This category contains links to everything and anything related to embedded systems and embedded system development.
  • Acceed Delivers industrial PCs, add on cards and serial communication cards.
  • AcQ InduCom Offers a wide range of standard products according to the M-module, VMEbus, PCI, PMC and CompactPCI standards and MIL-STD-1553 (STANAG 3838/3910) units.
  • Acromag, Inc. Provides industrial I/O solutions for computer control applications and data acquisition using VME boards, cPCI, PCI and ISA, and IP modules for analog and digital I/O.
  • ACT/Technico Integrated real-time and embedded systems using CompactPCI, VMEbus, and Mezzanine.
  • Actis Computer Manufactures board level products based around the 68K, PowerQuicc and PowerPC families on the VME and CompactPCI buses as well as Industry Pack modules.
  • Advanced Digital Logic Offers high performing, low power SBC's for embedded and stand alone applications.
  • Advanced Micro Peripherals Design and supply embedded PCs. Specializing in PC/104 and PC/104+ embedded computers and expansion modules.
  • aJile Systems Develops microprocessors for executing Java in real-time embedded products.
  • Alacron Provider of processor and multiprocessor boards, framegrabbers, I/O boards, daughter cards, system software including application libraries, and complete integrated application development platforms.
  • AMS Kits include all the hardware, software and workbooks for microprocessor design and DSP programming electronic curriculum.
  • Analog and Digital Peripherals, Inc. Provides peripheral solutions to industry and end user. Offering embedded single board computers, controllers, data acquisition tools, and custom hardware and software design.
  • Aquarela Systems Designs and manufactures pc104 peripherals. Line includes stepper motor controller and 24-line high current output module.
  • Atmel Corporation Designs, develops, manufactures and markets a wide range of semiconductor integrated circuits for use in the computing, telecommunications, industrial control and instrumentation, consumer electronics, automotive and avionics markets. (Nasdaq: ATML)
  • Authority Technology Design, application and sales of consumer voice and speech ICs.
  • Axiom Manufacturing Microcontroller company specializing in SBC, embedded controllers, custom design, and manufacturing solutions.
  • AZ-Com Inc. Offer electronic, mini, and passive extenders for PCI and compactPCI.
  • B.G. Micro Electronics, kits, surplus with an online catalog.
  • BiPOM Electronics Provider of 8051 Development System, 8051 boards, C compilers, assemblers, EPROM emulators, programmers and custom software/hardware design.
  • Biser Systems Design and production of unconventional automatic systems and controllers applicable in the industry and at home.
  • BMC Communications Supplier and a full service manufacturer of test, simulation and interface products for multiple MIL-STD-1553, ARINC 429/419/453/ and other avionics and commercial data buses.
  • Boser Technology Co. Ltd. Design and manufacturing all series of industrial SBC, backplanes, chassis and panel PCs.
  • Bus Solutions Limited Bus solutions and computer racking products.
  • Bustronic complete line of industry standard backplanes includes VME, CompactPCI, VXI, and ISA and PCI bus.
  • BVM Embedded board and system designers and integrators. Specialist products include fanless embedded systems, Mini-ITX and microATX motherboards, Panel PCs, Point of Sale (POS). Windows XP Embedded operating system ported to meet specific customer projects.
  • BVM Limited Manufacturers and distributors of industrial computer products including embedded PCs, CompactPCI, PMC modules, VMEbus and IndustryPacks.
  • C and H Technologies Inc. Manufacturer of VXI, industry pack, M/MA modules, and standard life test systems.
  • Chase Scientific Company Offers embedded test and measurement systems and products.
  • CM Computer Produces full military, rugged, extended temperature, commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS), VMEbus modules and avionics VMEbus backplane ATR enclosures.
  • Commell Industrial applied computing platforms and solutions.
  • CompuLab Designs and manufactures the X86CORE modules. Which are available with ready-to-run packages for multiple platforms.
  • ComputerBoards, Inc. Manufacturers of data acquisition hardware and software and virtual instrumentation for PCs.
  • Developer of digital video interface products.
