Microsoft Windows is a group of operating systems (Windows 3.1/95/98/2000/CE/Me/NT/XP) for personal computers. Windows presents a graphical user interface (GUI), multitasking, virtual memory management, and support for various peripheral devices.
  • 1st Choice Software Maker of FTPPro, Perl Database, Zip, Browse, and Hotkeys utilities. [Win95/98/2000/NT]
  • A2ZWare Shareware programs for the home and school. Products include a teacher's grade book, hangman game, crossword, word search, word game generator, and other titles.
  • AAR Software Ltd Developers of backup and replication software, multimedia and productivity tools. Products include Network File Monitor a backup and synchronization software. File/Folder Description Center a cataloging system and Remote Control for Winamp. [Win 95/98/NT/2000]
  • Abacre Corporation Software company that produces intelligent data processing applications for business, and small useful utilities for Windows.
  • ABF Software Designer of ABF CD Shell, a constructor set for fast creating of different CD, DVD, and other catalogue shells. Other programs include: ABF Splash, Copier, CRLFtoLF, FileDate, PasToInt, and Replacer.
  • ABF Software, Inc End-user applications for Windows system utilities, IE tools, Outlook backup, password recovery, image capturing application, and measurement units converter. Software overview, screenshots, and trial downloads.
  • Accessory Software Products include file and pictures viewers, picture organizer and Database Utility. Software specifications, screenshots, and downloads.
  • AcroVista Software Developers of innovative web applications including AlarmWiz, Baby Ace, and GovernMail. [Windows 95/98/NT]
  • Advanced Call Center Software answering machine for voice modems. ACC can send call notifications to pagers and voice messages over email. [Windows 95/98/Me/NT]
  • AfalinaSoft - XL Report Utility for report generation and data analysis in Delphi/C++Builder applications through the use of Microsoft Excel.
  • Aimini P2P Software Person to person, direct connect up between users, share and exchange information, search, download and chat.
  • AMF Software Experts Productivity software for Windows and MS Word add-ons. Free downloads on all products, as well as a monthly free tech news e-zine.
  • AsenSoft Software to change file properties, and Javascript authoring tools to generate popup windows and image roll overs, free trials available to download.
  • Atelier Web Software Software development and consultancy firm with a range of products for networks, communications, and programming. Product specifications, screenshots, and downloads.
  • BAC Computer Software Provides a small range of software products for Windows based PCs. Products include a fraction calculator, an educational tool that performs arithmetic on fractions, disc utility, and a mortgage calculator.
  • Barefoot Productions, Inc. Develops utilities and desktop enhancements, also provides Windows custom software design, consulting and development services. Product specifications, Company information, screenshots, and downloads.
  • Bersoft E-book compilers, video and image measurement software.
  • Bitsoft Development Windows-based applications for image processing, web design and some useful tool utilities.
  • Blaiz Enterprises Shareware and freeware utilities such as animations, address book, e-book builder and text effects utility.
  • LLC Develops shareware and freeware software for the blind and visually impaired. Specializing in screen reader accessible programs for Windows.
  • Blumentals Software Specializes in development of popular shareware programs - Web tools, text editors, system and security utilities as well as multimedia programs.
  • Break-Tru Software Shareware and freeware programs, such as business and home accounting, educational and entertainment software.
  • Briggs Softworks A variety of Windows software programs including games, utilities, and graphics applications.
  • Burrotech Software Solutions Software house based in Perthshire, Scotland. Current Windows products include email server, imaging and scanner applications, text inserter, and security and web applications.
  • CaptainsLog 2000 Pilot Logbook Software Software that allows pilots to log flight times, track custom flying currencies and print professional logbook and summary documents. [Win 9x/NT/2000/Me]
  • CFi Software Shareware and free software for Windows; web design applications, programming and scripting tools, code librarians, encryption and decryption utilities, shell extensions and desktop accessories. Product specifications, screenshots, downloads, and purchase information.
