Suppliers of wastewater-related products and services for the municipal, industrial and institutional markets.
  • AAA Pump Service, Inc. Specializes in everything related to pumps for your sewer and septic systems, offering fast, reliable, 24 hour on-site service in the Central New England area.
  • Abydoz Environmental A Canadian firm specializing in natural wastewater treatment processes which are sustainable solutions.
  • Accot Group Manufacturer and distributor of wastewater treatment, boiler treatment, and pool treatment chemicals.
  • Adenus Provides professional wastewater solutions and offers a wide variety of products for the decentralized wastewater industry.
  • Advanced Environmental Inc. Canadian company offering Biorock, a biological media developed in the Netherlands and used in wastewater treatment systems for ecologically sensitive sites.
  • Advanced Water Engineering, Inc. Systems integrator for water purification and waste treatment facilities. Photos and descriptions of installed systems.
  • Aglass Sales Pty Ltd Specialises in the design and manufacture of fibre glass, including grease arrestors and pump stations. Established since 1951, Aglass Sales has over 50 years experience in the waste water industry.
  • Aligator Water Purification Systems Offers ionic water treatment products for industrial uses as well as hotels, homes, and pools.
  • Allerton Products and solutions for sewage, drainage and pumping problems.
  • Aquajet (GB) Ltd Offering CCTV and investigative drain surveys, as well as high pressure water cutting and jetting throughout the UK.
  • Aquamark, Inc. Aquamark, based in Ohio, specializes in the treatment of wastewater, providing chemicals, equipment and services to companies.
  • Aquapure Technologies Inc. Ohio based firm that designs, builds, and maintains water treatment systems.
  • Aquastore Provides advanced wastewater treatment systems and tanks.
  • Aquatic Engineering Australia Pty Limited Providers of industrial water treatment plants.
  • Aquatreat Environmental Engineering Limited Providing engineering solutions to the water industry.
  • Armfibre Manufacturer of glass reinforced plastic (GRP) products for the water and sewage industries. Located near Gamlingay, Bedfordshire, UK.
  • Aster Bio Manufacturer of biochemical products for degradation of organic compounds in wastewater and soil.
  • Atlantic Screen & Manufacturing, Inc. Manufacturer of pipe for well screen and underground monitoring purposes.
  • Austin and Denholm Engineered equipment for water, wastewater and fluid handling.
  • Biltmore Products Co., Inc. Engineered products and services to the industrial, municipal, and utility industries.
  • Bio-Microbics, Inc. Offers a variety of wastewater treatment products, including the StormTEE, FAST, BioSTORM, RetroFAST, FOG Hog, NitriFAST and LagoonFAST systems.
  • Supplies biological solutions to clearing up oil spills, bioremediation, and cleaning of both porous and non porous hard surfaces. Also, both domestic and industrial effluent treatment including septic tanks.
  • BioFuture Ltd Providing customised biological solutions for industrial and municipal wastewater treatment ,marine, aquaculture, agriculture,bioremediation, food service and composting markets.
  • Biotank Ltd. UK distributor of a range of wastewater products including septic tanks, sewage treatment systems, waste water recycling, grey water recycling, golf club wash down systems and bacteria treatments.
  • BioWorld Products Develops and markets products for odor and algae control, environmental cleanup, bioremediation, and municipal, industrial and agricultural waste water treatment.
  • Bord na Mona Environmental Products US, Inc. Offers wastewater treatment and water reuse systems as well as odor treatment and voc abatement for municipal, decentralized or on-site community and commercial applications.
  • Calgon Carbon Corp Specializes in wastewater treatment, water purification, and municipal water treatment.
  • CEC Specialist manufacturers of ozone generators for wastewater treatment and odor control.
  • Chemical Waste Management Specialists in turnkey water resource engineering (water and waste water treatment), solid waste management and infrastructure development projects in Malaysia.
  • Chemposite, Inc. Design and manufacture of fiberglass reinforced plastic pipe, ducting, tanks, scrubbers, grating, walkway systems, dampers, hoods, covers and custom fabrication for wastewater, chemical, and pulp and paper industries.
