• A. M. Castle Metals North American distributor of carbon, alloy and stainless steels; nickel alloys; aluminum; titanium; brass, and copper. Describes engineering and design specifications; purchasing and inventory management; career opportunities; and investor relations.
  • Able Barmilling & Mfg. Inc. Manufacturer of custom contoured barstock in all available grades of metals and rigid plastics. Alternative to extrusion or cold drawing for prototypes or small quantities.
  • About.com Metals Guide Online guide for the metal industry. Includes buyers guides, global supplier lists, prices, properties, specifications, cross references, e-commerce sites, software, conversion tools, and industry news. Covers everything from aluminum to zinc.
  • Accumet Materials Inc Supplier of pure metal and oxide single crystal alloys in ingot or fabricated forms including wire and sheet and ultra-pure metals produced by electron beam or horizontal zone refining, chemical reaction and vacuum melting.
  • ADMAT Incorporated Offers a full line of tantalum and niobium products, including capacitor grads powders, wires, oxides, chemicals, sheets, bars, tubes, and alloys.
  • Allegheny Technologies Inc. Manufactures a wide range of stainless steels and other specialty alloys, including nickel and cobalt based superalloys, and titanium and its alloys. Metals are produced as flat products.
  • Anchor Bronze and Metals, Inc. Bronze, brass and copper products available in bar, tube, plate, sheet and special shapes. Bronze bearings, copper anodes and cast iron products also available.
  • Ansam Metals Buys and processes new and scrap non-ferrous metals, manufactures high quality alloys, and trades in primary and scrap metals worldwide. Facilities in Baltimore, Maryland and Decatur, Alabama.
  • Ash and Lacy Perforators Manufacturer of perforated metal and expanded metal, can manufacture decorative hole patterns for the perforated metal.
  • Baxter Steel Locates and sources the hard to find, as well as the hard-to-do metals. Specializes in assisting industry with difficult applications requiring specialized materials and equipment.
  • Bristrip Ltd Offers company profile, product properties and applications. [China]
  • Brush Wellman Inc. Produces high performance engineered materials, alloys and ceramic substrates containing beryllium, bronze, copper and tungsten. Includes technical data.
  • Carpenter Technology Corporation Manufacturer of stainless steel, titanium, and other specialty metals and engineered products.
  • Chemetall Special Metals Division Offers cesium metal and compounds, sophisticated zirconium, titanium and barium metal powders, hydrides and metal alloys as well as minor metals for the manufacture of special alloys.
  • CoBase Inc. Manufactures and supplies specialty chemicals, metals, ferrous and non-ferrous alloys, and iron casting fittings and flanges .
  • Columbia Metals Ltd Stockholders; offers company profile, details of services, quality and contacts. [UK]
  • CRU International Provider of business information and consultancy worldwide to the metals, minerals and chemical industries. Includes information on services, recruitment, and industry news.
  • CVMR Corporation Engaged in mining, metal refining and vapor metallurgy process development, with primary interest in nickel and cobalt, as well as molybdenum, titanium and platinum group metals.
  • Dexter Sales Inc. Direct mill importer and broker; offers company profile, details of services and products, and contacts. [Brooklyn, NY and Palm Desert, CA]
  • Diamond Manufacturing Company Manufacturer of perforated metal and plastic to customer specification. Specializes in perforating 30-7 gauge aluminum, carbon, galvanized, and stainless steel. Supply product in sheet, coil, fabricated or finished form.
  • Ferguson Metals Inc. Specialty metals supplier of stainless steel, high temperature/nickel alloy, and sheet metal.
  • Foshan Electrical Precision Alloy Co., Ltd. Metals manufacturer and exporter in China. Product range includes bimetals, silver and copper clad metals, silver alloy contacts, and button cell battery material.
  • HMS Metal Corporation Manufacturers and suppliers of Chemically and antimonial Lead sheets, pipes, wires, sleeves, F-shots, Alloy and Anodes and also dealer of zinc sheet, white metal and soldering stick.
  • Hoow Shiang Enterprise Corporation Manufacturer and supplier of the alumnium and copper; from ingots to coils.
  • Industrial Metals Inc. Sales of copper, steel, titanium, nickel and brass for industrial applications.
  • International Platinum Group Metals Association (IPA) A non-profit association of the leading mining, production and fabrication companies in the global PGMs industry. Information on platinum, palladium, rhodium, iridium, ruthenium, and osmium.
