• Kimball Group Ralph is a leading proponent of the dimensional approach to designing large data warehouses. He currently teaches data warehousing design skills to IT groups and helps selected clients with specific data warehouse designs.
  • Inmon Associates, Inc. Bill Inmon Corporate Information Factory resource site.
  • Abintel, LLC Professional services firm specializing in business intelligence and data warehousing.
  • Access International Group Provider of pre-built business intelligence analytical applications.
  • Aexis Focused on BI solutions, planning, consolidation, data warehousing and related services.
  • Aitken Consulting, Inc. Database development and management for the health care industry.
  • Altis Consulting Pty Ltd Vendor-independent business intelligence and data warehousing consultancy.
  • Athena IT Solutions, Inc. Offers data warehousing and integration consulting services.
  • Axis Group, LLC Provides consulting services for the architecture, design, and implementation of business intelligence and data warehousing solutions.
  • Barquin International Assisting businesses and governments extract and leverage their business data through developing data warehousing and knowledge management solutions.
  • Bolder Technology, Inc. Specializes in the management and technical issues of Enterprise systems.
  • Caserta Concepts, LLC Data warehouse architecture and implementation consulting firm.
  • Center of Financial Technologies, Inc. Provides data integration solutions including data warehousing, data processing, and legacy systems integration services.
  • Consolidata Ltd Data warehouse consultants specialising in measuring key performance indicators (KPI) using SQL Server 2005.
  • Conversion Services International Inc. Consulting firm specializing in data warehouse and customer relationship management projects.
  • CornerStar, Inc Specializes in data warehouse and Cognos business intelligence solutions with expertise in the manufacturing sector, QAD MFG/PRO, and global integration of multiple data sources using Progress 4GL.
  • Crescent Blue Solutions, LLC International consulting firm specializing Teradata data warehousing solutions.
  • Daman Consulting Data warehouse, metadata management, data migration, and data conversion consulting solutions.
  • Data Warehouse Logic, LLC DWLOGIC is a management and technology consulting firm which specializes in architecture of data warehouse systems.
  • Database Design Solutions, Inc. Consultants specializing in database re-design and implementation including data warehousing, portal-based data access, metadata solutions, data modeling, and industry-based data analysis. All solutions focus on providing "information on demand" with a metadata focus.
  • DataSense Solutions, Inc. Provides Business Objects and Crystal Reports training and consulting services, as well as data warehousing and other Business Intelligence services.
  • Dataspace Incorporated National provider of consulting services dedicated to the design, development, and deployment of data warehouses and information delivery systems.
  • dataVision SVP Seattle-based firm specializing in data warehousing, database management, and decision support services.
  • DOT Group Provides IT solutions for data warehousing, content management systems, information management and data modelling.
  • Dulcian, Inc. Oracle consulting firm that specializes in data warehousing, web and client-server systems development and products that support the Oracle environment.
  • Ebiexperts Swiss based business intelligence firm focused on solutions for Business Objects.
  • Emunio Consulting Ltd. UK-based data integration solutions.
  • Enterprise Data Consulting, LLC Helping companies to model, automate, streamline, and manage their critical business processes.
  • Enterprise Warehousing Solutions, Inc. Chicago-based systems integrator providing clients with business intelligence solutions using decision support technologies including data warehouses, data marts, meta data repositories, and operational data stores.
  • EntrePro Corporation Provides consulting services in implementing business intelligence, data quality, and data warehousing solutions.
  • Exential, LLC Information strategy consultancy with practice areas in IT governance, information security, data warehousing, and enterprise infrastructure.
  • Forge Group Data warehousing and information delivery solutions specialists.
  • Full 360 Provider of business performance management and business intelligence solutions in the financial services industry.
  • Garrett Information Services GIS specializes in data integration from many sources into decision support systems. Based in Lino Lakes, MN.
  • Gavroshe Technologies Data warehouse, metadata management, data migration, data modeling, operational data stores, and data conversion consulting solutions.
  • Genware Computer Systems Inc. Business Intelligence consultancy specializing in Cognos products.
  • GetReals Consulting Dan Riehle is a data warehousing consultant specializing in NCR Teradata and focus on value delivery to critical business functions. Based in Cincinnati, OH.
  • Headstrong International consulting company dealing with e-business and other technological issues.
  • Hired Brains Incorporated Santa Barbara based consulting company focused on data warehousing, decision support systems, data mining, and advanced systems for management reporting and planning.
  • ICS Group Specializes in custom development and business intelligence technologies and consultancy.
  • Information Impact International, Inc. Consulting and education in information management and information quality by Larry English.
  • InnovaTech, Inc. Data warehouse consulting specialty firm.
