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This category is for the listing of web sites having collections of recipes on the site.
  • Recipes Database Recipes, food related tips and articles.
  • 2havefun in Minnesota Cookbook Collection of assorted recipes.
  • A & L Cucina Index of recipes including appetizers, cocktails, breads, main dishes, quick foods, sides, soups, and sweets.
  • A Recipe Box A recipe collection of family and community favorites, recipe contest winners, and reader submitted recipes from across the USA. Recipe request board, chat and e-mail list.
  • Absolute Recipes Offers a variety of recipes, cooking tips, food dictionary, recipe of the day, and romantic dinner menus.
  • Ace Recipes Chinese, Thai, British, Italian, Indian, and Mexican recipes, with the emphasis on Indian. Sorted by country or food type.
  • AdviceDiva.Com Offers recipes for a romantic meal.
  • Allrecipes Thousands of recipes submitted by home cooks. Searchable database, and menu ideas. Most recipes are reviewed and rated by users.
  • Amy Gale's Recipe Archive Index Includes index of assorted recipes.
  • Arielle's Recipe Archives A very large recipe archive, mostly from the newsgroup.
  • Association for Dressings and Sauces Collection of recipes using marinades, mayonnaise, salad dressings, sauces, and other condiments.
  • At Home Chefs a collection of tested recipes submitted by beginner chefs as well as advanced gourmet chefs. The recipes range from quick and easy home cooked creations to advanced gourmet concoctions submitted by culinary experts.
  • AviewofAmerica Recipes Recipes classified by course or main ingredient, including many international recipes. User recipes accepted.
  • BellaOnline's Recipe Collection A collection of various recipe collections.
  • Best Cook Recipes Small collection of recipes including cakes, soups, salads, and various main dishes.
  • Best Recipes Recipes submitted and rated by member-users; membership is free. Includes a forum and personalization features.
  • Searchable, user-submitted recipes, hints, forums, and email lists.
  • Central Market Signature Recipes Large collection of recipes from the grocery chain.
  • Chef Walter Potenza Terracotta, Jewish, and Italian recipes, cooking techniques, and Italian food glossary. Also includes seminars, school class schedule, and Providence, Rhode Island restaurants' hours and location.
  • Site for recipes by chefs and recipe notecards.
  • Cookbook Wizard Recipes Over 1000 recipes. Search the internet cookbook, or download recipes in Mealmaster format.
  • CookBooks.Org Recipes A large index of recipes for many occasions.
  • Cooking at Recipes and cooking secrets.
  • Cooking With Pam Articles, recipes, and instructions by cookbook author Pamela Rice Hahn.
  • Each recipe comes with nutritional analysis and a color photo of the finished dish. There are recipe indexes for many different countries, and a weekly meal planner.
  • Recipes Recipes organized by main ingredient or type of baking (for baked goods), as well as general instructions for various foods.
  • Recipe search engine covers many categories within a large database. Features a Mastercook recipe export capability.
  • Crescent City Farmers Market Features a recipe of the week.
  • Cuisine du Monde Recipes classified by country, with glossary, units converter, and mailing list for updates.
  • CyberSoup An international database which contains recipes, cooking hints, herb information, substitutions, and an index of cooking terms.
  • Diana's Kitchen Site offers an assortment of crock pot and Southern USA recipes.
  • Disney Family - Food Provide recipes separated into categories for quick and easy, dinners, healthy, recipes for kids, desserts, and holidays.
  • Drunk Chef Searchable collection of recipes, also can be browsed by course. Users can add recipes.
  • Easy Gourmet Recipes Includes a searchable database, restaurant recipes, trading room, and measurement guide
  • Eat Dangerously Recipes An index of recipes from the cookbook Eat Dangerously. Recipes are for those unconcerned about calories and fat.
  • Eat Healthy, Live Happy. Recipes classified by ingredients, with an emphasis on health. Includes discussion boards.
  • Eat Recipes Offers recipes with nutritional analysis, reviews, online recipe storage, conversion tables, and glossary.
  • Epicurious Gourmet and Bon Appétit recipes with reader reviews and tips.
  • Large index of recipes including a sizable vegetarian section.
  • Recipes in all categories, all with simple to follow step-by-step cooking instructions. Many for holidays and parties.
  • FamilyTime A large selection of recipes, and the possibility of printing out a shopping list for the ingredients required.