  • ConnectOne Embedded Internet products, iChip Internet Controller chips for dial-up, LAN and wireless connectivity of devices.
  • Control And Embedded Systems Tutorial Explains how to construct electronic devices and control while teaching C programming language.
  • Control Solutions Offers embedded remote alarm monitoring, Ethernet to LonWorks gateways, Modbus gateways, embedded Internet, control systems and components.
  • Crystalfontz Intelligent serial interface (RS-232, TTL, and SPI) character LCD modules with high level command set and advanced features.
  • Cyclone Microsystems Designer and manufacturer of intelligent I/O controllers solutions for CompactPCI, PCI and PMC buses.
  • DapDesign IEEE1394 related multimedia and analyzer developer.
  • Datasound Laboratories Ltd Specializes in embedded PC/104 and small format single board computers, PC compatible computers and custom design hardware.
  • Dawn VME Products Design and manufacture of VME, VME64x, cPCI, and VXI backplanes, card cages, chassis and powered enclosures.
  • Derivation Systems, Inc. Developer of formal verification systems for high assurance hardware/software applications and embedded systems products.
  • Diamond Point International Specializes in supplying a wide range of PC/104, dimmpc, gps and industrial PC based equipment to the UK industry.
  • Digital Technology, Inc. Designs and manufactures embedded PC and microcontroller hardware for the industrial market.
  • DiLet Associates LLC Manufacturers' rep servicing Southern California. Selling hardware and software based on CompactPCI, PMC, PCI, VME and custom form factors supporting real-time operating systems.
  • Direct Insight Provides complete toolchains, including in-circuit emulators and device programmers, for almost all embedded processors.
  • Dominion Electronics Design and development of C-programmable controllers, available as board only, packaged or as operator interfaces.
  • DonTronics Microcontroller hardware and software supplier.
  • Douglas Electronics, Inc. Everything for the electronic designer, from design software through prototyping boards and production services.
  • DSS Networks Provides embedded solutions for the OEM including Gigabit Ethernet and other next generation hardware and software products for vxWorks and Linux.
  • Echelon Information, support, and news about LonWorks networks for control applications.
  • EKF CompactPCI modular computer systems.
  • EKF Elektronik Modular industrial computers for CompactPCI and VMEbus.
  • Electronic Studio Projects for pic microcontrollers, aimed at both professionals and students. Site available in English and Spanish.
  • Elma Trenew Electronic GmbH Designer and manufacturer of packaging systems and backplanes.
  • Embedded Developers Concentrates on providing information for software development on embedded systems, with an emphasis on microcontroller systems.
  • Embedded Performance, Inc. Advanced hardware and software tools that support development and debugging of RISC-based designs.
  • Embedded Planet Designs, manufactures, and customizes PowerPC based OEM embedded single board computers including complete firmware.
  • Embedded Spaces Corporation Provides consulting and contracting services in embedded systems, operating systems and product development.
  • Emness Technology Sells embedded products featuring wide connectivity opportunities and acting as a center of communication and management for different appliances.
  • ETC Ltd. Offers design, development and production of devices to customers specifications. Specifically control and communications computers, special adds-ons, OEM and embedded devices.
  • F.C.D. Designers and consultants in the FPGA, ASIC and VLSI fields.
  • GE Fanuc Intelligent Platforms, Inc. Building embedded computer solutions for telecommunications, aerospace, and industrial automation.
  • General Standards Corporation Develops and manufactures the high performance analog I/O, digital I/O and serial I/O products based upon a variety of buses such as PMC, PCI, VME, and cPCI.
  • Gespac Manufacturer of 3U CompactPCI single board systems focused on real-time industrial machine and process control markets, I/O, DSP, rugged card cages.
  • Global American, Inc. Specialized in the integration of embedded systems and components.
  • Globetek, Inc. Manufacturer of high-performance serial and parallel products used worldwide for personal computer connectivity, remote access, point-of-sale, industrial control, and factory floor automation.
  • Hewlett-Packard Industrial Ethernet Provides embedded ethernet controllers, embedded internet, IEEE 1451.2, thin web servers, and time synchronization for smart sensors in distributed measurement and control system architectures.
