Frugality is the practice of economy in spending money or using resources. This category lists sites related to frugality in homemaking.

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  • A Full Cup Mail in rebates, printable coupons, coupon generator, filler items, promotional codes and local store deals listed. Member trade area.
  • Frugal Living Offers articles on getting away from the consumer mindset. Features chat, a newsletter and a forum.
  • Adventures of Frugal Girl Melanie offers a window into her life by sharing ideas, giving advice, and being an example of how one can have nice things but not go broke in the process.
  • All Things Frugal E-zine and articles specifically regarding saving money and advice on how to live a more frugal life.
  • Always Frugal Written by a thrifty mom of two, based on her experiences from quitting full-time work to start a family and transitioning to a one income household.
  • Information for cutting back on food-related expenses. Includes a cost-per-serving calculator for various cuts of meat.
  • Every Last Penny Money saving tips. Readers may submit their own tips and are reviewed by the community.
  • Festival of Frugality Blog with weekly updates offering penny-pinching advice. Entries come from various sites "hosting" the frugal topic of the week.
  • Frugal Families Focuses on supporting the family unit through simple, frugal living and homesteading. Features recipes, articles, tips, printable forms and holiday ideas.
  • Frugal Family Articles and tips on how a family can live frugally in the 21st century without feeling deprived.
  • Frugal for Life Blog containing information on maintaining a frugal lifestyle; specifically covering money management and shopping advice.
  • Frugal Living Articles Articles covering ways to save money on gas, having fun without spending a lot of money and tips on how to feed a family for less than $200 a month.
  • Frugal Simplicity Articles about getting more out of a dollar by living simply. Hundreds of articles with advice concerning all aspects of thrifty living.
  • Frugal Tip of the Week Kept by Neil and Julie Mayo, offers many frugal tips as well as user-submitted entries.
  • Frugal Village Homemaking, budgeting tips, interactive forums, articles and other resources on frugal living.
  • FrugalWorld Blog offering many made-at-home products and how-to articles.
  • Articles and tools to help master the art of frugal living written by Rachel Sanfordlyn Shreckengast.
  • Offers general and aisle-by-aisle grocery shopping tips as well as a grocery store directory.
  • Living Behind the Curve Tips and advice for living a modern but frugal lifestyle without uprooting your life.
  • Living On A Dime Advice on how to live more frugally. Also offers home-made versions of commercial products and low-cost recipes, and sells e-books.
  • Miserly Moms Tools and information moms need to cut back working hours to spend time with family.
  • Mommy Savers Community featuring money saving tips, personal growth, parenting support, recipes and more.
  • Ms. Cheap Authored by Mary Hance, who has been writing about frugal living for over 30 years, the site is part of the Nashville paper The Tennessean.
  • Ms. Frugal Frugal blog covering savings around the home and thrifty shopping. Also contains frugal recipes and contact information.
  • Rangy Lil's Frugality Money saving tips from grocery shopping to mortgages.
  • Sassafrassy: Hillbilly Housewife Low cost recipes, monthly bargains, home made convenience foods, cheap and easy cooking from scratch.
  • Savvy Frugality Blog about frugal living, making the most of what you already have, and illustrating differences between being cheap and being frugal.
  • The $39 Experiment An ordinary man asks 100 random companies for free stuff and logs their responses.
  • The Frugal Life Offers money saving tips and articles. Features a newsletter, bulletin board and forum.
  • The Simple Dollar A personal finance blog provides frugality and money management tips, ideas for frugal living with high quality of life.
  • Thrift Culture Now Offers advice on frugal living: money-saving tips, do-it-yourself projects, and debt-reduction strategies.
  • Thrift Shop Romantic Weblog containing vintage-style home decorating ideas, crafting, gifting, thrifting, and collecting on a budget. Also includes thrift store, flea market, and antiques reviews for Pennsylvania and Ohio.
  • Thrift Store Collecting Experiences Illustrated journal of thrifting experiences and items purchased.
  • Totally Frugal A community with articles, tips, specials, coupons and forums aimed at assisting in the living of a simpler, more rewarding life.


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