• 1000apps Download software, shareware, freeware for free in several languages. PAD driven site.
  • 1000files Site is listing shareware and freeware software with user commentaries and sorting by user popularity. Pad submissions accepted.
  • 123 Free Download Listing of shareware and freeware software sorted by category. Developer accounts required for submissions.
  • 1st Download Center Shareware, freeware, and demo programs directory with screenshots, description and direct download links. All programs sorted by category. Accept PAD files submission.
  • 2HaveIt.com Download shareware, freeware, trialware, and commercial software. Advanced searches include Windows, Apple, Palm, and Linux/Unix software.
  • 3d2f Freeware, shareware, demo and commercial software for Windows, Unix, Apple Macintosh and PDA. Browse by category, language, license, installation type and platform.
  • 4-Software-Downloads Directory of shareware, trial and free software files.
  • 5 Star Shareware The UK's premier website for shareware and freeware downloads. With reviews, top downloads, free newsletter, and lots of other information.
  • 5starshare The download site for shareware and freeware, PAD submissions are supported.
  • AB-Archive Includes software archive in English and German languages. Authors can submit their programs for free and manage the entries themselves (PAD is also supported).
  • Absolute Shareware Shareware downloads for multiple operating systems. PAD submissions are supported.
  • Ace Shareware4You Offers categorized listings of downloads ordered by ratings ranking.
  • AcidFiles Popularity of programs is measured through the download counters, user ratings and editors' awards. Site accepts PAD submissions.
  • Addmine Shareware Search the database or browse the categories of free software and shareware listings for Windows and Mac.
  • aFreeGo.com Shareware, freeware and demo software, applications sorted by category. Accepts PAD submissions from Authors.
  • Allen's WinAppsList Shareware, freeware, and commercial software for Windows arranged in multiple easy to browse categories.
  • AllWorldSoft Categorized directory of software. PAD submissions accepted.
  • Annesoft Downloads Provides shareware and freeware downloads for the most popular software applications, accepts PAD submissions from developers.
  • Any Windows Shareware Archive of shareware and freeware for Windows operating systems from authors around the Globe.
  • Best Software 4 Download Shareware and freeware downloads sorted by category. Accepts PAD submissions.
  • Best Vista Downloads Windows Vista software, freeware and shareware downloads. Submissions by PAD file.
  • BlueChillies.com Freeware, shareware and demoware programs for Windows, Macintosh, DOS, BeOS, Palm OS, and Linux/UNIX. Organized into categories or use the onsite search function.
  • BrotherSoft Shareware, freeware and commercial software downloads arranged by categories rated and reviewed.
  • BullDownload Free software download center with over 20,000 recent titles. PAD files accepted from Developers.
  • BumperSoft Categorized and searchable database of freeware and shareware with screenshots, new, top and pick section.
  • Charityware.info Central location for downloading software to support charities. Software arranged in categories with reviews and links to authors homepage where appropriate.
  • CoreDownload Software archive, browse through categories and subcategories. Authors can submit using PAD, accounts required for submissions.
  • DesktopShareware Shareware catalogue for business and home PC/Mac computers with free download.
  • DevGalaxy Provides software reviews and free downloads for the most popular software applications. PAD files accepted.
  • dlTube Archive of free-to-try software downloads for Windows programs, games and drivers. PAD files accepted for submission.
  • DoubleR Software Download Browse and download free and-or trialware software. Submissions by PAD file.
  • DownBroad Software archive for freeware, shareware, open source applications and games for Windows, Macintosh, Linux or mobile platforms. PAD files accepted.
  • Download 4 You Freeware and Shareware listings in multiple categories.
  • Download Bee Download software, shareware, freeware for free in several languages. PAD driven site, accounts must be set up to submit software.
  • Download Free Trial Download thousands of freeware, shareware and demo programs for Windows arranged by categories.
  • Download Frenzy Download thousands of software titles, shareware, freeware, games. Pad submissions accepted.
  • Download GEMS Shareware and freeware download site, accepts PAD submissions from developers.
  • Download Junction Download rated shareware, freeware, and commercial demos. PAD submissions are supported.
