This category lists companies involved in the import and export business of carpets and rugs.
  • 828 International Trading Co USA. Importers of machine made, and hand knotted and hand tufted carpets and rugs from Europe and Asia, from wool and polypropylene. Detailed carpet galleries. Carpet care guide.
  • AG Merchandising Co., Ltd Exporters of Indian made carpets and area rugs, and collections of home furnishings. Also, furniture and handicrafts. Short history of chainstitch rug manufacturing.
  • Ahwazian, Ltd Importers of hand knotted Persian carpets, and Indian, Afghan, Pakistan, and Caucasian rugs.
  • Amin Co, Inc USA. Importers of woven Oriental carpets and rugs. Extensive carpet galleries.
  • Amir Rugs USA. Importers of antique, new and reproduced antique Persian, Oriental and ethnic rugs. Also, rug cleaning, repair and color restoration services. Detailed rug catalogs, including technical information. History of Persian rugs.
  • Araghchi Trading Co Iran. Exporters of hand woven Persian and Oriental carpets and rugs. Also, custom design and manufacturing services. On-line purchasing feature. Cleaning and care guide. History of Persian carpets.
  • Asia Minor Carpets USA. Design and marketing of traditional hand woven rugs and kilims, from vegetable dyed hand spun wool. Also, collections of antique carpets.
  • Asmara, Inc USA. Design and marketing of handmade needlepoint, aubusson, venatura and bessarabian rugs, from wool. Detailed rug catalogs, searchable by name, pattern, color or weave. FAQs and dealer locator.
  • Atiyeh International, Ltd USA. International wholesalers of classical design hand knotted Oriental rugs, from wool. Description of manufacturing technology. Glossary of technical terms. Rug selection guide. Links to related sites.
  • Atsar Exports Hand woven Kashimir carpets, silks, raw materials, other handicrafts.
  • Banilivy Rug Corp USA. Importers and exporters of Oriental style handmade rugs from Iran, Pakistan, India and China. Detailed carpet catalogs, including technical information.
  • Barok Carpet Kusadasi, Turkey. Produces and markets Turkish handmade carpets.
  • Bumleeng Organisation Exporters of hand and machine made, Nepalese carpets and rugs. Also, pashmina shawls, sweaters and garment accessories, and collections of consumer goods and gift items.
  • Casa Service Srl Italy. Importers of carpets and rugs for decoration, and bed and bathroom uses, from polypropylene, polyamide and cotton. Some technical information. Requires Flash plug-in. English and Italian.
  • CCC International USA. Importers of handknotted, hand-tufted and machine made rugs.
  • Chandra Rugs USA. Importers of handmade, contemporary and traditional style Indian rugs, from a variety of natural fibers. Detailed rug designs catalogs, including technical information.
  • Charles van Gelder Importers, Inc USA. Importers of entrance matting, floor mats, commercial carpet, and carpet tiles. Consumer resource on carpets, mats, and floor systems.
  • City Carpet Industries Nepal. Exporters of traditional and contemporary style hand knotted rugs, from vegetable dyed wool, hemp, nettle, banana silk, and natural silk. Custom design and manufacturing services. Carpet designs catalogs, including technical information and FAQ. Links to related sites.
  • Classical Carpets USA. Promotors and importers of Central Asian carpets and rugs. Extensive carpet catalogs, including technical, historical and style information and FAQ.
  • Darius Antique & Decorative Rugs. USA. Importers and distributors of antique and new Oriental carpets and area rugs. Searchable carpet catalog.
  • David E. Adler, Inc USA. Importers and distributors of Oriental carpets and rugs. Also, cleaning and restoration services. Detailed product catalog, including technical information.
  • David J. Wilkins UK. Brokers of oriental rugs. Rug gallery.
  • Drossos SA Greece. Import and export of collections of hand woven, hand tufted and hand knotted Oriental, traditional and contemporary style carpets and rugs. Detailed carpet catalogs, including technical information, size charts and carpet maintenance guide. English and Greek.
  • Ebisons Harounian Imports USA. Importers of handmade Oriental rugs. Technical information. Detailed rug galleries.
  • Endless Knot Rug Co USA. Importers and distributors of hand woven classic and contemporary style Tibetan rugs, from wool. Detailed rug catalogs, including technical information. Short history of Tibetan rug weaving.
