Companies or independent contractors and consultants who offer general archaeology services and whose offices are located in this country.
  • Abingdon Archaeological Geophysics An organization which carries out magnetometery and resistivity surveys to help locate and understand archaeological sites. Services offered and associated costs.
  • Air Photo Services Specialize in aerial photographic interpretation, rectified mapping from aerial photographs, CAD and GIS solutions and aerial photography. Services, cases studies, clients, staff.
  • Albion Archaeology An archaeological company, formerly Bedfordshire County Archaeology Service. Company profile, services, recent work.
  • Alison Deegan, Air Photo Interpreter Provides air photo interpretation, mapping and analysis to archaeologists, curators and developers. Outline of technique and application
  • Archaeobotanical Services Glasgow Freelance archaeobotanical and environmental archaeology consultancy. Provides a profile and details of projects and services offered which include the specialist identification of carbonised and waterlogged plant remains and wood charcoal.
  • Archaeological Investigations Ltd Hereford company specializing in excavations and evaluations, geophysical survey, building recording, and medieval pottery. Services offered and contact information.
  • Archaeological Services and Consultancy Archaeological consultant and contractor in Milton Keynes offering a full range of services in the south and east of England. Services, portfolio, staff, recent projects.
  • Archaeological Services University of Durham The contractual field archaeology unit associated with the Department of Archaeology. Services, projects.
  • Archaeological Site Investigations Michael Heaton's archaeological practice based in Warminster (Wiltshire), specialising in the rapid assessment, evaluation and survey of historic buildings and archaeological sites.
  • Archaeological Solutions Ltd An independent unit providing a wide range of professional services across Southern England. Staff, services, clients, news, projects and publications. Formerly, the Hertfordshire Archaeological Trust (HAT)
  • Archaeology & Planning Solutions Specialising in archaeological desk-based assessments and heritage sections for environmental impact assessments throughout the UK. Recent Projects are also outlined.
  • Archaeology Data Service A searchable digital archive for archaeology, including Sites and Monuments Records for parts of the UK and Excavation Index for England. Text of CBA Research Reports. (Adobe Acrobat Reader).
  • Archaeology South-East The commercial contracts division of the Field Archaeology Unit of the Institute of Archaeology, University College London. Based at Ditchling, Sussex. Services, staff, contact.
  • ArchaeoPhysica Provider of archaeological geophysics, non-invasive survey, topographical survey, 3D landscape modelling and walkover survey. Includes information on these techniques, company profile, recent project descriptions, and job vacancies.
  • Archaeoscope Based near York. Offers topographic or landscape survey, building survey, plan digitising, 3D reconstruction, animated walk-throughs, database design, archaeological fieldwork and research.
  • Archenfield Archaeology A Herefordshire-based provider of archaeological and heritage services including excavation and event management. Details of clients, staff and previous projects.
  • Arrowhead Archaeology Archaeological consultancy based in west Dorset. Provides details of the services offered, personnel, recent projects and work opportunities.
  • Avon Archaeology Unit An independent archaeological consultancy based in Bristol, offering a full range of services. Services, staff, clients.
  • Barrie Trinder Consultant specializing in industrial archaeological evaluations, historical assessments, and commissioned histories and related interpretive materials. Background, publications, and contact information.
  • Benchmark Archaeology Provides a range of services including watching briefs, evaluations, excavations, surveys, desk-based assessments and historic building recording. Services offered, recent clients and projects, contact information.
  • Birmingham University Field Archaeology Unit Undertakes archaeological research and training throughout Britain and abroad. Staff, projects, courses. Virtual Wroxeter Roman Fortress.
  • Brick and Tile Services Based in York. A consultant for the recording, analysis and researching of ceramic building materials from archaeological excavations. Non-commercial consulting particularly welcomed
  • Brigantia Archaeological Practice Archaeological consultancy services, providing help with planning matters, Scheduled Monument Consents, and archaeological input to Environmental Impact statements.
  • Bristol and Region Archaeological Services BaRAS is part of Bristol Museums and Art Gallery in the Cultural Services division of Bristol City Council. Offers surveys, historical research, excavation and education. News on Bristol archaeology and the Nevis project.
  • Cambria Archaeological Trust Charitable trust providing curatorial, contractual and educational services in Carmarthenshire, Pembrokeshire and Ceredigion. Sites and Monuments Record, projects, news and heritage management.
  • Cambrian Archaeological Projects Limited An independent professional practice offering a wide variety of archaeological services. News on projects and job vacancies.
  • Cambridge Archaeological Unit Offers cultural resource management, archaeological mitigation and analysis, supported by the academic and scientific expertise of the University of Cambridge. Staff, reports, excavations.
  • Canterbury Archaeological Trust A registered charity which excavates, records buildings and provides planning advice and an education service. Information on services and publications, news, finds and Friends of the Trust.
  • CFA Archaeology Ltd Professional archaeologists based in Musselburgh, East Lothian, offering consultancy, field work and post excavation analysis.
  • Clwyd Powys Archaeological Trust Charitable trust providing curatorial, contractual and educational services. Annual report, staff, services, 'Windows on the Past: A review of 25 years of discovery by CPAT'.
  • Colchester Archaeological Trust A charity providing a full range of archaeological services. Information on services, news and publications about archaeological discoveries in Colchester.
  • Compass Archaeology Limited Based in central London and headed by Robin Densem and Geoff Potter. Excavation, evaluation, preservation in-situ, PPG16, desk-top studies and lectures.
  • Context One Archaeological Services Based in Salisbury. Offers Consultancy, research, on-line reports, geophysics, equipment, survey and excavation. Project news, reports and vacancies
  • Earthsound Archaeological Geophysics Offers a professional geophysical consultancy service for field assessments in Ireland, the UK, and Europe. Provides details of recent work, a diary, and contact information.
