and accessories.
  • Tina's Dollhouses A store in northeast Florida offers finished products and supplies for the do-it-yourselfer.
  • Tjay Miniatures Hand crafted teddy bears, accessories and food made from polymer clay without the use of molds.
  • Tony Knott Miniaturist Hand crafted historic armor, weapons, pewter dishes, bronze accessories and animals, metal and painted figures, and wood Tudor furniture.
  • Toys Past and Present Offering furniture and accessories.
  • Traditional Elegance Tiles Floor and wall tiles in many colors and styles. Smaller scales too.
  • Tuckers Tiny Treasures Aged oriental rugs, southwestern decor items and dressed beds for the dollhouse.
  • Tumdee Dollshouse Miniatures Handmade 1:12 food, flowers and birds. Also offering a selections of display cases and containers for miniature stores and markets. Includes fair schedule.
  • Unbeweevable! Offering hand painted dinnerware, decorated shelves, gourmet food and floral items.
  • Uneek Doll Designs Wooden art doll miniatures of all kinds created amazingly from wooden clothespins
  • Unique Designs Miniature dioramas in boxes or gift bags. Themes include Christmas and nurseries. Takes special orders.
  • Valerie Claire Miniatures Handmade 1/12 scale haberdashery, hats, chemist, grocers and christmas shop miniatures.
  • Victoria Miniland Shop in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada, specializing in handcrafted items.
  • Vintage Victorian Turned wood trim and architectural ornamentation for 1:12 scale projects. Railings, fretwork, moldings, cornices and brackets.
  • Volant Miniature Shop Shop located in Pennsylvania offering dollhouses, seasonal miniatures, and Wee Forest Folk, plus a newsletter.
  • Warner's Miniatures Offering old fashioned wooden toys, paper plant and flower kits, and garden accessories.
  • Wee Mini Makers Located in Mesa, Arizona, offering classes and "You Make It – We Bake It" activities for children's parties. Also offers handcrafted foods and accessories.
  • Weekend Cottage Miniatures Offering filled toy boxes, teddies and Noah's arks and push toy animals, plus garden ornaments and furniture and hedgehogs. Free printables and polymer clay tips also.
  • Westwinds Miniatures Offering miniature collectibles: artisan accessorized furniture, hats, dressed mannequins, carnival masks, and hand-painted accessories.
  • Widdowsons Ltd Offers houses in kit form. Also furniture, lighting, garden accessories and building supplies.
  • Willow Models Handcrafted dolls houses, room boxes, furniture, wood turnings, pewter and accessories.
  • Wood Supplies A company providing specialist wood for miniature work and miniature picture frames. Website contains latest catalogue and contact details.
  • Wood'n Bits Handcrafted and turned wooden furniture, bowls, vases, candlesticks and boxes.
  • WrennNest Minis Offers handcrafted accessories and food, plus how-to instructions to make perfume bottles and picnic table, and photos of personal projects.
  • Your DollsHouse Unfinished hand-crafted period dollhouses and shops. Offers custom building.
  • Zoolabees Dollhouse Miniatures Offering furniture, accessories, lighting, building supplies, and dolls.

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