  • Ernemet Co Turkey. Exporters of collections of antique carpets, kilims, rugs and runners, from wool. Detailed product catalogs, including technical information and specifications.
  • Faris Carpet Turkey. Manufacturer of machine made carpet and rugs from several synthetic fibers.
  • Farout Carpets UK. Importers of Middle-Eastern and African handmade rugs and runners, kilims and wallhangings. Also, embroidered apparel, camel bags and Kuba cloth. Detailed product catalogs, including sizes and prices.
  • Feizy Import & Export Co., Ltd USA. Importers and distributors of hand woven and vegetable dyed, tufted and power loom designer, and Persian and Oriental rugs. Detailed rug catalog, including technical information.
  • Frank Ames USA. Traders in tribal rugs and rare textiles. Detailed galleries. List of books.
  • French Accents Rugs and Tapestries Inc. New York. Producer and importer of handmade carpets and tapestries.
  • Golden Age USA. Importers of traditional and contemporary style hand woven and hand knotted Afghan and Persian rugs for residential and commercial interiors. Detailed rug catalogs, including technical information, rug history and FAQ.
  • Harounian Rugs International Co USA. Design, import and marketing of classic, contemporary and tribal style, hand carved, tufted and hooked rugs. Detailed rug catalogs, including technical information. Cleaning and care guide. Dealer locator.
  • Hellenic Rug Imports, Inc USA. Import and marketing arm of a Greek manufacturing company involved in hand weaving of rugs. Also, hardwood flooring for in- and outdoor applications. Searchable design gallery, including size and technical information. Rug car guide. On-line shipment tracking facility.
  • Industrial & Technical Products, Ltd UK. Marketing arm of Classico Pvt., Ltd, active in leather tanning and rubber processing. Rubber backed mats, from coir and synthetic fibers. Also, molded rubber mats.
  • Istambul Memories Turkey. Exporters of single and double knot, and flat weave carpets and kilims, from wool. Carpet catalogs include prices. On-line purchasing feature.
  • J. Zaharis & Co Greece. Importers of handmade Oriental carpets, from silk and cotton. Also, handmade icons, lamps, ceramics and furnishings.
  • Jaunty Co., Inc USA. Design and marketing of woven, tufted and hand knotted rugs, from wool. Also, rug fixtures and displays. Detailed rug catalogs, searchable by collection, pattern, style and color. Technical information.
  • Jazzed Co., Ltd China. Importers and exporters of textiles and garments, electronic instruments and building materials. Manufacturers' representatives for carpets and artificial grass surfaces. English and Chinese.
  • Jehan Gallery Singapore. Importers of antique and modern style carpets and rugs, kilims and flatweaves from Persia, Afghanistan, Turkey, India and Pakistan.
  • Kaleen Rug, Inc USA. Importers of hand tufted and hand knotted carpets and rugs, from New Zealand wool. Detailed product gallery, with technical information and specifications.
  • Kenneth Mink Offering area rugs in contemporary and retro styles including accent and Persian designs.
  • Larusi Tribal Art UK. Importers of hand woven Maroccan tribal rugs, from dyed and natural wool. Technical specifications and prices.
  • Lavender Oriental Carpets, Ltd Importers and distributors of antique and fine reproduction carpets and rugs. Also, textiles and antique tapestries, cushions and aubussons.
  • Lotfy & Sons, Inc USA. Wholesale suppliers of handmade Oriental rugs and carpets, produced in India, Pakistan, China and Iran
  • Massoud Kavian Germany. Importers and distributors of antique Persian and Chinese carpets and area rugs. English and German.
  • Mehdi Dilmaghani & Co., Inc USA. Importers and wholesale distributors of Oriental rugs. Rug catalog, searchable by country of origin, size and style. Technical and educational information. Care and maintenance guide.
  • Mer Corp USA. Importers of hand tufted, knotted and woven Oriental rugs, from wool. Detailed rug catalogs, including technical information. Rug care guide.
  • Michel Antoine Belgium. International traders in antique Oriental rugs, carpets and kilims. Also, carpet cleaning, restoration and expertise services. Detailed rug catalogs. [English and French]
  • Mitco International Import & Export, Inc Canada. Importers and wholesalers of hand and machine made Persian and Indian carpets. Detailed carpet design galleries.