  • Change7 Software product downloads are Ecommerce Emailer, Pano2exe, Tarot, and I Ching. Information on registering products. [Windows 95/98/98SE/ME/NT/2000/XP]
  • Chaos Software Group, Inc. Develops applications for Windows, including a contact management program Time and Chaos, Express Plus email client software, legal billing, and digital camera software named Splats HTML to make online photo albums for web sites.
  • Cool Pup Several games and Encryption software for Win 95/98.
  • CreateInstall Create fully featured installation programs and self-extracting archives to applications.
  • CronoSoft Shareware and freeware products include desktop utilities, a game, and a network program to play tricks on friend or work colleagues.
  • Crystal Office Systems Software Company produces high quality end Win32 personal and corporate office applications. Information and downloads of products, news and support.
  • Crystalline Concepts Software is small, focused and easy to use. RGB is an HTML color picker and TimeKeeper helps keep track of all of those billable moments.
  • DEK Software International Offers network utilities, fax, backup and remote computing software.
  • Diplodock Software High quality shareware for home, office, business, Internet, leisure, and the developer. Software includes system and registry tools, ActiveX, viewers, editors, and components. Search for software; view helpful articles and links to other web site on the most recent software. Note: May not support some browsers.
  • Direct Logic Systems Download translation software, utilities, and games for Windows and PalmOS.
  • DREC Software RptView is a Report View for Windows to view, print, and extract information from reports generated from other systems and stored as ASCII files on PCs or network drives. May not support some browsers.
  • Duck Software Fun software to organize music, movies, golf, books, and others. [Windows 95/98]
  • Ezy Loan Calculator A program that calculates loan amortization taking into effect extra payments, lump sums, and late payments, and interest rate changes. [Win32]
  • F-Group Software Windows startup manager, Internet image browser, clipboard and password manager, and tools for manage Internet Explorer when surfing in Internet and software development services. Software descriptions, screenshots, download, company information, and contact details.
  • FlashPeak Shareware and freeware, current products mainly focus on Internet utilities, text processing software and productivity software.
  • Focus Software Solutions Developer of several shareware applications. ImageDB an Image management database, SysSync file synchroniser and SyncWeb a website synchroniser using FTP.
  • Fookes Software Utilities for email management and photo album creation.
  • G-Lock Software Download fully functional evaluation versions of our products of advanced administrative tools, email verifier and glock easymail. [Windows 9x/Me/NT/2000]
  • Gammadyne Corporation Developers of several Windows programs including Gammadyne Mailer, DJ Jukebox, Scratchboard, and Self-Extracting Archive Utility. Software overviews, screenshots, and trial download.
  • Gate 5 Creations Designs and develops software for the Windows platform. Specialize in games such as Swarm Rampage and Swarm Assault but also develops other multimedia applications such as board game conversions and company promotional material.
  • GlaserTech Developer of shareware programs including WebSMS, ISDN-Note, and Gtech ATS. Product specifications, screenshots, listing of projects, company profile, and downloads.
  • Globalshareware Inc Software downloads, shareware, and freeware, featured categories including drivers, antivirus, system utilities and backup software. Free downloads of the latest Windows 95/98/2000/XP shareware.
  • Globe Masters Software Develops, Chameleon a strong tool for hiding any type of file. VideoDesktop is an overlay video wallpaper player and screen saver. [Windows95/98/ME/2000/XP].
  • Gracebyte Software Creators of CoolCD Studio; CDDB enabled CD player, Network Assistant; instant messaging software for the network or intranet environment and OpenGL screen savers.
  • GTI Software Specialize in the development of MS Windows applications. Products include GTI Desktop, GTI MediaSaver, and GTI JPEGSaver. [Win 95/98]
  • HPL Software Provide software tools for Windows users with a broad range of services, from MP3 decoding to control over how Windows look to simple file utilities.
  • HSLAB Text2SMS Program to sent SMS about any events on the system to a cellular telephone. In addition, to keeping abreast of events descending in the network using free HSLAB system monitoring kit. Program supports unlimited number of different configurations.
  • i7 Technologies Providing small Windows utility programs for a specific purpose, 'Bookman Pro' easy handbook creation, 'Disk Serializer' change the serial number of the hard disk drive, 'AuditionIT!' simplifies the Auditioning of sample Files in Wave Format.
