• VHF Weak Signal Solutions by SM5BSZ Designing and building equipment for VHF long distance communication by SM5BSZ, founder of famous Linux Based VHF Radio
  • Amateur radio propagation studies Science, research, engineering, operating; 50 MHz, 144 MHz, Sporadic-E, Aurora, FAI, EME, the 'BeamFinder' analysis software by DF5AI.
  • 49MHz Hobbyists Reflector An email reflector and website for radio amateurs who enjoy or are interested in the unlicensed 49MHz QRP band.
  • Amateur Radio Repeater Websearch Database collection from plain text and repeater listings over the internet.
  • An Amateur Radio miscellany at G1OGY.com Activities and interests of G1OGY; V/U/SHF Contesting and associated projects.
  • Azimuthal Equidistant Projection Online map creation using AZ_PROJ v1.1.6.
  • CQdx Dutch Hamsite CQDX Dutch Hamsite with MUF-Info, Hamstart, and Hamsale. Origin: Netherlands
  • DF6NA Special emphasis on VHF/UHF/SHF, EME, Meteor-Scatter, Rain-Scatter, Aurora, 10GHz, 24GHz.
  • DF9IC German VHF - UHF operator presents operational and technical information, map grids and photos.
  • DK5YA VHF: The World of DX Above 50 Mhz 50 and 144 Mhz news, Aurora information, clubs and groups, moonbouncing, expeditions, hardware, forum, meteorscatter, satellites, software, solar and tropo weather news.
  • EI4IX's VHF Website Dedicated to 50MHz and 144MHz in EI. Real audio clips of Aurora,Tropo,Meteor Scatter,F2,Sporadic E and TEP propagation.Search Online logs.
  • EI5FK's VHF Ham Radio Website Ham Amateur radio of EI5FK in Ireland, 60 foot tilt over tower construction, profiles of other Irish amateurs, Meteor scatter and more VHF information Who is "active" on VHF in EI, Solar Auroral and Tropo information, Vhf logs and maps, Vhf links in EI and elsewhere, meteor scatter information, and panoramic views.
  • G0AFH UK amateur shares station and personal information, travel photography, and local links.
  • G0GJV Author of VHF contest logging software. Intended for the British RSGB VHF contest rules, but may be useful elsewhere.
  • G0RUZ VHF, UHF & SHF DX Provides weak-signal DX information on 50,144,432 and 1296 Mhz. Includes propagation, antennas, tube data and construction tips, and photographs.
  • G3PHO Amateur Radio Station Peter Day, Sheffield, England station guide to microwaves features articles, league tables, and microwavers' email list.
  • G3UTS Reg Belshaw provides a brief description of his equipment and photographs of his shack in the UK.
  • G4YYB Amateur Radio And Internet Linking
  • GM4JJJ David Anderson with EME on 144 MHz and Astronomy. MoonSked Software for Moontracking for Macintosh, Windows and Palm Pilot.
  • GM-23 Scotland 1296 MHz scene A resource centre linked to the GM-23 group of 23cm enthusiasts based in Scotland and the Northern half of the UK.
  • Ham Radio USA VHF/UHF mailing list, district 7 Skywarn for Northeast Tennessee, and links. Free downloads.
  • HB9CAU Transponder HB9MPU Transponder and Beacons. The complex at HB9MPU (JN47HD, 1000m ASL) consists of a set of microwave beacons and a very sophisticated transponder system in Switzerland.
  • HB9G RV58 Repeater French-Swiss Radio Amateur French-Swiss Radio Amateur Repeater, located in Switzerland, at 1628 meters. Frequency 145725 Mhz VHF
  • Howard Ling - G4CCH News of latest radio activity, initial contacts list, recordings of EME signals, information about station, and overview of latest projects. From near Lincoln, UK.
  • I3LGP home page Description of Giulianos VHF activity.
  • IRLP Node 8200 - Tokyo, Japan Technical information and photographs of the first IRLP node in Asia.
  • Jeff Luce - K2EHF Member of the Rochester VHF Group and currently on 6m, 2m, 70cm FM, 23cm, 3cm (10GHz), 1.25cm (24GHz) and Laser. Includes information about standings, microwave resources and band plans.
  • K1UHF K1UHF VHF an above weak siganl site.
  • K3PGP Experimenter's Corner Covers experimental work from VLF through laser by K3PGP, one of the EME pioneers.
  • LA0BY, Stefan from Norway VHF from Scandinavia, EME, Tropo, Aurora and expeditions.
  • LNA Technologies Preamps: low noise preamps; cavity preamps; power dividers.
