• Anne McCabe and Associates Provide regulatory and advocacy services on energy and environmental issues in the Midwest of the United States.
  • Barnes Planning Provides professional services in town planning and urban and landscape design to commercial and residential clients across Australia.
  • Behan Planning Associates Consulting company dedicated to assisting communities to realize their vision of a quality place to live and work through the application of sound planning practices.
  • Benchmark, Inc. A local government service company providing professional planning, grant administration, and code enforcement to cities, towns, counties, regional organizations and state agencies.
  • Calthorpe Associates Features an extensive portfolio of regional, citywide, town, neighborhood and urban revitalization plans, including many built projects, from a pioneering New Urbanist firm based in Berkeley, California.
  • Camoin Associates Provides economic development planning and community revitalization services in New York.
  • Chesapeake Group, Inc. Provides market analysis, urban planning, and economic development consulting.
  • CityWorks An urban design firm focusing on smart growth and transit oriented development.
  • Civic Economics Economic analysis and strategic planning firm with offices in Austin, Texas and Chicago, Illinois.
  • CIVITAS Urban Design & Planning Inc. Specialist urban design, planning and landscape architecture practice based in Vancouver BC, Canada. Consultants for major local and international urban and community development projects, focused on sustainable practices.
  • Clarion Associates American land use and real estate consulting firm with offices in five states.
  • Collins and Schoettler Planning Consultants, located in Visalia, CA. Provide professional services in city and regional planning, environmental assessment, urban design and contract planning services.
  • Comedia Advises cities on creative approaches to planning, economy, social inclusion, culture and local identity
  • Community Planning & Environmental Associates Provides comprehensive and environmental planning services for small communities and rural areas in upstate New York.
  • CoolTown Studios Uses arts and entertainment oriented economic development services to create virtual and physical communities of entrepreneurs and artists.
  • Cooper Johnson Smith Architects Innovative neo-traditional architecture and town planning contributing to a meaningful sense of place.
  • Crane Associates A community development consulting firm specializing in river, recreation, and land use planning; economic development; affordable housing; and downtown revitalization. Vermont, USA.
  • Culpin Planning Specializes in urban planning and regional and rural development in developing countries. Offices in Thailand, Viet Nam, Indonesia, and Egypt.
  • CZB LLC Alexandria, Virginia-based urban planning and neighborhood development consulting firm specializing in neighborhood revitalization.
  • D.B. Hartt, Inc. Provides planning consulting services to both public and private clients. Project summaries, staff biographies, news, and employment opportunities.
  • Danth, Inc. Consultants specializing in downtown and neighborhood economic development, with experience primarily in New York City and surrounding areas.
  • David Lock Associates Specialist urban design consultancy based in Melbourne, Australia providing plans, strategies, and studies throughout Australasia.
  • Design Plan Services Inc. A town planning firm specializing in community and neighbourhood design, subdivision planning, and related services for private land development clients in the GTA and Southern Ontario.
  • Development Land and Planning Consultants Ltd British professional planning consultancy offering advice on development, planning and transportation issues. Has offices in Bedford, Bristol, Sheffield and Wokingham.
  • Dover, Kohl & Partners Urban design firm specializing in master plans and illustrated codes for inner city revitalization, neighborhood redevelopment, and traditional town planning.
  • DPU Associates A network of former professional and research staff of the Development Planning Unit, University College London. CVs and recent news of the consultancy, research and training activities of its members.
  • Duany Plater-Zyberk and Company Influential new urbanist firm with offices in Miami, Washington DC, and Charlotte.
  • Dyett & Bhatia Offers planning, urban design, zoning, transportation and GIS services.
  • EDuce ltd Economic development consultants specialising in partnership development and practitioner skills. Strategies, project development and evaluation. Based in Cambridge, UK.
  • Environmental Design and Management Limited Multi-disciplinary firm specializing in built and natural environment design and planning. Located in Halifax, Nova Scotia.
  • Environmental Simulation Center An independent not-for-profit laboratory specializing in 3D visualization, environmental impact statements, visual impact analysis, urban simulation, and consensus building.
  • Eric Vance and Associates Vancouver-based firm specializes in land use planning, economic analysis, and strategic planning. Works with private and public sector clients in Canada and the United States.
  • Espiritu Loci Provides site planning, land planning, entitlement assistance, and development process assistance for developers and private individuals.
