A social networking site offers users a place to post their goals, interests and personal information, then interact with others. There may be an area for a blog or web page, as well as a place to add photos. Most social networking sites are free, and open to the general public. Some are private, or are designed for the use of those with a common interest.
  • 2Befriends Provides members with chat rooms, video profiles and forum.
  • 2collab Online collaboration tool for researchers that enables to share, connect and discuss researches.
  • 43 Things Users create an account and list goals or hopes which are then connected to other people's goals.
  • 60 Plus Friends Online Offers a place for seniors to interact with each other.
  • Advogato A community site for developers of free software.
  • ASmallWorld A private online community designed for those who already have strong connections with one another. By invitation only.
  • Badoo A worldwide community that provides its members with the ability to communicate and share their lives. Features include photo and video sharing.
  • Bebo Allows users to share photos with music, and blogs, and draw on members' White Boards.
  • BlackPlanet.com A community for African Americans, that provides an interactive forum with chat, photos, games, email, and contests.
  • Bragalia A social community allows people around the world to brag about their achievements and immediately share their success stories with friends and family.
  • Buzznet A video, photo and journal based community that enables users to program dynamic multimedia communities around music and pop culture topics.
  • Care2 Connects activists from around the world, with member profiles, news stories and blogs to facilitate social networking, petition and donation drives and email.
  • Classmates.com Find, connect and keep in touch with friends and acquaintances, post photographs, announcements, and biographies, read community message boards and be informed of upcoming reunions. Free and paid memberships.
  • Copper Strings Spiritual home for people who consider themselves alternative, holistic or green.
  • CouchSurfing Offers profile listing, discussion groups and a place to arrange free accommodations around the world.
  • Coworkers.com Offers coworker reviews, ratings and feedbacks.
  • Cyloop Allows users to listen free music, watch videos, read interviews and news, connect with artists and friends.
  • Cyworld Users have access to a profile page, photos, drawings and images uploading, an avatar, neighborhoods, and clubs.
  • Diaspora* A free personal web server that implements a distributed social networking service.
  • Dogpawfile A social community for pet lovers, to share photos, stories and videos. Free and pay memberships.
  • Doostang An invitation only site that ensures all contacts entering the system are trusted by at least one or more members in the network. Members share career opportunities and interact with others.
  • Eons Information, tools and communities for people over the age of fifty.
  • Espin Designed for teens and college students to meet, rate pictures, and take quizzes. Members can meet new people, without the risk of rejection.
  • Experience Project A personal growth and support community connecting members through shared experiences.
  • FaceJunky.com Community with profiles, search, browsing, groups, classifieds, events, and quizzes.
  • FaceParty Community including live chat, photograph uploads and messaging between members.
  • Faces In addition to profiles, offers email, a forum, music, videos and an arcade sections are available.
  • Fanpop Fan clubs covering a variety of topics with video, images, forums, bookmarking and polls.
  • Faves Allows users to find, save and share interesting web content with friends and family.
  • Fiverr The place for people to share things they’re willing to do for $5.
  • Flickr Picture galleries available with chat, groups, and photo ratings.
  • Flixster Members can share movie ratings, add favorite celebrities to their weblog, meet people with similarities, and take a movie quiz.
  • Fotki A service for sharing and printing photos. Also offers blogs.
  • Fotolog A community of interconnected photo diaries and blogs.
  • Foursquare Members note their locations with a mobile phone and can find out where friends are. Recent activity, introductory video.
  • Friends Reunited The main site reunites people, while Genes Reunited enables members to pool their family trees; the Dating and Jobs sites link members with similar attributes, interests and/or locations. Pages specific to several locations around the world.
  • Friendster A global social network that emphasizes friendship and the discovery of new people. Search for old friends and classmates, stay in touch with friends, share photos and videos. Also in Simplified and Traditional Chinese, and in Spanish.
  • Gaia Online General Anime, Manga, and video game discussions, a links database and a fan-art gallery. Lets members create and customize characters to represent themselves.
