• A.B.M. Interthene Embossed polythene used as interleaving in the rubber industry.
  • Aakash Plastopack Pvt. Ltd. Manufacturers of PVC film; metallised, opaque, clear, pigmented for twistwrap applications on automatic high-speed twist-wrapping machines.
  • Aaltex International Manufactures jute, canvas, and cotton bags. Also, manufactures industrial hand gloves.
  • AB Converters Stock and custom paper bags, flexible packaging, carrier bags and printed sheets.
  • ABC Plastic Manufacturer and exporter of sewed and heat-sealed packaging bags.
  • Accutech Packaging Manufacturer of thermoformed plastic packaging, blisters, clamshells, custom and stock mailing bags, food service bags, merchandise bags and foam protective packaging.
  • ACLAR Provides moisture barrier protection in health care and pharmaceutical blister packaging and other industrial applications.
  • Active Pack International Inc. Offers a line of anti-corrosion VCI packaging and fresh produce bio-fresh packaging.
  • Adart Poly Bag Manufacturer of the retail, industrial and printed poly bags. USA.
  • Advanced Pouch Technologies Design flexible packaging materials, new package designs, packaging systems for chemicals, foods, agriculture and pharmaceuticals.
  • Airfloat Systems Inc Provides inexpensive, re-usable packaging solutions for shipping and protecting fine art.
  • AJM, Inc Shrink wrap, shrink bags, bag sealers, impulse bar sealers, and shrink tunnels.
  • Al Sadek Plastics UAE manufacturer of polythene sheets and nursery bags.
  • American Plastic Bags Manufacturer of plain and custom printed plastic shopping bags,promotional carrier patch and soft loop handle, die cut, and poly draw bags.
  • Amgraph Packaging A national supplier of flexible package printing for national brands and private labels, using lithography, flexography, and rotogravure printing.
  • Anchor Bag Company Online catalog of plastic zipper bags, t-shirt bags, merchandise bags, furniture covers, mini-grip bags, poly bags and paper shopping bags. Bubble bags and bubble envelopes.
  • Angus and Wright Packaging materials, cold seal, cushion wrap as well as a range of automatic packing machines.
  • API Specializes in the design of die-cutting and manufacturing of plastic retail bags for supermarkets, convenience stores, fast food restaurants and other retailers nationwide.
  • Aplasticbag.com Plastic, polyethylene, t-shirt and ziplock bags. Custom printed plastic bags and packaging items.
  • Applied Extrusion Technologies, Inc. Developer and manufacturer of specialized plastic films used in consumer product labeling, flexible packaging, health care, and filtration applications.
  • AT Plastics Polymers, films, packaging and shipping sacks.
  • Aurora Plastics and Packaging Stock, custom and printed plastic bags and packaging. Site contains price list and contact detail.
  • Automated Packaging Systems Manufacturer provides autobaggers, packaging systems, imprinters, industrial poly bags and form fill seal systems.
  • B Smith Packaging Ltd Manufacturer and designer of bags and carrier bags; vest, suit, and garment carriers, sacks and packaging.
  • Bagbarn.com Manufactured printed plastic bags. Includes plastic bags, and custom printed bags for advertising.
  • BagsOnTheNet Supplying all plain and custom printed paper bags, plastic bags and other packaging products.
  • Bass Flexible Packaging Manufacturer of polypropylene and cellophane bags, fold-over and crimp bottom serving the gourmet food, candy, personal care and home fragrance industries.
  • Bison Bag Company, Inc. Printers, converters, and laminators. Products include bags, sheets, rollstock, pouches, triangle bags, and zipper bags and rollstock.
  • Boran Plastic Packaging Ltd. Manufacturer of custom polyethylene, polypropylene and multi-layer bags and film through a flexible process, that permits specified custom bags to be delivered within days.
  • Bradley's Plastic Bag Company Manufacturers of polyethylene film and suppliers of barrier films and general packaging. Includes on-line ordering and contact details.
  • British Polythene Industries PLC Manufacturer and exporter of poly bags.