  • Clean Products Inc. Industrial wastewater treatment and recycling equipment to clean wastewater to be reused or to meet disposal requirements.
  • Clearwater Technology Ohio supplier of industrial fluid recycling and wastewater treatment systems, water filters, oil water separators, centrifuges, chemical polymer, ultrafiltration, magnetics and related products.
  • Conder Products Ltd. Designs, and manufactures GRP-tanks aimed to protect the water environment including wastewater treatment systems, septic tanks, cesspools, oil/water interceptors, rainwater recovery systems, petrol interceptors, separators and engineered vessels .
  • Coronado Environmental Informational site to help customers and potential customers of Coronado Environmental in the On-Site Wastewater field.
  • Covalent Laboratories Providing groundwater remediation. Dedicated to the efficient operation of industrial heating and cooling process and waster water systems. Located in Cincinnati, Ohio.
  • Custom Applied Technology Corp. Car wash water reclaim systems and ozone generators.
  • D.J. Gongol and Associates, Inc. Manufacturers' representatives for municipal and industrial water and wastewater treatment equipment and pollution controls in Iowa and Nebraska.
  • David Trump Pollution Control Project Management Drainage consultancy, design and construction of reed beds and sewage treatment plants. Flood prevention and irrigation.
  • Dewatering Enterprise Co., Ltd. Research, design and manufacturing of equipment for water, wastewater, and sludge treatment problems facing industrial plants and municipal treatment facilities.
  • Digital Analysis Corporation Manufacturer of pH adjustment systems, acid wastes neutralization and industrial wastewater treatment systems.
  • Dime Water Inc. Manufacturer of commercial and industrial water treatment and reverse osmosis systems.
  • Ductile Iron Pipe Research Association Manufacturer of water and wastewater treatment for the municipal and industrial markets including the design or application of ductile iron pipe.
  • Dynachem Products Inc. Provides wastewater treatment and maintenance chemicals.
  • Dynatec Systems, Inc. Providing solutions to industrial wastewater treatment problems using membrane treatment, chemical/physical treatment or biological treatment including membrane bioreactors.
  • EBAA Iron, Inc. Manufacturer of water and wastewater treatment products for the municipal and industrial markets including joint restraint products for ductile iron pipes, Megalug, and Megaflange.
  • Ecomec Greek company designing and installing compact wastewater systems for urban and industrial sites.
  • Ecomembrane SRL Production of the systems for the storage of biogas for electrical and thermal energy, water treatment and storage, and accessories.
  • Encina Wastewater Authority A 36 MGD treatment facility located in Carlsbad, California.
  • Enviro Sewage Treatment Systems Maintenance and installation of sewage plants,septic tanks and pumping stations.Certified installers of Klargester systems and approved service providers.
  • Envirocycle Compact waterwater treatment systems for domestic commercial applications that recycle water on site as an alternative to sewage recirculation.
  • Environment and Laboratory Co Ltd Wastewater treatment and water quality management. Provides information on the analytical laboratory service, the water quality management service, waste water treatment and a range of testing equipment. In English and Thai.
  • Environmental Operating Solutions EOS engineers products specifically for the denitrification of wastewater and provides engineering level support for testing and use.
  • Environmental Treatment Systems, Inc. ETS provides a wide range of industrial water and wastewater treatment systems and services, including dissolved air flotation (DAF), physical-chemical treatment systems, aerobic and anaerobic biological treatment systems, turnkey systems, engineering, and testing.
  • Environmental Warehouse Consultants and equipment suppliers for water and trade wastewater treatment, including evaporators, filters, distillation, chemical and flocculant dosing systems, design of dangerous goods storage. Located in Newcastle Australia.
  • EnviroSim Associates Ltd. Developers of the BioWin wastewater treatment process simulator - used by consultants and water authorities for treatment plant design and optimization worldwide. Key wastewater treatment process models include biological nutrient removal (nitrogen and phosphorus), oxygen transfer and aeration modeling, secondary sludge settling, and anaerobic digestion.
