• 365 Pest Control Offers pest control services for insects, mites, rodents and birds. Includes a company profile, details of the services offered and the areas covered.
  • Active Pest Control Ltd. All types of pests eliminated including rodents, flying insects and birds. Contact details.
  • Allied Pest Solutions Pest Control company based in Buckinghamshire, information on pests and contact details
  • Allsopp Helikites Ltd Produce and sell birdscaring devices, aerostats, barrage balloons, bird control equipment and sky-hooks.
  • Apest Environmental Pest control services in the London area. NPTA & BPCA, pest information and contact details.
  • Armillatox Limited Manufacturers of a product used as fungicide and mosskiller.
  • Associated Pest Control Hertfordshire based company providing residential, commercial, agricultural and wildlife pest control services. Company information and contact details.
  • Assured Environmental Services Lancashire based company providing pest control and wildlife management across the north west. Pest information and contact details.
  • Attack Pest Control Advice on controlling and preventing infestation.
  • Avian Control Systems Supplier and installer of netting, bird spikes and other anti perch devices. Provides information on the services offered, bird identification, case studies and a company profile.
  • Avid Pest Control London based company offering commercial and domestic services. Call back request and details of pests.
  • Beaconsfield Pest Control Covering Beaconsfield and South West London, information regarding pests and company contact details.
  • Bed Bugs Treatment UK London and Surrey based pest control company, specialising in the treatment of bed bugs. Information about bed bugs and contact details. NPTA accredited.
  • BH Environmental Services London and South East, UK based company offering void property clearance, bird and pest controls, using falcons and hawks.
  • Bird Management Systems Ltd East Anglian based pest control company offering U.K. wide bird control services. Bird information, image gallery and contact details.
  • British Pest Control Association UK trade association representing all those professionally involved with the eradication of public health and nuisance pests.
  • British Traditional Molecatchers Register Provides facilities for finding a molecatcher in your area or adding your name to the register as a molecatcher.
  • Clarratts Ltd Offer a range of inflatable scarecrows. Gallery and contact details.
  • Clearwell Pest Control Services Bradford based company providing pest control and specialist cleaning services.
  • Conquer Pest Control Details of services offered. Company profile and contact form.
  • Countryman Pest Control Pest control and sell traps for moles, squirrels, rabbits and mink. Information on products, services and video. Based in Northamptonshire.
  • DDD Pest Control Pest control company based in London and surrounding area. Information and contact details.
  • Dead Cert Pest Control London based company specialising in the use of birds of prey. Contact details and pest information.
  • Diamond Pest Control Hornsey based company servicing north and central London. Pest information and contact details.
  • DIY Pest Control Suppliers of pest control products based in Coventry. Online ordering and payment facilities.
  • Dyllan Deer Control Group Offers deer management services throughout England and Scotland. Also offers vermin control and provides information on the biology and behaviour of red, sika, fallow and roe deer.
  • Dyno-Pest London based. Description of pests dealt with, contact details and industry accreditations.
  • EBS Provide bird and pest control services covering London and the home counties. Provides details of services offered, solutions and specialist cleaning.
  • Eco Environmental Bird netting and pest control. Brochure download and contact details.
  • Ecoguard Pest Control Solutions Provides a pest control service to domestic, agricultural and commercial customers in East Anglia. Also offers bird control and bird proofing services.
  • EE Control Group Ltd London based pest control company. Services provided to both the commercial and domestic sectors. Pest information and contact details.
  • Empire Pest Control Offers residential and commercial pest control in southeast England. Provides details of services and types of pest covered.
  • Enviro-Pest Solutions Sussex based pest control company. Description of pests with images and contact details.
  • Eradibait Providers of non-toxic rat and mouse pest control products.
  • Falconry Services Provides control of birds and other pests using trained birds of prey. Also offers trapping and treatments for moles, rabbits and squirrels.
  • Fenland Environmental Services Easy Anglian based company offering services to agricultural, domestic and business clients. Details of pests and contact information.
  • FlyScreens2You Suppliers of flyscreen doors and windows.
  • Guardian Pest Control Pest control in Somerset, images, pest information and contact details.
  • Hampshire Wasp Control Wasp and Hornet nest specialists covering Hampshire, Wasp and Hornet identification and contact details
  • Harrier Pest Control Lancashire-based NPTA-accredited company. Details of pests treated with video and images.
  • Hawk Force Offering pigeon control services in London, Kent and Sussex, including falconry, pigeon spikes, bird netting and pigeon wiring.
  • Haxnicks Manufacturer of plant protection products.
  • Integrated Pest Management Ltd Offers a comprehensive service to commercial, industrial and residential customers dealing with all aspects of pest prevention and control.
  • Ipswich Pest Control Pest control company based in Suffolk and surrounding area. Information on pests and contact details.
  • Jones and Son Offer bird pest and pigeon control products preventing pigeons from landing. Catalogue and contact details.
  • Killsect Rodentkill Pest control and environmental protection services in the North of England.
  • KwikPest Pest control open 7 days a week North London and Hertfordshire, contact details.
  • Lancashire Traditional Mole Catcher Specialist mole catcher operating in Lancashire and Yorkshire
  • Midland Pest Control Ltd Details of pests and services provided, industry accreditations and contact details.
  • NBC Bird and Pest Solutions Offers pest control services which include bird scaring, bird proofing, specialist cleaning, pest prevention, wildlife management, and odour and dust control.
  • Pest Control Enfield Enfield based pest control company offering services in the Thames area, information about pests and contact details
  • Pest Control Services UK Glossop based pest control company, index of pests treated and contact details
  • Pest Patrol Ltd Offering a nationwide service and specialising in bed bugs. Online brochure available for download.
  • Pest Protect Pest Control services in London and within the M25. Pest details and contact information.
  • Pest Solution Limited Pest control service based in East Anglia, information about pests and contact details.
  • Pestfree A selection of pest control solutions that deter, trap or kill a range of pests. Product details and online purchasing.
  • PestTech Pest Control Hertfordshire based company, information about pests and public liability insurance displayed on site.
  • Phoenix Agritech Designers and manufacturers of bird scarers and rat deterrents. Contact information and gallery.
  • Picas UK Ltd Independent company providing advice on all aspects of non-lethal bird control, specialising in the holistic control of pigeons.
  • Premier Environmental Ltd Offers residential and commercial pest control services including bird control. Includes coverage areas and office locations.
  • Proactive Pest Prevention comp Dorset based company. Pest information and contact details. NPTA members.
  • Prokill Nationwide network of pest controllers, industry accreditations and local office search facility.
  • Pulse Pest Control Based in Nottingham and providing services in the east midlands region. Pest images and contact details.
  • Rapid Pest Control Services Newbury based company offering full range of pest control services. Description and advice on pests. CRRU members.
  • Rentokil Initial PLC U.K. wide provider of pest control and allied services. Guide index for pest identification and advice.
  • RPC Pest Control Rural pest control in Kent. Comprehensive index of pests and contact details.
  • Scottish Wildlife Management Information on pests and how to deal with them. Contact details for advice and treatment. NPTA members
  • SM Pest Control Pest control company based in Bury St Edmunds covering Norfolk, Suffolk and Cambridgeshire. Pest information, links and contact details.
  • The National Pest Technicians' Association (NPTA ) Established in 1993 to represent all those who are employed or have an interest in the pest control industry. Details of activities and services, information about the industry, and application forms.
  • The Suffolk Pest Control Suffolk Pest Control Company, pest information, case studies and contact details.
  • Wasp Control UK Database and contact point for locating specialist wasps' nests destroyers. U.K. wide service with information on wasps and hornets.


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