  • Nourison Rug Corp USA. International traders in hand crafted oriental rugs, from wool. Detailed descriptions of collections. Care and cleaning guide. Dealer locator. List of books on oriental rugs. Links to related sites.
  • Oldcarpet, Inc USA. Importers and distributors of collections of antique Persian hand woven carpets and rugs. Extensive information about Persian rugs. Cleaning and care guides, and FAQ.
  • Oriental Knots Pakistan. Exporters of hand knotted carpets and rugs.
  • Oriental Weavers USA. Importers of machine made and hand tufted traditional, contemporary and tribal style rugs, from bamboo, wool, leather and synthetic fibers. Extensive rugs gallery, searchable by style, color, materials and construction. Technical specifications. Part of the Orientals Group.
  • Pasargad Antique and reproduction oriental rugs and carpets.
  • Persian Carpet Export Iran. Exporters of a range of hand woven traditional Persian carpets, rugs, kilims, and gabbehs, from wool. Detailed product catalogs. Information on the history, materials, technologies and styles of Persian rugs. English, Iranian and Italian.
  • Picked By Hand USA. Importers of natural, printed and patchwork cowhide rugs and pillows. Also, tableware and accessories, jewelry and furniture. English and Spanish.
  • Rezay Export-Import GmbH Germany. Importers and wholesale distributors of Oriental carpets and rugs. Detailed carpet galleries. English and German.
  • Samad Brothers USA. Design and import of hand knotted, flat weave and needlepoint area rugs, from wool and silk. Detailed carpet catalogs.
  • Senneh Rugs Mexico. Importers of hand knotted traditional and contemporary style rugs and carpets, from wool and silk. Detailed carpet designs catalogs. Description of hand knotting technique and technology. English and Spanish.
  • Shalom Brothers, Inc USA. Design and marketing of classic style handmade Oriental rugs and runners, from silk. Detailed rug galleries, including some technical information.
  • Sheikh International, Inc Canada. Importers and distributors of collections of traditional style hand knotted and hand woven Persian and Oriental rugs, from cotton, silk and wool. Technical and design information.
  • Shivhon & Associates, LLC USA. Design and import of collections of contemporary, tropical and Asian style hand knotted Tibetan rugs for residential markets, from hand dyed and hand spun wool, silk, linen and cotton. Also, hand loom woven cashere throws and blankets.
  • SinoSiam Carpet Co., Ltd Thailand. Exporters and suppliers of collections of hand and machine tufted, and axminster and wilton woven carpets and carpets tiles for residential and contract markets. Carpet designs catalogs.
  • Smyrna Rugs Shop Tyrkey. Suppliers of traditional and contemporary style hand woven and hand tufted carpets and rugs, from wool. Carpet designs catalogs. Links to related sites.
  • Smyrna Trading, Inc USA. Importers of hand tufted and hand woven traditional and contemporary style area rugs, from wool. Detailed rugs gallery, including technical information.
  • Source Mondial, Ltd New Zealand. Manufacturers' representatives and importers of carpets and rugs. Also, hard surface flooring. List of projects. Links to principal's sites. Design, consultancy and installation services.
  • Taba Tabaee Trading Greece. Importers and exporters of hand woven Persian Oriental carpets and rugs. Detailed rug catalogs, including style information. English and Greek.
  • Tajir Rug Export & Import, Ltd Turkey. Design and world wide trade in hand woven and hand knotted Oriental area rugs, from silk. Detailed rug gallery, including technical information and prices.
  • The Westport Company USA. Design, import, wholesale and retail of European style area rugs, cushions and shawls. Detailed product catalogs. Price list.
  • Trans-Ocean Import Co., Inc USA. Importers of European and Asian area rugs, from natural and synthetic fibers, leather and vinyl. Product catalog, searchable by style, color, material, construction and quality. List of agents and dealers.
  • Vermont Tibetan Rugs USA. Importers and retailers of traditional and contemporary style hand knotted Tibetan, Turkish and Persian rugs, from wool.
  • Yaghoube S. Nowbari Import and export of oriental carpets and area rugs. Also, antiques and rarities. Detailed catalog. Custom design and manufacturing services. English and German.

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