  • EnvoTech Ltd. Specialists in the planning and building of drinkable-water purification systems and wastewater treatment plants.
  • ESD Waste2Water Inc. Provides industrial waste water treatment and environmental remediation, including the design, manufacture, installation and servicing of environmental protection systems for clients around the world.
  • Euro Tech Holdings Company Ltd. Process control systems for water and waste water treatment.
  • Euro-Matic Plastics, Inc. Manufacturer of Euro-Matic hollow plastic Bird Balls for industrial use to cover acid process water ponds, cyanide ponds, oil field waste pits and other similar wastewater storage facilities.
  • Exact Dewatering Solutions Suppliers of filter presses, effluent treatment systems, replacement filter plates, replacement filter cloths,refurbished Willett ram pumps and Ram pump spares. Coagulents and flocculants to aid solid settlement with a specialist range for the removal of heavy metals.
  • F.B. Leopold Manufacturer of water and wastewater treatment products for the municipal and industrial markets including clarifiers, filters, and media.
  • Fabco Industries, Inc. Waste water treatment, processing, filtration, purification. Cadmium, lead removal from liquids. Petroleum spill containment, gas, fuel oil.
  • Fluidyne Corporation Offers wastewater treatment technologies
  • Formeco Producing solvent recovery systems, waste water treatment apparatus and acids recovery units.
  • Franklin Miller Inc. Manufacturer of wastewater grinders, comminutors, screens and other size reduction processors.
  • FreshAWL Offers products for controlling hydrogen sulfide, mercaptans and foul odors in waste water treatment plants.
  • Furness Newburge, Inc. Green sand foundry emissions and their prevention. The green sand’s coal and the core’s resin binder are the primary sources of organic HAP and VOC emissions.
  • G.E.T. Industries, Inc. Offers Grind Hog, to shred sewage solids without removal from the wastewater. Used at pumping stations and water treatment plants.
  • Gadmon Industries Partners in drain and sewer renovation.
  • Geo-Processors USA, Inc. Provides consultancy services and technologies for the treatment of industrial waste waters for salinity control and effective waste minimization through the recovery of by-products.
  • Goel Services, Inc. Offers long and short term flow monitoring in sanitary, combined, storm sewers, and rain data collection. Field inspection services include: System inventory, data reconstruction, man hole inspection, smoke testing, dyed water testing, line cleaning and leak Detection.
  • Greenearth Engineers & Consultants Manufacturers of effluent treatment plant, system for recovering gold, scrubbers, water treatment plants and air pollution equipment. Mumbai, India.
  • Gryaab Gryaab in Gothenburg Sweden works for a clean ocean. Gryaab is a purification plant for sewage water from the region. The company is shared owned by the council of Ale, Göteborg, Härryda, Kungälv, Lerum, Mölndal och Partille.
  • H B Environmental Design, supply, installation and maintenance of industrial wastewater treatment systems.
  • H. N. Bhat & Co. Pune (India) based engineering and turnkey contractors specializing in the construction of water, wastewater, sewage, municipal waste and industrial effluent treatment plants and mass concreting.
  • Handbook Biological Waste Water Treatment Provides theory and design guidelines for biological wastewater treatment plants. Much of the book by Adrianus van Haandel and Jeroen van der Lubbe is available online.
  • Hennesy Equipment Manufacturers' representative for water and wastewater management, serving residential and industrial for over 30 years.
  • Holland Company, Inc. Manufactures a complete line of inorganic coagulants for the purification of potable water, process water, and municipal and industrial effluent.
  • Hoofmark UK Ltd Specialists in environmental management including erosion control, drainage and grass reinforcement systems.
  • Hutchinson Environmental Solutions Design, supply, installation and servicing of sewage, waste water and environmental systems in the UK.
  • Hydro International Ltd. Innovative wastewater technology for industry and community.
  • Hydro International PLC A specialist engineering group that develops, designs and implements solutions for the control and treatment of storm water and waste water.
  • Hydro-Logic Environmental Provides wastewater treatment technologies and equipment.
