This category is the home for sites with one to a few PHP scripts, usually programmed by the same person/company.
  • adLDAP A PHP class that provides LDAP authentication with Active Directory.
  • AdminPro A user authentication class based on MySQL and the PHP Session functions. It was written for Web sites that need some password protected areas. It includes a user management application script and a MySQL table setup application script. [Open source, GPL]
  • appGenerator A development and management platform for rapidly building customized, database-driven PHP/MySQL based web applications. [Commercial]
  • AutoIndex PHP Directory Lister Creates a list of the files in a directory on a website, and lets you browse/download them in Windows Explorer-like way. [Open source, GPL]
  • AzDG - Azerbaijan Development Group PHP and MySQL based scripts, including AzDGDating, AzDGVote, AzDGGuestbook. [Open source, GPL]
  • Base64img Encodes images and generates PHP code that represents the image. Makes it possible to embed an image inside a PHP script. [Freeware]
  • chumpsoft :: phpQuestionnaire An online survey builder with detailed results reporting, a web-based admin interface and a completely customizable template system. Downloads the results in CSV or XML format. [Commercial]
  • Code Snippet Library A script for storing code snippets. [Open source, GPL]
  • Demof PHP and MySQL scripts includes: Ecardswa v1 represents solution for a greeting-card-shipment-service; Linkwa is a link directory script; Datingwa is a solution for online partner-search; Forumwa is a simple discussion forum; Loginwa user registration script; Newswa is a news publishing script.
  • DeskPRO Customer support management software with both web and email access.
  • dompdf A (mostly) CSS 2.1-compliant HTML to PDF converter. Written using PHP5. [Open Source, LGPL]
  • Download Quota A file downloader which will count the amount of bytes downloaded and stop when it has exceeded a preset limit.
  • Dynamic PHP Menu Script Free PHP menu script that determines the current page and changes the menu to gray out and make an inactive grey link. All with PHP - no javascript.
  • EasyFormIt Facility for automatic creation of webforms. Features documentation and downloads.
  • eLouai Scripts Free downloadable PHP scripts. Includes shopping cart, users online, users counter, BBCode parser, force file downloads. Also DHTML code samples.
  • EP-Dev Offer free PHP scripts, including EP-Dev Counter, EP-Dev Whois, EP-Dev Forum News. Also provide Invision Board (IBF)mods.
  • Five Star Review Script An Amazon-style review script allows users to rank a product or item on a scale of 1-5 stars and make comments related to the product for other users to read. [Commercial]
  • Professional PHP/MySQL scripts (PHPGallery, PHPMembers, PHPThumbs, PHPRevisit, PHPMyBackup). [Commercial]
  • Free Php Scripts A directory of free PHP scripts such as forums, photo galleries, CMS, and e-commerce solutions. Each script has demo so it can be tested prior to downloading.
  • Freedville Central - Open Source Software PHP scripts, including a guestbook, poll/voting suite, and quote book. [Open source]
  • FreeMovie/PHP A library for generating and parsing Macromedia Flash(rm) (SWF) files.
  • Geek Code Decoder Generator and decoder. The defacto tagline for internet geeks.
  • GentleSource Useful PHP web site tools such as Form Mail, Tell A Friend, Guestbook, Poll and Voting, and Counter Script. For each script an online demo has been installed.
  • GeSHi - Generic Syntax Highlighter Advanced generic syntax highlighter class for PHP. GeSHi features XHTML compliant output with CSS. [Open source, GPL]
  • Offers PHP scripts: autosurf, traffic, advertisement, portals, online games and other MLM schemes scripts. [Commercial]
  • HIOX Free Scripts Free PHP scripts including: Mail/Support Interface, Guest Book, Calendars, Rating System, Image Rotator, DB Query Tool, counters, Visitor Tracking, Calculator, Broken Link Analyser.
  • Holiday Calculations Free library of PHP tools for calculating holidays. It includes actual/observed days, Easter Sunday, day/week of month calculations, and the number of weeks in a month containing a specific day.
  • HostDirector Combines a whois script, order form, client management area, admin account management area, knowledge base. It's written in PHP. By Polyspaston Ltd.
  • Idevspot PHP scripts for web hosting, e-commerce, customer support, user authentication. [Commercial]
  • Idia A web based dyndns client available in PERL and PHP versions.