  • HiTech Equipment Corp. Low cost 8051 based single board computers and in circuit emulators. Engineering services, including custom designs and design reviews.
  • Hitex Offers software and hardware development tools for embedded systems and also offers development, production, test and training services.
  • Hoepping Elektronik Design Manufacturers a universal device programmer for microcontroller, EPROM, FLASH, serial and parallel EEPROM and programmable logic.
  • I.M. Systems, Inc. Sales and service of embedded system solutions including VME, VXI, PC104, Industrial PC and Compact PCI.
  • iBASE Europe Specialist in IPC solutions, provides CompactPCI, ETX modules, embedded SBC and industrial motherboards.
  • IBase Technology Inc. Manufacturer of embedded boards, ETX CPU modules and over 6 Transmeta Crusoe based boards.
  • Icron Technologies Corporation Extended range high performance connectivity technologies, moving computer peripheral devices from a desktop range to an extended range.
  • Impulse Corporation Limited Integrators and distributors of industrial control products.
  • Industriell DataDesign AB Distributes CompactPCI and other platforms with focus on TeleCom.
  • INICORE AG IP and system solution provider specialized in embedded systems based on ARM processors and AMBA bus systems.
  • Intec Automation C-programmable MC68HC16 based microcontrollers. Wide range of data acquisition and embedded computer applications, machine control, and OEM development are supported.
  • Integrys Supplier of embedded computer systems for high performance applications, system integrators, OEMs, industrial workstations, single board computers, and open telecommunications.
  • Intelligent Instrumentation Inc. EDAS systems allow remote monitor and control for a wide range of sensors, instruments, machines, and processes over an Ethernet network.
  • Interface Concept Designer, manufacturer of industrial embedded products, including switching Ethernet, Communications interfaces and CPU boards.
  • Designs and delivers high performance connectivity adapters for computer and telecommunication networks.
  • iSystem Develops and markets a broad line of in-circuit emulator hardware.
  • JED Microprocessors Pty. Ltd. Data sheets for a range of single board computers in a variety of formats using AVR, Tiny Tiger, Z180, NSC800, Elan and 386 microprocessors.
  • JK Microsytems Inc. Provides embedded controllers, Web servers, TCP/IP stack and 10BASE-T ethernet with a dos based filesystem.
  • KK Systems Ltd. Manufactures a range of industrial and professional data communications products such as RS-232, RS-422, RS-485 and Fibre Interface Converters.
  • Lanconelli Designs electronics, embedded systems and programming.
  • Lippert Develops highly integrated embedded PCs and peripherals.
  • LiPPERT Develops highly integrated embedded PCs and peripherals. Specializes in wide temperature ranges and ruggedized boards.
  • Matrix Dynamics Provides system integration and embedded hardware solutions and designs.
  • Megatel Computer Corporation Specializes in designing and manufacturing embedded PC/104 and small format single board and PC compatible computers for OEMs.
  • Mercury Computer Systems Independent producer of high-performance embedded, real-time digital signal and image processing computer systems that transform sensor data to information for analysis and interpretation.
  • MetaLink Corp. Development tools for the 8051 family of microcontrollers, including in-circuit emulators, debuggers and development software.
  • Micon Technology Corp. Provide LCD monitor control boards and related chips.
  • Micro Control Journal On-line technical journal covering microcontrollers, data acquisition, instrumentation, sensors, control systems.
  • Micro/sys Embedded Systems Manufactures a broad line of embeddable computers in PC/104, STD Bus, and custom formats. Extremely easy to use controllers and computers range from 8051 to Pentium.
  • Microchip Provides information about Microchip PIC 8 Bit RISC microcontrollers. Several assembler source code listings are available for non-commercial use, as are tools for using PCs for measuring or regulating electronic applications.
  • Microchip Technology Inc Integrated 8-bit microcontrollers.
  • MicroControls Control systems design, analysis and fabrication.
  • MicroSHADOW Research Produces an 8/16 bit eprom emulator and develops a ladder compiler for embedded systems.