  • Download Route Over 62000 free to try and freeware software downloads. All downloads are tested for adware, malware, spyware, computer viruses, worms, trojan horses and all are safe to download. Archive files are nonstop tested. Submissions by PAD file.
  • Download That Software downloads, news, reviews, weblogs including a searchable database of software for Windows, Linux, and Macintosh operating systems.
  • Download to PC Free download shareware, freeware and demo software products. Developers need to create an account to submit, PAD files accepted.
  • Download Wasp Shareware, freeware and demo software, applications sorted by category. Accepts PAD submissions from Authors.
  • Download3000.com Free software download for windows programs, games and drivers.
  • Download3K Archive of free downloads for Windows including a huge library of games and software trials. Pad Files accepted for submission.
  • Download3K RSS RSS feed with the latest software downloads.
  • Download5000.com Thousands of free downloads of shareware, freeware, games, utilities, and software for your PC.
  • Download-By.Net More than 10,000 shareware and freeware downloads. Find programs using our search function or by browsing the directory.
  • Download-Software-Freeware Software download site with unique feature that allows you to monitor software new releases and updates. PAD submissions accepted.
  • Download-Up.com Free software downloads for Windows. PAD files accepted for submissions.
  • DownloadAtoZ Provides and promotes software for IS/IT professionals, developers, business and personal users.
  • Downloadery Free software downloads. PAD files accepted from Developers.
  • DownloadForge Over 2000 software applications, games, drivers. Daily updated IT news and PAD file enabled.
  • DownloadMegaSite Download freeware, shareware, games, antivirus and antispyware for Windows, Mac and Mobile. PAD submissions supported.
  • DownloadMost.com One of the world's biggest and fastest download sites. PAD submissions accepted.
  • DownloadNew.org There are over 30 Operating Systems and thousands of titles which are carefully placed in hundreds of relevant categories. Submissions by PAD files.
  • DownloadPipe.com Large library of free and free-to-try software programs, games and drivers for Windows, Linux, Mac and Palm OS. PAD files accepted from developers.
  • DownloadPlex Download freeware and shareware for PC, Mac, Linux and Mobile. Accepts PAD and manual submissions from authors.
  • DownloadRage Daily updated software directory with a wide range of multiplatform software applications. PAD file submissions accepted.
  • Downloads32 Archive of free downloads for Windows with reviews and screenshots. Pad Files accepted for submission.
  • Downloads.be Directory of software for free download with descriptions and screenshots.
  • DownloadsArea.com A source for free and shareware software downloads on the Web.
  • EfreeDown Download free trial shareware, software download site. Pad files accepted.
  • Euro Download Often updated software archive with thousands of software titles. Submissions by PAD files.
  • ExeFiles A shareware and freeware software repository, PAD file and manual submissions are welcome.
  • Fast64 Free software downloads, daily news, reviews, articles and video clips, permanently updated.
  • FastShareware.com Shareware and freeware directory, search software by categories, keywords, and alphabet. Submissions by PAD file.
  • File Cart Categorized and searchable windows software database, very simple layout with many features.
  • File Flash Latest hardware, software news and reviews, downloads in audio, business, desktop enhancements, development tools, drivers/bios, graphics/multimedia, Internet, and utilities.
  • File Heaven The source for shareware and freeware, PAD submissions are supported.
  • File Hungry Download top rated shareware, freeware, commercial demos for Windows 95/98/ME/2K/NT, Linux, Macintosh, Palm, and Win CE. Searchable database is updated daily.
  • File Parade File Parade lists tens of thousands of freeware and shareware listings. New listings are added daily. PAD files submissions accepted.
  • File Picks Categorized directory of software, PAD submissions accepted.
  • Filebrothers Offers a variety of software including screen savers, desktop utilities and development tools.
  • FileCluster Shareware, freeware and commercial software downloads for Windows, Mac, Linux and Mobile. Submissions by PAD file or Manually filling in all program data.
  • FileGuru Categorized Windows listings form shareware, freeware and commercial programs.
  • FileLight Download library featuring thousands of applications for Windows, Mac, and Linux.
  • FileLoft Software Archive Shareware download site. PAD submissions accepted. All listings are manually reviewed.