  • Infinite Innovations Ltd. Random Word Generator for Windown can be used for password generation, or creation of original words, and names.
  • Inspired Creations Technologies Developer of high quality software for the Windows operating systems, and ActiveX controls for developers. Products are, Total Control, the Image Tiler, Foldicons, Descol, Sysclean, Backsys, and Winsec.
  • Iolo Technologies Internet and productivity software developers of Macro Magic a Windows Accelerator, System Mechanic to keep your PC running smooth and error free, and Download Assistant programs. [Win 95/98/Me/NT4/2000]
  • ipChart - The Virtual Flipchart Shared whiteboard for distributed workgroups: easier communication in telephone and video conferences by drawing drafts together with up to 7 other people via internet. [Windows 98SE/ME/2000/XP]
  • Shareware and freeware software tools for Windows. ShowSize, a flexible disk space reporting tool. WhizFolders Organizer to keep thousands of notes. File Sniffer to find unused files on a disk. HelpHikes Pro to author help files. Delphi tips, sample code.
  • KMR Consulting Publisher of business and game shareware that include PC-TimeClock, a tool that keeps track of time spent on the computer, and Crypto, a cryptogram puzzle game. [Win 3.1/95/98/NT]
  • Kural Tamil Software Keyboard manager that helps to input Tamil characters in Microsoft Windows Applications. Package includes Kavithai Tamil/English Word Processor with spell checker, Paravai SMTP based Email client, Encoding/Font converters and Osai - Tamil text to speech engine.
  • Lincoln Beach Software Internet related software for creating website graphics and other organizational tools. Online evaluation copies of all software available.
  • Logipole Download shareware for capture, graphic conversion (Konvertor), file management, file splitting, and web creation.
  • M & D Programs A collection of useful shareware programs for Windows including a countdown clock and scoreboards for various sports.
  • Mace Software Shareware games and utility downloads. Featuring Alphatris, Word Warp, AlphaZap, Hexx Wars II, ICQ and LAN playable board game, eSafe2Bid, eBay bidder utility. [Win 95/98/2000/ME]
  • Magicutils Offers users a Mp3 wav converter/encode/decode, and MouseStar an application that transform the mouse into a highly functional tool, includes a suite of productivity tools.
  • NeoSoft Corp. Publisher of NeoPaint graphic editor, NeoBook E-book creator, QuickMenu program launcher and Explorer replacement, and QM Mailbox Email utility. Products run under Windows or DOS.
  • NextWord Windows based applications for desktop management, professional information organizer, and Microsoft Outlook add-ons.
  • Site offering a shareware tarot deck emulator for the Windows platform.
  • Outer Technologies Develops tools for the Windows operating systems and provides products as shareware or freeware. Products include cache optimizer, internet bookmark manager, Windows startup editor and batch file creator.
  • Papyrus Software Products include a text file viewer, finder, and editor. Binary Browser for software companies, programmers and web developers. Periscope Image Browser a image browser, searcher and viewer.
  • Peephole Video Capture Software Program that is an easy to use video and still image capture utility, capable of uploading still images to a remote web site via FTP. [Win 95/98/NT]
  • Pixel Cube Software Entertaining software utilities and games, Ace Reminder is a modest utility designed to help keep track of information tid-bits. PokerBreak is a version of the classic Jacks or better Video Poker. Breakjack is a remake of the popular card game of Blackjack.
  • PragmaDigm Practical Software Solutions Windows software, featuring DocsPDite a complete document management software solution. In addition our popular random password generator, free address book and cadfile viewer is available.
  • ProjectHelp Automates Professional Services into modules. Integration to many of the market leading ERP, Payroll and CRM systems.
  • Publicspace.Net Shareware ergonomics software, and file utilities for Windows and Macintosh.
  • Purple Parrot Programs Offers software for Windows such as Media Manager, Budget Manager, various utilities, and ActiveX controls. Software overviews, screenshots, and trial downloads.
  • R.M. de Boer Software Developer of programming, audio, and Email tools.
  • Red Folders Desktop Organizer A Windows utility software for efficient navigation that displays the folders used recently on the desktop.