  • Farmland Foods A collection of ham, bacon and pork family meal dishes.
  • Favourite Dinner Co-op Recipes Presents recipes beloved of the Pittsburgh food-lovers' group called the Dinner Co-op. They also have a cookbook which can be downloaded free here in several formats.
  • FidoTel Cooking Forum Searchable database of recipes.
  • Fine Dining Fine dining elegant gourmet recipes with photographs.
  • Food & Wine at Bella Online A food and wine site with hosts that guide you through international cuisines, recipes, and beverages. Also has a message board.
  • FoodClassics Searchable recipe collection that offers user-submitted recipes, articles, links, and tips.
  • Foodgeeks Selection of indexed recipes.
  • Fresh from Florida Cookbook Large collection of recipes using fruits, vegetables, meat, and other products of the state.
  • Frugal Recipes of the Week Recipes to stretch dollars by the editor of Better Budgeting.
  • Animated virtual kitchen that has many hidden treasures. Recipes by professional chefs and a culinary glossary.
  • GastronomyLand Recipes for appetizers through desserts.
  • Ginny's Recipes A collection of recipes from family and friends. Features unique recipes such as the $250 Cookie recipe, and Nanny Upstairs pound cake.
  • Recipe Portal Recipes organized by course and main ingredient. Also accepts recipe submissions and recipe ratings, and offers a food forum.
  • Good Cooking: On the Menu Consists of the recipe list of Good Cooking, site emphasizing gourmet cooking. The recipes are classified by course and ingredient.
  • Gourmet Gossip Recipe exchange with searchable collection offering many various dishes.
  • Grandma's Traditional Main Dish Recipes Entree recipes from the early twentieth century.
  • Great Recipes Online Over two hundred recipes for appetizers, beverage, desserts, holidays, kids, main dishes, salads, sandwiches, side dishes, and soups. Features a browser cookie based MyRecipes tab for saving personal favorites.
  • Hard To Find Recipes A collection of odd and hard to find recipes including Tomato Soup Cake and Watermelon Rind Pickles.
  • Offers recipes, health, diet, and nutritional information, and ebooks.
  • Healthy Recipes For The Soul Indexed selection of recipes by course.
  • Heather Cooks - Cooking for IBS Recipes from the weekly web-based cooking broadcast, from the host's book called "Eating for IBS," from the emailed newsletter, and a message board for asking about and exchanging recipes plus an index of those recipes.
  • Heritage Recipes Legacy recipes submitted by users, or found in response to user requests.
  • Home and Hearth A collection of recipes from appetizer through dessert.
  • Hookery Cookery An organized and searchable collection of cooking recipes.
  • Hot Sauce Zone Recipes for appetizers, lunch, dinner, and brunch; beef, pork, chicken, and turkey, and for vegans.
  • Hub-UK Recipes, cooking tips and professional chefs available to answer cooking or recipe questions.
  • Recipes Searchable database can also be browsed by course or ingredients. Users can add recipes.
  • In the Kitchen with Anne Maree Includes categorized recipes, glossary, tips, conversion chart, and discussion board.
  • In The Mood For Food Selection of assorted recipes in searchable format. Users can submit recipes, and manage them into menus. Comments are allowed on any recipe.
  • Infobrary Food Recipes Presents recipes categorized mainly by ethnicity, but also has a section on wild game and a few medieval recipes.
  • InMamasKitchen Home cooking and heirloom recipes, has feature articles and forum for members to send memories of family history, mothers and the food they made with recipes.
  • Integrated Publishing: Recipes Recipes from the United States Military Recipe Service. Can be viewed online for free or ordered for a fee in various electronic and print formats.
  • International Recipes OnLine Thousands of recipes collected from mailing list activity since 1995. Includes bulletin boards, helpful hints, and color photos of prepared food.
  • Jim Barricks Alcohol-Free Recipes Presents a selection of assorted recipes.
  • Jims Kitchen A collection of easy to prepare recipes.
  • Joe's Place: Recipe Swap Exchange recipes and information in a community setting.
  • Kieto's Daily Recipe and Funnies Features various types of recipes, food shopping links, and a few jokes and funnies.
  • Kitchen Crafts 'n' More Recipes Home and crafts site presents recipes sorted according to various criteria, including some unusual ones. Includes newsletter, message board, and contests.
  • Kitchen Project Recipes, articles and reference tools for the food enthusiast. Interesting food trivia and history.