  • Bulkbag Limited Manufacture FIBCs to carry foodstuff, aggregate, chemicals, pharmaceuticals through to hazardous goods. Based in Dundee, Scotland with additional production available through European and Asian partners.
  • Cabrellon srl Manufacture a range of polycarbonate single, double , and hinged moulds with magnets, for chocolate. Italy.
  • Captive Plastics, Inc. Full service plastic packaging company with plants in NJ, KY, IA and CA.
  • CESCO Supplier of silicone rubber dielectric sleeves for corona treaters and dyne test pens for measuring surface tension.
  • Champion Plastics Manufacturer of polyethylene bags, liners, covers, films, sheeting, tubing and shrink packaging.
  • Checker Bag Company Manufacturers of trash bags using 80% or more recycled material. Also manufactures bags for retail flexible packaging.
  • Chequer Packaging Limited New Zealand Manufacturer and supplier of plain and printed polythene bags, rolls, and envelopes.
  • Chung Shing (HK) Plastic Bag Printing Manufacturing Limited Manufacturer of Polythene bags and carriers. Site includes product list together with photographs and contact details.
  • Clear Film Printing, Inc. Printers of plain and printed polyethylene bags, shrink, stretch, pvc and other specialty film.
  • Co-Ordinated Packaging Offers wholesale plastic, recloseable and poly bags to distributors. Features contact information.
  • Colonial Packaging, Inc. Manufacturers and distributors of flexible plastic packaging including poly bags and envelopes.
  • Command Plastic Bags Plastic bags, bags, HDPE, LDPE, polyethylene, retail packaging, merchandise bags, and holiday bags.
  • Commercial SynBags, Ltd India. Manufacturers of polypropylene and high-density polyethylene (HDPE) flexible intermediate bulk containers (FIBC) and woven sacks for industrial storage and packaging applications. Also, polyethylene three- and five-layered tarpaulins, and flat and circular woven fabrics.
  • Continental Bulk Bag Packaging supplier for FIBC bulk bags, bulk bins, feed bags and industrial recycling of polypropylene woven bags.
  • Copol International Manufacturer of unoriented cast polypropylene film for the packaging industry.
  • CorrPak Bulk Packaging Systems, LLC Specializes in intermodal sea bulk container liners for dry, flowable bulk products. Offers bulk bags (FIBC'S), woven poly bags, and flexitanks in addition to a variety of hard-to-find specialty packaging products.
  • Covalence Coated Products Flexible rollstock laminations of paper, film, foil, scrims, and fabrics using plastic extrusion coating and laminating.
  • Cransford Polythene Ltd. Polythene bag and film manufacturers. Extruders and converters of sheeting and tubing.
  • Crystal-Flex Packaging Specialty flexible packaging: wicketed bags, roll stock, pouches, laminations, barrier films, high quality process printing, resealable packaging, graphic design, packaging machinery.
  • David S Smith Liquid Packaging Bag-in-box systems from design and production to filling and palletizing.
  • Dayton Bag and Burlap Manufacturer and custom converter, providing burlap, burlap bags, sand bags, polypropylene bags, nursery products, and packaging goods for industry.
  • DBR Industries, Inc. Converter of flexible packaging materials, also selling padded mailers, Flo-Pak Super 8 loosefill and Slide-Rite bags.
  • de Elliotte Manufacturer of plain and custom printed poly bags, roll stock, sheeting, shrink film, and other flexible packaging materials.
  • Decorative Sleeves Manufacturer of decorative shrink sleeves for packaging manufacturers.
  • Derby Plastics Manufacturers and suppliers of polythene bags and rollstocks.
  • Diamond Polyplst Private Limited Manufacturer and exporter in India of polythene, polyethylene, polypropylene plastic bags, and tubing sheets.
  • Dinobags International supplier of standard and custom made polypropylene Bulk bags and Multiwall Paper Bags.
  • Discovery Packaging Manufacturers of custom flexible packaging - art, creative, design, plates, extruded plastic film, flexographically printed bags, pouches, and rollstock.
