This category lists non-commercial online dictionaries and glossaries of Chinese with English interfaces, compare Chinese interfaces under the World: Chinese Simplified/Traditional: 参考 [reference works]: 字典 [dictionaries] categories below. Many free dictionaries of Chinese are based upon two sources: the voluntary CEDICT (Chinese-English Dictionary) and CCDICT (Chinese Character Dictionary) Project and the Unihan (CJK Unified Ideographs) Database. While any graphical browser can show Chinese characters on Websites using GIF (Graphics Interchange Format) bitmap images, some sites require support for double-byte fonts, either traditional character Big5, simplified character GB, or all-inclusive Unicode UTF-8 or UTF-16 fonts. For details, see Computers: Software: Globalization: Language Specific: CJKV: Chinese .

Other languages: German, Swedish.

  • A Chinese-English Glossary of Botanical Terms Compiled by Susan Marie Rossi-Wilcox; searchable by English, Pinyin, or character. (GB, GIF)
  • A Dictionary of the Pinyin Language Zhang Juli’s proposal for an alphabetical dictionary of Chinese. Organized by letter but without search, contains some WMA format pronunciation links.
  • CantoDict Adam Sheik's CCDICT server provides a collaborative online English/Cantonese/Mandarin database, classifying over 13,000 words by usage as oral Cantonese only, written Mandarin Chinese, or both. (UTF-8)
  • CC-CEDICT Home A downloadable Chinese-English dictionary with pinyin pronunciation for the Chinese characters. (Big5, GB, UTF-8)
  • CEDICT: Chinese-English Dictionary Volunteer lexicographic project (inspired by Japanese EDICT) that Paul Denisowski began and Erik Peterson maintains.(Big5, GB, UTF-8)
  • CHinDEX Hartmut Bohn’s online index to "A Chinese-English Dictionary" and "Das neue Chinesisch-Deutsche Wörterbuch," indexed by radical, Pinyin, Four Corner and stroke count. (GB, JavaScript)
  • Chinese Character Database Dictionary server searchable by radical, stroke, Cantonese (in seven romanization systems) initial, final, or tone. Provides English translation, pronunciations, homophones, compound words, and dictionary references.
  • Chinese Character Dictionary Provide animated Chinese character, showing how to write Chinese in correct stroke order.
  • Chinese Character Stroke Order Animation and Dictionary Arch Chinese's character or phrase interface searchable by Pinyin, English, or characters. Additionally provides animated stroke orders, flashcards, and worksheets. (UTF-8)
  • Chinese Characters Dictionary Web Rick Harbaugh’s site hyperlinks across thirteen major online dictionaries at the character-to-character level. Search by radical, character, or English. Also adds definition links to Chinese text. (GB, Big5)
  • Chinese Computer Terminology Interface to Hong Kong and PRC dictionary databases, searchable by English or traditional/simplified Chinese keywords, with bitmap or text display, Pinyin and Cantonese pronunciations (WAV). (Big5, GB, GIF)
  • Chinese Dictionary English-Chinese and Chinese-English dictionary, providing audio pronunciation for every Chinese entry.
  • Chinese Text Project Dictionary Classical Chinese character dictionary searchable by character or radical-stroke. Provides example usages linked to database of ancient Chinese texts.
  • Chinese Tools Site provides Chinese-English tools for words, kinship terms, and personal names; and converters for currency, calendar, character codes, etc. (Big5, GB, UTF-8)
  • Chinese Words Database English-Chinese and Chinese-English dictionary for tattoo and art design. (JPEG)
  • Chinese-English dictionary Clear Chinese's CEDICT interface can be searched by Chinese characters, Pinyin, or English. Chinese pronunciation AIF files are available. (UTF-8)
  • Chinese-English Online Dictionary TigerNT’s CEDICT server searchable by character, Pinyin, or English. (GB, Big5, GIF)
  • Chinese-English-French Dictionary Search by traditional or simplified Chinese character, Pinyin, English, or French. Provides AIF pronunciation links.
  • Site provides Chinese-English, English-Chinese, and Chinese-French dictionaries; traditional/simplified and Chinese/Unicode converters; and Pinyin dictionary annotation tools. (Big5, GB, UTF-8)
  • Chineseoutpost Dictionary Searchable dictionary by English, pinyin, stroke order, or Chinese (GB, Big5, or Unicode encodings).
