• AEA Producers of amateur radio and commercial two-way radio products including antennas, antenna analyzers, time domain reflectometers, and data products.
  • Alinco Amateur radio and UHF micro-transceivers. Product specifications, manuals, dealer locator, and links.
  • AOR Manufacturer of VHF, marine band, airband transceivers, receivers, and color image facsimile systems.
  • Boxis Manufactures wireless intercom headsets and staff paging systems.
  • Cedardell Manufactures two-way radio systems for domestic and commercial use.
  • Communications Specialists Inc. Manufacturer of tone signaling products for two way radio and telemetry receivers. Includes a product catalog and downloadable hook up sheets and switch charts.
  • Computer Automation Technology Manufacturer of microprocessor based repeater controllers and accessories for amateur radio applications, including digital voice recorders, and linking control switching cards.
  • Connect Systems Makers of interconnects and LTR conventional repeater panels. Product features and specifications.
  • Connectivity, Inc. Provides two-way, solar-powered communications products for a range of industries. Products include call boxes and systems. Includes a listing of dealers.
  • Control Signal Corporation Makers of a micro-miniature encoder that transmits a digital ANI in the Motorola MDC-1200 format. Includes specifications and FAQs.
  • Daniels Electronics Manufacture base stations, repeaters and transportable radio systems. Includes product literature and technical notes and a listing of representatives .
  • Digital Voice Systems Developer and manufacturer of low-bit-rate, voice compression software and hardware solutions for use in consumer, commercial, and military communications.
  • Doug Hall Electronics Manufacture signal to noise voting systems. Products include receiver and repeater voters and remote base interfaces. Includes product specifications, literature, and documentation.
  • DX Radio Systems Manufacturer of mobile and portable two-way radios, base stations, RTF repeaters, and pagers. Includes product specifications.
  • Earmark Wireless communication systems for teams working in difficult environments. Products include radios and headsets. Product descriptions and specifications.
  • EFJohnson Two-way radio communication products and systems. Includes case studies, industry events, employment opportunities and user forums.
  • EMR Corporation Manufacture RF filters, couplers amplifiers and related equipment.
  • ESE Precision time, master clock and signal distribution equipment for broadcasting and military applications.
  • GAI-Tronics Wireless one-way communication systems for alarm generation, and two-way radio communication systems for targeted intercom systems.
  • Genave Electronics Equipment for portable, mobile, and base station radios. Products include encoders, receivers, decoders and controllers. Includes application and radio technical data.
  • Hark Systems Supply paging, specialized mobile radio, conventional mobile phone, cellular and pcs services. Includes product overviews and specifications.
  • HiYunTon Specialized in producing two way radios and supplying walkies talkies. China.
  • Icom America Manufacturer of amateur, avionic, land mobile, FRS and marine radios, and scanner and receiver equipment. Includes product information and dealer list.
  • Icom UK Manufacturer of amateur, commercial, and aviation radio products.
  • ICT Power Provider of mobile radio base stations and a range of switching power supply products. Base stations selectable by radio type. Includes a listing of distributors.
  • IK-Telecom They design, engineer, and manufacture antennas and RF site equipment products that enhance the effectiveness of communications systems. Our main frequency ranges: VHF, UHF, DECT, GSM, WLAN.
  • Information Station Specialists Supplier of AM advisory and information radio stations and associated equipment. Includes case studies, specifications, and assistance with planning.
  • Jenal Communications Repeater/beacon controllers, battery cut-off timers and DTMF controlled relay boards for use in the two-way radio industry.
  • Kace Electronics Supplies communication products including CB, FRS, GMRS, and GPS systems, and various two-way radio accessories. Product features and photographs.
  • Kantronics Manufacturer of wireless data controllers. Products include paging controllers and UHF/VHF modems. Includes product overviews, specifications, and pin out charts.
  • KAVIT Electronics Industries Encryption modules for two-way radios.