  • FileLover Shareware and freeware download site supporting soft for Windows/Linux/Mac/Palmo and other platforms. Manual and PAD submissions accepted.
  • FileMania A software directory with categories. Download trial software for free.
  • FileOasis.com One of the largest shareware and freeware download sites for windows, hundreds of categories with thousands of downloads.
  • FileProfile.com Directory of thousands of freeware and shareware applications. Download links automatically checked every day for quality.
  • Files Incredible Download shareware, freeware and Demo software for PC, Mac, Linux. Accounts must be set up to submit software.
  • FilesArchive Source for 40,000 shareware, freeware, download applications, games and utilities for Windows 95/98/NT/2000/XP, Windows CE, Linux. Search database or navigate categories.
  • FilesClub.com Download the latest free software or shareware available for Windows. PAD submissions accepted.
  • FilesLand.com Shareware and freeware software archive organized by keywords.
  • FilesPack Shareware and freeware software library, all titles reviewed before inclusion, rating system. Supports PAD file submissions, must link back for submit.
  • FilesWeb Shareware and freeware directory categorized by subjects and popular keywords. Pad File submissions accepted.
  • FileTerra.com Software download archive for all platforms, site supports manual and PAD submissions.
  • FileTrial.com Software archive with multiple categories such as business, desktop, dducation, games, internet, multimedia, programming, and utilities.
  • Filezfound Software directory accepting PAD and manual submissions from developers for Windows, Mac, Linux and mobile computing platforms, must create account.
  • FinancialShareware.com This download site is dedicated to financial software offered on a try-before-you-buy basis, business and personal.
  • FindApp.com Download Windows freeware and shareware software.
  • FineSoft Download thousands of freeware, shareware and demo programs for Windows, Mac, Mobile devices, Linux , Drivers. Submissions by PAD file.
  • FiveSign Download Software download site for Windows, Macintosh, Linux and PDA freeware, shareware, and demos. Pad file submissions accepted.
  • Forte Downloads Windows, mac, palm and Linux download site with many categories. PAD files accepted.
  • Free Downloads Shareware, free-ware, demo, trial, game downloads and other various searchable categories. Pad file enabled.
  • Free Downloads Center A selection of freeware and shareware, categorized by topic - includes business, games, PDA and utilities.
  • Free Software Shareware Downloads Directory of software with free downloads. Requires return link from Developers, PAD submissions supported.
  • Free Trial Downloads Free shareware, freeware, and trial downloads for all platforms. PAD files accepted.
  • Free Vista Files Newest Windows Vista compatible shareware and freeware files. PAD file submissions accepted.
  • Free-downloads.webzf.com Find the software you are looking and download it, free-to-try. Submissions by PAD file.
  • Free-To-Try.com More than 14000 manually accepted shareware and freeware downloads arranged in 150 categories, daily updated content, accepting PAD submissions from software authors.
  • FreeFunFiles A free download site for games and other shareware software, spam free with daily updates.
  • Freeware Shareware Center Download freeware, shareware, and demo utility programs. Browse categories or use the searchable database. Accept PAD files from Authors.
  • Freewareseek.com Software archive for freeware, shareware, open source, demos, beta, and free alpha for Windows, Macintosh, Linux, Dos, and Palm OS. Browse by license, platform or use the search function.
  • Freshfolder.com Searchable software directory featuring over 15,000 shareware and freeware downloads for Windows. Accepts PAD submissions from shareware authors.
  • Galt Shareware Zone Directory of shareware downloads, reviews and a free newsletter.
  • GearDownload Freeware, shareware, games free download site. Accepts PAD submissions from Authors.
  • GetYourFile.com Site offers shareware and freeware programs, internet and multimedia tools.
  • Golden Shareware Freeware and Shareware downloads for Windows 2000/9x/Me/NT, covering authoring, graphic, web and net, desktop tools also utilities, games, and multimedia and screen savers.
  • Goloads This site features thousands of free software downloads, freeware and shareware software fully reviewed.
  • GTdownload.com Download free software, shareware and freeware for Windows, UNIX, and MAC. PAD files accepted.
  • HAM Software Directory Shareware, freeware and demo software, applications sorted by category. Accepts PAD submissions from Authors.
