• a Design Spot Web site design and logo design for individuals and small businesses. Offers services in Japanese and English. Located in Hamamatsu, Shizuoka, Japan.
  • ActiveShark Offers graphic and website design in English, Portuguese and Spanish. Services, pricing, and contact details.
  • AL6400 Solutions Offers web design and marketing services including multilingual Asian language development options. Located in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.
  • Alpine Concepts Offers web design and marketing services in English and German. Includes details of services, packages and prices.
  • AQ Specializing in multilingual and Japanese web design, graphic design, usability appraisals and testing. Tokyo, Japan.
  • Artual Offers graphic and design services in English and Hungarian. Portfolio, and a gallery of art works.
  • AYWebsite Offers graphic, music and website design in English, German, Spanish and Polish.
  • azpDesigns Offers design and development services for small businesses. Portfolio, prices and contacts. English, Polish and Spanish.
  • Babylonia Specializing in web design and internet services, Flash animation, and database driven sites for small and medium business. Translation services for English, Dutch, and German.
  • BCTN Technologies Specializing in design, translation and hosting of websites, as well as development of corporate images. [English, Catalan, Spanish, German, French, Italian, and Portuguese]
  • btrax, Inc. Offers design and e-commerce development, web marketing, and search engine positioning services. English and Japanese.
  • Cheshire Woods Offers web design, e-commerce implementation and graphic design services for medium and small businesses. Specializes in accessibility and cross-platform, cross-browser compatible programming. Services available in English and Spanish.
  • Concevoir | Scinet Pluss, Inc. Provides full web design and development services in Japanese and English. Tokyo, Japan.
  • Dezign My Website Design of web sites in English and Spanish. Translations and online Powerpoint presentations available.
  • Digileon Offers web design services in English, Lithuanian, Italian and Russian languages. Services, works, contact details.
  • eCreativa Offering web design and content adaptations for Latin America and Japan with translation services for English, Japanese and Spanish.
  • EDF Provides web design, intranet development, and content management solutions. Languages: English, German, French and Dutch. Based in Amsterdam, Netherlands.
  • Eighty One Holdings Offers bilingual web design and photography services. FAQs, clients. English and Traditional Chinese.
  • Elfor World Software Provides site design, programming, English and Russian translation, site development in both languages, software development, and re-design.
  • Elucidos Offers web site design, programming, and maintenance services along with search engine optimisation. Also translation services. English and French.
  • eSimpo Offering web design, graphic design, Flash animation, domain name registration, hosting, and content development in English and Chinese.
  • Gallery Webs Services include web design, flash animation, site translation into Spanish, hosting, and domain name registration.
  • Gaoth Offers services including website design, domain name registration and hosting. Chinese, English and Japanese translations.
  • Gialloafrica Offers website, trademarks and logo design and 3D animations. In English and Italian.
  • Globo Web Design Provides multilingual web design, localization and translation. Description of services and pricing. Works with English, German, Japanese, French, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish and Italian languages.
  • Graphite-Works Offers site design, e-commerce, databases, PHP, XML, MySQL in English and Hungarian.
  • HolmPage Productions Provides web design, original backgrounds and graphics. Offers design in multiple languages. Located in Canada.
  • Honey & Love Design Company Provides design and translation services in English and Spanish. Services include web sites, web graphics, logos, ads, invitations, brochures, restaurant menus, business cards and t-shirts.
  • Hualian-Yatong Network Information Technology Co., Ltd Translation (English-Chinese, English-Japanese, English-German, English-Korean ), web design, software development, multi-languages database design, website(software)localization.
  • idesigns Offers web site development, search engine submission, custom graphics and multilingual pages for medium-sized businesses. [English or French]
  • Image-in Creating multimedia applications and websites. Also graphic design and 3D animation. [French, Hebrew, English, and Spanish]
  • Inetbug Technology, Inc. Offer website design and hosting in multiple languages, including Arabic and French. Portfolio and pricing.
  • InfoGate Providing web development, graphic design, computer desktop support and the installation and administration of networks. English and Japanese.
  • International Web Pages, Inc. Provides general design for family and commercial use. Offers Spanish, Italian, Dutch, French, and Russian languages.
  • Internicola Web site design, Flash, and e-commerce solutions. English, Spanish and French. Located in Miami, Florida, USA.
  • Janik, Michael Develops web sites in English and German. Portfolio, pricing and contact details.
  • JapaNet Offers English and Japanese language web design. Profile,portfolio, team, contacts.
  • Jocey Designs Develops Web sites in English and French. Maintenance, hosting and graphics for your communication needs.
  • Littera Graphis S.A. Multimedia subsidiary of translation specialist Eurologos. Offer multilingual typesetting, web design, localization and other language services.
  • Luigibeverelli.com Services include design with Italian elegance. Sites available in English or Italian.
