• AASHTOWare Software From the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials.
  • ALE: Advanced Land Editor Ground modeler for use in mining, garbage dumps and earth displacement calculation. Includes a downloadable evaluation version.
  • AnchorWall Retaining wall design software suite. It enables engineers to design retaining walls with high levels of accuracy as well as broad arrays of functionality.
  • Architectural Wall Systems, Inc. Offers specialized software for the cladding industry and for the calculation of section properties. Description of company services and software. Demo available for download.
  • Archon Engineering Software Offers 25 software programs for civil, structural and mechanical engineering design and analysis.
  • ARTS Hydraulic Design Software A graphical hydraulic design package covering waterhammer, water and wastewater treatment design, open channel flow and pipe networks.
  • BeamPro An "easy-to-use" continuous beam analysis program for Windows 3.1, Win95 and NT4.0.
  • Bentley MXROAD Suite V8i An advanced, string-based modeling tool for new design of all road types.
  • Bentley Systems, Inc. GEOPAK civil engineering suite providing integrated civil design and engineering software ideally suited to civil engineering and transportation projects of all types.
  • CADS - Civil and Structural Engineering Software Analysis, design and detailing software applications for civil and structural engineering.
  • Carlson Software Suite of programs offering design, GIS, machine control, and land surveying. Includes a knowledge base and downloads.
  • Computer Services Consultants: S-Frame A fully integrated suite of structural analysis and design software solutions, from entry-level 2D frame analysis to advanced non-linear 3D finite element analysis.
  • Computer Services Consultants: FASTRAK Software for the design of portal frames, multi-story buildings and connections.
  • Construction Sciences Research Foundation Responsible for the development and maintenance of master guide specifications and programs, such as SPECTEXT, SPECTEXT II and CSRF OUTLINE specification.
  • Construction Software Center A growing selection of free to use online programs, as well as low cost programs including management, scheduling, measurements, and estimation tools.
  • Construsoft Offers the programs : Xsteel, a 3D modeling system for steel structures; Powerframe, for analyzing structures in steel, concrete and timber and Powerplate, to analyze plates with using the finite element method (FEM). Description of programmes and services offered. Examples of structures developed with these programmes.
  • Creative Engineering Civil engineering software for Macintosh.
  • DevStruc - Cold Formed Steel Software Features CFS-BeamDesign, a friendly and powerful software for the design of flexural members of cold formed steel.
  • DTWARE Engineering Software Software for column and continuous beam analysis.
  • ELPLA A program for analyzing slab foundations of arbitrary shape with the real subsoil model. Description and download of a limited edition.
  • ENCAD Engineering Software Analysis and design of buildings, bridges, masts, towers, geotechnics and drainage schemes.
  • Graitec Structural and civil engineering software for the construction industry. CAD / CAE / FEA software for reinforced concrete and steel structures.
  • Haestad Methods, Inc. Designer of hydrology and hydraulics software for civil engineers. Our products include: WaterCad, PondPack, SewerCad, CulverMaster, FlowMaster, HEC-RAS, and Graphical HEC.
  • Hogan & Associates, Inc. HP48 and HP49 Calculator Programs for students and professionals. The programs are grouped into the classes as required in the college of Civil Engineering.
  • HydroCAD Stormwater Modeling System Tools for modeling stormwater runoff, routing, ponds, hydraulics, culverts, weirs. Includes procedures from SCS TR-20, TR-55, SBUH, and Rational method. Free evaluation program.
  • Integer Independent software house specialising in application software for the construction industry, including structural steelwork, reinforced concrete and bridge design.
  • Integrated Environmental Solutions Ltd Integrated Building Analysis Software System. Description of software tools for architects and engineers, planners and facilities managers.
  • King County Surface Water Design Manual Provides documents and modeling software to help engineers design effective stormwater control facilities, as referenced in the Surface Water Design Manual. Does not include the Manual itself!
  • Makor Issues & Rights Ltd. Develops OptiRoads for calculating the optimal vertical alignment of a single road or a system of roads. Description of programme capabilities.
  • McIntyre Associates Software for concrete test reporting, moisture-density (Proctor) test reporting, Field (Insitu) Density reporting for soils and asphalt; for compliance with CSA, ACI and ASTM standards.
