• Abbeydale Training Ltd Training and management consultancy based in Sheffield. Profile, services, courses, news and a client list.
  • Affinityworks Customer relationship specialist based in Peebles. Describes its objectives, services and staff.
  • Allman Horrocks Consulting Ltd Management and IT consultants. Specialise in strategic planning, performance assessment, change management, internet services, teamworking and business improvement and system selection.
  • AlphaMind Small business technology solution provider, including websites, ecommerce, training and design.
  • An Ju Ltd Consultancy offering a range of services, from and lobbying in relation to major developments including tourism and leisure.
  • Ariom Solutions Business and manufacturing improvement consultants. Details of services, methodology, results, client feedback and quiz. Based in Lancashire.
  • Armadillo Offers company information, company formation and trade mark registration. Describes its services.
  • Article 13 Works through participation and business process to create sustainable business and brands.
  • ASK Business Development Describes the organisation and its services, training programmes and products.
  • Assiso Consulting Offers details of services, careers, and contacts. Offices in Glasgow and London.
  • Astar Management Consultants Specialises in development and change, HR strategies and personal development. Company and consultant profiles, information about the use of role playing and an enquiry form.
  • ATMS Works with manufacturing and distribution companies to help improve control and tracking of stock. Providing systems, for warehouse management and shop floor data collection, tracking and traceability. Bar code printers, radio data terminals and bar scanners.
  • Axis Food Management Consultants Offers business improvement for food manufacturers supplying major multiples. Describes its skills and includes a client list.
  • Blue and Green Consultancy This UK-based firm provides strategic catering and hospitality consultancy services, specialising in tender management, financial audits and quality performance reviews.
  • Blue Spark Consulting Offers assistance with corporate strategy, information systems and technology, training and organisational change.
  • Bob Smith Develop and maintain quality systems, including ISO9001 support if required. Experience includes quality management, systems and software development, safety critical projects and a range of industries.
  • Bourton Group Management consultants focusing on six sigma, training and change. Contains details of project management, portfolio, PowerPoint presentations and company profile.
  • Brackenbury Group Providers of management consultancy to established businesses and management input to venture capital projects. Specialising in retail, distribution, consumer branded businesses and business services. Offices in London and Melbourne.
  • Business Development Service Ltd. Offers a range of business services including business advice, consultants, consultancy, marketing, finance, and IT consultants
  • BW Consulting Marketing and business development consulting for the market research industry.
  • C.T.S. Marine Consultants Ltd. Engineering and support services to the international oil, gas and marine industries. Profile, expertise, projects, publications, clients and news.
  • Campbell and Co Providing a full design, development and implementation service for the Tourism and Heritage market, including exhibitions, visitor attractions, museums and interpretive centres.
  • CM Programme Management Ltd Project management consultancy. Provides information on the firm, the consultants and their qualifications, and the services offered.
  • Compass360 360 degree feedback, competency frameworks and appraisals
  • Computrad Provide network consultancy and other IT services throughout the UK and Europe.
  • Consulting.co.uk Consulting marketplace with over 1,000 management and IT consultants. Membership required.
  • Copraxis HR specialist in Lichfield. Describes the company and its capabilities and services.
  • Cordis Bright Social Care and Housing Consultancy Helps organisations develop and maintain the standards of performance, and assist in delivering quality, cost-effective services to social care, supported housing and, community health services.
  • Coverdale Management training. Includes profile, history, services, staff and case studies.
  • Creative Concepts Food development and training based in Yeovil. Describes its services and skills with a mission statement and a list of recommended suppliers.
  • Crucial Consulting Services for uk based small business, including consulting, planning, start-ups and strategic reviews. Full bookkeeping service, IT consultancy and web site design and publishing.
  • Crystal Interactive Services Helps clients to improve their collective decision making. Profile, technology used and case studies.
  • csr4u Corporate social responsibility consultancy. Provides a company profile, details of services offered and some past projects.
  • Customer Champions Ltd Management consultancy specialising in maximising the business value of customer and employee data.
  • Customer Service Network Independent organisation and forum for customer services professionals.
  • David Thurlow Associates Limited Business performance improvement based in Chichester. Describes its approach and its services.
  • E9 Limited Providers of technical, industrial, marketing and management services to industry and commerce.
  • Eastburn Partnership Offers management training and development, HR consulting, presentation skills training and substance abuse control. Profile, services and news. Based in Aberdeenshire.
  • EFE International Providing marketing, consulting, business information, company formation and training services for companies planning on entering the British market.
  • Ekosgen Economic development consultants. Profile, services, staff, client list and employment opportunities.