  • KitchenDaily Recipes Find a collection of recipes, as well as professional cooking tips and secrets.
  • Lees Market Recipes for specialty menus ranging from Christmas dinners to Irish feasts, fusion cooking and do ahead dinners.
  • Lesley's Recipe Archive Recipes include sausage making and gluten free, ingredient substitutions, measurement converter, food quiz, and links to Niagara (Canada) area restaurants and wineries.
  • Let's Cook Recipes include a section on dishes cooked in less than 30 minutes, conversion table, and cookbook reviews.
  • Library of Food and Drinks A index of recipes.
  • Linda's Dinner Party Menus and Recipes Gourmet dinner party menus with recipes. Backyard barbecus to seven-course dinners. Also includes hints and tips, and etiquette.
  • Lisa's Cooking Cache Large selection of indexed recipes.
  • LoveToKnow Recipes Classic and original recipes, classified mainly by main ingredient and course. Members can edit recipes or add their own.
  • Lunch at Noon Lunch recipes organized by course. [Flash]
  • Lutherans Online - Recipe Exchange View a variety of recipes for meals or snacks. Recipes contain taste and preparation ratings and can be sorted by category or main ingredient.
  • Meals For You Offers over 8,000 free recipes, meal plans, and meal ideas.
  • Meals Matter Meal planning website featuring recipes and personalized nutrition tips. Users can create family cookbooks, shopping lists and plan out menus.
  • Cooking recipes and meal planning for all tastes and occasions, including chicken, cookie, Italian, Mexican, low fat, and desserts.
  • Meilleur du Chef Regular and diet recipes. Illustrated and filmed, with hints and tips and a food glossary.
  • Melissa's World Variety Produce - Recipes A large variety of recipes, some with photographs or nutritional information. Provided by Melissa's World Variety Produce, distributors of specialty produce.
  • Mission Foodservice Selection of food service recipes.
  • Mom's Kitchen Favorite family recipes with links to cooking sites including food companies, magazines, cooking shows, and ethnic recipe sites.
  • Presents user-submitted recipes classified by main ingredient, ethnicity, and other criteria.
  • MyCookbook Cookbook and free recipe software. Includes capability for building personal on-line cookbook. Registration, free or paid versions, required.
  • Now....You're Cooking Monthly recipes and an archive of recent popular meal ideas.
  • Out of the Frying Pan Recipes, food facts and forum.
  •'s Recipe Xchange Share, request, or search for recipes.
  • Pattianne's Paradise - Country Kitchen Recipes - Coquitlam Home cooking recipe archive with wide screen presentation.
  • Recipe Archive Large collection of recipes organized by main ingredient and type.
  • Recipe Bits Recipe database. Users can submit recipes. Includes a forum.
  • Recipe Cottage Recipe categories covering ethnic foods, holidays, and ingredients.
  • Recipe du Jour Archive of recipes from the email list.
  • Recipe Exchange Forum for sharing and exchanging recipes.
  • Recipe Gallery Collection of recipes submitted by professional chefs. Recipes can be viewed online or downloaded using Calcmenu - chef's software for recipe costing. [Requires registration]
  • Recipe Goldmine Over 21,000 recipes including ethnic cuisine, copycat recipes; kitchen charts, household hints, gardening, crafts, BBQ Guru, and pet recipes.
  • Recipe Matcher Large index of user submitted recipes.
  • Recipe Sharing Forum Selection of recipes in forum format, includes searchable database.
  • Recipe Source Browse or search a large archive collected from a variety of Usenet newsgroups and mailing lists. Includes a wide selection of ethnic foods, and many recipes for those on restricted diets such as diabetic or fat-free.
  • Recipe4Living Large index of user submitted recipes.
  • 50,000+ recipe index. Search by title, category, ingredients or A-Z.
  • RecipeMix Vegetarian, non-vegetarian, soups, Chinese and snacks.
  • Recipes from Gourmet Spot A collection of recipes for appetizers to dessert, including beverages.
  • Recipes from INeedCoffee A directory of several recipes made with coffee.
  • Recipes from Pine Hollow Handcrafts Includes main meals, meats, vegetables, breakfast, and desserts.
  • Recipes Today A community for parents to find and trade recipes for the family.
  • Recipezaar Browse or search thousands of rated recipes, each with nutritional information. Post a recipe and get free nutritional analysis of the dish.