  • DM Packaging Manufacturers of t-shirt, plastic, grocery, retail bags, and supermarket bags. Supplies to wholesalers and distributors.
  • Dolphin Packaging Designs and produces a range of manufactured plastic packaging food trays, punnets and packaging for the catering industries.
  • Donald Davis Bags Stocks bulk quantities of polyethylene, woven polypropylene, cotton, burlap, paper and sand bags. Also supply used grass seed bags, rolled fabrics and tuff sleeve.
  • Dor Film Manufacturers of BOPP flexible packaging films in the range of 12-60 micron.
  • Eagle Flexible Packaging, Inc. A flexographic converter of flexible packaging such as stand-up pouches, zipper bags, paper, film, foil, shrink film sleeves, roll-fed shrink, and laminations.
  • Echo Packaging Manufacturers of Ziplock plastic bags, hanghole and slider bags. Includes on-line ordering and product search facilities.
  • Egerom Production S.A. Manufacturers of polythene and suppliers of bottling, labeling and roasting equipment. Includes details of company history and contact details.
  • Elway Industries, Inc. Providers of bulk bags, cargo slings, pe bags/liners, pallet covers, stretch wrap.
  • Embatherm Opercule Packaging closures, suppliers of heatsealers and aluminium thermoadhesive precut foils.
  • Eska Group Turkey. Manufacturers of standard, quattro and one-loop flexible intermediate bulk containers (FIBC) for transport, agriculture and industrial uses. Technical information. English, Turkish and French.
  • Esty Specialty Products Manufactures evidence packaging including self-sealing, tamper-evident polyethylene bags and pouches. Profile and product information.
  • Excellent Poly, Inc. Manufacturer of custom printed and non-printed plastic bags including wicketted, gusseted, mailer, door knob, and die cut poly bags.
  • Extrapack Ltd. Bulgarian manufacturer of Polyethylene bags. Includes company information, product list and contact details.
  • Faulkner Export Packaging Ltd. Manufacturers and Distributors of metallic foil coloured mailers, envelopes and bags. Based in Ireland, UK and USA.
  • FIBC Recycling Closed loop bulk bag recycling program. The Super Sack container reconditioning specialists.
  • Fibope, S.A. Flexible and biaxially oriented shrink films for packaging.
  • Flair Flexible Packaging Plastic bags, flexible packaging, bags, coffee packaging, ziplock bags and stand up pouches. Assorted bags manufactured.
  • Flex Industries Manufacturer of flexible packaging in roll or finished form. Manufacturer of gravure cylinders.
  • Flexa Latin American manufacturer of plastic pouches for the food industry. Co-extrution, lamination, flexogrophic printing, product engineering.
  • Flexible Packaging Provides custom printed plastic bags. Offers samples and a description of services.
  • FlexPack Pty., Ltd Australia. Manufacturers of standard and custom developed, printed and laminated flexible packaging solutions, from a variety of polymer films.
  • Foam FX Supply a range of styrofoam packaging products.
  • Form-All Plastics Corp. supplied large and small companies with thermo formed plastics.
  • FormPlast Manufactures personalised paper and plastic carrier bags. Profile, products, location, and events.
  • FormTex Plastics Corporation Thermoforming of plastic packaging such as clamshell packaging, blister packaging and plastic product holding trays.
  • Freedom Plastic Bags Plastic bag manufacturer for low quantity users. Featuring picture samples, sizes, prices and colors of plastic and paper bags.
  • G.K International Co.,Ltd Flexible packaging manufacturer. Dry laminating bags, pouches, zippered reclosable stand up pouches.
  • General Plastic Extrusions Manufacturer of plastic bags, tubing, sheeting, and stretch wrap.
  • Georg Utz AG Plastics technology for storage and transport (totes and trays).
  • Gideons, Inc. Manufacturer of polyethylene, polypropylene, and multi-layer films. Includes product list and contact details.