  • Microtek International Development tools for Intel Architecture, including ICE's
  • MicroUnity Systems Engineering, Inc. Markets mediaprocessor microarchitecture and patent licenses in addition to software development tools.  
  • Mindready Solutions Lead supplier of test engineering, real-time communications solutions and embedded solutions (IEEE-1394, firewire) for optical networking, wireless, multimedia and aerospace industries.
  • ML Electronics Ltd UK Embedded systems design, PIC microcontrollers, embedded control and hardware.
  • Mosaic Industries Inc. Developer and manufacturer of I/O-rich single-board computers and graphical user interfaces for scientific instruments, manufacturing automation and industrial control.
  • National Semiconductor A provider of analog and mixed-signal technologies for systems on a chip.
  • Netlist Designs and builds memory and application-specific modules for the Internet Infrastructure.
  • NetSilicon Offers integrated hardware and software to manufacturers of Ethernet-connected products.
  • New Micros Inc. Specialize in embedded systems, and the Motorola processor line. Industry leaders in FORTH programming.
  • Newtec Reps Represent manufacturers of high performance COTS VME, CPCI, and PMC computing technology. Products include SBCs, specialized I/O, displays, VME, CPCI and enclosures.
  • OptiCompo Develops add-ons for existing boards/devices and to develop new devices in embedded systems and soundcard add-ons with all products developed and assembled in Germany.
  • Orion Technologies, Inc. Provides custom designed products, engineering services and high performance PCI, VME, compactPCI and PMC network memory products for commercial and industrial applications
  • P&E Microcomputer Systems, Inc. Hardware and software development tools for Motorola microcontrollers.
  • PassWorld YK Provides custom development of low-power microcontroller-based measurement devices and data loggers. Supplies microcontroller development boards and LCD displays. Kyoto, Japan.
  • PC/104 Consortium Provides information about PC/104 and PC/104-Plus technology.
  • PCI Automation Group Embedded and industrial computing, specializing in CompactPCI solutions.
  • Peter Anderson PC Parallel Port, Microchip PIC, BasicX, BASIC Stamp and other Embedded Processor Applications.
  • Phytec America Manufacturers of OEM SBC based on the 8051, XA, 16x/ST10, PowerPC and x86.
  • MicroChip PIC project board distribution, programming software and resource with assembler source code examples.
  • Pivotal Technologies Analog and mixed-signal components and IP cores, which can be embedded into today's System-on-a-Chip designs.
  • PLS Embedded Development Tools, Emulators and Debuggers for XC166, XC2000, XE166, TriCore, PowerPC, ARM, ARM7, ARM9, ARM11, Cortex, SH-2A, XScale.
  • PMC-Store.Com Mezzanine modules and carriers for use in Compact PCI and VMEbus systems.
  • Point Six, Inc. Offering data acquisition products including Kelvin dual-channel temperature monitors for PCs.
  • Protech Systems Manufacturer of single board computers, backplanes, POS systems, panel and book-sized PCs.
  • R.L.C. Embedded single board computers, controllers, SBX modules and network I/O Modules.
  • RadiSys Corporation Provider of advanced embedded solutions for the communications networking and commercial systems markets.
  • Radovan Robotics Embeddable chip allows external equipment to send data directly to word processors and spread sheets without loading software.
  • Specializes in embedded products manufacturing.
  • RTD Embedded Technologies, Inc. Designer and manufacturer of ISA and PCI modules and systems for industrial and aerospace applications.
  • SBC Designs, Inc. Embedded products for PMC and cPCI buses. Plus custom design work.
  • Sensoray Company Designs, manufactures, and sells interface electronics for industrial computers. Specializes in plug-in adapter boards for data acquisition, video image capture, machine control and communications.
  • Si Solutions Single board computer manufacturer providing advance products for embedded OEM's.
  • Signalogic DSP development tools and PC-based OEM products, including software, hardware, PC104, embedded and real-time systems and data acquisition.
  • Signum Systems Corp. Tools for embedded systems development, in-circuit emulators, debuggers and compilers.
