Consulting services that involve the application of environmental sciences or engineering.
  • (IRG) International Resources Group Offering advisory and hands-on assistance to public and private institutions, helping manage the environment and natural resources in ways that are sustainable, equitable, and financially viable.
  • Acclimatise Advisory firm specialising in climate change risk management and adaptation, helping businesses adapt to inevitable climate change and to manage the risks and opportunities.
  • ACS Engineering Group Full service environmental consulting and compliance firm offering air quality and emissions, water and wastewater services.
  • AEA Technology Energy and climate change consultancy. Includes a company profile and information on the range of services offered which include Ecopath and Fuelpath which help companies become more environmentally friendly and fuel efficient.
  • AECOM Provides environmental management services including impact analysis, operational compliance, remediation, restoration and reuse of impacted property.
  • Aegis Environmental Inc. Located in Richmond, Virginia, USA, this firm offers environmental consulting services including environmental testing, assessment and remediation.
  • AEI Consultants Environmental and civil engineering services.
  • Agouti Environment Israeli environmental consulting firm. Includes a company profile, details of the services offered and general information about air pollution, wastewater and soil pollution. In Hebrew and English.
  • Agrotecnologica Amazonica - Agteca Soil and water conservation consultants in South America. Includes list of current projects and staff. Located in Santa Cruz, Bolivia.
  • All Phase Environmental, Inc. Phase one environmental site assessment services, engineering, asbestos and lead based paint consultants; nationwide, headquartered in California.
  • American Environmental Assessment & Solutions, Inc Services offered include environmental site assessments, remedial services, soil sampling, groundwater monitoring, underground storage tanks installation and removal, waste management and environmental compliance.
  • Anthony Bates Partnership Dredging and coastal consultants and engineers offer expert advice on port and harbour construction, land reclamation, and dredging. UK based; experience in Europe, Africa, and Asia.
  • Aquatera Writing reports, environmental product brand development, communication materials, and event management. Page includes company profile. Located in the United Kingdom.
  • Associated Environmental Services, LLC A full service environmental, land development and real estate consulting firm specializing in the re-development of brownfield sites and transfer of contaminated property.
  • Associated Sciences Corporation ASC is an environmental consulting business specializing in Phase 1 and 2 environmental site assessments, brownfields, remediation and compliance.
  • August Compliance Solutions, Inc. - Regulatory Compliance Environmental, health, and safety consultants and engineers specializing in compliance management, training, safety programs, and engineering design. OSHA compliance specialists. Expert testimony.
  • Bascor Environmental Inc. Provides environmental consulting, civil engineering, computer database management, and legal support services to municipal, legal, and corporate clients.
  • Benbow Environmental Professional firm providing environmental engineering, occupational health and greenhouse gas management solutions in Australia, New Zealand and South-east Asia.
  • Berry Marine Consultants Services include development of environmental policy, assessments, conservation and communication programs. Features news, contacts, and employment opportunities. Located in Edinburgh, Scotland.
  • Biotec Soil Bioengineering International firm specialized in soil bioengineering and erosion control by using living plants
  • Birds of the Six Waters International environmental consultancy offering services in developing sustainable projects. Describes expertise and services in areas including soil conservation, fish propagation for aquaculture, recycling, energy re-use, solar power, and eco-friendly irrigation system design.
  • Brecheisen Engineering A Chicago-based engineering and consulting firm, specializing in the assessment, management and remediation of environmentally impaired properties. Features mission statement, contacts, news, and description of services.
  • Cambridge Environmental Inc A consulting and research firm that assesses and helps to minimize risks to health and the environment. Provide objective, expert, and timely analyses of problems related to chemicals in the environment, workplace, and home.
  • Chartered Institution of Water and Environmental Management CIWEM offers information about government laws and sustainable land management in the UK, Hong Kong, and the Balkan countries. Includes publications, branches and events.
  • ChemRisk Scientific consulting firm specializing in using risk assessment methods to characterize and provide improved understanding of complex exposures involving chemicals in a variety of contaminated media.
  • Christian J. Stewart Consulting Services for the coastal, ocean and environmental sector.
  • Conversion Technology, Inc. Environmental health and safety consulting firm, with experience in assisting industrial facilities to effectively obtain and maintain environmental health and safety compliance.
  • CRA Europe Group of companies providing comprehensive engineering, environmental consulting, construction, and information technology services around the world.
