• Agoudjian, Antoine Video, samples and career summary for this French photographer who displays primarily in black and white imagery.
  • Amundsen, Paul Single features, photoessays, portraits, and exhibitions in black and white from the Norway based photojournalist.
  • Arcenillas, Javier Work of Spanish photojournalist, portfolio and galleries.
  • Barth, Jonathan Portfolio includes portraits, travel, people, sports and a special collection of photos on Kyrgyzstan.
  • Bowey, James A. American photojournalist with photos and photo essays covering current events. Showcases the work of the Photo Editor of the Winona Daily News.
  • Braem, Eric Portfolio covering published works in Kansas and Minnesota covering news, features, sports, wedding, along with samples of magazine illustrations and designs.
  • Brodey, Robert J. Work of US writer and photographer.
  • Calzada, Billy - Shades and Shadows Highlighting the career of photojournalist Billy Calzada. Resume and sample of his work, photojournalism lessons and essays.
  • Chalasani, Radhika News, documentary and travel photographs by this photographer based in New York. Includes portfolio of work, short biography and agent contact.
  • Chenier, Noel Canadian photographer offers an online portfolio, news, biography, resume and picture of the week.
  • Clark, Bill Selection of his favorite photographs shot during his newspaper career.
  • Craig, Michael - Documentary Photographer Includes photo stories on the Naghol land dive, Vanuatu, Palestine and Kirkpinar olive oil wrestling festival.
  • Crowley, Stephen: Objects and Equations Biography and works for highly awarded New York Times photographer.
  • Curtis, Ben AP photographer and photo editor based in Cairo, Egypt. Blog and portfolio of work from around the world.
  • Daby, William K. Photojournalist, based in Rhode Island, USA. Galleries and contact details.
  • Dagoe, Jan Photojournalist working in the field of reportage, portrait and illustration photography. He has covered wars, civil wars and conflicts in Afghanistan, Albania, Indonesia and Rwanda.
  • Detrich, Allan Photographer for the Toledo Blade/Pittsburgh Post-Gazette; examples of Mr. Detrich's work.
  • DeVries, Ben Staff photographer for the Daily Nonpareil in Council Bluffs, Iowa, USA. Portfolio and contact details.
  • Di Martino, Andrea Italian photojournalist covering Italy, Spain and Latin America. Travel and social photography.
  • Duplain, Sivlia Radan - World Photographer Portfolio spans global career of a Bucharest-born photographer now living and working in England. Includes links to BBC photo-assignments. Gallery sorted by country.
  • Edwards, David Photojournalist offering gallery quality prints of Mongolia and the people who live there.
  • Elderfield, Jonathan Photojournalist and documentary photographer shows his best work. Including images from book project 'Living Under South Street': photographs of South Philadelphia, USA.
  • Engelhorn, Philipp Galleries and reportage from luxury travel destinations all over the world. Updates provide details on current and past assignments.
  • Fracchia, Dino Italian photojournalist's portfolio, including photos of the war in Bosnia.
  • Franks, Phil - Philm Freax Photographic archive documenting the 1960s hippie era in the UK.
  • Freire, Carlos Brazilian born and Paris based photographer. Portfolio and contact details. [Mix English and French].
  • Funari, Richard - Photo Brazil Photos of street children, Amazon devastation, labor exploitation, and human rights from the Brazil based photojournalist.
  • Georgiou, George Photojournalist and documentary photographer provides a gallery featuring photo-essays from Kosovo, Serbia, Turkey and the Balkans.
  • Grabowski, Christopher Photo-essays and editorial photography by Christopher Grabowski, acontributor to Globe and Mail, El Mundo, Utne Reader, The Washington Post, Report on Business, Vancouver Sun and others.
  • Growald, Olaf - No Heroes Gallery of photographs of firefighters at work from the Fort Worth, Texas based photojournalist.
  • Huibers, Rob 'Dutch Photojournalism'. Through the eyes of photojournalists: conflict (Papua, Afghanistan, Haiti, Vietnam), landscape, travel, (France,Spain), sport (Tour Du Faso, African football).
  • Humble, John Southern California photographer exhibits large format images of the LA River, LA Landscape, Lifeguard Station 26, plus figurative and editorial photography.
  • Iddon, Jack - A Photojournalist's Gallery Gallery and photo archives of the New Bedford, Massachusetts staff photojournalist.