  • Hydrologix Systems, LLC Develops customized bioremediation systems to interface with existing installations or as stand alone solutions for industrial, commercial, government, and private sources of wastewater discharge.
  • Hydrometrics Inc Design, build, own and operate waste water treatment services.
  • Hydrorod A UK based company, who covers the whole UK. Based in Merseyside. The company clears drains and provides cctv drain and sewer inspection equipment.
  • Hydroxyl Systems Specializes in providing advanced water treatment solutions for wastewater, marine, and industrial applications.
  • Ian Flockton Developments Ltd. Manufacturer and supplier of plastic and GRP tanks. Based in the UK.
  • In-Pipe Technology Company LLC Wastewater treatment that converts entire sewer collection system into a highly efficient, high-speed treatment process.
  • Industrial Screen Products, Inc Engineers and fabricates Wedge Wire screens and screening equipment including sieve bend screen surfaces, fish protection screens, surface water intake screens, strainers, nozzles, vessel internals, laterals, underdrains, collectors, distributors, and resin traps.
  • Infrastructure Alternatives Dredging contractor, specializing in environmental dredging and contaminated sediments. Other services include sediment dewatering utilizing geotubes, belt presses, plate and frame presses, shoreline protection and wastewater treatment.
  • Inland Technologies Inc. Develop and manage aviation glycol collection and recovery programs. Petroleum waste treatment and site remediation, and waste water treatment.
  • KEE Group of Companies Provides solutions worldwide for domestic wastewater, sewage, trade effluent, process and industrial waste water and surface water problems.
  • KK Water Purification Provides water treatment and water recycling equipment including ultraviolet reverse osmosis, ozone, filtration and other complimentary technologies, and bespoke air/surface UV disinfection equipment.
  • Koester Associates, Inc. Provide design assistance, installation, and service for hundreds of water and wastewater facilities across New York State.
  • Led Italia Evaporation for waste water treatment and process application by heat pump technology.
  • Lemna Technologies Provides innovative wastewater treatment system for municipal and industrial applications. Recognized as a market leader in lagoon-based process technology and floating cover systems, Lemna's expertise encompasses all aspects of project development.
  • LiquiTech Electronic liquid purification systems developed for medical centers, recreational waters, marine mammal exhibits, cooling towers and various industrial applications. Legionella control.
  • M2Polymer Technologies Providers of waste solidification media, desiccants and waste treatment materials.
  • MaidLabs Municipal And Industrial Data Labs Inc - MAID Labs Inc., is currently developing a series of software and measuring instruments specialized in wastewater collection systems.
  • Makro Co.Ltd. Designing, engineering, producing, installation, automation and operation of all types of mechanical equipment of potable and waste water treatment plants by utilizing computer aided design.
  • Membranes India Reverse osmosis membranes, RO plants from Ion Exchange India for drinking, process, waste water, recycle and seawater applications.
  • Memos Membranes Modules Systems GmbH Manufacturer and supplier of polymer tubular membranes and membrane modules for micro- and ultrafiltration. Solutions for crossflow membrane filtration and submerged membrane filtration (membrane bioreactors).
  • Mersino Dewatering Services Offering turnkey dewatering and pumping services (centrifugal, trash, sewage, wellpoint, submersible) in Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, and Florida. Portable pump and generator rentals available.
  • Methuen Corporation Specialists in industrial process and pollution control systems and equipment. Extensive product line and custom service packages.
  • Mid-Atlantic Environmental Equipment, Inc. A manufacturer's representative firm specializing in groundwater and wastewater treatment technologies.
  • Musol UK company specialising in odour control techniques for both municipal and industrial waste water treatment.
  • Najade Separation Ceramic membrane technology, distillation and evaporation by unique SGR-technique modular system for wastewater treatment.
  • National Environmental A minority-owned business and supplier to major companies of turnkey waste management solutions including water treatment chemicals and services.
  • NETWAS - Network for Water and Sanitation Building and information network for Africa in water supply, sanitation, and environment; provides professional training, applied research, information, advisory and consultancy services.
  • New China, Limited Sells a patented waste water treatment process which uses the principle of electrocoagulation.
