This category is for companies that are involved in Robotics in any way, including as manufacturers, importer, exporters, sellers, and online stores.

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  • 21st Century Robotics Manufacturer of life-sized educational and promotional robotics for crime prevention, child safety programs and commercial product promotions.
  • Acroname, Inc. Robot kits, components, information and design services.
  • Agile Systems Inc Advanced electronic motion control systems for the automation, electric vehicle and automotive industries.
  • Applied AI Systems, Inc. AAI offers intelligent autonomous mobile robots and applications development using behavior-based and conventional methods. Also distributes K-Team and RWI robots.
  • Applied Perception, Inc. Developers of sensing and navigation products for commercial and military robotics including terrain mapping, obstacle detection, positioning, and automated retrotraverse.
  • AquaMonster Dolphin and Wizard automatic pool cleaners, pool robot and vacuum.
  • Arrick Robotics Manufactures and sells mobile robots, stepper motor systems, XY positioning tables and automation accessories. General technical information on robots.
  • Autonomous Solutions, Inc. Services include vehicle automation, ground-up autonomous or tele-operated robotic vehicle design, software design, and automation electronics.
  • Reseller of robots kits, microcontrollers, and robotics accessories for hobby and education. Based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
  • BlueBotics Produces and markets the ANT navigation as well as autonomous mobile robots for industrial automation and service robotics.
  • Boston Dynamics Designs and builds walking robots for research and demonstrations, offers consulting on robotics and on simulation software.
  • CoroWare Provides robotics integration and embedded systems development services.
  • Element Products, Inc. A full-service product development company, specializing in robotics. Complete consumer robot design, from first prototypes to manufacturing in China. Located in Broomfield, Colorado, United States.
  • Energid Technologies Develops software products and services for robotic and machine-vision applications.
  • Evolution Robotics Maker of ER1 robot kit. Also provide embedded hardware/software to OEMs for robot navigation and vision.
  • Gecko Systems Business and home automation with a programmable, upgradeable, expandable robot that interfaces with Windows 95, 98, and NT. GUI software included.
  • Haptica Robotic Technology for Things That Think Haptica makes Things That Think. We apply robotics technology to invent intelligent, interactive devices. We use multi-sensor fusion and person-device interaction.
  • HTR, Hellenic Technology of Robotics Robotics, Industry Automation Hardware and Software, Security Systems, Business Software
  • Innovation First, Inc. Suppliers of educational robot kits and components as well as components for FIRST robotics teams.
  • International Federation of Robotics Industry group concerned with commercial robotics.
  • International Submarine Engineering Ltd. A high technology engineering company that designs, builds and integrates submersible vehicles (ROVs, AUVs) and robotic systems with real time control software for subsea, space and terrestrial applications.
  • Inuktun Services Ltd. Designer and manufacturer of compact remotely operated robotic inspection systems and components for use in confined spaces, underwater and hazardous environments.
  • iRobot Corporation A provider of mobile robots for the consumer market, including the iRobot-LE home robot, Hasbro's My Real Baby doll, and a full line of robots for the research community.
  • JCM Inventures Robot kits and components for education.
  • JLC Robotics Robot kits, microcontrollers, and robotics-related kits.
  • K-Team Manufacturer of education and research robots in Europe. Set of mobile robots products and a related know-how, with specific hardware or software.
  • Lynxmotion Offers a wide range of robot kits and components including arms, wheeled robots, and walking robots. Based in Pekin, Illinois, United States.
  • Mekatronix, Inc. Manufactures robots, microcontrollers, robot kits, microcontroller kits, RC servos, Wireless Mini Spy Cameras, IR, Usonic, and Photo Sensors, Motorola 68HC11 Chips, software and parts from many manufacturers.
  • Merlin Systems Corp., Ltd. Provides "humaniform" air muscle actuators, sensors, robots, and robot components. Based in Derriford, Plymouth, United Kingdom.
  • Mesa Associates, Inc. Offers numerous robotic vehicles in a variety of sizes for uses that include reconnaissance, surveillance, EOD neutralization, material transport, weapons platforms, humanitarian demining, and remote CBRN sensing.
  • MobileRobots, Inc. Provides indoor/outdoor mobile robots to corporations, government and research institutions worldwide.