  • Glo Pack Manufacturer and distributor of plastic bags specializing in retail and promotional items including patch and soft loop handle, die cut, and gusseted poly bags.
  • Global Packaging, Inc. Flexographic printing, bag conversion, printed rollstock, lamination and zipper bags.
  • Great American Packaging Manufacturers of plastic bags and film for industrial and commercial packaging needs.
  • Green World Bags Provides a variety of reusable bags, shopping, plastic and cotton bags and accessories.
  • Grofit Plastics Provides resealable zipper bags, antistatic and static shield packaging. Specializing in anti corrosion VCI (vapor-corrosion-inhibitors) flexible packaging solutions.
  • GT Bag Company Distributors of plastic bags.
  • Hangzhou Jingwei Manufacturer of polypropylene woven bags with or without liner.
  • Haomint Co.,Ltd Manufacturer in China of vinyl zipper packing bag and suit covers.
  • Heritage Packaging Flexible packaging materials converter and designer producing bags, covers, liners and other customized products.
  • Holmes Packaging Manufacturer of high barrier (7 and 9 layer co-ex) flexible films and pouches and multiwall packaging for powders. Specialists in packaging for the Dairy industry.
  • Hood Packaging Offers multi-wall paper bags, industrial bags, consumer plastic bags, PE coated papers, shrink film and stand up pouches. Includes contact information.
  • Icon Plastics Manufactures packaging tubes, plastic mailing tubes, colored tubing, lighting plastics, and other custom extruded products.
  • Industrias Transval S.A. In a light format that allows for easy handling when opening and closing the sack thus avoiding usual operating difficulties.
  • Information Packaging Packaging for CDs, CD-Rs, CD-RWs, DVD, and other magnetic media. Materials include Tyvek, paper, paperboard, polyethylene, polypropylene, vinyl.
  • International Packaging Manufacturer of promotional overwrapping and shrinkwrapping.
  • International Plastics, Inc. Manufacturer, extruder, printer and converter of flexible packaging products. Specializing in poly bags, plastic bags, box liners, drum liners, can liners, reclosable zip lock bags, retail shopping bags, merchandise bags, trade show bags, poly tubing, and all types of poly film.
  • Interpac Corporation Canadian-based manufacturer and printer of stand-up pouches, poly bags, and courier envelopes.
  • InterWrap Industries Inc. Manufacturer of PE and PP packaging for lumber, wood, steel, and of tarps for hay, grain, geotextile, construction, and shelters.
  • Iretex Manufacturers of sheeted plastics. Includes extruded and formed. Malaysia.
  • Irisong Packaging Chinese supplier and exporter of plastic, non-woven, jute, cotton, paper and straw packaging.
  • Isamar S.A. Manufacturer of polyolefin and PVC shrink films, sleeves, and tamper-evident bands. Packing machinery.
  • Isbir Synthetic Turkish supplier of flexible intermediate bulk containers. Offers a product list.
  • J&HM Dickson Ltd. Manufactures sacks, bags, and FIBC products for loose and granular types of industrial products.
  • J & HM Dickson Limited A broad range of woven polypropylene sacks for industrial and agricultural purposes. FIBC (flexible intermediate bulk containters) made to order. UK.
  • Jalpac India Limited Manufactures metallised polyester film and polyester paper, and metallic yarn. Also, window metallising, and barrier film.
  • Jannel Packaging, Inc. Manufactures pressure-sensitive packing list envelopes and poly bags for industrial, retail and storage applications. Includes product descriptions, contact information and an online request form.
  • Johstar Manufacturing and exporting of HDPE plain and printed bags. Malaysia.
  • Joowha Industrial Co. Ltd. Manufacturer of FIBC (flexible intermediate bulk container), woven bag, tarpaulin, cement bag, bulk bag, and industrial packaging materials.
  • Josh Packaging Manufacturer of plastic bags. Includes cellophane and polypropylene.
  • Jutexpo Manufactures biodegradable and ecofriendly jute shopping and tote bags, as an alternative to plastic bags. Includes product descriptions and photos, company profile and client endorsements.
