Should contain sites that deal with items related to and containing information on the history of Scotland. Submissions that contain historical details that are specific to a single particular area of Scotland should be listed at a local level.
  • BBC: In Search of Scotland Covers the history of Scotland from mysterious ancestors to the modern day, with a focus on religion and Scotland's relations with Europe and England. Includes a multi-media gallery.
  • A Short History of Scotland Scotland Vacations gives a timeline of the history of Scotland leading to illustrated features on people and places.
  • Altara's Almanac Contains information on Scotland, Pictish and Celtic knotwork, traditional fayre, with links to other sites.
  • Am Baile An online learning and research resource of digitised archives for the language, culture and history of the Scottish Highlands and Islands. English and Gaelic versions.
  • Angry Pict Scottish history, including articles on famous people and battles, information about places to visit in Scotland, a timeline and historical documents.
  • Blaeu Atlas of Scotland, 1654 The National Library of Scotland presents the first atlas of Scotland, containing 49 engraved maps and 154 pages of descriptive text, translated from Latin into English for the first time.
  • Book of Deer Project Discussion of the illustrated Gospel from the early Columban monastery at Old Deer in Aberdeenshire, with entries in Scottish Gaelic written c.1135.
  • Britannia's Guide to Scotland This section of the large Britannia includes an encyclopaedia of famous Scots and a timeline of Scottish history by Peter N. Williams.
  • Clans History and Links History of Scottish clans, tartans, and culture.
  • Electric Scotland's Scottish History Offers information on early Scottish history, battles, culture, literature, music and Scots abroad.
  • Firth's Celtic Scotland Short biographies of some of the early Celtic Saints who brought Christianity to the Picts of north-east Alba including pictures of their churches.
  • Gateway to Scotland Provides maps and history timeline with information about the Country.
  • Historian Robert M Gunn Includes articles on Scottish and Celtic history, and Medieval battles.
  • History of Scotland Description of the history of Scotland from 1 AD to present day.
  • History Scotland Magazine Illustrated magazine covering all aspects of Scotland's history and heritage. Features on archaeology, history, architecture, place-names, language, environmental and local history. Scholarly but aimed at a wide audience.
  • James Wilson The Scottish Radical Martyr of the 1820 Insurrection, by author David Cramb Wilson 1980.
  • Lothene Experimental Archaeology Historical re-enactment group which aims to recreate various aspects of life in Scotland in the past.
  • M.V. Gardyloo History, photographs and information on this sludge dumping vessel.
  • Medieval Scotland A collection of articles by Sharon L. Krossa, including such topics as handfasting, kilts, William Wallace, and Robert Bruce. Also a bibliography and links for Scottish medieval names, clothing, history, and literature.
  • National Tartan Day Historical information relating to significant events in Scotland from The Highland Clearances up to the 20th century. Also contains other historical information about workhouses, and of concentration camps and mass graves, sources quoted.
  • Scone's Scottish and Celtic Internet Book A collection of original works by Nancy McCorkill on various aspects of Scottish history and culture.
  • - Heritage & Culture Various sections include news, culture and traditions, ideas and ingenuity, Scotland's history with a timeline, myths and mysteries, historic places and A-Z profiles of Great Scots. With video archives.
  • Scottish Feudal Baronies An introduction to Scottish feudal baronies with a list of them covering the period 1544-1699.
  • Scottish Handwriting Online tuition from The Scottish Archive Network in palaeography for historians, genealogists and other researchers who have problems reading manuscript historical records written in Scotland in the 16th, 17th and 18th centuries.
  • Scottish History Online Historical images of Scotland, and the Scottish People. Looking at the prehistoric, medieval, Pictish and Celtic history of Scotland, which goes back over 8,000 years. Also includes the Scottish History Club which encourages people to interact with others with a passion for Scotland Past.
  • Scottish History Online John Duncan shares his passion for Scottish history. Includes illustrated articles on the Picts, ancient sites and historic figures, plus the password-protected Scottish History Club.
  • Scottish History Online Courses Offered by Cumbernauld College, Scotland include Wallace and Bruce, the Jacobite rebellions and social and industrial changes in Scotland 1700 to 1850. Links to Scottish history sites.
  • Scottish Mining Information on mining areas of Scotland including lists of names of miners killed in accidents.
  • Scottish Parliament Project Based at the University of St Andrews, aims to create a digital edition of the acts of the pre 1707 Scottish Parliament, and a three volume History of the Scottish Parliament.
  • Scottish Railways and Steamers Chronological listings grouped in year bands dating from before 1700. Search facilities, pictures and associated information are included.
  • Scottish Site Directory A series of one page articles on various aspects of Scottish history by J.K. Gillon.
  • Scottish Studies: Simon Fraser University Provides a focal point for faculty, students and members of the community interested in exploring Scottish history and culture and the impact of Scots on other cultures and nations, including in particular Canada.
  • SCRAN Scottish Cultural Resources Access Network, multimedia resources on history and culture in Scotland.
  • Statistical Accounts of Scotland Contemporary accounts of the economic and social state of Scotland around the time of the Industrial Revolution. This web service provides free access to page images of the Accounts.
  • The Convention of the Baronage of Scotland Explains the origins of the barony in the feudal system, the function of baronial courts, and related history and heraldry.
  • The CyberPict Provides information on the history of Scotland, including a timeline and biographical details of each of the monarchs.
  • The National Archives of Scotland Holds records spanning the 12th to the 21st centuries, touching on virtually every aspect of Scottish life.
  • The Papar Project A scholarly investigation of the history of the name Papay or Pabbay, meaning ‘the island of the priests’ in the Northern and Western Isles. Includes a full bibliography.
  • The PEARL Server at the School of Scottish Studies Online audio archive, with transcripts, of items from the School's collection of oral history; includes features, stories, legends, songs, and a gallery of old photos.
  • WWW-VL: History Index: Scotland Extensive links to history resources sorted by topic and chronological period, from the WWW Virtual Library Network.
  • Yahoo Group: Scot Celt and Medieval History Group Scottish Celtic and Medieval European history and culture information hosted by two historians in a friendly, positive group.
  • Your Scottish Search Professional research into all aspects of Scottish history. Provides details of services and charges.


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