  • Robbie's Recipes Selection of recipes, contest, tips, and a request message board.
  • Rop Recipe Bag Recipes for all courses from appetizers to desserts, including healthy food and ethnic dishes.
  • Salvatore's Kitchen A large personal collection for everything from appetizers to dessert, and a variety of ethnic dishes.
  • Save at Home Moms Recipes Recipes submitted by members of a Yahoo group.
  • Secret Sauce Includes recipes from major UK brands. Categories include meat and poultry, fish and seafood, pasta and rice, vegetarian, cakes and desserts, and drinks.
  • Sex and the Kitchen Romantic cooking advice and recipes, with a destination guide.
  • Shoebox Recipes The collection is categorized by type, such as dinner, salads, side dishes, desserts, snacks and beverages.
  • Simmer Stock - A Culinary Theatre Provides short articles about one family's experiences in the kitchen and eating out. The site also includes recipes and information on tools and resources.
  • SparkRecipes Find and rate low calorie, healthy recipes. Use the recipe calculator to find the calories, carbs, fat, and protein in your recipes.
  • Starla's Vintage Recipe Collection Vintage recipes from a mother's kitchen, with introductions, stories, and retro photographs of people and places. Many are 1950s-1970s versions found handwritten in old tin boxes.
  • - Food & Drink Contains food and cooking articles, recipes, forums, and polls.
  • Taste of Texas Family collection of assorted recipes.
  • TastyRecipe Network Varied collection of recipes, includes metric and temperature conversion tables.
  • That's My Home Presents a selection of recipes from appetizers and to desserts.
  • The Artisan: Table of Contents Provides free food and bread recipes, and technical assistance.
  • The Barlow's Recipes Searchable recipe database also browsable by course, ethnicity, and type of food. Includes discussion board. Users can submit recipes.
  • The Cutting Board Wide variety of recipes and cooking tips that are updated weekly. Recipes range from the simple to more complex.
  • The Cyber World of Culinary Arts Submit recipes and other kitchen techniques.
  • The Free International Cookbook Recipes with ingredients shown in American, English and Metric units; exchange recipes with others, or request a recipe. [Site requires membership.]
  • The Gutsy Gourmet A collection of selected recipes from around the world. Recipes are indexed and most have ethnic music of the region.
  • The On Line Cookbook A searchable, well-organized recipe site, with an active request and submission section and mailing list.
  • The Recipe Dude Tex-Mex is featured and a newsletter is offered.
  • The Recipe Exchange Recipes, bakers hints, charts, and recipe exchange board.
  • The Recipe Place A searchable database of recipes, for appetizers through desserts.
  • The Recipes Library Food and other recipes, listed mainly by course, main ingredient, or occasion. User recipes accepted. Includes a mailing list to receive recipes by email.
  • The Redwall Kitchen Large collection of recipes inspired from descriptions of foods in the Redwall series by Brian Jacques.
  • The Taste of Memory Food can evoke associations with time, place and memory. Has share short essays with recipes that might tap into a common consciousness.
  • Tom Saaristo Culinary site with recipes, articles, a weblog, and a message board.
  • Top Tastes Articles, reader-submitted and professional recipes, forum, and mailing list.
  • Tribute to The Queen Mother A small collection of recipes to pay tribute to The Queen Mother who passed away Saturday, 30th. March 2002 at the age of 101.
  • Triple Crown Recipes from Starchefs Collection of recipes for horse racing's triple crown events.
  • Features a large recipe index, tips, and advice. Search for recipes by course, region, prep time, or equipment available.
  • Urban Homemaker Recipes Presents an indexed assortment.
  • US Diners Recipes Selection of assorted recipes in searchable format.
  • Utterly Outrageous Recipes Recipes for various types of weird food people eat.
  • Virtual Vittles Cooking Recipes Cooking recipes without excessive fat, fuss or expense.
  • WCWCW Recipe Sharing Forum A collection of recipes in forum format.
  • Webcipes Recipes from the newsgroup
  • Wegmans Recipes Large collection of recipes from the supermarket chain.
  • What To Cook Recipes and menus from Palm Springs and Southern California.
  • What's 4 Dinner? Selection of recipes offered.
  • Whole Foods Market : Recipes Large directory of recipes from the grocery store chain.
  • YumYum.Com Over 20,000 free recipes, cooking advice, and a searchable recipe index.

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