  • EMS Business and management consultants based in Nottingham. Provides information on the company and its philosophy, articles, workshops and ready made packages.
  • Ennerdale Consulting Ltd Management consultancy practice for the social housing sector. Services include policy and strategy development, and operations management.
  • Equiteq Provider of merger, acquisition and growth services exclusively to the business consulting and IT services industries. Provides details of services and clients, and a company profile.
  • Food Label Consultancy Offers preparation of ingredient lists and nutritional information for food labels according to UK food labelling regulations.
  • Fresh Tracks Innovative Management Development Team Building, management development, leadership coaching and motivation programmes.
  • Garou Providies consultancy services including management, marketing, music, network and business consulting.
  • Giraffe Contract Ltd Operations management company specialising in contracts, commercial applications, administration, operations and CRM. Provides details of services offered, case studies and company information.
  • Greater London Enterprise Providing economic development services including finance, industrial, small business, and regeneration.
  • Haas-Tek Services Machinery dismantling, removal and transportation services to industry. Also offers installation and commissioning services, project management, and site demolition.
  • Hazard Research & Risk Consultants Ltd (HazRes) International consultancy that helps businesses run in a safer and more economic way. Includes details of services, the industries covered, focus areas and clients.
  • HBB Associates Specialises in small and medium sized businesses, and importing. Describes the company and its services. Based in Luton.
  • Helen Bouchami Consulting Human resources development, consulting services, articles and links. Coaching, competencies, strategy, team building, psychometrics and customised learning design.
  • History in the Making Heritage management consultancy. Historical research and copywriting, exhibition and video scripts, archive management, guided tours, transcription and translation of historical documents, training in communication skills.
  • Holmes Environmental Helps organisations to improve environmental performance. Includes profile, services and news.
  • I B D Ltd Consultants providing health checks, advice and support to small and medium sized businesses. Includes company profile and details of services on offer.
  • Ibis Associates Business planning using the Ibis system. Describes its services and includes a collection of papers on business planning.
  • Indefine Specialises in advising utilities. Describes the company and its services and includes a project portfolio.
  • InfoQuest Customer Relationship Management Ltd. Business process review communication tool that measures and utilises customer satisfaction to build customer relationships and sales.
  • Innovys Focuses upon mobile applications and sustainability. Describes the company, its ethos and its services.
  • InPsych Business psychologists and career specialists based in West Lothian. Describes the company and its services and people.
  • Inside Out Group Consultants offering sales management, communication solutions, environmental and facilities management.
  • Inspiring Change Working with organisational leaders who want to catalyse, facilitate, direct and monitor significant change.
  • Integrated Management Solutions Enterprise resource planning support services company. Provides information on the firm and the services offered.
  • Interior Services Group plc. Offer new build, refurbishment, fit out and project management services.
  • International Food Management Consultancy specialised in supporting the needs of food manufacturers and caterers. Includes service details and case studies.
  • KPS Consultants Uxbridge based provider of specialist program and project management consultancy services, support and solutions, and interim management.
  • Lamerton Swales Specialist consultancy in reputation risk management and social marketing. Provides details of the consultants, the services offered and a client list.
  • Lasa Development Providers of organisational and individual development. Includes service details and links to published articles.
  • Leading Your People To Success Offers conferences and consultancy on people development strategy and culture change management to businesses and other organisations.
  • Linda Joy Mitchell Offers consultancy, coaching and facilitation services including strategic planning, strategic reviews and supporting organisational change.
  • Litmus Partnership Facilities management and catering consultants specialising in catering tenders, financial audits and strategic facilities management. Provides details of services and a showcase for prospective clients.
  • Locum Destination Consulting Leading edge consulting to identify and exploit destinations and provide competitive advantage in a changing world.
  • LSS Consultants Ltd Management and training consultancy. Profile, services and enquiry form.
  • m.f.Q Consultancy in Quality Management and Training
  • Magenta Provide a complete consultancy and project management service to develop educational resources for young people in the classroom.
  • Margaux Matrix Specialist management and IT consulting services for the media and sports industries. Information on services, products and mission. Based in Reading.
  • Marlborough Fox Limited Offer strategic management, interim, project, and sales management, in addition to sales and management training.
  • Mayer Environmental Consultants Offers advice on environmental management, contaminated land , soil and landscape science, waste management and recycling.
  • Michael Beaman Limited Regeneration Management Consultant specialising in managing economic regeneration programmes for inner city areas. London UK based. Includes useful summaries of recent research papers for specialist in the field.
  • Michael Butler Creative Industrial design consultancy. Provides information on the approach adopted and illustrates some projects.