  • HandyArchive Software download archive with directory and search capabilities.
  • Hot-Download.com Offering popular software for download and review, choose from many different categories.
  • Hot-Shareware.com Popular software free download, including multiple categories and OSs, including Windows, MacOS, Palm and Pocket PC.
  • Hotdownloads.org Site offering thousands of downloads, reviews, and news. Submissions by PAD file only.
  • HotLib.com Popular shareware and freeware software download directory where you will find all the best top downloads and software reviews.
  • Hotsoft32 Download software and games with full descriptions and screenshots. Submissions by PAD file.
  • Hotwinfiles.com Shareware, freeware and demo software for download, as well as Windows software, drivers, reviews, and a software forum.
  • ImagesPro.com Graphics and Video software directory, over 880 programs listed. Browse by program, platform or license.
  • Indiankey Search the database or browse the categories of software. Source for up to date software, information and downloads.
  • InternetSecuritySoftware.org Directory of Internet security software ranked by downloads with reviews. Developers may submit software.
  • IT Pro Downloads Search and browse for downloadable shareware and freeware files. Also commercial demos are available. Features reviews and collections of related products.
  • IT Shareware Thousands of free downloads of shareware, freeware, games, utilities, and software for your PC.
  • Ivertech Software Central Shareware and freeware archive site that is PAD driven.
  • Jumbo Source of free and shareware computer programs and utilities for PC and Mac. Evaluate software and read product reviews. Download games and screen savers.
  • King Downloads Download freeware and shareware, browse or search through the categories. PAD files accepted from Developers.
  • LastDownload Shareware, freeware and commercial demo software download directory categorized by subjects. PAD files accepted.
  • LemonFiles Freeware and Shareware downloads, daily updates, PAD submissions enabled, 14 categories, 150 subcategories, more than 12000 listings.
  • Liquid Mirror Enterprises Download shareware, freeware, trials and betas.
  • List Shareware Free download software for Windows and Linux. Download thousands of freeware programs and shareware programs. PAD submissions accepted.
  • MajorGeeks.Com Offering shareware and freeware downloads, drivers, with reviews, to improve your computers performance (for beginner to advanced users) as well a message forum.
  • MAPIStore.Com Download center for Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Exchange and MSN Messenger solutions. Read detailed description, download trial version. Accepts submissions using the PAD format.
  • MightyFiles.com Shareware and Freeware download archive, updated daily, submissions by email.
  • Mp3Starfish Directory of mp3 related software with hundreds of titles available for download, accepts PAD submissions.
  • My Music Tools Music shareware and freeware software. Applications sorted by category. Accepts PAD submissions from Authors.
  • NetworkingFiles.Com Includes shareware network software collection. Downloads are categorized in categories including FTP, Archie, Ping, Finger, Proxy, Firewalls, Log Analyzers, Telnet, and Security applications.
  • New Free Downloads Free software and game downloads including screenshots, descriptions and ratings. PAD submissions accepted.
  • Outdraft One of the biggest online stores of premium software for business and home use.
  • PAD Database The PAD file database is one of the web's largest database of PAD files, submissions accepted.
  • Panva Soft Bilingual site in Russian and English downloads of shareware and freeware arranged in categories.
  • Pass The Shareware Shareware and freeware downloads, screensavers, desktop themes, free games, computing resources and others.
  • PC World Download Download from the largest Internet collection of tested, rated and reviewed shareware, freeware and commercial demos for PC.
  • PC24hours.net Thousands software for Windows, Linux or Mac are available for download. Fast and easy to navigating and searching. PAD enabled for easy software submission by authors.
  • PCWin Resource Center Wide selection of freeware and shareware available sorted by categories for download that runs on Windows 95/98/CE/NT.
  • PeachSeed Directory of shareware, freeware and demo programs. Organized by categories, or browse alphabetically. Search option available.
  • Pick Files A software download site containing thousands of freeware and shareware for Windows, Linux, Macintosh and Mobile. PAD submissions are supported.
  • Place 77 Software and games applications for download. Most of the products are hosted on our server. PAD files are accepted.