  • InterAKT Offering PHP tools for MySQL and Ultradev programers. This company also offers PHP components to assist rapid development of enterprise ready PHP web applications.
  • Keygold Script that generate relevant keywords from site content.
  • KeywordsGen Automatically generates the hyperlink to all the defined keywords on webpages, and update when pages changed, using PHP and MySQL. SourceForge project page.
  • Kimono A network service monitor similar to sysmon for monitoring server environment and alerting upon failure. It stores all data (by default) in XML format making it very flexible in its use. [Open source, GPL]
  • LT Diagram Builder - PHP Version Creates coordinate diagrams (charts/graphs) with bars, dots, lines, arrows, etc. Also as JavaScript and ASP version available.
  • MD Web MD contact application to use on website so that visitors can contact webmaster easily. MD News, a database driven PHP script that will allow to easily put news updates on site. [Free for non-commercial sites]
  • MD5 Checksum File Parser PHP Class Free PHP class that helps to parse and output checksums from the files generated by checksum checkers like md5sum utility.
  • Mega Upload A progress bar for PHP uploads. Perl, JSP versions are exit also. [Open source, MPL]
  • Microsoft Office to PDF Converter Local or serverbased MS Office 2000/XP to PDF converter using Ghostscript and COM calls. [Freeware]
  • Mojo Webstats A simple web statistics tool. It uses Javascript, PHP and MySQL to process web statistics. Includes date/time, document location and title, ip address and hostname, browser version, visitor resolution, and referrer.
  • NeedLock A PHP script for password protection of directories and member areas management. [Commercial]
  • Open Upload Designed to create a private or public file download server similar to Megaupload or Rapidshare. Supports multiple authentication methods, database back-ends and internationalization. [Free Software, GPL]
  • OpenPro A web based ERP solution written in PHP (runs on any system SQL database). It has tips and solutions that can help other programmer complete there mission faster and more professional.
  • php_libxslt An alternative XSLT engine to the current PHP default XSL extension to transform XML documents using the GNOME XSLT C library.
  • PHP Developers Includes mailing list, poll, and guestbook script. [Free and Commercial]
  • PHP Event Calendar A PHP script extending web site's functionality with event scheduler or news archive. [Free for non-commercial use]
  • PHP Live Support A commercial support and CRM solution with unlimited departments and operators. MySQL powered.
  • PHP/SWF Charts A PHP/Flash tool to create attractive web charts from dynamic data.
  • PHP UTF-8 Library of functions mirroring PHP's own string functions.
  • PHP3 Base Library This free code library provides easy access to session management and authentication functions within PHP3.
  • PHPaint v1.0 A very effective graphical interface for creating, manipulationg, and previewing images made "on the fly" using PHP, the GD Library, and the FreeType module. [Open source, GPL]
  • phpDoc A script for documentation PHP scripts in an intelligent manner. Similar to javaDoc.
  • PHPJunkYard PHP scripts, such as hit counter, guestbook, message board, link manager. Also links to PHP resources.
  • PHPmydirectory Script to create an online business directory. Includes administrative functionality. [Commercial]
  • phpObjectForms Library phpObjectForms is a fully object-oriented, highly customizable, easily extendable, library for creating and processing HTML forms without writing any HTML code.
  • phpOnline A live customer support system using PHP+MySQL+Flash to operate. [Open source, GPL]
  • phpRPG An open source multiplayer fantasy role playing game driven by PHP and MySQL.
  • phpTimeSheet Timesheet/Timetracking organizer/scheduler using PHP and MySQL, can manage workers, projects, and companies, logging every-day come- and go-times, contracted hours, overtime, workspace and project-hours, attendance-time, holidays, create reports.
  • PhpWiki Project Page WikiWikiWeb clone written in the server-side scripting language PHP.
  • PHTML Encoder (ex-"PHP Encoder") allows to encode PHP scripts before distributing it. The script code saving with use cryptography.
  • PlaySMS A SMS gateway application written in PHP and is utilizing Gnokii to control mobile phones and send/receive SMS. [Open source, GPL]
  • Presto Poll A PHP coded poll script for a website. It doesn't need any SQL database and it has an admin center for modify all the settings. [Open source, GPL]
  • Programming900 PHP scripts, including FreeLance, is a reverse Auction site; PHP HelpDesk/Knowledge Base Solution, Joke Script, Escrow System Click, CrushLink Type of Site, Polls Server, Job Site, WebSite Monitoring, Desktop based Enterprise Messenger, Software Product Listing (Like Hotscripts). [Commercial]
  • PHP scripts aimed at novice webmasters. "RadChat" and "RadLinks" are available for download.
