This category lists TRADE ORGANIZATIONS, related to the textile fabric and apparel industries ONLY.
  • AATI. Association of the Austrian Textile Industry Austria. Trade organization of the Austrian textile and apparel industry. Business news. Links to related sites. English and German.
  • ABIT. Brazilian Textile and Apparel Industry Association Trade organization for the Brazilian textile supply chain, from cotton growers, fiber and fabrics, and apparel manufacturing industries. Company directory and business news. English and Portuguese.
  • ACASPA. Australian Canvas and Synthetic Products Association Trade organization manufacturers of outdoor and indoor fabrics, trade fabricators, machinery, componentry, accessory and fabric suppliers, specifiers and engineers.
  • ACTIF. African Cotton & Textile Industries Federation Kenya. Regional umbrella organization for trade associations in the cotton, fiber, textile and apparel sectors from across sub-Saharan Africa. Library of market studies and reports. Industry news and calendar of events. Directory of member organizations. Links to related sites.
  • AFC. Australian Fashion Council Trade organization for Australian designers, manufacturers and retailers, and service providers to the fashion and textile industries. Business news and events. Legal information. Links to related sites. Part of the Council of Textiles and Fashion Industries of Australia.
  • AITI. Association of Iran Textile Industries Trade organization of Iranian manufacturers and suppliers of fibers, yarns, woven and knitted, and nonwovens fabrics and products, and textile floor coverings. Extensive directory of member companies. English and Iranian.
  • All Pakistan Textile Mills Association Trade organization for the Pakistani yarn spinning, weaving and knitting industries. Directory of member companies. Calendar of events. Links to related sites.
  • AMITH. Moroccan Textile and Apparel Manufacturers' Association Trade organization for Moroccan manufacturers of textile, apparel and fashion accessories. Trade statistics and information. Searchable product catalog. Company directory. English and French.
  • Association of Textile and Footwear Importers and Wholesalers Finland. Trade organization for importers and wholesalers of textile, apparel and footwear. English and Suomi.
  • ATMI. American Textile Manufacturers Institute USA. Trade organization for the US textile manufacturing industry dedicated to developing, implementing, or improving safety and health management systems.
  • Bellegprom Concern Belarus. Trade organization for the Belarus textile and apparel, leather goods and footwear, and consumer products industries. English and Russian.
  • BJMA. Bangladesh Jute Mills Association Trade organization of Bangladesh manufacturers of jute yarns, fabrics and textile products. List of member companies.
  • Chemical Fabrics and Film Association International trade association representing manufacturers of polymer-based fabric and film products, used in the building and construction, automotive, fashion and other industries.
  • CITI. Confederation of the Indian Textile Industry India. Trade association of cotton, blended and man-made yarn spinning mills and fabric manufacturers. Industry overview. Indian and international cotton watch. List of publications.
  • CLUTEX. Association of Textile, Clothing and Leather Industries Czech Republic. Trade organization for manufacturers, importers and exporters, and suppliers of apparel, and textile and leather materials and products. Directories for commercial companies, and research and education institutes. English and Czech.
  • CQA. Canadian Quilters' Association Canada. Membership organization for the patchwork, appliqué, and quilting trade. Calendar of events. Newsletter. Articles on PDF files. English and French.
  • EATP. European Association for Textile Polyolefins Belgium. Trade organization for the European polyolefin textiles industry. Members directory, news and events.
  • ECTA. Estonian Clothing and Textile Association Non-profit organization of individuals and legal entities engaged in the manufacture of clothing and textiles. Business statistics. Members directory. English and Estonian.
  • Embroidery Trade Association USA. Trade organization for US commercial embroiderers and suppliers to the industry, involved in education and training, research, networking and business support. Directory of companies and machine technicians. List of technical publications. Links to related sites.
  • EMTEX. East Midlands Clothing & Textiles Association UK. Trade organization for the yarn, textile fabric, apparel and furnishing industry. Searchable company directory. Designer forum. Calendar of events. Links to related sites.
  • FDTC. Dansk Textil & Beklaedning Denmark. Trade organization for the Danish textile and apparel industry. Business statistics and trade information. Product and company directory. English, Danish and German.