  • Midland Administration Service Specialises in payroll services, preparing CVs, claims management, insurance and general investigation, scenes of crimes and fingerprint examinations, process serving and tracing.
  • MNGP Limited Offers technical support and supplier auditing to the food industry. Profile, services and news.
  • MODAS Offers communication skills programmes for senior executives. Describes the company and its services.
  • Mondial Assistance Group A worldwide assistance organisation that specialises in uninsured loss recovery, outsourcing solutions, customer services management and corporate brand support services.
  • N2 Consulting Ltd. Boutique management consultancy working with organisations across the private, public and not-for-profit sectors. Includes a company profile and details of services offered, experience, testimonials and publications.
  • Nita Nicola Offers advice on compliance auditing, training courses and document reviews to property letting agencies.
  • Nortoft Partnerships Ltd Independent consultancy specialising in strategic planning, land development and regeneration. Provides a company profile and details of services offered and past projects.
  • Nov8 Performance measurement and knowledge management consultancy. Describes the organisation, its staff and their capabilities. Includes a portfolio of case studies.
  • Ocean Consulting Strategic consultancy to the media industry. Free research into media brands and developments in the TV market.
  • Omega2 Provides advisory services to companies on their use of temporary labour, including both legislative and operational advice and solutions.
  • Orbital Partners Software technology transfer organisation working with owners of software intellectual property assets to identify and broker new licensing and OEM opportunities.
  • Orestone Consulting UK Specialist consultants to the food service, catering, hospitality and leisure sector. Provides information on the firm, the partners and the services offered.
  • OWL Limited Training and personal development. Profile, capabilities, and information about training courses.
  • Oxford Holt & Co. Ltd. Business productivity improvement consultants based in West Yorkshire. Provides details of services, work methods, a list of clients and case studies.
  • Paragon Simulation Build and use animated simulation models to solve dynamic and complex business process issues, in the service and manufacturing sectors.
  • Patrick Roper Associates Specialising in management consultancy, business planning, design, authoring, internet consultancy, marketing and public relations.
  • PAWA Consulting Ltd. Training and Consultancy in buying, purchasing, supply chain management and e-business.
  • PDD Ltd Product design and innovation in London offers industrial design , design engineering and rapid prototyping. Includes a portfolio of case studies. [Requires Flash]
  • Peak Activities Ltd. IPD registered consultancy offering tailored training and corporate hospitality programmes for team building and management development. Offers a choice of accommodation and activities all year round.
  • Penna City of London company offers interim management, coaching and HR services. Includes profile, news and employment opportunities.
  • Pennine Trent Limited Specialist provider of business strategy consultancy services including interim management, financial consulting and business turnaround services across the UK.
  • Performance Plus Partnership Provides support to companies seeking ISO 9001 quality approval. Describes its services and defines its goals.
  • Perspective Computerised maintenance management and facilities management consultancy. Offer free CMMS and maintenance software selection advice.
  • Peter Finlayson Associates Plc Consulting engineering consultancy acting for major housebuilders and developers.
  • Plain English Campaign Dedicated to the destruction of gobbledygook, legalese, small print and bureaucratic language. Crystal Mark Award for good use of plain English.
  • PlanIT-7 Strategic consultancy specialising in policing, managing and supporting large ERP implementations. Also provides development and strategic business services on-site and through centres located in Sri Lanka, Dubai, Karachi and Sydney.
  • Planning Appeals Appeals carried out for people who have been refused planning permission or issued with an enforcement notice.
  • Predaptive OD Limited Provider of sales, management and customer service training based in Stratford-on-Avon. Describes the company and its services.
  • Procter Consultancy Call centre solutions.
  • QEC Management Services (SE) Quality management consultant based in West Sussex serving the South of England. Profile, services and industry sectors.
  • Qmi Scotland Limited ISO 9001 approved organisation with a growing reputation for delivering quality cost effective management consultancy, training and audit services throughout the UK and internationally.
  • Quaestor Cost Consultants Specialise in brokerage for electricity, gas, telephone and water. Company profile and contact details.
  • R S Garrow Ltd Business development consultancy. Details of the services offered along with contact information.
  • Reflect Catering Consultancy Offers advice, management and operational support, tender management, audits and advice to clients to ensure their catering facilities are cost effective and best value.
  • Retail Concession Management Ltd Concession management company advising on site selection, display stands and exhibitions.
  • Rights of Light Specialist advisors on daylighting aspects of planning applications. Waldram tests undertaken and 3D Computer Aided Design Images produced to support planning applications and appeals.
  • Robert Milner Associates Techno-commercial consultancy offering marketing research, business, training, competitor analysis for the chemicals, coatings, resins, plastics and other manufacturing industries. Includes downloadable brochure.