  • CTA: Consultoría Tecnologia Ambiental Multidisciplinary environmental consulting group registered and accredited to present reports for environmental authorities in Guatemala, El Salvador and Mexico. Spanish and English.
  • Curren Environmental, Inc. An environmental contracting company. Services include geoprobe, soil and groundwater sampling, monitoring well installations, ground penetrating radar surveys, site remediation, tank removals and closures.
  • D'Appolonia Engineering consultants and designers based in Genoa, Italy. Projects include environmental studies and resource management and monitoring, audit and design of industrial and community treatment facilities, health and environmental risk assessment.
  • Decisions & Agreements, LLC Provides facilitation services in the public and corporate policy arenas. Primary focus is on climate change and related environmental matters.
  • Dr. James F. Wright Environmental chemist with technical due diligence experience.
  • Drucker Health & Safety Legal experts and consultants on OSHA, industrial hygiene, safety, and environmental compliance. Located in Manhattan Beach, California, USA.
  • EA Group Environmental, Health and Safety Information Information and internet resources for the environmental, health and safety professional. EA Group offers: indoor air quality, regulatory compliance assistance, industrial hygiene consulting and laboratory analysis, PCB sampling and analysis, all phases of asbestos compliance. Mentor Ohio.
  • EBI Consultants Conducts semiconductor equipment safety assessments, industrial multi-media health and safety audits, site and structural property condition assessments. Offers health and safety training. Located in Cambridge, MA.
  • ECo Consultants, Inc. Firm serves municipalities, developers, and agriculturalists in Florida. Find mission statement, contacts, services provided, and links.
  • Ecometrica Consultancy with expertise in carbon accounting, greenhouse gas assessments, ecosystem services and climate change policy.
  • Ecoplan Engineering and design department specialized in cleansing drinking water, the coordination of security for building sites, and the diagnosis of asbestos.
  • Ecosite Solutions Pty Ltd, Australian specialist company offering erosion and sediment control, gravel pit remediation, on-site effluent disposal, development applications and the management of environmental projects.
  • EEI Services include commercial real estate environmental due diligence, environmental investigations, project management, audits of facilities which generate hazardous and non-hazardous media, remediation evaluation, engineering, planning, and implementation; and litigation support.
  • EEI Corporation Provides environmental, safety, industrial hygiene, public health, occupational health, security and risk management services.
  • EHS Services, Inc. Comprehensive environmental, health, and safety services for industry and government, small businesses and homeowners. Offers customized compliance programs, environmental and industrial hygiene assessments, and customized training.
  • Emilcott Associates, Inc. Comprehensive industrial hygiene, health, safety, and environmental consulting and training services that are tailored to the individual needs of each client. New Jersey based, offering services worldwide.
  • EnCon Systems, Inc. Consultants in environmental, safety, quality, and regulatory issues. Atlanta, Georgia.
  • Energy and Environmental Analysts, Inc. EEA provide a variety of environmental and ecological services, including environmental impact assessments, HazMat investigations and remediation, landscape design, conservation planning, habitat restoration and invasive species management.
  • Engel Picasso Associates Environmental research and research based design.
  • Enscape Consulting Ltd UK based network of consultants covering the EU. Services offered include waste and resource management, sustainable energy systems advice, feasibility studies, cost benefit analysis and project management support.
  • Entech Industries Provides environmental and chemical consulting and project management, environmental training, waste auditing and cleaner production services, waste treatment technologies and waste tracking IT systems.
  • Envalue Belgium based consultancy firm offering strategic analysis and applied research on global environmental issues such as climate change, biodiversity, water shortage and renewable energy.
  • Enviroflo UK air and water hygiene company. Services include chemical analysis, Legionella compliance, air monitoring, cleaning and disinfection, food safety and equipment service.
  • Envirok International Consultants. Global energy resources, future fuels, transport, cleantech and environmental technologies.
  • Enviromentor Ltd Provides consultancy services to support government, universities, industry and commerce, to better understand and manage their business and the sustainability of the environment.
  • Environmental and Engineering Solutions, Inc. Providing air quality consulting, environmental health and safety management, and environmental engineering services to industry.
  • Environmental and Licensing Professionals A Brisbane, Australia based environmental consultancy. Established in 1986 providing services to mining and industrial companies, including BHP and WMC Fertilizers.
  • Environmental Assessments & Consulting, Inc. Offers environmental and asbestos consulting.
