Listing of companies who offer more than one mode of biometric services. (For example, face recognition and fingerprint recognition).

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  • 1010 Net/Soft Systems Canadian company offers biometric systems design and integration.
  • AcSys Biometrics Corp. Provider of neural technology applications for the financial, manufacturing, security and medical sectors. Owns exclusive worldwide HNet license for face and speech recognition applications.
  • Aditech Ltd Supply a wide range of iris recognition solutions, including access control, attendance systems and custom identification packages. Site provides details of the sales, service and technical support available.
  • Almex Ltd. (USA) Hand and fingerprint recognition devices vendor.
  • AuthenTec, Inc Manufactures biometric fingerprint scanning engines for OEM.
  • Autostar Technology Pte Ltd (Singapore) A Hardware and Software Developer and Solutions Provider for fingerprint recognition and identification on access control and time and attendance systems.
  • Axis Software Pvt. Ltd Offer access control systems with integrated fingerprint recognition for banking, desktop security and time and attendance systems. Based in Pune, Maharashtra, India.
  • Bergdata GmbH, (Bonn, Germany) Fingerprint recognition with Thomson-CSF thermal fingerchip.
  • BIO-key International Fingerprint verification systems for authenticating access to web applications. Also offer a verification engine in a development kit.
  • BioEnable Technologies Pvt. Ltd Manufacturer and exporter of fingerprint access control and time attendance control systems. Also produce USB mice and scanners. Head office in Pune, Maharashtra, India.
  • Biomet Partners (Switzerland) 2-finger geometry recognition
  • Biometric Associates, Inc. Developer of fingerprint identification system modules for biometric smartcards and subsystems.
  • Biometric Information Management Consulting on biometric identification products for corporations and criminal justice agencies.
  • Biometrics Direct Provides secure biometric authentication products, software and services for home and corporate use.
  • BiometriKa (Italy) Italian company develops and offers OEM versions of the FX 2000 fingerprint scanner engine.
  • Bioscrypt Inc. Fingerprint verification and identification systems for use in commercial and industrial applications for access control.
  • Cassini (PL) Polish manufacturer of biometric identification solutions.
  • Cherry Corporation Manufacturer of keyboards and computer mice incorporating fingerprint recognition, barcode, magstripe and smartcard technology.
  • CIC (USA) creator of Sign-it and other electronic signature software which authenticate electronic handwritten signatures and original contents of digital documents and digital forms.
  • Cogent Systems Offers fingerpint recognition software and hardware for access control.
  • CSIRO (Australia) CSIRO has developed real-time, automatic face capture and recognition technology capable of enhancing security.
  • CyberSign Offers signature authentication and verification solutions.
  • Daon: biometric trust infrastructures for enterprise security Daon is a biometric identity management company offering a unique approach to enterprise security - a Biometric Trust Infrastructure.
  • Datastrip Inc. (USA) Barcode symbology reader from Datastrip: PDF417 code reading and biometric verification, 2D software, and hardware.
  • Dermalog GmbH (Germany) Software house offering biometric identification and security systems (fingerprint and hand geometry). Based in Hamburg.
  • Digital Descriptor Systems Inc.(DDSI - USA) optical fingerprint recognition.
  • Digitus s.r.o. (CZ) vendor of fingerprint and hand geometry recognition devices in Czech Republic
  • East Shore Technologies Automated fingerprint identification system ( AFIS ) search matching algorithmic software supplier and provider of fingerprint identification search / authentication systems.
  • Ex-Clé (Argentina) Argentinian Company specialized in Biometrics, Fingerprint and Eye Iris recognition.
  • FaceBase, Inc. Provides biometric face recognition applications using undithered bilevel images, reducing the risks of "racial profiling" and identify theft based on facial photos.
  • FaceKey Corp. Access control and time and attendance products that combine face and fingerprint recognition.
  • Fingerprint Cards AB Design and manufacture fingerprint verification subsystems for integration into other hardware products. Based in Gothenburg, Sweden.
  • FingerPrint USA Consulting and technical services in fingerprint biometric technologies and the specification, development and acquisition of complex automated identification systems.
  • Fraunhofer IIS(Germany) SEZAM - Face and voice recognition
  • Fujitsu (Japan) FingerPass Card, a PC Card-Based optical Fingerprint Recognition Device for Mobile PCs.
  • Hectrix Limited Provider of smart card and biometric authentication Internet Appliances for e-commerce, m-commerce, PC-network security, secure access and secure communication. Hong Kong
  • Humanscan AG Offer BioID product that combines face, lip movement and voice recognition. Based in Sarnen, Switzerland.
  • i d ~ arts Passface system: It works by showing a number of groups of human faces. Somewhere within each group, in a position that varies randomly, is a face that user recognise authenticate to the system by finding those familiar faces - passfaces.
  • IDTECK Manufacturer of fingerprint and facial biometric, RFID and touch pad based access control products. Based in South Korea.