  • K&S Engineering, Inc. Metal products for hobby, hardware, craft, and DIY. Aluminum tube, brass tube, angle, channel, aluminum sheet, brass strip, brass sheet, telescopic tube, cut-to-length.
  • Kansai Pipe Industries,Ltd. Manufacturers of extra-fine tube of non-ferrous and rare metals.
  • Leech Carbide Manufacturer of tungsten carbide and supplier of preformed carbide wear parts.
  • Lum Choon & Co. Sdn. Bhd. Specialises in brass, stainless steel, copper and special steels, in various forms; rod, sheet, pipe.
  • Lyon Industries Chicago Inc. Manufacturer of shim stock, laminated metals, laminated shim stock and other industry specific metal products.
  • Manganese Metal Company Producer of manganese flakes, powders, briquettes and Mn3O4, produced in a selenium free process.
  • Mapes Piano String A family business that manufactures piano strings, spring wire, and specialty wire.
  • Metal Link Manufacturer of bronze, aluminum bronze, manganese bronze, phosphor copper, cuppro iron, and cuppro nickel. Alloys, ingots and castings. India.
  • Midwest Tungsten Service, Inc. Supplier and fabricator of tungsten, molybdenum and tantalum. Manufacturer of a complete line of evaporation sources and materials for vacuum deposition of thin films.
  • Mississauga Metals and Alloys Recycle zirconium and exotic alloys such as titanium, hafnium, niobium, tantalum and nickel. Supplied in nuclear, alloy and commercial grades.
  • Moo Jin Metals Company Korean suppliers of mild steel, stainless steel, nickel and nickel alloys, titanium and titanium alloys, tantalum, zirconium and molybdenum.
  • Neo Material Technologies, Inc. Engineers rare earths, zirconium and magnets into materials.
  • New West Metals Inc. Suppliers of a wide variety of specialty metals.
  • Ningbo Moon Illuminant Material Co.Ltd. Produce rare metal foil flat belt such as electrolytic molybdenum , tantalum foil and molybdenum .
  • Novamerican Steel, Inc. Holding company with subsidiaries which process and distribute carbon steel, stainless steel and aluminum products. (Nasdaq: TONS).
  • OM Group, Inc. Providing value-added, metal-based specialty chemicals to leading growth industries around the world.
  • PPM Pure Metals GmbH Producer of high purity metals and chemicals used in electronics, fiber optics, and semiconductors. Products include germanium, germanium tetrachloride, germanium oxide, arsenic, antimony, copper, cadmium and tellurium.
  • President Titanium Suppliers of domestic 6AL/4V, 6AL/4V ELI, and grade 4 titanium bar, sheet and plate.
  • Prime Metals Suppliers of metals to a wide variety of industries in the UK and Europe. Includes aluminium, copper, stainless steel, nickel, and titanium.
  • Reading Alloys Produces the industry's most line of ferrous and non-ferrous master alloys and engineered materials, including specialty powders.Includes an e-commerce and a technical exchange section.
  • RGR Metall Stocking metal trading company in Estonia.
  • Richard Anton KG Worldwide supplier of high-quality graphite, recarburizers and pig iron.
  • S+A Blackwell Ltd. Suppliers of alloys, metals, minerals and chemicals.The company also take back spent materials, in order to reclaim the metal contents, such as Nickel, Cobalt, Vanadium .
  • Speciality Metals Suppliers of standard gauge, piano, and spring wire as well as aluminum, brass and copper rod, sheet, strip and tube. Customer specification service available.
  • Surepure Chemetals Offer a range of speciality metals including gold, silver, platinum, palladium, nickel, and high temperature metals.
  • Titanex GmbH Titanium, niobium, tantalum, stainless steel for medical implants and instrumentation. Switzerland.
  • Titanis Production of inclusion-free titanium by melting with cold hearth furnace . The source material for melting is titanium sponge produced in Ukraine .
  • Wing Sang Loong (Hop Fat)Copper Aluminium Co.Ltd. Manufacturer and exporter of nonferrous metals including brass wire, strip and sheets, copper wire, aluminium alloy wire and sheets, and aluminium strip. Hong Kong.
  • Wyoming Steel and Recycling Suppliers of new steel, aluminum and stainless steel.

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