  • Kalawati Industries Manufacturers of plastic packaging products including bags, sheets, and films. India.
  • Kard-O-Pak Supplier of fully heat-sealed block-bottom bags for the European continent.
  • Karenko Ldpe, hdpe, pp bags and films, shrink, polyolefine; and stretchfilms, carrierbags.
  • Kaysersberg Packaging Single-wall and twin-wall extruded plastic sheeting for plastic packaging, promotional articles, stationery, and labels.
  • Kemex-EFP BV The Netherlands. Manufacturers of customized textile and nonwovens based flexible containers and converted products for applications in packaging, storage, covering and transport of powders, granulate and liquids.
  • Kingpak - UK Manufacturer and suppliers of stock and custom LD polythene bags.
  • KleerPak Custom manufacturer and a contract converter of flexible packaging materials. Specializes in manufacturing plain and printed pre-made barrier and high barrier bags, pouches and various kinds of laminated flexible packaging films.
  • KNF Corp. Manufacturer of nylon, poly and multi-laminate flexible materials and packaging.
  • Korozo Company Supplier of carrier, bread and garbage bags. Also provides food and industrial packaging, and laminations.
  • Korpack Corporation Korean manufacturer and exporter of flexible packaging materials.
  • Lamitec Mexican company dedicated to the design and development of laminated flexible packaging for food, coffee, cosmetics, agrochemicals and other industries.
  • Layfield Group Manufacture, fabrication, and installation of flexible plastic sheeting, poly films, and industrial fabrics. Includes product list, site map and contact information.
  • Lewis and Myers Converter, manufacturer, and contract packager specializing in foam and bubble-pack products.
  • Licaplast Industries Canadian company offers extruded and printed products. Features contact information.
  • Longhorn Packaging Inc Supplies packaging, graphic design, laminating, coating, slitting and bag/pouch fabrication. Includes contact details.
  • LPS Industries Inc. Manufacturer of flexible and barrier packaging and pouches for the food, medical, transportation and agri-chem industries.
  • Lucky Star Weaving Co., Ltd Thailand. Vertically integrated company, involved in filament extrusion, weaving, laminating, printing, finishing and converting of polypropylene woven bags for industrial applications.
  • M&Q Packaging Manufacturers and global suppliers of heat resistant Nylon film.
  • M&Q Plastic Products Manufacturer of specialty grades of blown nylon alloy film sheets and bags, including nylon film cooking bags and medical sterilization bags.
  • M. Duerden Ltd Supplies and delivers flexible packaging.
  • Magma Pack Ltd. Specialized in the production of small quantity, high-quality promotional and shopping bags with textile handles.
  • Master Pak, Inc. Distributor of stock and custom plastic bags.
  • MasterNet, Ltd Canada. Manufacturers of oriented and non-oriented flat and tubular plastic netting and mesh products for fencing, packaging and protection applications. Technical information and net specifications.
  • Maxilla Packaging Suppliers of flexible laminates, bags, pouches and other packaging products for the food, beverage and pharmaceutical industries.
  • McNeely Plastic Products Distributor for plastic bags, stretchfilm, tape, strapping, boxes, retail bags.
  • Mid-State Plastics Manufacturer of flexible packaging, including water-tight and commercial/industrial packaging.
  • Mid-West Poly Pak, Inc. Manufacturing custom poly bags, plastic zipper bags and bags on a roll for retail, industrial and produce industries.
  • Monro Supplier of carrier bags.
  • Mr. Shrinkwrap Specializing in the preparation of your valuable assets for outdoor storage and shipment.
  • MR-Verpackungen GmbH Walsrode Manufacturers of flexible packaging.
  • Multi-Flex Lami-Print Manufacturers for snack foods, toiletries, laminations, paper, metallized films and cold seals.
  • Multisacks (Pvt) Ltd Manufacturing of polymer articles, specialized in the field of producing HDPE and LDPE printed bags and sheets
  • Naraipak Polyethylene bags manufacture. Thailand.