  • Federation of Egyptian Industries Textile Industries Chamber of the Federation of Egyptian Industries, for companies in the textile and apparel, leather tanning, and printing and finishing sectors.
  • Federation of Knitwear Industries France. Trade organization for French companies involved in the manufacture of knitted fabrics, laces, apparel and fashion accessories. Economic and foreign trade information and statistics on PDF files. English and French.
  • Fedustria Belgium. Trade organization for Belgian companies involved in the textile and apparel, woodworking and furniture industries. Directory of member companies. Industry statistics and business information. Calendar of events. Library of publications. Links to related sites. English, Dutch and French.
  • FFDB. Professional Association of Machine-Made Bobbin Lace France. Umbrella organization for French trade associations in the hand and machine lacemaking and embroidery industries, dedicated to innovation, research, development and promotion of products, material, colour and design. Extensive technology information. Company directory, searchable by type, technology and geographic region. English and French.
  • Finatex Trade organization of the Finnish textile, apparel and nonwovens industries. Extensive business and trade data and information. Searchable company directories. Links to trade events, publications and statistics. English and Finnish.
  • France Tissu Maille Trade organization of French manufacturers of knitted fabrics for apparel and fashion, furnishing and technical applications. Directory of member companies. Design and style information. Calendar of events. English and French.
  • FTS. Silk Textile Association Spain. Trade organization for spun yarn and mixed yarn weavers, and lace, net, embroidery, narrow fabrics, braid, label, passementerie, sling and textile mooring rope manufacturers. Company directory, forums and links to related sites. English and Spanish.
  • Gremi de Fabricants de Sabadell Spain. Trade organization for local textile manufacturers, dedicated to industry promotion, and social and economic development. Company directory. Links to related sites. English and Spanish.
  • Health and Textile Association Italy. Non-profit organization, aiming to be the technical and scientific meeting point between production, research, public health and consumer association sectors. English and Italian.
  • ICATA. Irish Clothing and Textile Alliance Ireland. Trade organization for Irish manufacturers and traders in technical and traditional textiles and apparel, dedicated to promotion, training and representation. List of member companies.
  • Indian Handloom Cluster Umbrella organization of Indian centers for handloom textile manufacturing, producing collections of fabrics, garments and fashion accessories, and home textiles.
  • International Color Consortium Organisation of industry vendors, dedicated to the creation, promotion and encouragement of standardization and evolution of an open, vendor-neutral, cross-platform color management system architecture and components.
  • IQA. International Quilt Association USA. Non-profit organization, dedicated to the preservation and public recognition of the art of quilting.
  • Irish Linen Guild UK. Trade organization for spinners, weavers, finishers, merchants and designers in the Irish linen industry. Descriptions of linen fiber, the industry and manufacturing process. History of linen. Wash and care instructions. List of companies.
  • ISPA. International Sleep Products Association USA. Non-profit trade organization for the global mattress and related industries. Calendar of events and supplies guide. Link to monthly journal.
  • ITKIB. Turkish Textile and Apparel Exporters' Association Trade organization for the Turkish textiles and apparel, leather and leather goods, and carpets exporting industries. Business reports and industry statistics. Calendar of events. Links to related sites. English and Turkish.
  • ITMF. International Textile Manufacturers Federation Switzerland. World wide membership organization for textile manufacturers and related industries.
  • IVGT. Industrieverband Garne, Gewebe und Technische Textilien eV Germany. Trade organization for manufacturers and suppliers of textile raw materials, yarns, fabrics and technical textiles. English and German.
  • IWMF. Indian Woollen Mills' Federation Trade organization for Indian manufacturers of wool tops, woollen and worsted yarns and fabrics, and wool textiles and garments, involved in research and export promotion.
  • IWTO. International Wool Textile Organization UK. Trade organization for the wool production and processing, and the wool textile industries. News and events. Periodical publications. Link to world wide laboratory licensing list.
  • LATIA. Lithuanian Apparel and Textile Industry Association Trade organization for the Lithuanian textile, apparel, leather, fur and footwear industries, and allied trades. Links to organizations, resources and companies. English and Lithuanian.