  • Rhusoft Technologies Develops software for the Windows, Pocket PC, and Java platforms, also provides custom consulting services. Products descriptions, downloads, and list of current projects.
  • Ring-Leader Answer_It Answering machine for use with voice modems and sound cards. Record custom greeting messages, time and date stamps each incoming telephone call, also provides a CallerID display. (Windows 95/98/2000/Me/NT)
  • RJ Software Developers of scheduling software, calculator and conversion utility, system performance tools, and test making software for Windows.
  • Roof Genius Roof calculator, calculates a detail list of roof materials, and a complete estimate. Two ways to determine roof pitch. Offers tips and how to's on roofing. [Windows 95/98/2000/Me/XP/NT]
  • Rose City Software Division of, represents developers from around the world, featuring award winning shareware products. Compatibility with all versions of Windows.
  • Scotware Information Management applications for home and office. Windows shareware applications developed with Clarion.
  • Simulator for Coldfire5204 Can simulate Motorola's coldfire5204 microprocessor on the instruction level. Useful for laboratory projects in computer architecture.
  • Sinner Computing Shareware and freeware programs written in MASM32 Assembly language.
  • SoftByte Laboratories Developer of utilities and Internet shareware and freeware for Win 95/98/2000/ME/NT/XP. Employment information, FAQs, and online support board.
  • Softdd Various shareware downloads, including disk and system cleanup utilities, cookie and cache (privacy) tools, screensavers software, avi and mpeg video tools, screen capture and printscreen utilities, and hard drive/space related tools.
  • SoftFolder Inc. Offers computer security, password protection, e-mail, internet access software, puzzle games. Software reviews, screenshots, and downloads.
  • Software Scientific Software utilities, custom software, e-mail checkers, graphic viewers, mortgage and standard calculators, and backup utilities for Windows NT/95/98/2000.
  • Software602, Inc. Products encompasses a PDF conversion, e-mail server with anti-virus, and a PC Suite that is an alternative to Microsoft Office. Software descriptions, screenshots, FAQs, download, and contact details.
  • SomeWare d'peg! will search out duplicate graphics files on hard drives and in folders even removable media drives. Na'Mo!, a batch file Re-naming program. X'SqueezeMe!, JPEG conversion and manipulation.
  • Spadix Software Developers of freeware and shareware, products include Universal Explorer a file manager and viewer, BackStreet Offline Browser, URL Link Extractor. [Windows 95/98/2000/NT/ME/XP]
  • Starglider Systems Freeware and shareware applications and utilities for Windows.
  • Sytexis Software Shareware and freeware development company, products include office and entertainment software.
  • Talking Caller ID Program that captures incoming phone calls for storage and distribution to a number of other communication devices. Actually talks using Microsoft Agent technology with animated talking characters. To be used with caller id service from local telephone company.
  • Talking Dictionary A talking Dictionary and Thesaurus for blind and disabled computer users.
  • Terminal Studio Games, desktop goodies, utilities, and PDA games for Windows.
  • Software and contacts.
  • TreePad Multi function tree based organizer, PIM, database and word processor. Several versions available, and supports Windows, Linux, and Asian/Windows.
  • UK Software Specialize in MsAgent enhanced software and custom software. Creators Speaking Clock, Speaking Email Deluxe, Speaking Calendar and other software products.
  • Unforgettable! Reminds you about your important and casual tasks. Features include alarms that can execute one or more actions. [Win32]
  • VBGold Software Freeware and shareware components, controls, and utilities including form resize controls, print controls, print preview, report controls, file splitters, server administration components and tools, and authentication components. Also free VB projects.
  • Worship Assistant Windows software to help the church worship leader keep track of worship songs by orchestrating, rearranging and printing songs.
  • XemiComputers Ltd. Develops various shareware applications for Windows platforms.
  • YourSoft Inc. File utilities for rename files and editing file attribute, personal information manager, and MSN messenger log. Product specifications, screenshots, FAQs, and downloads.
  • Zexer Research Products include Icon, Cursor, Multimedia, Image and Delphi Form Extractors. All products are fully functional trial versions.

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