  • Environmental Monitoring Technology Provides health, safety, industrial hygiene, and monitoring services and products to medical facilities and industry. Hendersonville, Tennessee.
  • Environmental Partners Environmental compliance specialists. Provides details of the professional services and report services offered.
  • Environmental Planning Pty Environmental planning and development consultants based in Sydney, Australia.
  • Environmental Services Group Limited Provides integrated investigation, testing and advisory services in geotechnics and the earth and environmental sciences.
  • Environmental Solutions All-purpose environmental consulting, inspection, remediation and cleanup firm.
  • Environmental Standards, Inc. An environmental consulting firm specializing in environmental quality assurance chemistry, geosciences, environmental data management and risk assessment.
  • Environmental Synectics, Inc. Synectics is a team of scientists and computer professionals that combine experience in the environmental industry with technical expertise in database applications and internetwork connectivity.
  • Environmental Technology, Inc. (EnTech) Offers a broad spectrum of professional environmental services.
  • Envirotech Consultants Pvt. Ltd. Provides environmental impact assessments, risk assessment and emergency planning, comprehensive environmental audit and management.
  • Eunomia Research & Consulting Environmental consulting in economics, policy analysis and strategy development.
  • Fiera Biological Consulting Ltd. Firm offers biological and environmental integration of industrial development and resource management throughout Canada. Find profiles of staff, contacts, links, and publications.
  • Five Winds International Provides strategic environmental consulting services to corporations, SME's, Governments, NGO's and Associations.
  • Franz Environmental Inc. Environmental engineering consulting firm specializing in Environmental Site Assessments (ESAs) and remediation of contaminant impacts. Have worked throughout Canada, including remote communities. Also have experience in the United States and Germany.
  • Great Forest Inc. Providing environmental advice to property owners and Fortune 500 companies, specializing in recycling, solid waste management, and energy reduction.
  • Green Dharti Provides services to help find sustainable solutions for industries to conserve the environment.
  • Green Environment, Inc. Providing environmental site assessment for commercial and industrial properties, EH&S compliance evaluation, contaminated property project management, and environmental permitting.
  • greenbizcheck Environmental certification program primarily for the services industry sector. It helps companies to implement sustainable environmental practices which save money, conserve energy, water and resources and minimise waste.
  • Hartley Anderson An independent environmental consultancy providing solutions in environmental management and science for governments, energy and other industries.
  • HSA Technical Services, Inc. Environmental and engineering consultants specializing in site and contamination assessment, remediation, indoor air quality, asbestos, water supply, pollutant storage tank systems, geophysical surveys, and environmental site assessments.
  • humaNature Environmental and communications consulting firm. Services offered include environmental reports, environmental management systems, carbon management and corporate communication services.
  • Hydro Tech Environmental, Corp. A full service, integrated environmental consulting firm that provides a wide scope of services including Phase I environmental, site assessments through subsurface investigations, all the way to design of the management of remedial systems.
  • Hydroports.Com Providing technical information for engineering and engineering support firms specializing in viewport design, ceramic hulls, and undersea concrete structures.
  • International Resources Group - Philippines Energy, environmental and management systems consulting business based in Manila, Philippines.
  • Jacobson James & Associates Environmental consultants. Experience includes industrial chemical, petroleum refining, manufacturing, power generation, mining, dry cleaning, wood preserving, food processing and agricultural sites and defence locations.
  • JBR Environmental Consultants, Inc Offers a wide range of environmental services including NEPA and CEQA compliance. Provides details of some projects undertaken.
  • Jones & Stokes Home Services Environmental, land, water and ecology consulting firm.
  • Kinesis Works with business and government on their carbon, sustainability and public policy strategies.
  • Kiso-Jiban Consultants Co. LTD. Overseas division and on-line recruitment center for geotechnical and civil engineering professions. Located in Tokyo, Japan, and local offices throughout Asia, including Singapore; Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia; Jakarta, Indonesia; Manilla, Philippines; and Hanoi, Viet Nam.
  • Lambda Consult A consulting firm in the fields of groundwater remediation using electro-remediation, water treatment systems, electrochemical, environmental engineering, electro-biological processes, applied geosciences, and assessment studies for groundwater exploration and exploitation.
  • LeadSafe Environmental Services Inc. Offers expert lead paint inspections and consulting services to clients seeking to achieve compliance with state and federal regulations.
