This category attempts to be a comprehensive listing of Scheme implementations and compilers available. This includes both commercial efforts, free software, and archaic implementations which are of historical interest.
  • 3DScheme Two systems for Windows with built in "industrial-strength" solid modeler based on the ACIS solid modeler Geometric Modeling Kernel.
  • An Executable Denotational Semantics for Scheme SchemeDS, as defined in R5RS. Program coded in R5RS Scheme. Description, documents, downloads. [AppSolutions Software Licensing]
  • Better Scheme Language designed and largely implemented, now a matter of coding, documenting. Goals: high consistency; improve language's functional nature; consistency with lambda calculus; optimize, but not at cost of other goals.
  • Bigloo System with one goal: enable Scheme programming style where C(++) is usually needed; makes Scheme practical via features found in most normal languages but not Scheme and functional programming. Generators for C code, Java Virtual Machine, .NET bytecode. [Open Source, GPL]
  • Chez Scheme Reliable, high performance implementation, by Cadence Research Systems. Free version exists. [Commercial]
  • Chicken A Scheme compiler which compiles a subset of R5RS into C. Uses the ideas presented in Baker's paper "Cheney on the MTA". It is highly portable, reasonably efficient and makes interfacing to C and C++ very easy.
  • CMU AI Repository Free/Shareware Scheme Implementations Yet more Scheme implementations from the CMU AI Repository. Many of these are also available from the Indiana University Scheme Repository.
  • EdScheme Interpreter for Macintosh or Windows. Has "friendly and convenient interactive programming environment" with language sensitive editor, full documentation. [commercial, free 14 day download]
  • Elk Scheme: The Extension Language Kit New site. Embeddable, reusable extension language subsystem for programs coded in C/C++, also a useful standalone Scheme implementation with interfaces to POSIX, Unix, X11.
  • Elk: Scheme-based Extension Language Kit Old site, last update 1997. Embeddable, reusable extension language subsystem for applications written in C/C++, also a useful standalone Scheme implementation with interfaces to POSIX, Unix, X11.
  • EuScheme Sources Small implementation of Level 0 EuLisp, downloads in formats: tar, tgz, zip.
  • Gambit A portable, high-performance implementation of Scheme based on an optimizing compiler by Marc Feeley. Developed at University of Montreal.
  • Gauche An R5RS Scheme implementation developed to be a handy script interpreter. Quick startup, built-in system interface, native multilingual support. [Open source, BSD license]
  • Indiana University Scheme Repository: Implementations Even more Scheme implementations freely available from the Indiana U. repository.
  • Inlab Scheme A commercial Scheme which is freely available for non-commercial use on Linux and FreeBSD. It has support for several features like bitmap/greymap processing and can be used as a general tool for image processing, OCR or specialized optical object and pattern recognition.
  • Kali Scheme A distributed implementation of Scheme that permits efficient transmission of higher-order objects such as closures and continuations.
  • KSM-Scheme A R5RS Scheme interpreter which integrates with C, allowing calling of C functions and accessing C variables from Scheme. It provides a mechanism to load C shared libraries. It runs on x86 and PowerPC based Linux systems.
  • Larceny Project Simple, efficient Scheme run-time system, for SPARC architecture. Petit Larceny is portable and emits C, for Linux (Intel IA32), Macintosh OS X (PowerPC), Solaris (SPARC), Windows. Common Larceny runs on Microsoft Common Language Runtime (CLR), emits MS IL not native or C code.
  • LispMe Newer versions here. Scheme system for the Palm Pilot PDA developed by Fred Bayer.
  • MIT Scheme From MIT, for many systems, has code library, includes most functionality of ANSI Standard Common Lisp (CLtL2), many low-level OS interactions. Distributed with system is LIAR (LIAR Imitates Apply Recursively), optimizing compiler that outputs native machine code, has Edwin interactive Emacs-derived editor written in pure Scheme and the subject of an MIT AI Lab Memo. Arguably one of the best Scheme systems available, unarguably one of largest. Major downfall: its not totally R5RS compliant, more so for hygienic macros and #f versus the empty list. Version 7.5 now available for x86 systems.
  • Narsi Portable scheme interpreter by Britt Park. Other free software: Cdoc, simple program to generate pretty TeX output from annotated C/C++ code. Userblock, simple user space block device driver kit for Linux. UVFS, user space filesystem kit.
  • Oaklisp Object-oriented Scheme dialect with first-class types, multiple inheritance, lexically distributed method definitions. based on bytecode emulator, yet reasonably fast. Description, downloads, bibliography. [Open Source, GPL]
  • PC Scheme Texas Instruments system for DOS OS; no longer maintained; download formats: source, executable/binary.