  • Norweco A manufacturer of water and wastewater treatment products, systems and chemicals, specializing in small-flow treatment applications.
  • NsertAseal Corporation Drain seals for the petrochemical industry comply with regulatory mandates and contribute to a safe, odor-free work environment. These seals allow waste fluid to pass through drains into the sewer system normally, but stop fugitive emissions from leaching back out into the atmosphere.
  • O'Brien Manufacturing Manufacturer of sewer cleaning equipment, sewer jetters and hydro jetters for over 50 years.
  • Oasis Environmental Ltd Provide waste water treatment chemicals, biological products and environmental solutions throughout the UK.
  • Ondeo Industrial Water Solutions Provides industrial water cycle management including water systems operations and maintenance, water cycle outsourcing, water treatment equipment, water and wastewater plant design and construction.
  • Or-Tec Inc. Specializes in the manufacture and sales of waste water treatment equipment for the industrial and municipal markets.
  • Orenco Systems, Inc. Equipment and system design for onsite and decentralized wastewater collection and treatment.
  • OzoMax Inc. Ozone generator manufacturing and air purifier. Expertise extends from drinking water treatment to industrial waste water treatment and air purification for cooling towers.
  • Ozone Water Systems, Inc Manufacture, design, installation and service of ozone systems for municipal drinking water, municipal waste water, bottled water plants and other industrial and commercial users.
  • Pacific Process Equipment A manufacturers' representative firm specializing in pumps and process equipment for municipal water and wastewater treatment.
  • Paradise Environmental Services A company offers a range of products and solutions for wastewater treatment for the industry and domestic applications.
  • Parkson Corporation Manufactures proprietary equipment for municipal water and wastewater treatment.
  • Paul P. Pruss and Son Pressure testing and tank cleaning, pipline cleaning, sewer cleaning services including tank and pipeline cleaning, sewer cleaning, vessel cleaning and heat exchanger cleaning, vacuum truck fleet, 24 hour emergency response.
  • Phipps and Bird Manufacturers of jar test apparatus for the water and wastewater industries, including ground water samplers, vacuum filtration manifolds, sewage samplers and programmable jar testers.
  • PHIX A new technology to treat acidic wastewater that utilizes an innovative reactor design and a new self-regulating, environmentally friendly PHIX Media. Cost effective flow-through treatment, with low maintenance, and a small footprint.
  • Pollution Control Systems Inc. Designs, engineers, and builds cost effective and efficient wastewater treatment systems.
  • Practical Applications, Inc. Specializing in the design, installation, and maintenance of industrial process water and wastewater systems.
  • Premier Tech Environment Offers wastewater treatment solutions for residential, communal, commercial and industrial uses.
  • Probig GesnbH Offers non-metallic chain, chain and flight, and flotation scrapers and separators.
  • Products-4-Prevention, Inc. Provides information on sealing manholes to prevent inflow and infiltration of water and prevent sewer system overflows.
  • Progressive Environmental Co. Provides non-chemical water treatment solutions to companies faced with rigid pollution standards.
  • Quality Control Equipment Company Manufacturer and supplier of wastewater samplers, flow meters and dry material samplers.
  • Quantum Engineering Developments Ltd A major UK supplier of surge control systems, process and instrument air equipment and booster pump sets to UK and overseas water utilities and contractors.
  • R.S. Technical Services, Inc. Sales and service for Wallace and Tiernan, STRANCO, Strantrol, Water Champ with over 25 years serving the water and wastewater treatment industries.
  • RD-Palmer A one-stop centre for the supply of underground utilities detection, sewer pipe inspection, water management and leak detection systems in Malaysia.
  • Recyclet Corporation Manufacturer and distributor of sewage and wastewater treatment systems for the oil and gas, construction and mining industries.
  • RedFox Environmental Services, Inc. A manufacturer of package sewage treatment plants and waste water treatment systems for marine, offshore and onshore applications.
  • Remco Engineering Manufacturer of systems for water treatment, waste water recycling, heavy metal recovery and filtration.