  • Machinas Offers web design and development services. Specialising in European and Asian markets. Description of services, list of projects.
  • Mackstar Web design, Flash, and database interaction in English and Japanese.
  • Mangialardi, Antonio Specializes in Flash technology and dual-language sites: Italian and English.
  • Mangoville New Media Provides web design, internet services and multimedia in Cairns, Australia. Produces web sites and multimedia projects in English and German.
  • Mastin, Luke Offers DHTML, Javascript, CSS, Flash, CGI programming, and search engine submission services. Offers designs in English, Spanish, and French.
  • Mediastation Web design, multimedia development, video production, multilingual content management and software translation. Located in Surrey, United Kingdom.
  • Mindpit Interactive Design web sites, provide consultations on web related issues, site submission and maintenance, graphic design. Development in Russian and English. Located in Poughkeepsie, New York, United States.
  • Modular Infotech Offers web design and development in 12 different Indian languages.
  • Nanahikari Co. Providing English and Japanese web site design services including localization, translation, and search positioning.
  • NissR Inc. Offers designs, develops, implements and translation services. Based in St. Laurent, Quebec, Canada.
  • Orchimedia Develops web sites, CD-ROMs and presentations. Translate and adapt web sites for Chinese and Taiwan markets.
  • Penta Services Providing web page development and design, hosting, translations and promotion in English and German. Located in India.
  • Phase Zero Productions Interactive agency specializing in design and development; including branding and print, content management, and e-commerce. English, Italian, and German.
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  • Piranha Designs Gibraltar Provides websites design in English and Spanish. Pricing, portfolio, templates. Based in Gibraltar.
  • Pizzinini, Mario Multimedia, production and advanced Shockwave/Flash design, in English and German.
  • PlanC Web design and development services, including programming, Flash, database integration, internet marketing and advertising. English and German.
  • Preface Media Specializing in multilingual web design and development, translation, online and offline marketing campaigns. Company profile, portfolio.
  • Proinco Design Web design, corporate image, logos, reservations systems and online promotion, since 1996. In English and Spanish.
  • Proximedia Web design and business directory; including hosting, ISP, and domain registration. In French, Dutch, English and German.
  • Puchberger, Guenter Services include web and print design, server programming and translation from English to German.
  • QuickMedia Offering website development services in English, Spanish and Italian. Specializing in Spanish markets, including Latin America.
  • Safran System Offers site design in English and French. Also photo, translation and hosting services.
  • Shioura Web page design, e-commerce, hosting and language translation services. Located in Evanston, Illinois, United States.
  • Silver Lizzard Offering interactive web design, hosting and graphic design services in English and Afrikaans to small businesses. Located in South Africa.
  • Sitebuilders Developer of websites based on CMS. Also PHP, MySQL and Flash applications. English and Finnish.
  • STDesign4U Offers web design services in French, English and Portuguese. Portfolio, prices.
  • Sumico Net Offers web and graphic design, multimedia solutions and photography. Company profile and news, services offered, portfolio, contact details. Specializes in Japanese and English.
  • Tawakkol Provides Arabic and English web design. Located in Ann Arbor, Michigan, United States.
  • TechArt International Offers multilingual design services for print and the web in Japanese, Chinese, Korean, and European languages. Also translation, typesetting, layout, and project management.
  • Tiraman Providing multilingual web design, software development, and multimedia solutions. English and Farsi.
  • TJSdesign Web site design, multimedia design, display design, and Flash in English and Japanese. Located in Torrance, California.
  • TrueImpression.com Web design and hosting. Develops sites in English and Spanish.
  • Turning Pages Offers web design for individuals and small businesses in English and Spanish.
  • Valhalla Web Design Provides web design, translations into languages other than English, marketing, and domain name registration. Based in Colorado Springs.
  • Verondata Offers web design in English and Italian. Located in Vedano Olona, Italy.
  • ViennaDesign.com Providing graphic, corporate, screen and web design, photography, database solutions, content development and translations into European and Asian languages. Austria.
  • VisionSites Offers web design services in English and Spanish. Moorpark, CA, USA.
  • VIVAstudio Web design, sites development, and translation services. English, German, Italian, Spanish, and Russian.
  • Web Page Design Consulting Offers web design in English and French and training services. Portfolio, pricing.
  • WEBland Offers site design in Dutch, German, French, Spanish and English, domain name registration, graphics, maintenance and search engine submission. Located in Hague, The Netherlands.
  • Webtoil Services includes design, authoring, hosting, domain name registration and multilingual translations. Portfolio, contacts.
  • X Pty Limited Offers full range of professional Internet services in English and Greek. Including; design, development, Ecommerce, monitoring, management, and promotion.
  • Yosh Specializing in bilingual web design services for the Japanese/English market. Based in Melbourne, Australia.
  • ZMX Designing and maintaining web sites in English and Spanish. Services, FAQs, contacts.


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