  • Roger Dennis London consultant specialising in technological forecasting, research, and strategy services for the computer and telecommunications sectors.
  • Self Renewal Group Tips on self management, human resources, leadership and organisational issues.
  • Shout 99 Provides information and support to UK contractors who may be affected by the IR35 proposals. Includes discussion board, news and advice.
  • Sidewalk Solutions Provides business advice, and sales, marketing and administration services. Profile, services and a questionnaire.
  • SM Consulting Change management consultants in the Guildford area. Offers personal and organisational development and advice on IT best practice.
  • Small Business Advisory Service Small Business Advisory Service Ltd provides business advice and guidance through all stages of business development for Wiltshire businesses
  • Special Businesses Business consultants. Offers consultancy, coaching and website design. Provides a newsletter and information on becoming a consultant or business coach and on franchising opportunities.
  • SPS National partnership of experienced business people who work closely with owners of successful businesses to build real value by strategic change and implementation.
  • Stonehouse Management Consultants Based in Kidderminster. Profile, FAQs, services, consultant CVs and a client list.
  • Systems 4 Specialising in social care, health, housing and regeneration. Describes its capabilities and services.
  • TAS Engineering for Industry TAS provide specialist engineering and consulting services to the process industries.
  • Team Resources Strategic consultants in organisation and team development
  • Tellus Ltd Management consultants in Bristol and Plymouth offering business support services. Profile, services, seminars and vacancies.
  • The Briars Partnership A UK organisation offering practical business and taxation advice for entrepreneurs and companies.
  • The QSS Group Engineering consultancy specialising in safety, quality, engineering and environmental management systems. Profile, capabilities and contact details.
  • The Risk Advisory Group Services include mergers and acquisitions support, market and competitor intelligence, employee screening, risk reviews, fraud investigation and prevention, and forensic accounting.
  • The Support Group Business management consultancy and training provider.
  • The Trust Partnership Consultancy offering low cost outsourcing of corporate social responsibility, community and trust administration. Also manages charitable trust administration for blue chip companies.
  • Thinkfirst Associates Offers advice on business improvement, business process re-engineering and organisational development. Describes its approach, services and partners and includes news and articles.
  • TMS Consultancy Engineering consultancy and vocational training in all aspects of road safety, traffic management, and integrated transport issues, such as sustainable transport. Public and private sectors worldwide.
  • Trafalgar Personal development specialists. Describes the company and its training services with news and case studies.
  • Transformations UK Ltd Specialises in implementing corporate change and creating performance-driven business cultures. Profile, news, services and new developments.
  • Triangle Management Services Provides independent strategy consulting services dedicated to the global express, freight, postal and logistics sectors.
  • TSO Communication Specialises in internal communication and culture change. Includes profile, services, case studies and clients.
  • Turner Barratt Specialists in corporate finance transactions; raising finance, structuring management buy-outs, acquisition search and company sales.
  • Unity Business Solutions Customer value management and customer profitability consultants. Information on their company, services and products. Based in Oxon, UK.
  • Value Consultants Limited Provides training and consultancy to the financial services industry.
  • Value Solutions Consultancy services to a range of clients across the UK. Expertise examined on-site includes value, risk and change management, benchmarking, decision and process analysis.
  • Vector Consulting Group Supplies both management consultants and interim management support. Details of services and list of clients.
  • Vega Strategic risk management consultants.
  • Waterslade Software and consultancy services for property developers, architects, planning consultants and surveyors
  • Waunganol Consultancy Services Offers strategy planning guidance for effective corporate performance at all levels of business enterprise. Provides details of experience, the consultancy process and workshops.
  • We Research It offers social research and consultancy to statutory and voluntary sector organisations. Describes the organisation and its capabilities with a list of recent projects. Based in Uttoxeter.
  • Wildlife and Countryside Services Offering wildlife and vegetation surveys, environmental impact assessments, protected species workshops and special protection services. Information on company, products and services.
  • Word Centre Editing, training and consultancy services aimed at making organisations more efficient by transforming the way it communicates with its customers.
  • Workforce Logistics A management consultancy specialising in annualised hours and flexible working. Offers Excel based tools to assist the design of shift patterns and rosters.
  • Working Time Analysts Ltd Creates shift work rotas, provides an advisory service and publishes books. Includes profile, publication list and a glossary.
  • Working Time Solutions Providers of consultancy and software for working time change, annual hours and workforce management including shift patterns, rostering and rotas. Details of services and clients.
  • WSP Group Plc. Provides a full range of management and engineering services to clients. Details of the company, services and projects.

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