  • Nissen Packaging A UK distributor of shrink-wrap materials and equipment.
  • NITECH Stretch wrapping and pallet packaging.
  • Nordenia International AG Germany. Multi-national manufacturers and converters of poymer films for packaging, technical and commercial applications. Also, processors of plastic fabrics and nonwovens, and material composites. English, German, French and Spanish.
  • Norfolier AS Manufacturer of stretch film for pallet wrapping, produced either by flat casting or blowing.
  • Norpak Corporation Manufacturer and supplier of waxed paper products. Also offering printed, laminated, polycoated papers for industrial and food service applications.
  • North Coast Plastics Manufacturers of film in thicknesses ranging from .75-4.o mil and diameters ranging from 4" to 45".
  • North State Flexibles Manufactures flexible packaging. Specializes in high impact, point of purchase flexographic printing.
  • Olympic Plastic Bags Custom manufacturer and wholesaler of plastic bags, film and products. Canada.
  • Opalion Plastics Limited UK manufacturer, exporter and importer of polythene bags. Products include plain and printed carrier bags, refuse sacks, produce bags, mailing envelopes and other flexible packaging products.
  • Pacific Bag Supplier of custom printed and stock bags, including paper tin-tie bags, gusseted valve bags, reclosable stand-up pouches, flat pouches, poly bags, rollstock and one-way degassing valves.
  • Packaging Specialties Inc. Produces flexographic products, machines, and printed packaging for the food and non-food industries.
  • Pak 2000, Inc. Manufacturer of gift bags and retail bags.
  • Pak Sher Co Restaurant carry out bags, drink containers, deli sacks and party trays.
  • Peace Products Company Manufacturer of plain and printed poly bags. Offers a company profile.
  • PH Flexible Packaging Ltd Suppliers of packaging products for both retail and trade specialists Includes bubble and foam conversions. Denmark.
  • Planet Packaging UK manufacturer of printed plastic carrier bags and barrier tapes. Bags printed up to four colours both sides, in various sizes.
  • Plasipak Packaging Inc. Supplier of plastic containers, manufacturing technologies, equipment and services.
  • Plaspack USA, Inc. Manufactures mesh and poly bags for the produce industry, internationally.
  • Pliant Corporation Manufacturers of film and flexible packaging. Agricultural, barrier, blown, converter, personal care, PVC, stretch, shrink, and medical films, laminations and liners.
  • Polibak Plastics America Polypropylene film, bag and sheet manufacturer and distributor.
  • Poliflex Imballaggi Production of polythene packing, plastic bags, advertising bags, alimentary film, aluminum, forecut bags.
  • Poly Express Manufacturer of plastic bags, promotional bags, liners and tubing.
  • Polynova Industries Supplier of flexible packaging materials, including custom bags and printed frozen food rollstocks.
  • Polyresins International Corp Manufacturer of plastic packaging bags, plain and custom print, small and large quantity order for all types of industry, LDPE, HDPE, PP and PVC.
  • Polysiertegels NV Design and manufacture of products in expanded and impact-resistant polystyrene, in polystyrene laminate and in polypropylene.
  • Premier Protective Packaging Custom manufacturer of foam, bubble, and non-woven bags and sheets.
  • Presto Products Manufacturer of Fresh Lock brand zippers for the food and packaging industries.
  • Prince Edward Island Bag Co. Ltd. Provides a range of packaging to the agriculture, fishing, food, and construction industries. Offers contact information and a photo gallery.
  • Progressive Packaging Ltd Flexographic or rotogravure printed packaging materials.
  • Protective Lining Corp. Polyethylene film and related products, including industrial bags, carton and gaylord bin liners, drum liners and covers.
  • Protos Packaging Converters of polypropylene and specialist films. Based in Sharpness, UK
  • PT. Zipper Indotama Manufacturer of LDPE zipper bags.
  • Pun Fong Enterprise Co., Ltd. Manufacturer of PP, PE, OPP, PVA, PPE, plastic bags, and packaging materials.