  • CJKV-English Dictionary Charles Muller’s database of CJKV (Chinese, Japanese, Korean, and Vietnamese) characters and compounds related to East Asian cultural, political, and intellectual history.(UTF-8)
  • Database Query to Chinese Characters Sergei Starostin's The Tower of Babel Etymological Database Project of Chinese characters, with readings in modern Pinyin, Japanese, Sino-Vietnamese, Middle Chinese, and Old Chinese. It links to Chinese dialectal and Sino-Tibetan information, and gives English translations. (UTF-8)
  • Dr. Dict: English-Chinese Medical, Biological, and Technical Dictionary Specialized online database of scientific terminology with over 420,000 entries. (GB)
  • English to Chinese Online Dictionary’s CEDICT server, English search only, one of seven language dictionaries. (UTF-8)
  • English-Chinese Glossary of XML and SGML Terms Translations of standard Markup Language from The Chinese XML Now! Project. (UTF-8)
  • ESAURUS Online English-Chinese Medical Dictionary Wong Kia Boon’s glossary of Chinese terminology from PRC, Taiwan, and Hong Kong. (GIF)
  • Frequently Asked Chinese Characters’s dictionary of common Chinese characters, English index. (GIF)
  • Glossaries of Arms Control/Nonproliferation Terms and Names The Nuclear Threat Initiative’s Chinese and English glossaries for nuclear, biological, and chemical weapons, missile defense, treaties, and organizations; searchable by English term, acronym, or Pinyin. (GB)
  • Glossary of Terms for Antique Chinese Porcelain Jan-Erik Nilsson’s list of specialized vocabulary for East Asian pottery and porcelain.
  • Hong Kong Department of Justice Glossaries English-Chinese and Chinese-English glossaries of legal and electoral legislative terms, from the Bilingual Laws Information System (BLIS). (Big5)
  • Lexiconer English Chinese Dictionary English-Chinese and Chinese-English interfaces using the Linux Chinese/English dictionary database pyDict, written in Python/GTK. (Big5, GB)
  • Lin Yutang's Chinese-English Dictionary of Modern Usage Chinese University of Hong Kong’s Web edition based upon the1972 dictionary with over 40,000 entries. Indexed by radical, Pinyin, and English, and searchable by full text or head character. (Big5)
  • MandarinSpot Dictionary MandarinSpot's MDBG Chinese-English server with search by traditional or simplified characters, pinyin, or English. (UTF-8)
  • MDBG Chinese-English Dictionary Provides handwriting recognition and MP3 pronunciations for both Mandarin and Cantonese. Menus support simplified and traditional Chinese. (UTF-8, Big5, GB)
  • MobileCEDICT Chinese-English Dictionary Bilingual English or Pinyin search interface for WAP-enabled cell phones and other devices capable of handling WML pages. (Big5, GB)
  • nciku Chinese Characters and Pinyin Dictionary Dictionaries searchable by English, Pinyin, Chinese character, radical-stroke, or handwriting recognition. Provides MP3 pronunciations, idioms, and usage examples. (UTF-8)
  • Online Chinese English Dictionary Indra Kurniawan’s CEDICT and Unihan interface, searchable by English, Pinyin, Japanese, Cantonese, Chinese character, or radical-stroke. (UTF-8)
  • Online English Chinese Dictionaries's interface, searchable by English or Chinese, integrates several dictionaries, including The American Heritage Dictionary, and a thesaurus. (UTF-8)
  • Pristine Lexicon This reference has over 150,000 entries, combining public-domain Chinese dictionaries with in-house specialized glossaries. Search by Chinese character, Pinyin romanization, or English. (Big5)
  • Unihan Database Standardized information about "Unified Han" (CJK: Chinese, Japanese, and Korean) Ideographs [sic], which are part of Unicode version 4.0. Includes characters, variants, encodings, dictionary citations, radical-stroke, Pinyin, Cantonese, and Tang Chinese pronunciations, Japanese and Korean pronunciations, compounds, etc. (UTF-8)
  • Xiaoma Cidian - Chinese English dictionary CEDICT and Unihan server with search by simplified Chinese character, Pinyin, English, radical, stroke, or usage frequency. (UTF-8)
  • YellowBridge Chinese/English Dictionary CEDICT and Unihan interface allowing word search by English, Chinese character, or Pinyin with tone numbers or marks; and character search by component or radical-stroke. Proprietary software required to hear pronunciation. (UTF-8)

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