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This section includes an alphabetical index to information about specific pharmaceutical drugs and medications. Each drug can be found by its generic and common names. Note that herbal and other non-pharmaceutical medications are listed in the relevant subcategory of Health/Alternative.

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  • MedicationSense Contains informative articles written by a physician who is a recognized expert in the field of medication side effects. Articles are designed to provide an objective analysis of topical issues related to drug therapy.
  • Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry (ATSDR) 2003 CERCLA Priority List of Hazardous Substances which are determined to pose the most significant potential threat to human health due to their known or suspected toxicity and potential for human exposure.
  • Allexperts Pharmacy Professional pharmacists and others answer submitted questions about drugs and medicine for free.
  • American Cancer Society Guide to Cancer Drugs Covers a diverse variety of medications. Look up by generic or brand name.
  • British National Formulary Compiled with the advice of clinical experts this essential reference provides up-to-date guidance on prescribing, dispensing and administering medicines.
  • CenterWatch Clinical Trials Listing Service Designed to be a resource for both patients and research professionals, this site includes a variety of information related to clinical trials.
  • Clinical Pharmacology 2000 Electronic drug reference and drug therapy management site. Requires registration.
  • Dear Pharmacist Medical advice and tips on medications.
  • Drug Identity Information, Inc. A subscription service which provides drug product identification based on a products size, shape, color, and imprint.
  • Drug Information for the Healthcare Professional Drug dosing tools including pharmacokinetic and infusion rate calculators, drip rate charts, and protocols.
  • Drug Ratings and Reviews Users can post and read reviews of prescription drugs. Ratings include effectiveness, side effects and value.
  • DrugDigest Includes details about trade name and generic prescriptions, vitamins, herbs, supplements, over-the-counter medications, drug safety and side effects, health conditions and treatment tips, medication interactions and other pharmaceutical-related topics.
  • DrugResearcher Daily news on drug discovery and development. Free access to news on drug research , screening, genomics/proteomics and molecular biology in pharmaceuticals and biotechnology.
  • Drugs@FDA A searchable catalog of FDA approved drug products both prescription and over the counter. The database includes information such as therapeutic equivalents and links to documents relating to approval.
  • Drugs.com Online drug information in an A to Z format. Includes information about clinical trials, latest news, drug interactions, and a pill identifier.
  • drugscontrol.org Indian Drug Laws.
  • DrumLib's Health Research Review Presents news and opinions on legislation, marketing, and research relating to medications and supplements.
  • Electronic Medicines Compendium This site provides the UK approved information sheets for prescription medicines. It is the up-to-date, official and source of information about medicines prescribed in the UK.
  • Erowid Psychoactive Vaults Library of information about psychoactive plants and drugs.
  • European Surveillance of Antimicrobial Consumption (ESAC) If you want to know what's going on with antibiotics in Europe, this is a pretty good place to start.
  • Farmamondo.com Provides pharmaceutical information to Health professionals but can be of interest to the public as well. It provides instant information on some of the most innovative recently released international medicines, the moment they are put on the market anywhere in the world, and makes possible their immediate distribution.
  • GENOLLC GeNO LLC is an advanced, development-stage technology company that has developed unique nitric oxide generation and delivery technology that will allow it to become a worldwide leader in the generation and delivery of nitric oxide.
  • German Pharmaceutical Database Includes German, European and international drug databases and drug related information.
  • Globalrph Provides drug information, intravenous drug dilution standards and online clinical dosing calculators for health care professionals.
  • Internet Mental Health: Medications Canadian monographs about psychiatric medications, covering: phramacology, indications, contraindications, precautions, adverse effects, overdose, dosage and research.
  • Keep Kids Healthy: Children's Medicine Cabinet A guide to using medications safely in children, including a description of common ingredients, lists of new medications and treatments and dosages for common over the counter medicines.
  • King Guide to Parenteral Admixtures IV drug compatibility and stability reference. Updated quarterly in print, CD-ROM, HTML and Palm OS formats.
  • LegitScript Source of legitimate prescription drug information and offers verification and monitoring service of online pharmacies.
  • Lothian Joint Formulary Site provides guidance on first and second choice drugs for the Lothian, Scotland hospitals. It also contains prescribing notes, key messages on best practice, and guidance on appropriate and cost-effective prescribing.
  • Mayo Clinic Drug Information Database of prescription and over the counter drugs. Includes medication directions and side effects, reference articles on uses, and the latest pharmaceutical research.
  • Medications in the Pediatric ICU Doctor's reference sheet on medications administered to infants and children in a hospital setting.
  • MediGuard.org Provides a free drug safety report, checking medications for side effects, treatment duplication and drug interactions. Includes FAQ and team profiles.
  • MedLibrary.org Provides free access to a medication database covering roughly 500 drugs, plus a regularly-updated selection of the latest medical news headlines.
  • Mental Health Medications Index Profiles of medications prescribed for mental disorders.
  • MIMS Print and online prescribing database for health-care professionals from the Haymarket Media Group.
  • MJ Powers and Co. Offers a number of drug alert newsletters dealing with the safety and efficacy of drugs and therapies in that particular discipline. [Requires Java]
  • Natural Hormone Replacement NHRT resources, information, author's personal experience.
  • New Medicines in Development for Women Dr. Donnica discusses the different types of ongoing research for women's health and how women can become involved in clinical trials.
  • PatientsVille Interactive site with detailed information on post-market drug site effects.
  • Pharmer.org Provides product identification, pharmaceutical news, and an online forum (Registration required).
  • Prescription Drug Safety General safety information on prescription drugs for consumers and health care professionals presented by Ortho McNeil Neurologics.
  • Prescription Drug Watch News, commentary, and information about the pharmaceutical industry. Visitors can also record their side effects with certain drugs.
  • RxList Searchable cross index of US prescription products providing links to full prescribing information as well as patient education material.
  • RXmed Prescribing information for physicians, patient handouts on over 400 illnesses and health resource links.
  • Safe Medication Medication search engine, information on safety and useful content on how to take medicines most effectively.
  • South African Electronic Package Inserts Prescribing information for drugs available in South Africa.
  • Swallowing Difficulties Practical advice for patients who can’t swallow tablets, their carers and healthcare professionals who administer medicines to patients with swallowing difficulties.
  • The Parkinson List Drug Database Index Patient information from this collection of 140 drug definitions. Consumer fact sheet provides drug description, explains the medicine's mechanism of action, and lists side effects and drug interactions including relative risk of using with Parkinson's medications.
  • TostePharmD.net Information on pharmacy, medicine and health topics for the professional and consumer.
  • Yahoo! Health: Drugs and Medications Detailed information on prescription and over-the-counter medications including description, use, dosage, storage, precautions, and side effects.


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