  • LMS Technologies Specializes in offering filters and advice for air, paint spraying and liquid environments. Includes list of products and services. In Bloomington, Minnesota.
  • Lookout Mountain Analysis Providing consulting in environmental and natural resources, energy, and mineral economics based in Golden, CO.
  • Mary Maher & Associates Brisbane-based consultancy specialising in environmental assessments and planning, and community consultation. They offer environmental services for both government and non-government organisations.
  • Matrix Environmental, Inc. Environmental consulting, management systems, safety auditing, and site restoration.
  • Mercury Technology Services Environmental consulting company specializing in mercury in hydrocarbons and serving refineries, petroleum producers and petrochemical plants.
  • Michalski Nielsen Associates Limited Providing environmental consulting services throughout Ontario, Quebec and Nova Scotia on natural environment and surface water issues to public and private sector clients.
  • Molino Stewart Multidisciplinary environment and natural hazards consultancy located in Parramatta, Australia. Includes details of services offered, the people involved and some projects.
  • Moore Group Multi-disciplinary environmental, planning and heritage resource management consultancy based in Ireland. Includes a company profile, details of services and a project gallery.
  • Natural Resource Assessments Pty. Ltd. Environmental consultancy providing environmental assessment, management and planning services throughout Australia and the Asia-Pacific region
  • Northbridge Environmental Management Consultants A financial, economic, and management consulting firm specializing in environmental issues.
  • OTEK Australia Environmental, engineering and remediation company offering environmental solutions to the petroleum, chemical, agricultural, manufacturing and mining industries.
  • Oxford Engineering Company A multi-disciplined engineering firm with offices in New Jersey and Pennsylvania that provides environmental consulting and construction services. Features description of services, personnel, and email directory.
  • Partner Engineering and Science Inc. Environmental consultancy providing site assessments, property condition assessments, toxic material surveys and geotechnical investigations.
  • PE International Offers clients support with questions concerning the sustainability of products, processes and services. Has locations in the Americas, Asia and Europe.
  • Peak Associates Environmental Consultants Ltd UK firm offering pollution, contamination and treatment services and training programs. Includes a portfolio of projects.
  • Philip Williams and Associates, Ltd. Services offered include hydraulic engineering and environmental hydrology, hydrodynamic computer modeling, riverine and coastal systems, hydrology, geomorphology and environmental planning. Located in San Francisco and Sacramento, CA.
  • PIERS Environmental Services, Inc. California environmental consulting offering ASTM standardized transaction screen and Phase I Environmental Site Assessments, Phase II subsurface investigations, UST removals, Phase III remediation, site closures, and related services.
  • Pisces Conservation Ltd An independent environmental and ecological consultancy and software house, producing programs for ecology, environmental control and evaluation and education. Have specialist expertise in large and small-scale engineering projects and conservation schemes.
  • Polaris Applied Sciences, Inc. Providing companies and organizations worldwide with spill planning, spill response, scientific support, natural resource damage assessment (NRDA), and environmental restoration services.
  • Protected Area Management Services Conservation planning and development, project monitoring, and training for protected areas worldwide based in CO.
  • Qualight Environmental Offers a range of services including asbestos and lead paint surveys and abatement, Phase I assessments, Phase II investigations and Phase III remediation.
  • Quality Environmental Solutions & Technologies, Inc Environmental health and safety consulting, testing and training needs located in Wappingers Falls, NY.
  • RECON Environmental Provides consulting services to the public and private sector for a full range of land use projects including conservation planning, biological and cultural resources, CEQA, NEPA, air quality studies, GIS technology, habitat restoration and noise studies.
  • Renaissance Regeneration Ltd UK consultancy producing environmental assessments and providing due diligence services for commercial, agricultural, development and residential property.
  • Research Environmental Industrial Consultants Inc. Environmental consultants specializing in quality laboratory analysis services. Located in Beaver, West Virginia.
  • Resource Management Associates Specializing in nature conservation resource management services and developing and implementing natural resource inventories and plans.
  • Respec An integrated consulting and services company.
  • Restoration Consultants Indoor environmental services, including consulting and abatement of mold and sewage damage. Staff includes a certified restorer, environmental health scientist, and industrial hygenist. Located in Sacramento, California.
  • Risk & Policy Analysts Ltd. (RPA) RPA provides high quality and innovative strategic skills to assist decision makers balance the needs of economic progress with acceptable levels of public safety and environmental protection.