  • LTMA. Lancashire Textile Manufacturers' Association UK. Non-profit trade organization for textile manufacturers in Northern England, focused on industry promotion, and technical and marketing advice and assistance. Company directory. Calendar of events. Links to related sites.
  • MKMA. Malaysian Knitting Manufactures Association Malaysia. Trade organization for the Malaysian yarn spinning, knitting, dyeing and finishing, apparel manufacturing, and related dyestuffs, machinery and accessories manufacturing industries. Company directory. Industry news and statistics. Calendar of events.
  • Modint The Netherlands. Trade organization for the Dutch fashion, interior design, carpets and textile industries. Searchable members' directory. Trade news. Links to related sites. English, Dutch and German.
  • NCTO. National Council of Textile Organizations USA. Lobbying group of councils, organizations and business groups dedicated to the survival and prosperity of the US textile sector.
  • Nishijin Textile Industrial Association Japan. Organization of weavers of traditional Nishijin fabrics. Detailed explanation of weaving, dyeing and finishing techniques. English and Japanese.
  • NITMA. Northern India Textile Mills’ Association Trade organization for the Northern Indian textile industry, dedicated to technical consulting, marketing and research. Directory of member companies. Cotton statistics. Links to related sites.
  • NT. Dutch Textile Institute The Netherlands. Association of professionals in the Dutch textile and textile finishing industry. Links to publications, organizations, trade events, and member companies and individuals. English and Dutch.
  • NTA. National Textile Association USA. Trade organization for the US textile fabric weaving and knitting, dyeing, printing and finishing industries. Directory of companies and products. Textile news and information. Links to related sites.
  • PIOT. Polish Federation of Apparel and Textiles Independent non-profit organization for the textiles and apparel industries, and related scientific and research institutes. Extensive members directory. English and Polish.
  • PJMA. Pakistan Jute Mills Association Trade organization for Pakistani manufacturers and processors of jute, jute fibers and yarns, jute nonwovens, fabrics and cloth, and finished jute products. Directory of member companies. Links to related sites.
  • PSTC. Pressure Sensitive Tape Council USA. Trade organization for North American manufacturers and affiliate suppliers of pressure sensitive tapes.
  • PTEA. Pakistan Textile Exporters Association Trade organization of Pakistani exporters of fabrics, home textiles and apparel. List of member companies.
  • Scottish Textiles UK. Organization of local manufacturers, aiming to promote the Scottish textile industry and services world wide. Searchable members directory. Discussion forum. Trend forecasts. List of trade shows.
  • SEAMS. The National Association for the Sewn Products Industry USA. Trade organization for the sewn products industry. Company directory. Calendar of events. Industry news. Government contracting and related information.
  • SEPEE. Hellenic Fashion Industry Association Greece. Non-profit trade organization of the Greek textile and apparel industry. Directory of member companies. On-line news magazine. English and Greek.
  • Silk and Filament Weaving Association Taiwan. Trade organization for manufacturers of silk and silk rich textile fabrics. Business and fashion news. Discussion forum and marketplace. Searchable company and product directories. English and Chinese.
  • Silk Association of Great Britain Trade organization for raw material merchants, throwsters, dyers, weavers, printers, knitters, finishers, converters, garment manufacturers and retailers in the UK silk industry. History of silk. Information about silk production, fabric types and the care of silk.
  • SIMA. Southern India Mills' Association Trade organization of yarn spinning and fabric weaving mills in Southern India. Directory of member companies. List of published journals, books and videos.
  • Sistema Moda Italia Trade organization for Italian manufacturers of yarns, woven and knitted fabrics, clothing and fashion accessories. English and Italian.
  • Southern Textile Association USA. Non-profit trade organization for individuals in the textile and related industries. Directory of member companies. Calendar of events.
  • SWAK. Spinners and Weavers Association of Korea Korea. Trade organization for local manufacturers of yarns and fabrics. Information on Korean manufacturing facilities, production volumes, and import and export data. List of member companies.
  • Swiss Textile Federation Umbrella organization of associations and employer organizations in the Swiss textile and clothing industries. Industry data. Members directory. List of publications. English, German and French.
  • TAFF. Textile and Fashion Federation of Singapore Federation of Singapore based textile and fashion organizations, active in marketing and materials sourcing. List of member organizations. Calendar of events.