  • Jacobs, Erik - Jacobs Photographic Resume, contact details and portfolio showcasing works of Boston-based photojournalist specializing in editorial, corporate, food, wedding and event photography.
  • James, John - 25 years of photography Samples of work from the 1970s, 1980s, and 1990s by the photographer of the Birmingham (UK) Post and Mail newspapers.
  • Jones, Daf British society photographer who has covered the eccentricities of the wealthy since the 1980s.
  • Kaplan, Marion Biography and gallery of images from around the world.
  • Katz, Marty Links to published material in the New York Times, Popular Mechanics, Foodie.com, and other publications written or illustrated by the editorial photographer based in Baltimore, Maryland.
  • Kaye, Rod Biography, tearsheets, and galleries including samples of sports and scenic photography with and without Shockwave enhancement. Information on his darkroom technique.
  • Kennedy, Allison Action photography, including motocross, snowboarding, and snowcross, as well as a selection of images from other assignments.
  • Kim, Sang-Hoon - Kish Gallery of journalistic and documentary photography. Celebrity shots, landscapes, cityscape, biography and contact details. Bilingual site (Korean and English).
  • Kocho-Schellenberg, Alexandra Photo reportage on topics in Russia, the US, UK, and Turkey.
  • Koren, Ziv Israeli Photojournalist, photos of Israel's conflict with the Palestinians, former Israeli prime minister Ehud Barak, the Pope in the holy land, and covers for Time Magazine.
  • Kraft, Brooks Photojournalist's portfolio of people, place and politics - featuring George Bush and bullfighting. Includes contact information and short biography.
  • Krain, Benjamin Documentary photographs from this Little Rock, Arkansas, USA based photojournalist. Portfolio, contact details and biography.
  • Krieger, Herman Selections from photo essays shot primarily in the Eugene, Oregon area, including "Churches ad hoc", "Along West 11th Avenue", and "A Day in the Life of a Mobile Veterinarian".
  • Kurokawa, Dai Photos, articles, and details in Japanese and English for a photojournalist currently working for European PressPhoto Agency in Tokyo.
  • Ladefoged, Joachim Danish photographer known for his black and white work on Albania. Site also features a story on refugees in Kenya.
  • Lander, John: Asia Images Travel images of Asia and the Pacific. Based in Japan for more than 25 years, travel writer and photographer John Lander knows Asia well. Specialties include Japanese gardens and Japanese hot springs.
  • Lazar, John Gallery of journalistic images from the Los Angeles area.
  • Liss, Steve TIME Magazine photojournalist presents his favorite photographs, along with photo essays on cattle ranching in the American West and runaway youth in Hollywood.
  • Loth, Gregory Portfolio offering sample landscape, theater, urban scenes, and abstracts.
  • MacMillan, Jim - News Photographer Includes work taken while working the crime beat for the Philadelphia Daily News from the mid-to-late 1990s, plus resume and current works.
  • Mandelmann, Erling Photojournalist. Born in Danmark, living in Switzerland (Pully). Portfolio and contact details.
  • Manolova, Yanina - Soulalpha Resources for photographers, portfolio, biography, awards and contact details for Washington, DC based photographer. Travel images including photo stories from the US, Bulgaria, Cuba, Morocco, Mexico, and Ethiopia.
  • Martins, Juca Portfolio of photoessays, and stock photography from a Brazil based photojournalist.
  • Mazloch, Leslie AP photojournalist based in Caracas presents samples of her work. Stories from Venezuela and Texas.
  • McCoy, Ken Internationally syndicated photojournalist offers tips on photographic training, multimedia transmissions from the field, and working for agencies. Offers "live event" gallery from Hollywood as an example for students.
  • Melson, Allen Galleries of nature, scenic, sports and news photos taken in the Central West Virginia area by the staff photographer for The Elkins Inter-Mountain newspaper.
  • Menuez, Doug - Digital Moments Biography and portfolio, including a photographic history of moments in the computer industry.
  • Miller, Terence Alan Gallery of photos of celebrities, political figures, and children; news, sports, and nature photography from the Pasadena, California-based photojournalist.
  • Modell, David British IPG photographer who works mainly in England. His black and white book, Tory Story, took an ironic look at the decline of Margaret Thatcher's political party in the 90s.
  • Monteforte, Filippo Portfolio of photojournalist of the Italian national press agency 'Agenzia Ansa'.
  • Nau, John - The Now Gallery Gallery of work with digital and film-based cameras by Swedish photographer.
