Rated award programs represent a global effort to improve the standards of judging quality on the Web. These programs have undergone significant scrutiny themselves by various organizations to earn the ratings they hold. Each rating organization maintains a unique set of criteria and rating designation, usually numeric. Award-givers voluntarily subject their awards to this scrutiny and must display the rating in a prominent location on their site. Generally speaking, the higher rated programs are more difficult to win. However most have established a standard scoring and judging system by which all sites are evaluated equally. A Code of Ethics declaration may also be present to warrant a fair evaluation. These programs are not for the casual award hunter. Requirements are strict and the application process is often arduous, many requiring verification that the rules have been read. They also may offer a self-evaluation area to help predict your success based on the guidelines. In the final analysis, rated awards endeavor to improve the Web experience by rewarding excellence. A quick trip to the winners' list and a careful read of the criteria might reveal you have a winning site of your own. Guide to rating abbreviations: AS! = Award Sites! WTA = World's Top Awards WA = Webs Awards UWSAG = United Web Site Award Givers EAI = European Award Index
  • Animation Playhouse Award Program Offers gold, silver, bronze and merit awards for sites that excel in design, content and navigation. Rating AS! 3.5
  • Artabus Awards Three levels of awards for art-related sites. Rating AS! 2.5
  • Beacon Awards Recognizing non-commercial sites which provide positive content and valuable resources. Features four levels plus site-of-the-year award. Rating: AS! 5, WA 5, WTA
  • BigEye Award Program Three-tiered program plus an annual award. Winners based on innovative design, interesting content, easy navigation, and quick load time. Rated AS! 5, WTA
  • BT Design Awards Rewarding sites with educational and resource value. Six individual awards are available, including three for general excellence plus art, music and movies. Ratings: AS! 5.0, WTA
  • Comedy Zone Cool Site Awards Multiple awards are available for well-designed sites with entertaining content. Rating: AS! 3.0
  • Copacabana Runners Heart & Soul Award Program based in Brazil that recognizes the achievements of webmasters who put Heart and Soul into their sites. English and Portuguese language sites may apply. Rating: AS! 4.0 (Retired)
  • Critics Choice Awards Recognition for sites that demonstrate a high caliber of proficiency in content, graphic art, and value to society. Contains detailed criteria and tutorials. Rating: AS! 5.0 (retired)
  • DAGA International Awards Award based on the graphics originality and quality. Rating AS! 5.0
  • Geetha's Web Design Awards Offers four levels of awards for superior design. Site also contains webmaster resources. Rating: AS! 5.0 (Retired)
  • Groundzero Design Award Award for sites that display excellence of flow, creativity and content. Rating: AS! 4.5
  • Korea Award Three levels for quality of content with style plus a site-of-the-year award. Offers free graphics and other resources including information about Korea. Rated: AS! 4.0, WA 10*, UWSAG 5, EAI 4, WTA
  • Korea Orchid Award Three levels to recognize sites that combine imagination, creativity, graphic layout and useful content to educate or entertain. Includes detailed criteria, self-test and winners list. Rated: AS! 5.0, WA 10, UWSAG 4, EAI 4
  • Ladder54 Website Awards Seven-tiered program for general excellence in design and content and separate categories for firefighting and related content. Rating: AS! 3.0.
  • Lakota Wolf Web Design Award Multiple awards based on design and navigation. Includes specific criteria and winners list. Rated: AS! 2.5
  • Medals of Excellence Awards three levels to sites that display expertise in areas of informative and tasteful content, technology, design and navigation. Rating: AS! 5.0, WTA
  • Nem5 Awards Program Awards are presented to Web sites displaying the highest standards of excellence in original design. Detailed criteria determine four award levels. 11 other individual category awards are also available. Rating: AS! 5.0+, WTA
  • Pirelli INTERNETional Award Annual international multimedia award for sites related to science and technology. Features rules, jury profiles, previous winners and online application. Rating AS! 5.0
  • Reach for the Stars Award Offers gold, silver and bronze awards for personal and business websites which have excellent design, content and navigation. Rated: AS! 3.0, WA 1.0
  • Red Stag Awards Four levels of awards for personal and commercial sites. Detailed criteria for functionality, design and content with standardized scoring. Site also includes resources and tutorials. Rating: AS! 4.5 (retired)
  • Surfers Choice Awards Fee-based program with multiple tiers. No submissions are accepted from GeoCities, Tripod, Angel Fire or domains that resolve to them. Rating: AS! 5.0, WTA.
  • Talking Hands Award Award program for sites focused on teaching and learning. Sites must be nominated for consideration. Includes detailed criteria and scoring. AS! Rated 5.0
  • The DRH Design Award Offers award for individuals or groups that exhibit creativity in overall design, content, functionality, and appeal. Rating: AS! 3.5.
  • Thomas Sims Graves Award Program Offers four levels of awards that can be won plus a Diamond Award that is discretionary. Rating AS! 3.5, WA 3
  • Tim's Spider Awards Award program with four levels: Gold, Silver, Bronze and Merit for talent and creativity. Rating AS! 5, WA 4, EAI 5, UWSAG 5, WTA
  • Vie's Inn of Wonders' Awards Award program with a focus on outstanding content. Includes detailed criteria and disqualifiers, self test, online application and winners list. Rated: AS! 4.5
  • Web Design Poet Award Awarding sites with unique designs and creative solutions. Contains basic criteria and nomination form. Rating: AS! 3.5


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