  • S and N Airoflo Offers wastewater aerators throughout the USA and international markets. Involved in the aquaculture industry, both freshwater and saltwater.
  • Sam McCoy Engineering Sdn. Bhd. Specialists in the fields of pumping, water and wastewater treatment. Designs systems, supplies equipment and also manufactures headworks equipment for local and export markets.
  • SBR Technologies, Inc. Provides biological wastewater treatment solutions for companies looking to solve complex environmental problems.
  • Scanship Environmental Supplies waste treatment systems for cruise ships and large passenger vessels.
  • Schaners Waste Water Products Polymer cleaner and removal of struvite and vivianite incrustations for more efficient belt filter press operation. Waste water treatment chemicals for private industry and municipalities.
  • SEC Potential-2 Providing services in the area of fresh water and wastewater treatment, including the development of new technology, and the design of water treatment facilities for processing small and average wastewater flows.
  • Septic System Supplies Suppliers of a range of products for aerobic and septic services including aerators, chlorinators, pumps, filters, sprinklers and chemicals.
  • Septic, Inspections and Repair (S.I.R.) An Oklahoma company providing maintenance to aerobic system owners, both commercial and residential, to prevent contamination from waste water.
  • SeptiTech, Inc Maine based company that specializes in solving waste-water problems.
  • Serv-Atron Inc. Products and services for drinking water and wastewater in Arkansas and surrounding states.
  • Serviur Environmental Engineering A waste water services company providing engineering, manufacturing, supply, construction and start-up of high technology systems and equipment in water treatment field. Certified in the IRAM ISO 9002 quality system by IQNet.
  • Severn Trent De Nora, LLC Marine wastewater treatment and seawater disinfection products.
  • Shanghai LIRI Technologies Co., Ltd. Pioneering in China in water and wastewater treatment,adhesives,lamp making machines,cosmetics specialty chemicals and cosmetics manufacturing equipment since 1958.
  • Shiva Shakti Engineering Works Manufacturers of water treatment and effluent treatment systems. Services include design, installation and maintenance of systems, sand blasting and shot blasting. Mumbai, India
  • SiegmundGroup Provides advanced wastewater treatment systems.
  • SolmeteX Environmental company offering resin absorbents that remove mercury and other heavy metals from wastewater and blood analyzing equipment.
  • South Texas Environmental A supplier of aerobic septic system components and supplies.
  • Southwest Water Company Provides a broad range of services, including water production and distribution, wastewater collection and treatment, public works services and utility submissions for multi-family properties.
  • Spaans Babcock A contractor and specialized manufacturer of equipment for pumping, water and sewage treatment. Main product are aerators, screw pumps, screw generators and screens. Service is also provided.
  • Spartan Environmental Technologies Supplier of ozone based systems and other advanced oxidation technologies for industrial and municipal waste water treatment applications.
  • Spectral Innovations: Ultraviolet Technologies Manufacturer of ultraviolet systems for disinfection, ozone destruction and TOC reduction for applications including wastewater, aquaculture, drinking water and industrial. Systems include open channel and closed chamber.
  • Spectraserv, Inc. Providing public and private concerns with solutions to their water and wastewater management needs for over forty years.
  • Spen Environmental Providing repairs and maintenance of pumps and pumping stations for wastewater and sewage treatment plants.
  • SRT Control An activated sludge process optimization package includes srt control,D.O. control, and biological nutrient removal (BNR)control and process optimization service. Advanced control/expert systems are supplemental to SCADA. Improves sludge settling,foam control, nutrient removal, cost efficiency.
  • Stemdrive Ltd Patented fluid mixer suitable for use in wastewater treatment works using compressed air to drive the mixer.
  • Suez Specializing in energy, water, waste services and communications.
  • Sun Enviro Providing effluent treatment and waste water treatment plants, water reuse systems, mechanical equipment for effluent treatment plants, aerators, clarifiers, clariflocculators, oil skimmers, Lamella clarifier and flash mixer.
  • TEAM (Technical Equipment and Materials) Specialized in water and wastewater equipment. Products include pumps, measuring equipment, mixers, pipes and related water and wastewater treatment equipment.