  • Petite Chez Scheme A complete Scheme system that is fully compatible with Chez Scheme but uses high-speed threaded interpreter technology in place of Chez Scheme's incremental native-code compiler. [Freeware]
  • Pico Tiny, expressive; made to teach advanced computer science ideas to non-computer science students; mixes power of languages like Scheme, with standard infix notation known from calculus. Has: garbage collected tables (arrays), higher order functions, objects, meta programming, reflection.
  • Pilo Visualization Tools for Scheme: PVTS Simple interpreter, runs on Java VM, with 3 visual aids/tools to support learning functional programming via Scheme; has viewers (environment, function call, cons-cell), i.e., global environment, recursive trees, linked list. Description, thesis, screenshots, download. Open source, GPL.
  • Pocket Scheme For MIPS, SH3, ARM-based Windows CE devices. Supports Aubrey Jaffer's SLIB, has initialization file for same, parenthesis-balancing text editor. Windows NT version exists. [Open Source, Artistic License]
  • Pseudoscheme Embeds Scheme in Common Lisp.
  • QScheme A fast, small Scheme interpreter which is mostly compliant with the R5RS standard.
  • Scheme 48 A small and portable implementation based on a bytecode interpreter designed to be used as a testbed for experiments in implementation techniques.
  • Scheme 48 Jonathan A. Rees's unofficial page: history, links, status.
  • Scheme 48 User's Guide HTMLized by Margaret Fleck, one of the authors of Envision.
  • Scheme-to-C DEC's venerable translator, runs on most anything with an ANSI C compiler.
  • Schoca (Scheme for OCaml) An implementation of the Scheme language in OCaml. The primary purpose of Schoca is the use as an embedded extension language in OCaml applications. [Open source, GPL]
  • SCM A portable Scheme implementation written by Aubrey Jaffer.
  • Scsh Scheme Shell, broad-spectrum system programming environment for Unix, embedded in R5RS Scheme 48. Supports concurrent system programming, sophisticated I/O and automatic garbage collection for process resources.
  • Scsh FAQ The FAQ for Scsh, the Scheme Shell.
  • SIOD: Scheme in One Defun Very small, portable implementation, has some database, Unix programming, CGI scripting extensions. Runs on DOS, Linux, Unix, Windows. Free source downloads.
  • STk R4RS Scheme interpreter with interface to access Tk graphical package; can be seen as a standard Tk package with Tcl replaced by a Scheme interpreter. Has efficient CLOS-like object-oriented system, STklos.
  • SXM, CXEMA Portable Scheme implementation, conforms to IEEE/ANSI standard, supports all features of R5RS Report, many features of Chez Scheme and various SRFIs. Derived from XScheme: object system dropped, many changes, additions.
  • T Scheme-like language developed at Yale; is to Scheme rather as NIL is to Lisp; mainly of interest to historians and theoreticians. FTP for v3.1.
  • T History Fairly detailed, by Olin Shivers.
  • T Project History with: downloads, contributors, timeline, publications, influence, users, successors, Olin history errata. By Jonathan A. Rees.
  • Tachy Scheme-like language coded in C# for .NET framework. First implementation is interpreter, compiler is planned. Main focus: programming language learning, experiment. Kept as small (now under 1000 lines) and simple as possible. Open source, BSD license.
  • The Ksi Scheme Interpreter Ksi is a portable, embeddable Scheme implementation written in C. Unfortunately its documentation is all in Russian at this point.
  • TinyScheme Based on Mini-Scheme, tiny implementation, almost a full R5RS Scheme. Goal: embedded scripting use, but works as standalone interpreter and extensible shell tool. Recent changes reduced executable size to about 64KB on Linux/x86. [BSD]
  • Unlikely Scheme Small, standard-complying implementation, in C++. [Open source, zlib license]
  • VSCM A portable Scheme implementation written by Matthias Blume of Princeton University. No longer actively developed.
  • Vx-scheme A compact (<64 Kb) implementation of R4RS Scheme that compiles for VxWorks/Tornado (and is integrated with the system symbol table). [Open source, Artistic License]
  • WinScm Scheme environment for Windows 3.1/95; interpreter independent, though defaults to Jaffer's SCM. Used at University of Lille 1, France, for introductory programming course. Free downloads. English, Française.
  • XLISP A superset of the Scheme dialect of Lisp with extensions to support object-oriented programming.
  • XLisp-Plus Lisp version based on, and evolutionary improvement on, experimental XLisp.
  • XLisp-Stat Based on XLisp, but with built-in statistics support.


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