Specific configuration management systems and utilities. Subcategories for classes of configuration management tools, such as Make tools, Diff tools, and Bug Tracking tools are listed above subcategories for specific systems and brands, such as SourceSafe and CVS.
  • +1CM Supports identification, variations, baselines, accounting, auditing, and access control. Solaris only. (commercial) (+1 Software Engineering)
  • AccuRev A stream-based software configuration management solution for distributed software development environments includes source code management, change management, software defect and issue tracking. Server runs on Unix/Linux, NT/2000/XP. Client also runs on Windows 95/98/Me.
  • ARCAD Software A set of solutions to manage, organize and secure the evolution of information systems.
  • Bazaar-NG A "next-generation" distributed version control tool. Free, written in Python, and with an interface similar to CVS and Subversion.
  • Better SCM A revision-control systems advocacy site which contains essays about various version control implementations, and a comparison.
  • BitKeeper Comes in Pro and Basic versions (Pro supports repository hierarchy, rollback, event triggers). Distributed system, with a repository for each developer. Unix/Linux, MacOSX on PPC and Windows 98 and up. Commercial.
  • Changelogic A software configuration management tool dedicated to streamline application development and maintenance.
  • Clearvision CM UK software change and configuration management consultancy.
  • CM+ Offers configuration management with data management and process control. Also covers version control, build and release management, change control, and problem and activity tracking. (commercial) (Neuma Technology Inc.)
  • CMstat Provides hardware configuration management functionality needed to manage and control product information throughout the life cycle.
  • Code Co-op Peer-to-peer version control system that keeps development in synch using e-mail or LAN. Designed for distributed and mobile development teams. Supports disconnected work.
  • Codesion Offers commercial Subversion, CVS, and Wiki Hosting, as well as bug tracking tools and informs about its products.
  • CollabNet Software configuration management tools and related utilities, as well as information about SCM concepts and methodologies in the file sharing area.
  • Configuration Management Toolkit A kit of software and resources for the mapping and management of business and IT resources.
  • Control-CS Source/object version management tool for UNIX and Windows platforms. Commercial.
  • Darcs Utility based on the author's "theory of patches" in which they are likened to operators in quantum mechanics. Additionally, every copy of the source is a full repository. Written in Haskell and released under the GNU GPL.
  • Dave Eaton's Software Configuration Management Info Offers a three part summary, which is a consolidation of data obtained from user comments, vendor materials and from a variety of sources around the Internet.
  • Deltasql A version control for database schemas. It allows a team to commonly develop a data model on the fly, while the source code is growing. Branches for production schemas are supported. Works on MySQL, PostgreSQL and Oracle schemas.
  • Do It Yourself Agile Blog by Damon Poole, offering resources and development material on Agile.
  • Dynamsoft SourceAnywhere Standalone SQL-based source control solution designed to be an alternative of Microsoft Visual SourceSafe.
  • Elite Information Services Software for automating or establishing change management procedures and processes.
  • Fox Consult An integrated cross-platform suite of tools, that provides version control, bug tracking, change control and automated testing.
  • FTPVCS An open source version control system using a standard FTP server.
  • Hansky Software Provider of the Firefly configuration management system, and the Buttery change management system.
  • IET Specialises in the development of software products to enhance the CA Gen development tool.
  • JEDI VCS Open-Source source version control and project management system, realized in a scalable, TCP/IP based Client/Server architecture.
  • Katie A filesystem-based version control system, much like ClearCase. Uses NFS to provide a virtual, versions filesystem. Open Source.
  • Librarian from JSSL Version control software for all Windows platforms. Source code licenses available. (freeware)
  • ManageWare Israeli company specialising in configuration management methodology and change management.
  • McCabe TRUEchange Configuration management tool for development teams. Online demo.
  • Mecasp Customizable IDE written in Java, oriented towards maintenance, adaptations and follow-up of application upgrades through variants. Applications are written as models. The merge mechanism is based on meta-models.
  • MKS Enterprise SCM solution. Cross-platform, multi-tier, web interface available. (Commercial)
  • Monotone A decentralized version control system based on secure hashes and cryptographic signatures. (Open Source)
  • OurayCM An inexpensive version control system with features such as branching, remote (non-networked) capabilities, file and directory renames, atomic changes, a graphical history browser, and encryption (Commercial).
  • Perforce A client/server configuration management system. The server supports UNIX and Windows NT. The client supports most platforms via command-line, GUI and Web browser-based interfaces. (commercial) (Perforce Software)
  • Plastic SCM A software configuration management system with full support for parallel task-oriented development. Server available for UNIX/Linux and Windows. Clients available for Windows, Linux, Solaris and Mac OS X.
  • PlasticSCM A Software Configuration Management system from Codice Software that tracks changes to source code and any digital asset over time. (Commercial.)
  • PRCS The Project Revision Control System is a front end to a set of tools that provide a way to deal with sets of files and directories as an entity, preserving coherent versions of the entire set. (GPL) (Josh MacDonald)
  • PrestoSoft LLC Offers ExamDiff Pro, a visual file and directory comparison tool and FtpVC, FTP-based version control system.
  • PureCM A configuration management tool with integrated defect tracking. Client-server architecture supporting Windows, Mac and Linux.
  • QArks.com AVS project, a free source configuration management software, now released under GPL V3.
  • QVCS - Quma Version Control System Low-priced version control system for Windows platforms.
  • Sablime Configuration management and version control along with flexible MR tracking to manage changes to software, firmware, hardware, and documentation from origination through maintenance, delivery, and support. (Commercial)
  • Seapine Software: Surround SCM A cross-platform solution with data storage in industry-standard relational databases, caching proxy servers for fast distributed development, file-level workflow, seamless IDE integrations and flexible branching and labelling capabilities.
  • Smart Bear Software, Inc. Offers CodeCollaborator for remote peer code reviews, checklists, and audit trails. Integrated with Visual Studio .NET and 6.0 and Visual Basic.
  • SnapshotCM Version control system with graphical release management and full attribute versioning (commercial)
  • SourceGear: Vault Vault is a source control tool designed to be a compelling replacement for Visual SourceSafe.
  • SourceJammer Home of SourceJammer, the free, open-source, Java-based source control, versioning, and file sharing system.
  • SpectrumSCM A platform-independent, enterprise-level Source Configuration and Management solution, which includes version control, process management, release management, advanced branching and issue tracking, integrated in one tool. Written in Java and Cross-Platform.
  • StarTeam Key functions of StarTeam include requirements management, change management, defect tracking, file versioning, threaded discussion, and project task management. (commercial) (Borland)
  • Tableaux A web-based SCM tool for the UNIX/Java environment.
  • Team Coherence Client/server configuration management tool designed for distributed development teams.
  • TLIB TLIB is a simple version control system for DOS, Windows, and OS/2. (commercial) (Burton Systems Software)
  • VC/m Multi-platform (Windows, Unix, VMS), web-enabled, process control and configuration management system.
  • Version-Control Systems for Linux A list of version control solutions for Linux with details of their pros and cons.
  • Vesta Vesta is a version control+build system that was created by the DEC Alpha development team. It is distributed, but does not support merging yet. Open Source.
  • ZDS Corporation Provides tools, scripts, and articles for use with search engines, Microsoft Sourcesafe, the Kintana / Mercury IT Governance suite, and ClearCase.

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