  • Fraser Dunchurch Ltd Appeals to the Department of the Environment carried out for people who have been refused planning permission or issued with an enforcement notice within England and Wales.
  • Freedman Tung and Bottomley An urban design and town planning firm based in San Francisco, specializing in downtown and district revitalization.
  • Gehl Architects Offers public space and public life surveys, town planning, recommendations and guidelines for city development.
  • General Public Agency A creative consultancy working in urban and rural regeneration strategy. Profile, portfolio and clients.
  • Global Telematics Policy research and consulting firm established in 1986 that offers analysis, design, planning, presentations, and training.
  • Goody Clancy Interdisciplinary architecture, planning, and preservation firm located in Boston, Massachusetts.
  • GrantWorks Home Texas' largest grant writing and management firm, specializing in housing, community development, and planning services for rural communities.
  • Greenberg Consultants, Inc. Architecture and urban design firm based in Toronto, Ontario.
  • Hofman Planning Associates This is a land use planning, fiscal and environmental services firm, located in Carlsbad, California formed in 1985.
  • HOK Planning Group Provider of planning, landscape architecture and urban design services, specializing in new urbanism, sustainable design/low impact development, campus and master planning, hospitality, and commercial development.
  • HyettPalma Consultants specializing in economic enhancement of downtowns and older business districts.
  • Inukshuk Planning & Development Provides environmental planning and landscape architecture services in Alaska and Northwest Canada. Includes samples of completed projects.
  • John F. Hickman & Associates Consulting firm specializing in professional transportation, parking and urban planning services.
  • Juurlink en Geluk Dutch firm provides information on their methods, projects, philosophy, and company. [In Dutch and English]
  • Kasler Associates, PA Planning and development consulting firm that was established in 1975 to provide innovative and workable services for its clients.
  • Kendig Keast Collaborative Planning firm with offices in Wisconsin, Illinois, Texas, and Colorado, USA. Specializes in land use planning, development regulations, urban design, and planning technology. Formerly Lane Kendig, Inc.
  • KenKay Associates San Francisco, California firm provides urban planning and landscape architecture services for corporate, institutional and individual clients.
  • Kevin Murray Associates Operates primarily across the United Kingdom and Ireland in the fields of planning, regeneration, urban design and economic development.
  • Landmark Planning Consultancy based in Leicester, England operates throughout the East and West Midlands. Information on conferences, lectures, recent work, and staff.
  • Lee, Burkhart, Liu Inc. Comprised of landscape architects, planners, urban designers and architects. Located in Santa Monica, California.
  • Lehe Planning Provides comprehensive planning and project implementation services to local governments.
  • Leland Consulting Group Real estate strategists with a focus on urban revitalization through implementation strategies, market research, and public-private partnerships.
  • Luke Planning Community strategic visioning facilitator with experience in 48 communities since 1983.
  • Masterplanning.com Christensen Design Management provides design charettes and quick schematic plans.
  • McKenna Associates, Inc. Includes mission statement, services list, staff profiles, project examples, locations map, and employment opportunities.
  • Moore Iacofano Goltsman Provides planning, design, communications, and management services. Offices in California, North Carolina, Oregon, and Wisconsin.
  • Nelson\Nygaard Consulting Associates Specializes in transit and multimodal transportation planning for small and large transit agencies.
  • Optimal Environments Research and consulting toward more humane buildings and parks.
  • Peter J. Smith & Company, Inc. Planning, urban design, and landscape architecture firm with offices in Buffalo, New York and Fort Erie, Ontario.
  • Planners Collaborative Inc. Offers a full range of consulting services in the areas of planning, design, management, and communication.
  • Planning and Design Institute Land use planning based on social, economic, and physical factors.
  • Planning Consultants Online Directory Directory of planning consultancies based within the United Kingdom.
  • Planning Initiatives, LLC Specializes in city planning, economic development and redevelopment, tax increment financing, and design projects for municipalities and developers in Illinois and Missouri.
  • PlanningSoft Provides IT solutions to planners, including transportation and land use modeling, planning support systems, and geographic information systems.
  • Regional and Urban Studies and Development Centre (CEDRU) Portuguese company specializing in regional and urban planning and development, social, economical and environmental studies, program evaluation, and land use management. [in Portuguese and English]
  • Renaissance Planning Group A planning and policy analysis firm specializing in transportation and land use integration, providing services primarily to public sector agencies.