  • PlanetSofts Free software and games downloads for Windows, Mac, Linux and Mobile Phones categorized and always up-to-date. PAD submissions accepted.
  • ProgramFiles Index listing of shareware, freeware, and demos organized by categories. Search by name of program or operating system. Accepts submission from Authors.
  • Programs Data Site is listing shareware and freeware software for over 50 categories. Pad submissions accepted.
  • ProgramURL The ultimate resource for software featuring shareware, freeware, software downloads and top web destinations.
  • Rbytes Collection of free software downloads, free game downloads and desktop stuff for windows. PAD files accepted.
  • Reviewnow.com Supplies a large source of shareware and freeware.
  • Rocket Download Freeware and shareware downloads including internet tools, system tools, and web developer tools. Browse categories or use the searchable database.
  • ServerFiles.com Shareware, freeware, and demo software downloads for Windows NT/98/2000/95/CE and Linux-based systems.
  • Share32 Is a directory of free, free to try, demo and commercial software titles. The site is PAD driven and accepts submissions in this format.
  • ShareSoftware24 Free software download for Windows, Mac, Linux and PDA/Mobile categorized into 169 categories with product information, popularity, and ratings. PAD files accepted from publishers.
  • Shareup Networks Software database, browse or search through the categories. Supports PAD submitting for software author.
  • Shareware Connection The shareware site with two sides; the Work side to help the shareware author with the business of shareware; and the Play side with shareware and freeware listings.
  • Shareware Download Box Fast updated software downloads archive with shareware and commercial titles only. PAD files accepted.
  • Shareware Junkies Shareware review site. Downloads, news, links and interviews, shareware and freeware, plus demonstration versions and beta shareware.
  • Shareware River Huge download archive of quality try-before-buy software. Products are organized in categories: internet, games, audio, video, utilities and others.
  • Shareware Wire Download site offering hundreds of shareware titles to download.
  • SharewarePlaza.com Download shareware, freeware, and commercial demos arranged by categories. PAD submissions and UBB code is enabled for shareware authors.
  • Simply the Best Search for shareware or browse categories categorized by subject, software reviews, ratings, and software store.
  • SmartDownloads.net Worldwide distribution network for Shareware, Freeware, and other programs, site updated daily.
  • Sofotex Directory of freeware and shareware download sites, with rated descriptions of available programs, utilities, and scripts. Login required for submissions.
  • SofoTex Inc. Mac OS X software and freeware downloads with reviews and rated descriptions.
  • Soft14 Shareware, freeware and commercial software arranged by categories; Windows, Mac, Linux and Palm. Fast search engine; accepts PAD.
  • Soft20.com Software archive which provides freeware and shareware programs, new programs added frequently. Software is organized by category. PAD file enabled.
  • Soft32.com Download more than 10000 programs and games with full description and screenshots.
  • Soft3k Offers an collection of software and games downloads. Updates hourly, submissions by PAD file.
  • Soft-Go.Com Download over 7000 freeware and shareware software applications, add your own reviews, read other user opinions, rate or submit new programs. PAD files accepted.
  • Softandco Searchable database of Windows software, shareware and freeware, or browse through categories.
  • SoftArmy.com A large software archive, supporting PAD submissions.
  • SoftAward Archive of shareware and freeware categorized categories with an on site search engine.
  • SoftCourier.com Providing direct downloads to 15000 quality software products and still growing, all new submissions are strictly checked before being added. Submissions by PAD file.
  • Softdll.com A large archive of shareware, freeware, and trial software for Windows. Submissions by Pad file.
  • Softducks Software Download Provide free software download and reviews,searchable popular software arranged by categories rated. Submissions by PAD file.
  • Softforall A shareware and freeware distributor, providing high quality software for all of your requirements.
  • SoftGrab.com A collection of free software downloads for Windows.
  • SoftIgniter Free software downloads and reviews for multiple operating systems. Accepts submissions from Authors and Developers.
  • Softizer A software catalog with thousands of shareware and freeware programs, games and utilities, clearly organized and regularly updated.
  • SoftJamboree.com Categorized directory of software downloads for Windows, Mac and Linux with daily updates.