  • The Coombs-Hopkins Company Provides equipment for the treatment of water and wastewater in Southern California and the Intermountain West.
  • The Egyptian Engineering Company Manufacturers of dished heads, pressure vessels, water filters, water hammer solutions, and compressed air tanks, from steel, stainless steel, and special alloys. EEC is located in Egypt and serves the Arab, Gulf, and Middle East areas.
  • The Green Environment Services Co-Op.Soc.Ltd Manufacturer and exporter of common effluent treatment plant, environmental management systems and solid waste disposal systems. Ahmedabad, India.
  • The Mcneill Company Provides wastewater treatment facilities and equipment.
  • The Tank Depot Offering a wide variety of plastic tanks for wastewater, potable water and chemical storage.
  • TIGG Corporation Offering custom equipment, services and solutions for wastewater treatment, groundwater treatment, stormwater treatment, oil and water separation and PCB removal applications.
  • TL Maddox Provides water treatment equipment.
  • Toyo Engineering Co., Ltd. Korean company which designs and manufactures facilities for treating waste water.
  • Trimax Supplier of turnkey mobile mechanical dewatering, dredging and digester cleaning for water and wastewater treatment plants, pulp and paper mills.
  • Tuke and Bell Ltd UK manufacturer of sewage treatment equipment with ninety years experience in design and production.
  • Turnkey Solutions Specializes in the treatment of industrial wastewater.
  • United Manufacturing International 2000 Supplies virgin coal and coconut shell activated carbon, ion exchange resins and adsorption filter vessels. Provided in 55 gallon drum up to 5,000 gallon ASME coded pressure vessels. Offers 52 models of adsorbers.
  • Vacuum Sales Inc. Sells and services new and used vacuum pumper trucks, portable toilet trucks, jetters, wet/dry vacs, and pumps.
  • VodaPro Supplier of water purification and wastewater treatment solutions in Northern Europe.
  • VoR Environmental Provides treatment equipment for water and wastewater industries in Australia, New Zealand and South East Asia.
  • Vortex Flow Inc. Vortex flow inserts for odor and corrosion control in wastewater conveyance system drop structures. We offer products and design services directed to managing odor emissions, aerating for improving wastewater quality, and protection of sewer infrastructure.
  • Waste Tech Sewage Treatment Plants Provides details of the various sewage treatment systems supplied including septic tanks. Other services offered include advice on sewage problems and their solutions, and wastewater legislation.
  • Waste Water Engineers Inc Wastewater engineers providing affordable, turnkey waste water treatment systems. Manufacture of equipment and chemistry to treat industrial wastewater streams. Haul away, ultra-filtration, evaporation, wastewater disposal.
  • Waste Water Technologies Offers water-recycling equipment for carwash, trainwash and truckwash, also chemical treatment for emulsions and metal-polluted waste water.
  • Wastewater Depot An online parts supply catalog for the wastewater industry.
  • Wastewater Resources Inc Providing advanced reclamation technology and equipment including complete turnkey systems for water and wastewater treatment and reclamation.
  • Wastewater Software Software solutions and services dedicated to the water/wastewater industry. Consulting, surveillance, document management/indexing, backup, search utilities, backflow, etc.
  • Waterworld Trade magazine for water remediation companies. Includes stories about current bio-hazards, new technology, and industry news.
  • WCI Pollution Control Design and construction of reed bed schemes. Manufacture and installation of sewage treatment plants. Pollution prevention, irrigation and flood prevention schemes.
  • Western Pump & Dredge Specialists in wastewater evaporation systems, FRAC support, sludge dewatering, customized HDPE pipe systems and filtration systems. Grand Junction, CO.
  • WETICO Gulf region firm offering water filtration and treatment for small and large companies. Includes details of products and services and some example projects.
  • Zappa Tec Manufacturers and distributors of super absorbent polymers for the solidification of liquid industrial waste and liquid medical wastes.
  • ZMI/Portec Custom designer and manufacturer of industrial and municipal chemical feed and slaking systems for air, water and wastewater treatment.

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