  • TAI. Textile Association of India Trade organization for the Indian textile and apparel industries. Calendar of events. List of publications. On-line newsletter. Publishers of bi-monthly scientific journal.
  • Taiwan Knitting Industry Association Trade organization for the Taiwan knitting industry, dedicated market promotion and technological development, and personnel training. Industry reports. Searchable product and company directory. Links to related sites. English and Chinese.
  • TALA. Textile Association of Los Angeles USA. Non-profit nation wide trade membership organization for professionals in the textile sales, manufacturing, related products and services industries, providing education, networking opportunities and resource information services. Searchable database and company directory. Calendar of events.
  • TAMM. Textile and Apparel Manufacturers and Merchants. USA. Trade organization for the North American textile, apparel and related industryies. Company directory, library of articles and calendar of events.
  • TDA. Textile Distributors Association Australia. Trade organization for Australian wholesale distributors of locally manufactured and imported textile fabrics for apparel, curtains, furnishing and upholstery applications. Lists of member companies.
  • Textil-Mode Web site of the Confederation of the German Textile and Fashion Industry, involved in the development of social and wage policy, and economic policy. Business and economic data. Calendar of events. Links to publications and related sites. English and German.
  • Textile and Fashion Industries Association Israel. Trade organization of Israeli manufacturers and suppliers of textile raw materials, textiles, nonwovens and related dyeing, printing and finishing services. Directory of member companies. English and Hebrew.
  • Textile Council Of Hong Kong Umbrella organization of Hong Kong textile, apparel and fashion accessories associations, focusing on matters of export and legal policies, taxation and tariffs, employment, and environmental rules and regulations. Extensive list of links to trade and industry related sites. English and Chinese.
  • Textile Federation South Africa. Federation of local trade associations and commercial companies, dedicated to the promotion of the textile and related industries.
  • TFIA. Council of Textiles & Fashion Industries Australia, Ltd Trade organization for the Australian textile, clothing, footwear and fashion industries. Market research and statistics. Links to related sites.
  • The Embroiderers' Guild of America, Inc USA. Non-profit trade organization for the North American embroidery industry, focused on education and training activities. Calendar of events. Design galleries. Forums. Links to related sites.
  • The Textile Institute UK. World wide professional organization for the fiber, fabric and technical textiles industries. Publications, books, forum and links to libraries, companies and organizations.
  • The Weaving Group UK. Trade organization for companies and individuals in the textile fabrics weaving and associated industries, dedicated to education and knowledge transfer.
  • TSA. The Textile Society of America USA. Non-profit organization, devoted to the exchange and dissemination of information about the various aspects of the textile industry in human society. Based in the Cornell University.
  • TTF. Taiwan Textile Federation Organization of industry and government, involved in textile quota management, development, marketing and promotion, and providing assistance to improve design, production and management capabilities. English and Chinese.
  • TUTSIS. Turkish Textile Employers' Association Trade organization for the Turkish textile and apparel, carpets, yarn spinning, and nonwovens industries. Company directory, searchable by alphabet, location and product. English and Turkish.
  • TVS. Swiss Textile Federation Switzerland. Federation of associations and employers organizations in the textile and clothing industries. Links to fairs and events, publications, and industry related institutions and organizations. English, German and French.
  • UCMTF. French Textile Machinery Manufacturers Association Trade organization for French manufacturers of machinery, equipment and parts for the yarn spinning, textile and nonwovens manufacturing, processing and finishing industries. Directory of member companies. English and French.
  • Unitex Belgium. International association of technical executives in the textile industry. Searchable events and publications directories. Forums. List of articles on PDF files. Links to related sites. Multi-lingual site.
  • VDMD. Association of German Fashion and Textile Designers Germany. Trade organization for German designers, cutters and trend counsellors in the textile and fashion industry, serving as intermediary between industry and designers, and promoting interdisciplinary contacts and cooperations with ministries, trade and industry, culture and politics as well as with other fields of design. English and German.
  • VTN. Association of the Netherlands Textile Industry. Trade organization for the Dutch textile and nonwovens industry. Company directory, categorized by alphabet, market segments and production processes. News and publications. Links to related organizations.

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