  • ImageWare Software, Inc. (USA) PC-based digital imaging, face recognition, software solutions for the law enforcement industry.
  • Instytut Maszyn Matematycznych (PL) access control software and hardware with fingerprint recognition.
  • Intuate Biometrics (Spain) Distributes and provides consulting services for fingerprint security identification and authentication systems in Spain.
  • ITC (Italy) SpotIt! - an integrated system for the creation of photographic quality composites which is able to create, find, compress, and morph faces.
  • J. Markowitz Offers consulting services and publications specializing on the applications of speech recognition.
  • Key Tronic (USA) Keyboards with fingerprint recognition
  • Keyware Technologies (USA) Biometric identification solutions for business applications.
  • Mesa SIC (Italy) Italian manufacturer of biometric security devices including fingerprint scanners and access control solutions.
  • Miaxis Biometrics Co.(China) offers advanced, reliable and cost efficient identification solutions to a dynamic global market
  • Microsoft (USA) MSR Research Areas: Vision Technology Group. Vision-Based User Interfaces allow computers to recognize people and interpret what they are doing, using fast algorithms for real-time detection and recognition of people and their gestures.
  • Mitretek: Biometric Identification Offers full biometric systems, life cycle support and specialty in independent, objective large-system performance analysis for Government organizations.
  • Net Nanny (USA) Keystroke Dynamics
  • Neurotechnology AFIS, fingerprint, iris and face recognition as SDK or source code with full algorithm. Technology details, download, and ordering information. Based in Vilnius, Lithuania.
  • NextgenID Offers fingerprint and face recognition products.
  • Nuance Communications, Inc Natural language speech recognition systems for self-service transactions and network applications.
  • OKI (Japan) Iris recognition
  • Optel (Poland) Fingerprint recognition with ultrasonic holography, recognizes living fingers. Software for fingerprint recognition. Synthesis of fingerprints (compression - 8 bytes needed). Ultrasonic technology, research and development in biometric and acoustics.
  • Photobase Ltd Offers fingerprint verification systems for use in controlling building access and in time and attendance systems. Product catalogue with prices. Based in London, United Kingdom.
  • Pontis Research Inc. Specializes in information security consulting and custom development to the area of strong authentication and biometric recognition.
  • Precise Biometrics (Sweden) fingerprint identification (software and processors).
  • Print Electronics (India) Access Control with fingerprint recognition
  • Proxtec Technology (Hong Kong) Specializes in biometric systems designed for physical building access, and time and attendance.
  • Rayco Security, Inc. (CA) Biometric systems vendor: devices, software.
  • Recognition Systems, Inc. (USA) HandKey and HandPunch terminals utilizing hand geometry for identification.
  • Sagem Morpho, Inc. Offers optical fingerprint recognition systems.
  • SecuGen Corporation (USA) Biometric Solution Provider. Manufacturer of fingerprint recognition devices for integration into 3rd party hardware products and offer total biometric solution into market segments such as e-Commerce, Healthcare, Financial Services Industries, and Network Security.
  • Securstar GmbH German company offers biometric (fingerprint) and smartcard readers.
  • Sense Technologies Inc. (USA) Fingerprint Identification for Time and Attendance.
  • Sentry Kids manufacturer of portable electronic fingerprinting and digital imaging systems designed for children.
  • SentryCom Develops user-authentication and digital signature applications based on proprietary voice verification technology.
  • Simple Technology Inc. (Canada) Canadian Distribution source for biometrics, smart cards, and other computer components.
  • Software Professional GmbH & Co. KG Offer Signplus, a system for capturing and verifying written signatures by analysing both dynamic and static characteristics.
  • Sonda (RU) Afis system
  • Startek Engineering Incorporated (Taiwan) Design and manufacture fingerprint verification solutions for access control purposes.
  • Time One Offer time and attendance systems that utilise fingerprint verification.
  • Time&Technology Inc. (USA) produces NextTime and HandLink software for the HandPunch biometric reader by Recognition Systems.
  • TMA Associates (CA) publications and consulting in speech recognition and other advanced speech technologies, including SPECH RECOGNITION UPDATE newsletter. Includes recent news. TMA also publishes market studies.
  • TSSI Offer fingerprint readers for various applications including cardholder verification and building access control. Readers also available as an OEM module for use in third party products.
  • Ultra-Scan Corp. (USA) Ultrasonic fingerprint recognition (mechanical scanning acoustic microscopy devices), one-to-one verification software and one-to-many cold search software.
  • Unilink Computers plc Offers products and services including development of security solutions using biometrics for police, immigration and high security installations.
  • VeriTouch Produces advanced Biometric Smartcard Terminals including Voice Verification, RFID, and USB Functionality.
  • Voice Security Systems (VSS) uses the voice's multitude of speech tones and tempos to uniquely identify individuals.
  • Yasmin Teknologies (Malaysia) Fingerprint identification and access control solutions provider and integrator in Malaysia.

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