  • ROOTS International consultants specialising in the environment and sustainability, including ecological research, assessments, project management and various communication and design services.
  • RPS Group Plc Multi-disciplinary international consultancy that provides advice to public and private sector organisations about the actual or likely implications of their actions on natural and built environments.
  • S.M. Stoller Corporation An environmental consulting firm headquartered in Broomfield, Colorado, USA. Their services include high-hazard site and groundwater remediations, facility decommissioning, radioactive and hazardous waste management, environmental surveillance, nuclear engineering, ecological studies, risk assessment and regulatory compliance.
  • Sagacity Wildfire Services A small company specializing in prescribed fire plans, fire management plans, fire department grant writing, emergency management, and other wildland fire related planning documents.
  • Seagull Environmental Technologies, Inc. Seagull provides environmental consulting to various government agencies and private clients. Services include emergency response, counter-terrorism activities, pollution control and environmental remediation.
  • SES, Inc. Environmental consultants specializing in agriculture, livestock production practices (GELPP), CNMP, third party verification, groundwater and stormwater monitoring.
  • SGS Group Consultants offering soil and groundwater services with local branches in many countries.
  • Silk Stevens Engineering and business consulting company specializing in environmental protection and management, energy utilization and efficiency, regulatory compliance, facility permitting, and mechanical/civil design.
  • Stephens Environmental Consulting, Inc. Provides a full range of environmental consulting, land planning, engineering and related services.
  • Strategic Environmental Analysis, LLC Provides consulting services related to hazardous waste, wastewater, radioactive waste and toxic waste, including market analysis, litigation consulting, and expert testimony.
  • T and B Planning Consultants Specializes in land planning, urban design and environmental documentation. Offers project portfolio, description of services, and digital brochures. Santa Ana, California.
  • Taylor Baines and Associates Social and natural resource research assessment, policy and management, participatory processes in strategic planning and evaluation. New Zealand based.
  • Taylor GeoServices Provides geological, biological, environmental and mapping consulting services to Pennsylvania, Delaware, New Jersey and the east coast from its office in Swarthmore, Pennsylvania.
  • TEAM Consulting Engineering and Management Co., Ltd. Engineering and environmental consultant in Thailand covering the Asian region. Includes a portfolio of government and private projects.
  • Teams Northern Ltd Environmental consultancy offering air hygiene, water quality testing and emissions monitoring services.
  • Terra Infirma UK consultancy offering sustainability strategies and policy, industrial ecology, resource efficiency, waste minimisation, energy efficiency, eco-product development and marketing.
  • Terra Novum Specializes in utilizing information technology for natural or social sciences research, policy analysis, outreach and other applications requiring IT support or enviro-informatics. Located in Watertown, Massachusetts, United States
  • TGE Resources Offers environmental consulting and management services, including assessments and permitting in Houston, Texas.
  • The Centurion Group Environmental consulting, marketing and development firm that focuses on solutions for environmental and health issues facing our planet.
  • The Hatfield Group Consultants in aquaculture, fisheries management, environmental impact assessment, habitat assessment, GIS, and related environmental fields. Service areas include North America, Asia and the Pacific Rim.
  • The MacLeod Institute An independent institute, affiliated with and located at the University of Calgary, whose primary focus is environmental and regulatory issues. Client services, publications, client list.
  • The Scientifics Group UK company offering a range of services including onsite monitoring and consultancy and laboratory based testing and analysis.
  • THG Associates Provide consulting services necessary to help clients meet the safety and environmental regulatory compliances.
  • Toxicological & Environmental Associates, Inc. A professional environmental consulting firm specializing in the application of innovative and effective technologies to site assessment, remediation and closure.
  • Triangle Associates, Inc. Specialists in mediation and facilitation of US public policy issues and environmental conflicts, including public outreach and education. Describes past projects and successes.
  • Two Tomorrows A UK-based company that helps organisations to improve their performance and create value by adopting business sustainability practices that integrate economic, environmental and social management.
  • Walden Associates Full service environmental consulting firm based in New York, USA. Services offered include environmental consulting and engineering, civil engineering, GIS and environmental database management systems.
  • Winton Sustainable Research Strategies Australian social research organisation on energy efficiency, appliance labeling, climate change, sustainability, environment, water and other resource issues.
  • Woodard and Curran A multi-office environmental consulting firm headquartered in Portland, Maine, USA whose services include a range of consulting, engineering, and operations expertise.

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