  • Mobot, Inc Provides autonomous mobile robots for entertainment and education applications.
  • Mr Robot Online store offering robots, robot kits, microcontrollers, sensors, and other robot components.
  • Multi Motions Develops specialized animatronic robotics hardware for theme parks.
  • National Robotics Engineering Consortium NREC is CMU Robotics Institute's commercial arm, partnering with US businesses to channel CMU and NASA technology and public funding into mobile equipment, new systems and process automation projects.
  • Neobotix Manufactures, assembles and sells mobile robot platforms, arms, components and software for research and industrial use. Located in Germany.
  • OCRobotics Manufacturers of snake-arm robots for restricted access applications including nuclear repair, maintenance and decommissioning, bomb disposal, aerospace MRO and surgery.
  • Oxford Technologies, Ltd. Offers equipment and specialist services for the design, development and operation of advanced remote handling systems, manipulators, robotics and related products.
  • PCRobotics UK-based company specializing in industrial robotic systems, industrial robot programming, robot service and repair, and electrical maintenance.
  • Perceptronics Solutions, Inc. Developer of military systems and tools which enhance the collaboration of humans and robots.
  • Perrone Robotics, Inc. Provides robotics technology and software for use in consumer, professional, and military robotics applications.
  • PIAP offer mobile robots for police and military intervention and inspection tasks.
  • Prioria Robotics Maker of the Merlin AVR/CPLD robot controller board. Also provides embedded-systems design and autonomous systems design consulting services.
  • Probotics Offers robots for commercial and home uses including lawn mowing and pool cleaning.
  • RoadNarrows Robotics U.S. distributor of K-Team robots (e.g. Khepera) and other robot products for education and research. Specializes in Evolutionary Computation algorithms and open-interface software. Located in Colorado, United States.
  • Robo-Erectus A soccer-playing fully autonomous humanoid robot from Singapore Polytechnic.
  • Robo-Vision Inc. Robotic pan-tilt camera systems for broadcast television.
  • Robodyssey Systems LLC Designs and sells robots, microcontrollers, servos, and other accessories for the hobbyist or educator. Owned and operated by high school teachers, Robodyssey offers training, support and curriculum development in the area of Technology Education.
  • ROBOSOFT Develops and supplies mobile robotics solutions for transport, cleanliness, research, and other applications.
  • Robot Entertainment Robot props for entertainment, trade shows, and other events.
  • Robot Factory - Promotional Robots Manufacturer of robotic devices for education, entertainment, advertising and promotion since 1966. Large variety of robot characters and custom robots available.
  • Robot MarketPlace Parts for robots. Focus is on combat robots (BattleBots, Robot Wars, etc), but hobby robots are also available. Online store include motors, Batteries, electronics, kits, toys, and books.
  • Robot Promotions Life size promotional robots which are designed to look like your product.
  • RoboteQ High Power, intelligent DC Motor Controllers for remote controlled and autonomous robotic vehicles.
  • Robotic Systems, Ltd. Provides educational robotics and data acquisition products.
  • Robotic World Robotics World specialises in educational robotics and has a wide range of robots suitable for beginners to the advanced.
  • Roomba Community Forum to discuss and hack the Roomba robotic vacuum cleaner.
  • RoperResources A manufacturers' representative for remote operated vehicles and robotics for a variety of underwater and land based applications.
  • Shadow Robot Project Independent robotics research and development organisation specialising in air muscles working on the development of useful humanoid robots.
  • The Robot shop Online store offering complete consumer robots as well as robot kits and components.
  • The Robot Store Mondo-tronics' online store. Sells a variety of hobby and professional robots, robot kits, components, and books.
  • Universal Robotics Develops proprietary operating system software for robotic applications. Based in Santa Monica, California, United States.
  • Wany Robotics Designs and develops embedded technologies based on robotics and licenses them for use by manufacturers in OEM products such as toys and home appliances.
  • Willow Garage Develops hardware and open source software for personal robotic applications.
  • WowWee Group Limited Designer, developer, and distributor of consumer robotic and entertainment products. Features an interactive product catalog, with instruction manuals and specifications. Based in Hong Kong, with offices in North America.
  • Yobotics A robotics research, development and consulting company, specialising in biomimetic robots, actuators, dynamic simulation software, and prosthetics.


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