  • Rodgers Consulting Specializes in land planning, civil engineering, surveying and environmental design.
  • ROMA Design Group Interdisciplinary firm of architects, landscape architects and planners specializing in streetscape design and urban development planning.
  • Rural Resources Sustainable rural development, planning and consultancy provided by Rural Resources and associates.
  • Schreiber/Anderson Associates Multidisciplinary planning, design, and construction firm located in Madison, Wisconsin.
  • Setplan South African consultancy specializes in settlement planning, town planning, and community facilitation.
  • Shillam and Smith Information about the practice's projects, as well as news, discussion and feedback on architecture and urban design issues.
  • Simon Yates Independent consultant based in Auckland, New Zealand presents profile, services, and list of projects.
  • Site Evaluations Environmental Consultants New Jersey environmental scientist, planner, and surveyor William Honachefsky presents publications on environmental planning.
  • Solimar Research Group Conducts research and creates reports on land use issues.
  • Space Syntax An international, multi-disciplinary firm providing an evidence-based approach to the evaluation, strategic design and functional performance of buildings and urban areas.
  • Spangle Associates Consultants in community planning for small and medium-sized cities.
  • Spikowski Planning Associates City planning consulting firm located in Fort Myers, Florida. Includes information about projects in southewestern Florida.
  • Stevens & Associates, P.C. Provides site planning, project management and design services focusing on institutions, corporate design, urban design and civic facilities.
  • Studio Cascade Community planning and design firm based in Spokane, Washington. Provides details about the firm and its staff, services, and clients.
  • T&B Planning Consultants, Inc. Land planning, urban design, and environmental planning for both public and private clients.
  • Taintor & Associates Planning consultants providing services relating to comprehensive and strategic planning, economic development, and growth management.
  • Terry A. Hayes Associates Urban and environmental planning consultants, specializing in community impact assessment and community development planning.
  • The Hudson Group Consulting group in Albany, New York provides expertise in research, assessments, impact studies, feasibility analyses, and policy and strategy development. Includes a list of clients, services, testimonials, and staff biographies.
  • The Planning Center Southern California company providing community and regional planning, land planning, environmental compliance and analysis, and school planning services. Includes newsletters, publications, and examples of past projects.
  • The Planning Center, Arizona Office Consulting service in Arizona providing community and regional land use planning, including rezoning, general plans, site design, master planning and landscape architecture.
  • The Spaxman Consulting Group Ltd. Architectural planning and urban design consultants located in West Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.
  • Thompson McRobert Edgeloe Information on Australian business providing town planning, project management, and engineering.
  • Townland Consultants Limited Town planning, development consultancy, urban design and project management.
  • Transportation Planning Partnership Manchester based consultancy providing network and development planning, scheme appraisal, and regeneration studies.
  • Urban Advantage Uses digital photo editing technologies to aid in visualizing growth options, sharing of those visions, and to speed the learning process.
  • Urban Collage, Inc. Atlanta firm specializing in the urban design of building sites, campuses, neighborhoods, and cities.
  • Urban Design Associates Offers design services in urban design, architecture and pattern books, and design guidelines.
  • Urban Design Futures Multi disciplinary planning, urban design and landscape practice which aims to provide exciting and imaginative design solutions that take full account of client and end user needs
  • Urban Practitioners Provides town planning, urban regeneration, and economic development services in the United Kingdom.
  • Urban Strategies Inc. Toronto-based planning and urban design firm offering services to public and private clients in North America and Europe.
  • Walkable Communities A non-profit consulting firm which provides advice on how communities can become more pedestrian-friendly. Includes extensive recommended reading list and downloadable reports and photos.
  • White Young Green An international multi-disciplinary consultant to the built, natural and social environment, providing a comprehensive range of socioeconomic, planning, environmental, engineering, surveying, consultancy, project and management services.
  • Williams and Associates Multi-disciplinary Athens, Georgia firm specializes in land planning, landscape architecture, development consultation, civil engineering, master planning, site design, and permitting.
  • Willie Miller Urban Design and Planning Consultancy based in Glasgow, Scotland providing conceptual, strategic, and development work in urban design and environmental planning.
  • Winston Associates A Colorado-based planning firm that specializes in 3D visualizations. Includes portfolio.


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