  • Rampant Studios Free PHP scripts includes Contact Form, Quick Notes, Recommend, Survey,Image Gallery. Also installation and programming services available.
  • Rampart User authentication for multiple sites and pages through a single datasource and code base.
  • RateMyStuff A complete "Rate My..." site package with full support for user uploads and voting. By PHP Labs. [Commercial]
  • Ravens PHP Scripts KISGB (an advanced PHP guestbook), KISSQ (Keep It Simple Stock Quote), Nuke modules and patches, SQL tools.
  • RChart Php Edition Set of Php Classes for creating charts and graphs. It supports more than 18 types (linechart, piechart, barchart, radarchart, curves , gauges, 3D charts, Candlestick, areacharts) and combinations of them. [Commercial]
  • Replacer An easy to use multi-file search and replace script for unix web servers. By PHP Labs. [Commercial]
  • RFKcache A cache engine for PHP programs. [Freeware]
  • RFKmap A free code which join FastTemplate and PHPlib's class (DB_Sql) to create an object system for a content management and viewer. A easy syntax to create one instance to access a complex queries and mapping the results to a set of templates.
  • Internet research PHP scripts by Leakey.
  • RSS2HTML Converts RSS feeds to HTML for displaying on websites. [Freeware]
  • Free PHP scripts including messengers, chat scripts and shopping carts, counters.
  • Securimage Presents this CAPTCHA script for generating complex images and codes to protect forms from spam and abuse. Includes documentation, a gallery and an online demonstration. [Open source, LGPL]
  • Sendcard An e-card program. Includes screenshots, documentation and testimonials. [Open source, Artistic license]
  • SilverSpider Play List A set of PHP scripts that helps you add a recent music to Web site. [Freeware]
  • SimpleRDF/PHP5 Parser Simplifies parsing RDF/XML sources in PHP. [Open source, BSD license]
  • SiteSpeed A PHP script will measure the speed of website where it installed and displays the results in 7 graphs. [Freeware]
  • SkinTech - Free PHP Scripts A collection of free PHP scripts including phpNewsManager, phpWebMagazine, RateIt!, phpMyQuote, X-Changer, SkinMem, SkinBase.
  • Smart Statistics PHP statistics script that shows what pages or sections are most visited by visitors and how did a page or section popularity evolved in the last period. [Commercial]
  • SQLconf A small set of PHP functions which provide facilities for writing and reading configuration for PHP scripts. Using MySQL as the backend. [Open source, GPL]
  • Stadtaus Provides PHP scripts including a form mail script, an image gallery and a guestbook script. [Commercial]
  • stardevelop Live Help A PHP, mySQL based customer support solution that provides a real time chat service for online customers. [Commercial]
  • Support Center A fully automated web based help desk system that increase the productivity and efficiency of support staff.
  • SupportTrio PHP Help Desk online solution with integrated knowledge base. By ActiveCampaign,Inc. [Commercial]
  • The Stickybeak Uses dynamically generated images to provide a cross domain logging solution. The system utilizes P3P architecture to allow a single cookie to identify users across multiple domains. [Open source, GPL]
  • Tim Linden's PHP Scripts Quality Traffic Exchange PHP script. [Commercial] Also phpMyCounter, URL Rotator PHP scripts. [Freeware]
  • totallyPHP Provide free PHP scripts, such as guestbooks, hit counters, directory lister, as well as handy snippets of code for use in PHP programming.
  • TraceWatch An advanced website traffic analysis application with statistics report pages, path analysis, and graphs. [Freeware]
  • VDaemon - Web Form Validation A PHP library that check for errors and, if necessary, display messages to the user. [Freeware]
  • Vote! Pro A PHP voting solution for web site with skins support. [Commercial]
  • vScripts Includes vNews, vPoll, and vAuthenticate.
  • VSIS Conftool A Web-based online system that supports all phases of scientific conferences, workshops and seminars. It was developed to make the management of a conference easier and more time-saving. [Open source, free of charge for non-commercial conferences and events]


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