  • ND2X - QRO via Russia + Mobile Ops Data about surplus Russian tubes and examples of PA's which use them from HAMs around the world. Also, depiction of my personal (primarily) VHF mobile station/operations.
  • NF2G Scannist Pages - Upstate NY Scannist Pages for Upstate NY
  • OH5RAC and OH5SHF beacons Description of 28, 50, 432 and 1296 MHz beacons in KP30HV with photos of equipment and antennas, etc.
  • OH8K Radio Club Tales about ARC OH8K's MS-peditions to rare and semi-rare grids in the Northern part of Finland. See antennas, towers and equipment at KP44HE in Sotkamo.
  • OM3RKP Radio Club Poprad, Slovakia-based group of VHS enthusiasts. Features VHF and DX information, contest results, newsletter, photos and stories.
  • OM7AQ VHF and UHF pages VHF, UHF,satellites, EME - ants, coax. cable data, LNA, and PA.
  • OZ1IEP Denmark Amateur radio operator profile and information on VHF/UHF contest, DX, log of activities, and contacts.
  • OZ1RH homepage Troposcatter, 50 MHz meteor scatter, ground gain for eme, radiation angle: OZ1RH homepage.
  • OZ4VV's VHF Dx`ers Website News - Links - Scandinavian Chatpage - Top Lists. All about VHF dxing from Scandinavia by OZ4VV.
  • OZ9AAR EME, Amplifiers and projects by Carsten, OZ9AAR
  • PA3CEG Different topics, pictures, and constructions from 144 Hz up to 76 GHz.
  • PA3CSG Features projects with descriptions and photographs of VHS/UHF equipment.
  • PE1OGF John's New VHF Home Page
  • QEX: Forum for Communications Experimenters The purpose of QEX is to: 1) provide a medium for the exchange of ideas and information among Amateur Radio experimenters 2) document advanced technical work in the Amateur Radio field, and 3) support efforts to advance the state of the Amateur Radio art.
  • RMCWEB Information on the UK amateur radio repeater networks.
  • S55AW Home Page Meteorscatter, Tropo, Es
  • SV1BSX's Web page VHF - Homebrewing, VHF Live Cluster, Antennas VHF, AO-40 satellite pages
  • The Four Metres Web Site Information about the 4m or 70MHz band. This band is allocated in the UK, ZB2, 5B4 and S5 and is also good for cross band to 6m.
  • TK5JJ - JJ Filippi - Ajaccio EME, MS, and Tropo from the island of Corsica.
  • Todd Emslie's TV FM DX page Australian page featuring 45-108 MHz VHF DX via Es, multi-hop sporadic E, TEP, and F2 propagation.
  • Toplist 50MHz - 241GHz Toplist for UHF/VHF 50MHz to 241GHz, worked grids, DXCC, WAS, and EME initial Toplists.
  • VA3RR VHF from Canada
  • VE2PIJ VHF & weak signal site Grid Square List, VHF - UHF Contest Calendar, Rules, Results, Forms, Certificates, Log
  • VHF & UHF QRP operation Contains 2m, 70cm and 23cm logs, PIC guidance and details of Sheffield's sewer gas destructor lamps.
  • VHF AND UP by IW9CER and IT9IPQ, vy fine
  • VHF in Ireland Lots of EI related VHF information. Also includes an EI callbook, EI e-mail listings, and EI web sites.
  • VHF UHF Amateur Radio Website by VE3DSS VE3DSS Website - VHF UHF Propagation Information for VUCC and WAS Awards. Information for Canadians, VE3ONT history, audio clips of VHF UHF Signals on six metres and above. VE3VHF links.
  • VHF UHF Contesters W9ICE Indianapolis Carmel Experimenters. VHF UHF contest group from EN60.
  • VHF/SHF Amplifier Manufacturer Amateur Radio Solidstate Amplifiers for VHF - SHF by G8MBI and F5FLN. 10GHz Solidstate amplifiers 144MHz High Power Solidstate amplifiers.
  • VK5KK Features David Minchin's photo album, microwave links, and Australian tropo and weather data.
  • W3SE Home Page HF/UHF/VHF, Weak Signal, HSMS, DXing, Contesting, VE Testing
  • WA1MBA Devoted to Amateur Radio Microwaves, including the microwave reflector, rainscatter, and various information. Primarily for 903 MHz and above.
  • WB2REM I-Link Boards WB2REM-G4CDY I-LINK Boards are available through this site. Provides information about I-Link including help files.
  • WB8ERJ Amateur SSTV from MIR, a 2 meter antenna for bicycles, working the AO-27 satellite portable, and photographs.

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