EVE Online, is a massively multiplayer, online, persistent world game. Played on the Internet, players are spaceship captains cruising around the universe, trading, fighting and communicating with other players. The game is set in an unknown portion of space, spanning thousands of solar systems, many of which are settled. Players begin by creating an in-game character, which starts the game equipped with a basic spaceship ready to explore the world. Players can trade goods between systems or conduct other money making activities, such as mining asteroids, gathering scientific data on unmanned systems or even cleaning up space debris. Gains made from such activity can be used to upgrade the ship with weapons and equipment, and also to develop the character by training him in various skills. Release History Title Date Region Platform EVE Online 2003-05-06 North America Windows
  • EVE Online Official website with news, game information, and forums. Includes links to several fan sites and player run corporations.
  • Aeon's EVE Captain's log of the players AeonOfTime, including a screenshots gallery and in-game tools.
  • All About EVE Online Features player guides, tools, calculators, competitions, reviews and stories.
  • BattleClinic Provides killboards, forums, an item database, a complex list and a manufacturing tool.
  • Buy EvE Online ISK A blog about the game that provides tips for gamers who want to buy the game's currency.
  • Buy ISK A site that offers tips and advice on purchasing the game's virtual currency. Seller reviews can also be found at the site.
  • Crazy Kinux A blog that features articles, wallpapers and trailers.
  • DOTLAN - EveMaps Provides dynamically generated maps. Includes up-to-date sovereignty and outpost information, a navigation tool and jump planner.
  • EBank In-game banking services. Offers interest-bearing accounts and loans. Website includes account management, news and support forums.
  • Eve Comic Express Features short comics about the game.
  • EVE Corporation Logo Offers dynamic image generation of logos for any corporation.
  • Eve Data Online A collection of game related materials.
  • EVE Database Contains an article collection and a directory of information sources for the game.
  • EVE Files Free file and media hosting for anything related to the game.
  • EVE Galaxy Contains game features and races, forum, and news.
  • EVE Guardian Provides news and polls.
  • EvE Guides An archive of free, player-written game guides.
  • EvE Library Maintains an article collection and link directory.
  • EVE Online Offers basic information and guides for new players.
  • Eve Online at Ten Ton Hammer Community site that offers basic information, articles and forums.
  • Eve Online Guide Offers an in-depth ISK making guide, a PvP combat guide and a ship fitting guide for sale.
  • EVE Online Guides A guide review site that provides detailed reviews and ratings of guides for the game.
  • EVE Online Hold'Em Poker website offering games of Texas Hold'Em for players who wish to gamble with in-game currency.
  • EVE Online Strategies at Strategy Freaks Offers a member-only forum that requires a strategy submission to join.
  • EVE Online Vault Includes news, articles, and message boards.
  • EVE Online Wormholes Offers an exploration guide as well as a documentation of game mechanics and personal experiences.
  • EVE Pirates Offers pirating stories, news, and forums.
  • EVE Search A search-able collection of forums for the game.
  • Eve Strategic Maps An atlas of 2D game maps.
  • EVE Tanking Offers articles and guides covering many game topics.
  • Eve Tools Features tools for manufacturing, a trade route finder, price information, a market offer browser and reprocessing calculators.
  • Eve Trader Offers a free Eve-Online market analysis and monitoring tool.
  • EvE Tribune Publishes a weekly e-zine with news, analysis, and comments.
  • EVE-Central Provides market information including historical data and offers a trade route finder tool.
  • EVE-Odessa Fansite Contains forums, an in-game screen shots gallery, various guides and F.A.Q. in English and Russian.
  • EVE-Radio Offers 24/7 live DJs, music, competitions and developer interviews. Has been online since the beta of the game.
  • EVEGeek Offers game information and tools.
  • EvEmover Provides an industrial cargo capacity calculator for different set-ups.
  • Explorer of the Depths of New Eden Describes the adventures and misadventures of the player character Lordsi.
  • Games Chruker A collection of tools and information for the game including statistics, specifications and charts.
  • Gamespot: EVE Online: The Second Genesis Includes news coverage, review, previews, screen shots, trailers and discussion forum.
  • HOODwiki - EVE online learning center Offers tutorials, guides and other game information shared by the Iron Heart Brotherhood alliance.
  • IGB POS Planner Control tower calculator showing the required fuel by hour.
  • Interstellar Capital Systems Consortium Provides tools for the game which include a Jumpplanner, Jumprange and corporation list.
  • ISK Spot A site that offers ISK, ships and plex. News and blog sections are also featured.
  • Lukas Pozniak Provides articles and information about the game.
  • Macro Laboratory Provides in-game macros and bots.
  • MMORPG.com - Eve Online Game overview, screenshots, news, ratings and links.
  • Murtons Production Guide Provides tools to calculate requirements, costs and time for items in the game.
  • My EVE Online Offer data and tools such as a killboard, a trading tool, guides and in-game related news.
  • Ninveah A personal blog that provides gaming information.
  • Ombey's 2d EVEMaps Provides 2d PDF maps for the game.
  • Ore Profit Calculator Offers an ore profit calculator to check what is worth mining.
  • Synergy Lottery A ship and items lottery for players to place bets on synergies and win items, ships or redeem prizes as ISK.
  • The Eve Online 0.0 Experiment An gamer shares his experience in the game.
  • The Garden of EVE Features news, background, races, ships, downloads including music and movies.
  • Warp Drive Active Provides news, podcast and other information about the game.
  • Wormhole Adventures Describes exploration and PvP experiences in form of a personal blog.

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