  • Insightformation, Inc. Specializes in OLAP, data marts and data warehouse development.
  • Intelligent Solutions, Inc. Provides data warehouse consulting services, training courses, and conferences and seminars to companies that are developing data warehouses, decision support systems (DSS) and operational data stores (ODS).
  • Kariminia Ltd Provides data warehousing services including ETL outsourcing, data modeling, and metadata management.
  • Kinetic Networks San Francisco-based consulting company focused on business intelligence and data warehousing.
  • Knightsbridge Solutions LLC Our solutions practices include data warehousing, large-scale batch processing, data mining, client/server OLTP systems, and electronic commerce.
  • Knowledge Partners Inc. Consultants in data warehousing, data quality, knowledge and meta data management, package integration and business rules.
  • LG01 Ltd Data warehousing consultancy based in York, England.
  • LGI Systems Incorporated Chicago-based firm that offers decision support system consulting services.
  • Llumino Specialized data warehousing and data mining consultancy firm.
  • LoganBritton Provider of specialized data integration services and solutions for data warehousing, data marts, and E-commerce.
  • M. Miller and Associates L.L.C. Information technology consulting firm that provides technology integration and customer application development services with a focus on analytical and reporting applications. Based in Dallas, TX.
  • Myers-Holum, Inc. Provides integration services for data warehousing and analytical applications with a focus on solutions from Informatica.
  • Navigant Consulting, Inc. Specializes in the creation and implementation of data warehouse, e-commerce and knowledge management strategies.
  • Nippur Consultancy focused on business planning, OLAP and data warehousing. Based in The Netherlands.
  • Obtech Asia-Pacific Pte Ltd Provide an object-oriented approach to systems integration that links best-of-class solutions. Offers system management, consultancy, and services with focus on ERP, CRM, and DSS systems.
  • Onward Systems Inc. Data warehouse strategy and implementation consultants.
  • Palisades Research Inc. Provides database and decision support solutions including data warehouse design and implementation, on-line analytical processing, and data mining, along with high-level statistical analysis.
  • Pelion Consultancy specialising in Oracle database development with areas of expertise in data warehousing and business intelligence (BI).
  • Peter J. Lamb and Associates Independent consultant specializing in data architecture with a focus on data warehouse design, implementation and master data management. Based in Toronto.
  • Poslovna Inteligencija Independent strategic Business Intelligence consultancy based in Zagreb, Croatia.
  • Purple Frog Systems Ltd UK-based business intelligence consultancy.
  • relavision Software GmbH Company specializing in data warehousing and large software and database implementations including integration with the web.
  • Resta Consulting company that helps organizations to introduce business intelligence practices by designing, developing and implementing data warehousing solutions. Based in Estonia.
  • Simpson Associates Provides iSeries (AS/400) and Intel based data warehouse and data mart applications including ReadyMade datamarts for J.D. Edwards, BPCS and GEAC System 21 environments.
  • SQL Power Group Business intelligence and data warehouse consulting company based in Toronto, Canada.
  • Storan Technologies, Inc. STI specializes in assisting healthcare organizations in understanding, building, and leveraging data warehouse, data mart and meta data repository investments.
  • Strategic Information Systems Group Nationwide data warehousing consulting firm.
  • Symmetrics Enterprise information portal development, business intelligence systems implementation, and custom web application development primarily using Seagate Software products.
  • Technatomy Corporation Specializes in information technology, program management, logistics and engineering services.
  • The Coffing Corporation Authorized NCR reseller offers information about Teradata.
  • The Praxium Group Designs, builds, installs and supports data warehouse systems to make business and strategic decisions.
  • ThotWave Technologies Specializes in the design and implementation of large-scale data warehouses, reporting-and-analysis applications and architecture for information management applications.
  • Threshold Consulting Services, Inc. Florida-based consultancy offering data warehouse development, management, and OLAP solutions.
  • Tim Feetham Consulting Independent consultant specializing in business intelligence and data warehouse planning and implementation.
  • Touchstone Systems Limited Provides services based around business intelligence, data extraction and transformation, HL7, data warehouse design and construction, and system integration.
  • Trinus Corporation End-to-end solutions in the areas of enterprise business intelligence, data movement, enterprise application integration and e-Business transaction automation.
  • Vedicsoft Solutions Inc. Firm specialized in data warehousing and ERP. Services include building, re-engineering, supporting BI and enterprise applications.
  • Vince Desio Consulting Services Offering design and implementation services for data warehouse and decision support systems. Based in Arizona.
  • Wideway Information Tech Ltd Data warehouse and enterprise business intelligence provider based in Shanghai.


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