  • Gather Encourages users to write articles and reviews, upload audio and images. Members collect Gather Points™ that can be used to purchase goods and services.
  • Geni Enables the creation of a family tree, and a profile, which can be shared with family and friends.
  • Graduates.com Lists schools, colleges and universities from many countries and offers free registration and browsing. Members can list contact information, a brief biography, and other details, to reunite with former classmates.
  • Greenopolis An Interactive, collaborative and educational community bringing together individuals, communities, organizations and corporations to help people learn, act and receive rewards.
  • Grono.net Offers videos, groups and forums as well as profile pages and classifieds. Based in Poland, available in several languages.
  • hi5 Offers a profile page, a friend request feature, photo storage, music reviews, video, and email.
  • Identi.ca A social microblogging service similar to Twitter, built on open source tools and open standards. Allows users to send text-based posts up to 140 characters long.
  • Indyarocks Focuses on India. Contains profiles, games, music, photographs, and SMS messages.
  • Jobaba.com Provides a platform for people with needs and service providers with skills to connect locally.  Jobaba.com matches the customers' needs, and provides bidding and project management features for tracking services.
  • JuJu International community of online friends. Features photo albums, blogs, forums, messaging, and private chat.
  • Kaboodle Shopping community where people recommend and discover new things.
  • Kindo Site allows users to build their free family tree and makes genealogy fun and allows families to build their family tree for free and grow.
  • Kupika Make anonymous friends. Create an avatar and write letters to members. Other features include diaries, web pages, Oekaki, and virtual items.
  • Last.fm An internet radio and music community website and social music platform. Uses a recommendation system known as "Audioscrobbler", to build a detailed profile of each user's musical taste.
  • Libre.fm A social music platform, Internet radio and music community similar to Last.fm, based on free software and open standards.
  • Lifeblob A social timeline service to capture users' lives and see how they intersects with friends and family members.
  • LinkedIn A networking tool to find connections to recommended job candidates, industry experts and business partners. Allows registered users to maintain a list of contact details of people they know and trust in business.
  • LipstickAlley.com Discussion forum with topics that include celebrity news and gossip, current events, and sports. Also features confessions, blogs and games.
  • LiveJournal A service for journals and blogs, that also offers privacy controls, photo storage, publishing tools, style templates, and online communities for many interests.
  • Local Sounds An organization of industry professionals and musicians that focuses on the historical preservation, education and advancement of the local music industry.
  • MEETin.org A community dedicated to providing a casual social environment. Members are encouraged to organize and participate in events in any given MEETin city.
  • Meetup Helps groups of people with shared interests plan events and facilitates off line group meetings in various localities around the world.
  • MiGente.com An English language site for the Hispanic community, reflecting Latino culture and perspectives.
  • MindViz Home to a number of signed and unsigned underground artists, this site offers such features as profiles, blogs, member polls, instant messaging, live chat, and email.
  • MOG An online community that focuses on sharing songs, a music library, videos and thoughts on music.
  • Multiply Users can create, share and discuss blogs, photos, videos and music with others as well as post reviews of movies and books, or share a calendar of events.
  • My Opera Features include a weblog service, photo albums, Bookmark sharing and forums. Users may download skins and setups for the Opera browser.
  • MyChurch A service for Christian churches that follow the Nicene Creed. In addition to standard services, it allows churches to post sermon podcasts, have event calendars, and collect tithes from members for a fee.
  • MyWavelength.com Members are offered free or paid services. Site is organized by hobbies and interests and by health topics.
  • myYearbook Offers quizzes and a weblog section, as well as videos and free content from CliffsNotes.
  • Naijapals A Nigerian online community that allows people to engage in interactive activities and share local contents.
  • Netlog Members can create a profile and a guestbook, post pictures and send and receive messages. Create a clan or join one of the existing clans.
  • Nexopia Offers profiles, friends list, blogs, galleries, articles, and forums.