  • Nelson, Zed British photographer who has worked on firearms in the USA, plastic surgery in Iran, the French Foreign Leigion and portraits.
  • Olmos, Gonzalo Online portfolio of photography work, profile and contact details of this London, UK based photographer.
  • Pay, Erick: Blink! Photography Portfolio and contact details for Canada-based photographer.
  • Pearson, Greg News, sports, feature, illustrations, portraits, and other images from Shreveport-based photojournalist.
  • Perkins, John British photographer's stories on Palestine's finest soccer team, Canadian prisons, call centers, the world's largest computer display, Israeli art and the Middle East conflict.
  • Piolanti, Laurent Portfolio and contact details of this Paris born photojournalist.
  • Pizzoli, Alberto Personal profile, published photos, and mini photo book. Password required for viewing.
  • Pomerantz, James Portfolio of images from around the world focusing on human rights and social issues. Clients include The New York Times, Rolling Stones, Reader's Digest, and New Scientist.
  • Raimondi, Giuseppe Sociologist and photoreporter. Portfolio and contact details. Based in Florence, Italy.
  • Rainier, Chris Galleries of the photojournalist whose work has chronicled disappearing tribes and cultures from across the planet and been published in Time, Conde Nast, National Geographic and has been archived by the Smithsonian.
  • Ramsey, Scott Portfolio of UK photojournalist, based in East Preston, West Sussex.
  • Raymer, Steve Steve Raymer, Indiana University professor and National Geographic photographer, explores the cultures of Russia, Vietnam, and SE Asia from Buddhist monks to Red Cross aid workers.
  • Reid, Jon - SharperStill.com Personal photography site of Sydney Morning Herald news photographer Jon Reid. Features the dry dock and wedding watching series as well as single images.
  • Rogers, Dustin - Viewzak Photography Includes a gallery from Oaxaca, Mexico.
  • Runkel, Michael Collection of travel destinations, people, traditional lifestyles, ancient temples, archaeological sites, nature close-ups, and scenic landscapes. Based at Nuremberg, Germany.
  • Schults, John A selecion of news photos by Paris-based Reuters photojournalist and editor John Schults. Portfolios from the Gulf War, Cannes Film Festival, and France.
  • Schumann, Heidi New York City based photojournalist. Contains latest projects, portfolio, archived images and contact details. Photos of her work in Iraq included.
  • Schumann, Michael A wide range of imagery including riots, fires, black and white reportage, and executive portraits.
  • Simon, Steve Canadian photographer's site features stories on AIDS in Zambia, New York post 11 September, US Nazis, and Auschwitz.
  • Slezic, Lana Words and images from photojournalistic assignments all over the world. Her portfolio includes items published in The Toronto Star. Covers women in Afghanistan landmines, Croatia, US-Canadian border towns, and Jerusalem.
  • Strelkovsky, Victor Covers Belarus, Chernobyl, political mass-meetings, and scenes from urban and rural life. [In English and Russian].
  • Suau, Anthony - Beyond The Fall A 10 year photography project portraying the transition of the Eastern block starting from the fall of the Berlin wall.
  • Szulc-Krzyzanowski, Michel Dutchborn photographer Michel Szulc-Krzyzanowski lives in Cadaques, Spain. He works independently on his own projects.
  • Tifft, Wilton Galleries of photographs of Ellis Island and the Ukraine from the Milan, Pennsylvania based photojournalist.
  • Tolan, William Documentary and journalistic photographs. Includes images of and articles about Egyptian pyramids, fitness, and fashion. Based in New York.
  • Tricca, MIchelle Photojournalistic galleries of men, women, dogs, surfers, weddings, and events by Hawaii photographer.
  • Van Tonder, Johann South African photographer with international experience, working for Cape Town's largest daily newspaper.
  • Varley, Charlie British photographer whose broad range of work has been published in newspapers, magazines and books worldwide. Selection of published photographs.
  • Vasconcellos, Miguel A portfolio covering people, sports, news, and concert images from a Southern California-based photographer working for The Orange County Register.
  • Velickovic, Bratislav Bilingual site showcasing the work of this photojournalist from the former Yugoslavia.
  • Vendrinska, Yarka - Editorial Photography Gallery of photo stories from several recent projects and exhibits.
  • Vitale, Ami Photo essays from around the globe, including Kosovo, Kashmir, Argentina, India and Mauritania.


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