  • Earthworks Archaeological Services Offers a full range of archaeological services and specializes in the evaluation and excavation of sites prior to redevelopment. Services offered, client list, sample projects.
  • Foundations Archaeology Swindon-based group headed by Roy King offers consultancy, contracting, aerial photography and pottery research.
  • GeoArch Consultancy in the analysis and interpretation of ancient metallurgical residues (slags), based in Cardiff. Project to reconstruct a Roman bloomery furnace. Services include Geophysics, Geoarchaeological and Archaeometallurgical analysis. Project news and research material.
  • Glasgow University Archaeology Research Division GUARD has provided archaeological expertise to a wide range of clients throughout Scotland. Personnel, interim reports on recent projects.
  • GSB Prospection Offers gradiometer, resistivity and other geophysical survey techniques for archaeological and shallow prospection. Appears regularly on Channel 4's Time Team. Staff, services, techniques, projects.
  • Gwynedd Archaeological Trust An educational charity which advises the public and private sectors, maintains the regional Sites and Monuments Record and undertakes archaeological work. English and Welsh language versions.
  • Headland Archaeology Based in Edinburgh and providing consultancy and contracting services. Company details, services, personnel, recent finds, publications.
  • Heritage Trust of Lincolnshire Archaeological Project Services section offers project design and management, desk-top assessments, watching briefs, evaluations, excavations, building surveys. Recent projects.
  • Humber Field Archaeology A contracting unit covering the East Riding of Yorkshire. Services, projects.
  • Ironbridge Archaeology The contracting unit of the Ironbridge Gorge Museum Trust, specialising in the archaeology of industry and in post-medieval and historical archaeology. Services, projects, staff, news.
  • John Moore Heritage Services Providing archaeological and historic buildings advice, services and support for private individuals, commercial developers and local authorities. Details of services, projects and clients.
  • Landward Archaeology Ltd Kenneth Aitchison's independent archaeological consultancy in Sheffield carries out desk- and field-based research. Sample reports on-line.
  • Langhall Archaeology Reading based consultancy offering archaeological services including on site project management for utility services and local councils. Services offered and contact information.
  • Map Archaeological Consultancy An archaeological company operating in Northern England and the Midlands. Services, projects.
  • Mike Griffiths and Associates Independent consultancy providing guidance and advice on archaeology and planning. Information about their services, project reports, background reading, and contact details. [York]
  • Museum of London Archaeology Service Services offered to the construction industry, publications, how to join the European Association of Archaeologists, and details of the City of London Archaeological Trust.
  • Northamptonshire Archaeology A contracting service of Northamptonshire County Council, providing a full range of archaeological services. Services, recent projects, staff and publications.
  • On Site Archaeology York based company providing archaeological services for the planning process. Services offered, staff and recent project profiles, employment opportunities.
  • Oxford Archaeology One of the largest archaeological practices in Europe. Details of services and staff, news and gallery. Sells its large publication output online; there are also some free ebooks.
  • Oxford Archaeotechnics Company specializing in archaeological prospection and non-destructive archaeological investigation. Techniques and illustrated case studies.
  • Oxford Archeology East Offers archaeological research, excavation and recording, mainly in Cambridgeshire. Provides details of services offered, recent excavations, projects and outreach.
  • Palaeoecology Research Services Contract arm of the Environmental Archaeology Unit, Department of Biology, University of York. Profile, staff, services.
  • Pre-Construct Archaeology Contractor: describes activities, publications and discoveries; contact information.
  • Quaternary TL Surveys A commercial laboratory providing thermoluminescence (TL) date measurement services. Describes its applications in Palaeolithic and Mesolithic archaeology and in Pleistocene and Holocene geology.
  • Souterrain Archaeological Services Warwickshire based archaeological contractor specialised in GPS survey and Geophysical survey. Services offered, equipment used, client list, contact information.
  • Stewartry Archaeological Trust Features excavation of a Neolithic round cairn at Newbarns, and southern Bailey and defences of Buittle Castle, Ingleston. Archive of news, photographic gallery, discussion forum and contacts at Rhonehouse.
  • Stratascan Offers geophysical and specialist survey services, engineering and environmental investigations.
  • Thames Valley Archaeological Services A medium-sized archaeological field unit in Reading offering a wide range of services. Profile, news, publication list.
  • The Glamorgan-Gwent Archaeological Trust Ltd Charitable trust providing curatorial, commercial and educational services. Provides information on services, staff, publications, project archive and news.
  • The Heritage Network Limited Undertaking commercial archaeological projects for clients involved in development, pipelines, road schemes, quarries, agriculture and landscaping. Surveying, recording, publications and educational talks.
  • Trent and Peak Archaeology An archaeological service based at Nottingham University. Staff directory, past projects and publications.
  • Trysor Archaeological Services Archaeological consultants based in South Wales and offering a fully bi-lingual service. Includes services, portfolio and news. [English, Welsh]
  • University of Leicester Archaeological Services Services provided by ULAS, staff, news, publications, sample projects and a gallery of images.
  • Wessex Archaeology This non-profit-making body based near Salisbury is one of the biggest archaeological practices in the country. Services include maritime archaeology. Profile, services.
  • White Horse Archaeology A Wiltshire-based archaeology consultancy providing preliminary advice, desk-top studies, site assessments, landscape surveys, excavation, aerial photography, lectures and training.
  • York Archaeological Trust Online exhibition "Secrets Beneath your Feet" celebrates 25 years of archaeological discovery in York. Also profile of the organization, publications and job vacancies.


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