  • Ning An online service to create, customize, and share a social network.
  • Ohbeezy A platform and a free social network for geeks.
  • OkCupid A free social networking and dating website that also offers features that include blogs and member-created quizzes.
  • OneClimate.net Devoted to the subject of climate change, users share thoughts, ask questions, and post videos and images. Create a personal eco-profile and calculate a carbon footprint.
  • Orkut Social networking and discussion site operated by Google.
  • OUTeverywhere A lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender community that includes member profiles, picture galleries, private messages, discussion boards and online chat. Also organizes offline events.
  • Penpal.net Provides for search by country, age and sex. Offers free and fee based subscription services.
  • Penpal.ru International penpal listings with a focus on Russia. User profiles include name, country, age, and photos.
  • PerfSpot A free, public, international social network offering custom privacy tools, photo sharing, blog publishing, interest groups, messaging and chat, streaming music and video, and social applications.
  • Piczo In this photo website builder and community, users can add items such as images, text content, videos, glitters, shout-outs, and profile pages.
  • Pouchons.com A hip-hop networking site. Contains photographs, profiles, forums, chat, and music.
  • Rummble A mobile social network. Users can share favorite places, explore friend's travels on the web or from a mobile, upload photos, write a mobile weblog, instant message, and flirt.
  • Ryze Business Networking Members get a free networking-oriented home page and can send messages to other members. They can also join special Networks related to their industry, interests or location.
  • Sermo An online community for physicians to post observations and questions about clinical issues and hear other doctors' opinions.
  • Service LineProfile Offers people 18 years old and over the option to create a free profile in one line.
  • Shelfari This social media site is focused on books. Members can build virtual bookshelves, discover, rate and discuss books, and participate in online groups.
  • Skyrock Offers blogs, profiles, chat, photos, and videos.
  • Snockles Social messaging and networking site where you broadcast snockles to your friends through your mobile phone (SMS) and the web.
  • Sportsvite A service for organizing active sports and connecting with other players for league teams, pick-up games, and sports or activity groups; combines sports-specific targeted search and member profiles with invitation and game management tools.
  • StumbleUpon A web browser plugin that allows users to discover and rate webpages, photos, videos, and news articles.
  • Tagged Allows users to send messages, leave comments, browse photos, watch videos, play games, give tags and chat.
  • TakingITGlobal An international non-profit organization headquartered in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, that connects youth around the world, encouraging them to get involved in improving their local and global communities.
  • Taltopia A social networking platform that connects aspiring talent with fans and industry professionals.
  • The Hospitality Club A network of people around the world who offer accommodation, advice and help for travelers. Free membership.
  • The Student Center A community for teens, college students, and young adults. Offers profiles, forum, groups, chat and games.
  • TravBuddy Hotel reviews, and travel blogs to help with trip planning. Users can share travel tips, find a travel buddy, or weblog about travel experiences.
  • tribe.net An online community, based in several cities throughout the U.S. and in Canada. Users create a network of friends, and join or create tribes for common interests.
  • Tribler Allows its users to find, enjoy and share content.
  • Uniteddogs Meeting place for dog owners. Offers blogs, photo sharing, forum and videos. [multi-languages]
  • Web 2.0 Suicide Machine A service, presented with a dose of humor, to easily remove your Facebook, LinkedIn, MySpace, and Twitter presence. Detailed FAQ and memorial pages to those who committed social web suicide.
  • Webs Space for individuals, groups, or small businesses to share photos and videos, open a store, and build a member community.
  • Where Are You Now? (WAYN) A travel and lifestyle social networking community designed for members to meet others, keep friends and family informed of their whereabouts and activities, and share experiences.
  • Woophy A photo sharing website and online community where members can put their photos on a world map. Offers photo contests and a forum.
  • XING A social software platform providing a small-world network for professionals.
  • Zooomr Offers online photo sharing. Users can securely and privately show photos to friends and family, or weblog the photos taken with a camera phone.

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