  • Kenwood Communications Two-way radios for the commercial and amateur markets. Includes product documentation.
  • LDG Electronics Microprocessor controlled repeater voting systems and antenna tuners. Includes product photographs, specifications, and an online store.
  • Link Communications Repeater control systems for amateur and commercial radio.
  • Midian Electronics Manufactures equipment for two-way radio including voice scramblers, encoders, decoders, and interconnects.
  • Midland Radio Manufacturer of FRS, GMRS, and CB transceivers in addition to weather receivers.
  • Motorola Providers of analog and digital two-way voice and data radio products and systems for conventional, shared and private applications worldwide.
  • Nabishi UK Two-way radio and land mobile radio and cellular fax systems. Includes an overview of products and services, a listing of dealers, and related links.
  • NHRC Repeater Controllers Repeater controllers and related accessories for amateur and land-mobile radios. Order by mail or phone.
  • Nordic Telecom Electronic equipment designed for use in land-based mobile radio communication, alarm systems, and telephone equipment.
  • Pacific Wireless Communications Portable radio systems for emergency service agencies.
  • ParaComm Technologies Portable HF radio equipment for harsh environments.
  • Pryme/ADI Radio Products Two-way radios, audio accessories, antennas, battery packs, and other communications products.
  • Pyramid Communications Mobile repeaters and data transmission equipment for use in the public safety sector. Includes a dealer listing.
  • Ranger Electronic Communications, Incorporated Manufacturerer amateur and citizens band, VHF commercial, and marine radios. Includes links to online dealers and FAQs.
  • RELM Wireless Designs, manufactures and markets wireless communications equipment consisting of land mobile radios, utility load management systems, and base station components and subsystems.
  • RF-Tel Communications Manufacturer of fixed and mobile radio telephones and modems. Includes product specifications and downloadable setup software.
  • Ritron Professional radio systems, portable radios, repeaters, programmable mobiles and data telemetry systems. Includes product catalog.
  • Sepura Designer and supplier of TETRA portable and mobile radios to the police, fire, ambulance, military and transportation markets.
  • Sharman multiCOM Importers and exporters of two way radios and accessories.
  • Simoco Telecommunications Manufacturer of private mobile radio communications equipment and systems. Based in the United Kingdom and India.
  • Standard Communications Manufacturer of cellular modems for data applications and satellite and broadband systems and equipment.
  • Tadiran Communications LTD Military HF and VHF tactical radios and communication systems.
  • Tait Electronics Ltd Provides private and public safety mobile two-way analog radio communications and access networks in USA and Australia as well as related fixed equipment.
  • Teledesign Systems Manufacturer of wireless and radio modems for commercial and industrial applications. Product brochures and specifications available for download.
  • Telemobile Manufactures wireless rural loop telecommunication equipment. Includes a sales representative locator and links to industry events.
  • Teltronic S.A. Manufacturer of radio communications equipment including two-way radio, PMR products, MPT1327, TETRA and applications.
  • TES Supplies a range of conventional radio equipment, digital telephones, vehicle locators, and trunking systems.
  • Tigertronics Designs and manufactures packet radio and telemetry modems for the commercial and amateur radio markets.
  • Timewave Technology Inc. Designs, manufactures, and sells leading-edge voice and digital communications products to the world-wide military, government, industrial, and amateur radio marketplaces.
  • Transcendient Design and manufacturers tone signaling products for the land mobile radio, amateur radio and remote control (SCADA) industries.
  • Transcrypt International Offers communication solutions in two core areas: information security and land mobile radio products and systems.
  • XCOM760 VHF Airband Radio Lightweight airband transmitter for ultralights. Includes drawings and product specifications.
  • Yaesu / Vertex Produces communications equipment for marine, amateur and shortwave use.
  • Yaesu UK Ltd Supplies two-way radio products for land based commercial, marine and amateur radio markets.

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