  • Softmaniax A download marketplace for software publishers and internet users. You can search, browse, review, and download programs, games or online apps. Submissions by Email, utilizing PAD files..
  • Softoxi Freeware or shareware, including new software reviews, video trailers, screenshots and antivirus reports. PAD files accepted for submission.
  • SoftPedia.com A library of over 500,000 free and free-to-try software programs for Windows, Unix/Linux, Mac, Mobile Phones, Games and Drivers.
  • Softpile.com Shareware and freeware archive.
  • Softs.info Resource site with more than 10,000 shareware and freeware programs to download, arranged by categories. PAD submissions accepted.
  • Softsia.com Directory of shareware, freeware and demo programs. Pad file enabled for developers.
  • SoftSilo A software directory with huge collection of software for your Windows, Unix/Linux, Mac and Mobile. Submissions by PAD file.
  • SoftTester Shareware, freeware, trial software download site, multiple categories to choose from.
  • Software Checkout Directory of all types of software for computer, PC and MAC including Multimedia, Utilities and Games. Submissions by form.
  • Software Discount.com Download freeware and shareware for Windows. Discount offers, ratings, screen shots, system requirements and other useful information.
  • Software for Windows This site has software for windows including freeware and shareware.
  • Software Knowledge Base File Library and Information Archive, searchable listing of software available for free download.
  • Software Mania Here you can free download the latest software on market, review them and rate. Submissions accepted, accounts must be set up in order to submit.
  • Software.maindot Shareware and freeware downloads center providing searchable database of reviewed software. PAD file submission accepted but not included until review.
  • Software-List Source of free and shareware computer programs and utilities for PC. PAD submissions are supported.
  • SoftwareAbyss.com Categorized software archive, frequently updated for new and updated software. Also accepting PAD files for software submission.
  • SoftwareArchives Download shareware, freeware, and demoware for all of the major operating systems, PDA's, and mobile devices. Track your favorite software and receive notification of updates.
  • SoftwareVault.com Large categories of the newest downloads for shareware, freeware and reviews.
  • SplashWeb Downloads Source for shareware, freeware, demo downloads, and includes up to four screenshots per application. PAD submissions accepted.
  • SprintDownload Directory of thousands of software/games to download for Windows, Mac, and Linux. Includes shareware and freeware.
  • The File Transit Shareware and freeware site supporting over 25 platforms. Ratings, reviews, screenshots, downloads, and in-depth information are available for each software title. Support PAD submissions.
  • TomDownload.com A shareware site for listing, searching, uploading, and downloading all kinds of shareware for all OSs.
  • Top Shareware Directory of freeware and shareware programs. PAD submissions supported.
  • TopShareware Download freeware and shareware, PAD submissions are supported.
  • Total Shareware Source for shareware, freeware, downloads Applications, games and utilities for Windows 95/98/NT/2000, Windows CE, Linux. Search database or navigate categories.
  • TrialFiles.com Shareware, freeware, demo and adware programs directory with screenshots, description and direct download links. All programs sorted by category. Accept PAD files from Authors.
  • TrialME.com Free software downloads for Windows programs, shareware download site, PAD driven and polled daily to ensure the freshest listings.
  • TrinityFiles Shareware and freeware archive, free software downloads with daily updates. PAD files accepted.
  • Vadino.com All free download software, games, screen savers, utilities, and development tools for multiple operating systems.
  • Vonna.com Here you will find the latest freeware and try-before-you-buy software programs. This site is updated daily.
  • WDownload Freeware and shareware downloads classified by category. Also accepts PAD submissions.
  • Willing Software Download Center Here you will find the latest try-before-you-buy software programs. This site is PAD driven and polled daily to ensure the freshest listings.
  • Windows 7 software Windows 7 shareware and freeware software. Submissions by PAD files enabled.
  • Windows Shareware Hall of Fame Features a new Windows Me/98 shareware application each week or browse through the past shareware Hall of Fame picks. Free newsletter, software reviews and submit software.
  • X64bit Download X64bit software, freeware and shareware downloads. Submissions by PAD file accepted, must be 64-bit software.
  • Yankee Download Non-stop updated freeware and shareware download archive with many software categories like Audio, Video, Mobile phones, Games or Graphics tools.

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