  • Silicon Laboratories Inc. Semiconductor company specializing in the design, manufacturing, and marketing of mixed-signal integrated circuits (ICs).
  • SiriusmicroSystems Specializes in development systems, programmers and training tools for the Microchip PICmicro® family of embedded microcontrollers.
  • Sky Computers Manufacturer of embedded computer systems for very high performance applications.
  • Solutions Cubed Design group specializing in embedded control systems. Provides a range of products for use by electronic enthusiasts and OEMs.
  • Square One Industries, Inc. Offers a full line of quality PC/104 modules, single board computers, CPU boards, active and passive backplanes, and embedded control products.
  • Strategic Test Supplier of intelligent data acquisition boards for real-time control under Windows, and the X-BUS range of miniature embedded PCs and I/O modules.
  • STX The STX is the standard for embedded PC computer boards and systems.
  • SX List Devoted to Ubicom (Scenix) SX embedded controllers. Large code library, FAQ section, instruction reference and links.
  • Synso Inc. Tiny yet powerful ARM-based computer with Linux system installed for embedded applications.
  • Syntilla Systems Designers and manufacturers of custom and standard computer interface boards for personal and industrial applications.
  • Sysmedia New generation of components for embedded CPU modules, PC/104, ISA bus SBCs, microcontrollers for I/O interfacing.
  • Systems Integration Plus, Inc. Embedded computer hardware packaging, integration and software specialists.
  • Systronix Inc. Embedded control systems company specializing in 8 and 16 bit controllers.
  • Techlon Instruments Inc. Using LonWorks networks control technologies, applies engineering expertise to develop embedded applications.
  • Technologic Systems Manufacturer of PC/104 embedded single board computers based on x86 and ARM processors. Based in Fountain Hills, Arizona.
  • Techsol Embedded CPU boards with Linux pre-installed for accelerating client designs.
  • TechTools ESDT Manufacturer of hardware tools designed for rapid embedded systems development.
  • Tri-M Systems Inc. Supplies hardware and turnkey embedded systems, specializing in PC/104 products including CPU and I/O boards, GPS and modems.
  • Triangle Micro Solutions Source for products and services for embedded systems developers.
  • Triangle Research International Pte. Ltd. Developer and manufacturer of software programmable relay-ladder logic based PLC components.
  • Tribal Microsystems Distributor of universal and gang programmers for programmable chips.
  • Ubicom Provides Internet Access Processors and software that form a disruptive platform.
  • United Electronic Industries Data acquisition and instrumentation hardware for the PCI and PXI bus, software/drivers for Windows, Linux, QNX, Matlab, and Labview.
  • Varisys Ltd COTS and custom embedded solutions with PowerPC, DSP and FPGA technology in VME, PCI, PMC and CompactPCI formats.
  • Velocity Provides full service hardware and firmware design and prototyping for micro controller and embedded systems. Focusing on X86 type architectures for its embedded design requirements in a broad range of data acquisition and device control and monitoring applications.
  • Vesta Technology Manufactures embedded controllers and peripheral devices for OEM machines. Company background, products, services and contact information.
  • Viola Systems Ltd. Products include device servers and embedded software.
  • VME Boards International Supplier of VME Boards, compact PCI form factors. Both current and legacy products in the VME and compact PCI form factors.
  • VoxTechnologies Industrial and Datacom systems designer and integrator with sales, consulting, technical support, testing and assembly.
  • WIN Enterprises, Inc. OEM design and manufacture of X86 architecture-based embedded solutions.
  • Winford Engineering Offers computer I/O and equipment interfacing products, connection and prototyping products, and custom engineering services. Based in Bay City, Michigan.
  • WinSystems Manufacturer of single board computers, PC/104, PC/104-plus, and STD bus products.
  • ZF MicroSystems, Inc. Manufacturer of LCD flat-panel touch-screen PCs, miniature PC-compatible modules and PC 104 and 5.25.
  • Zilog, Inc. Manufacturers of the Z80 series of microprocessors and DSPs.

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