  • MIDUSS 98 Stormwater modeling software intended for designers of stormwater management systems.
  • MINCAD Systems Numerical modeling software for mining and pavement engineering.
  • NECO Engineers Software for designing structural members, pre-stresses and precast concrete members.
  • Oasys Software Civil engineering software packages, including 32-bit Windows structural, concrete and geotechnical finite element analysis. Company and software descriptions. Downloads and demos available.
  • Open Channel Flow Measurement Software Discharge calculations for rectangular, V-notch, Cipoletti weirs. End depth flow measurement for culverts, rectangular and triangular channels.
  • OptiWater Offers software for the design of water distribution systems using genetic algorithms, software for the implementation of genetic algorithms in optimization problems, and related applications.
  • Paras Cadd Private Limited Design and supply a range of civil engineering and plant design software. India.
  • Performance of Reinforced Concrete The Java Applet predicts the structural performance of reinforced concrete panels.
  • Pizer Incorporated HYDRA storm and sanitary sewer modeling software and earthwork cut and fill software.
  • Ram Caddys Pvt Ltd Software solutions provider for structures, tunnels, highways designs, sewer network analysis, geotechnical, three-dimensional steel detailing, pressure vessels and heat exchangers, and fluid flow.
  • RAPT Concrete Design Software Reinforced concrete and partially prestressed concrete members to various design codes.
  • RebarWin Software for detailing reinforcement bars.
  • Rescol - Seismic software for soil-structure interaction Software to determine stiffness of foundations and footings and develop seismic spectrums for seismic analysis.
  • RGS Construction Teshnologies (Pvt) Ltd. RGS Rebar is a rebar detailing software for steel concrete reinforcement bars.
  • Robert Steltman, Inc. Solutions for civil engineers and surveyors.
  • Rockgrout Animated and interactive programs explaining the design and construction of cement grouting. Includes an instructive game in which an imaginary hole is 'grouted'.
  • SCIA-Online Specialised software for the civil construction industry.
  • Septic Edge - Septic System Planning and Design Software Software to prepare on-site sewage facility (OSSF) and septic system planning materials. Includes soil analysis, septic tank, aerobic, absorption, LPD, ET, sand filter, gravelless pipe, mound, leaching chamber, drip, and spray systems.
  • SeptiCAD CAD add-on software that generates plans and cross-sections for septic systems. Includes customizable libraries of objects, notes and labels.
  • Soakaway Design Wastewater system design, includes rainfall map for the UK.
  • Soft Tech Engineers Offers CAD, construction cost and information management applications for civil engineering industry. Software for the design of liquid retaining structures. Includes downloads and online support.
  • SOFTEK Windows based structural engineering and analysis software including S-Frame, P-Frame and S-Steel.
  • South Fork Technologies, Inc. Steel detailing and fabrication including HP calculator software for detailers and engineers.
  • Spencer Engineering Software For the evaluation and selection of standard open-web steel joists for floor and roof construction, including joist/slab vibration analysis.
  • Spreadsheets for Structural Engineers Includes bridge design and GT STRUDL post-processor.
  • Spyder Software Design and analysis of reinforced concrete foundations.
  • Static and Dynamic Structural Analysis of 3D Moment-Resisting Frames Free software for static and dynamic analysis of 3D moment-resisting, linear-elastic frames. Source code available.
  • Steel Framing Design Light-gauge steel framing design for structural engineers, architects and contractors.
  • The ElmTree System Engineering laboratory management system for engineering laboratories that test construction materials. Customized, comprehensive and easy to use, it helps materials testing labs operate more efficiently and profitably.
  • The Engineer's Document and Design System Structural calculation software within Microsoft Word, to integrating analysis and design calculations. With a comprehensive set of libraries for many specialties. Description of programme and libraries. Online demo.
  • TNO DIANA B.V. DIANA is a finite element analysis program developed by for of civil engineering applications, in particularly concrete, seismic and geomechanics.
  • Traf-o-Data Offers software covering policy planning, systems planning, corridor planning, subarea planning and land use planning.
  • Traffix Traffic simulation.
  • WATDIS Software for the selection of pumps and the calculation of hydraulic pressure in pipe networks of any configuration. In English and Spanish.
  • XcalcS On-line tools for structural design: beams, plates, and vessels.

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