Journals are intended for professionals and normally publish reports of original research, while magazines are directed to a general or popular audience. Both are listed here.

Other languages: French.

  • African Crop Science Journal Includes contents of journals printed since 1996, and abstracts of articles printed since 2000. Requires payment to view the full text.
  • AgBioForum Quarterly publication devoted to the economics and management of agro-biotechnology.
  • Agriculturae Conspectus Scientificus A Croatian agricultural scientific journal. Full access is free.
  • Agricultural and Forest Meteorology An international journal for the publication of original articles and reviews on the inter-relationship between meteorology and the fields of plant, animal and soil sciences, ecology, and biogeochemistry.
  • AgriMarketing A source of news and discussion for the North American agribusiness community.
  • Agrothesis An international multidisciplinary journal of agricultural science that publishes research papers, graduate and post graduate thesis of university students,review articles and case reports. [Greek, English].
  • American Journal of Potato Research Official journal of the Potato Association of America, providing information on potato research. Provides information on membership, the newsletter and other publications.
  • Annals of Agriculture Published by the Environmental Engineering Deprtment of Valahia University of Targoviste. Covers ecological and biological agriculture, animal growth in ecological systems, biodiversity conservation, sustainable development and rural tourism.
  • Australian Camel News A journal for camel owners. Incorporates camel health, husbandry and management, adventure safari activities, training, pastoral, camel racing, saddlery, and veterinary issues. Based in Australia.
  • Australian Journal of Agricultural Engineering AJAE is a quarterly international peer-reviewed publication that gathers and disseminates fundamental and applied knowledge in almost all area of agricultural sciences from agronomy to animal sciences, and particularly agricultural engineering.
  • Australian Journal of Crop Science Open access, peer reviewed bimonthly journal presenting full length research articles and shorter communications reporting significant new findings on every aspect of plant science.
  • Australian Journal of Experimental Agriculture An international monthly journal for applied agriculture. List of contents with abstracts.
  • Biotechnology, Agronomy, Society and Environment Online version of the Journal, Bilingual (French and English). Contents freely available after one year. access to recent issues only for subscribers. Scope on agriculture and related topics.
  • Computers and Electronics in Agriculture On the application of computer hardware, software and electronic instrumentation and control systems to agriculture. Abstracts available online; full text by subscription.
  • Crop Protection Online and print journal on research practical pest management. Includes table of contents with abstracts.
  • Electronic Journal of Environmental, Agricultural and Food Chemistry Electronic Journal covering chemistry and biochemistry of environment, agriculture and food. Based at Univ. of Vigo, Spain. Its contents are freely available.
  • Electronic Journal of Plant Breeding Online, peer-reviewed open access journal published quarterly by the Indian Society of Plant Breeders. It contains original research articles, research communications and review articles.
  • Electronic Journal of Polish Agricultural Universities Journal covering the following subjects: Agricultural Engineering, Agronomy, Animal Husbandry, Environmental Development, Fisheries, Food Science and Technology, Forestry, Geodesy and Cartography, Horticulture, Timber Engineering, Veterinary Medicine. Currently the access is free of charge.
  • Environment and Development Economics This journal is positioned at the intersection of economics, environment and development, publishes original papers addressed equally to the research and to the policy communities.
  • European Journal of Agronomy The official journal of the European Society for Agronomy. Tables of contents with abstracts; full text by subscription.
  • Experimental Agriculture Publishes the results of original research on the agronomy of field, plantation and herbage crops grown for food or industrial purposes, and on systems of agricultural production.
  • Fagopyrum International journal covering buckwheat research. Provides archives of the Journal, Volumes 1-23 and archives of the Proceedings of the International Symposium on Buckwheat
  • Farm Show Magazine Features new farm equipment exhibited at the latest farm and agricultural shows from around the USA.
  • Fish Farmer Bi-monthly aquaculture magazine bringing information on fish farming, processing, breeding and the raising aquatic species.
  • Genetic Resources and Crop Evolution Journal devoted to all aspects of plant genetic resources research. Contains ordering information, tables of contents and abstracts.
  • Industrial Crops and Products Includes indices and abstracts on non-food crops. Payment required for full text access.
  • Integrated Crop Management Detailed, research-based articles for better management decisions produced weekly from spring to fall by Iowa State University's Entomology Department.
  • International Journal of Sociology of Agriculture and Food Official publication of the Research Committee on Sociology of Agriculture and Food of the International Sociological Association (ISA).
  • Irish Farmers' Journal Interactive A source of Irish farming and rural community information.
  • Journal of Agricultural Science, The The Journal of Agricultural Science publishes papers concerned with the advance of agriculture and the use of land resources throughout the world.
  • Journal of Agricultural, Biological, and Environmental Statistics Published by the American Statistical Association and the International Biometric Society. Contents and abstracts from 1997 to 1999 (vol.2 to vol.5). Subscribers-only online access to current issues.
  • Journal of Agronomy and Crop Science Journal publishing original papers, short communications, reviews, and book reviews in the field of general and special science of yield and quality of field and fodder crops.
  • Journal of Dairy Research Journal of Dairy Research publishes original scientific research on all aspects of dairy science including: animal husbandry; the physiology, biochemistry and endocrinology of lactation.
  • Journal of Natural Resources and Life Sciences Education The journal covers the life sciences, natural resources, and agriculture. Website includes abstracts of articles.
  • Journal of Nematology Official publication of the Society of Nematologists. Publishes original papers on all aspects of basic, applied, descriptive theoretical and experimental nematology.
  • Journal of Plant Nutrition and Soil Science The Journal publishes reviews, high-standard original papers, and short communications covering the entire spectrum of plant nutrition, soil science and soil-plant interactions.
  • Journal of Soil and Water Conservation Multidisciplinary journal of natural resource conservation research, practice, policy and perspectives with peer-reviewed research papers. Archive issues back to 1981 available.
  • Journal of Stored Products Research Reflects the worldwide interest in the scientific problems of infestation in stored food and their relevance to trade and the increasing world food shortage.
  • Lotus Newsletter Provides online scientific papers, summaries and news covering all aspects of research and development involving species of Lotus. Includes researchers, literature databases and links.
  • New Zealand Journal of Crop and Horticultural Science Online and print journal covering all aspects of the production, protection, handling, and processing of crop and horticultural products. Includes abstracts (1994 to current), author and referee guidelines, and editorial reports.
  • Pan-American Rabbit Science Site Publications available: Pan-American Rabbit Science Newsletter, World Rabbit Science Journal, Egyptian J. Rabbit Sci., other rabbit production information.
  • Plant Omics International peer-reviewed journal gathers and disseminates information on many areas of plant and crop molecular biology.
  • Plants Magazine devoted to new garden plants, with back issues available online.
  • Soybean Research Publishes peer reviewed full length research papers, short communications and review articles related to soybean research and development. From the Society of Soybean Research and Development, India
  • Stockman Grass Farmer Magazine, The Serves as an information network for grassland farmers sharing the latest in intensive grazing technology and pasture management.
  • The Madras Agricultural Journal The Madras Agricultural Journal is a peer reviewed and open access journal. It publishes research articles, research notes and review articles submitted by members of the Madras Agricultural Students Union.
  • The Professional Animal Scientist Publishes manuscripts on applied technology, reviews on contemporary issues, case studies, technical notes, commentaries, and procedures on important topics that are ready or nearly ready for application. Archives available from 1997 onwards.


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