  • Quick Way Plastic Manufacturer, exporter and supplier of FIBC's, bulk bags, jumbo bags, PE woven bags and outdoor furniture covers in China.
  • Rapak Manufactures bag-in-box liquid packaging systems.
  • Rapid Action Packaging Design and manufactures fleixble food wraps, and environmentally friendly food packaging.
  • Repsco Inc. Slip sheet manufacturer. Customizing polymer blends and sheet specifications to meet your unitized load size, weight, and application requirements.
  • Reuther Verpackungen Flexible packaging for the markets of today and tomorrow.
  • Rillatech Ltd Food packaging materials including meat netting, collagen casings, shrink bags and vacuum pouches.
  • RNR Plastics Manufactures custom flexible vinyl packaging such as fact tag holders, name badges, and checkbook covers.
  • Ruby Polymers Manufacturer of LDPE flexible pipe, LLDPE film, sheet, tarpaulin and polymer granules.
  • Rutan Poly Industries, Inc. Manufacturer of polythene bags and film. Site includes a bags glossary, sample of work, quote request and contact details.
  • S G Baker Supplier of Industrial and agricultural packaging in the UK
  • Samuel Grant Group ltd, Manufacturers of industrial films. Includes plastics and paper. England.
  • San Diego Bag and Supply Design and manufacturers of bags and containers.
  • Seal-It, Inc. Manufacturer of heat shrink PVC labels and shrink bands used for tamper-evident seals and sleeves for multi-packs.
  • Seevent Plastics Manufacture and prints polythene sacks, bags and reels.
  • Select Fabricators Inc. Custom fabrication of flexible packaging materials, contract product assembly and fulfillment, various EMI and EMC products and medical device components.
  • Servi-Pak Shrink wrap, flow wrap, multimedia packaging.
  • Sharp Packaging, Inc. Manufacturer of flexible packaging systems. Pre-opened bags on a continuous roll, stretch sleeves, imprint ribbon and bagging machinery.
  • Shilp Gravures Electronic engraving for gravure printing. Specialized coating application. Anilox rollers for flexo printing.
  • Shin Heung Korean supplier of retort, vacuum, stand-up, doypack, antistatic moisture barrier and reclosable zipper pouches. Other products are listed by common use.
  • Shirlplass Ltd An independent company manufacturing packing film, bags and specialist plastic products.
  • Shrink Bags and More Manufacturer of pvc and poltolefin shrink bags made to order. Includes 100 gauge domed shape shrink bags.
  • Shrinkit, Inc. Complete shrink wrap supply system includes large size shrink film up to 36 feet.
  • Signature Packaging Group USA, Inc. Custom printed bags, pouches, and other packaging solutions.
  • Silver Holographic UK manufacturer of Holograms and Holographic flexible packaging films and label materials in polypropylene, polyester, and cellophane. Hologram production and embossing systems designed and built.
  • Silver State Plastics Manufacturers all varieties of flexible plastic packaging. Includes printing.
  • SKC, Inc. Film products and applications.
  • Solubag A repacking service in soluble bags for high-cost chemicals which are dangerous, toxic, or dusty.
  • Star Metallizing Metallizer of all types of plastic film substrates.
  • Statology Manufacturer of static control ackaging.
  • STELMI Designs, develops and produces superior elastomeric components for primary pharmaceutical packaging.
  • StePac L.A. Ltd. Manufacturers of plastic bags for food storage and long distance shipment of fresh produce.
  • Structure-Flex Ltd. Manufactures bulk liquid, PVC and polypropylene bags, tension curtains, tanks, spares, and slings. Contains profile, products, awards, and location.
  • Sunjut Manufacturer of bulk bag industry, polypropylene resin bags for storage and transportation.
  • Sunjut, Ltd Turkey. Vertically integrated manufacturers of flexible containers.
  • Tamarack Packaging Manufactures flexible and thermoformed vinyl products and other plastics, including pouches, binders and advertising decals.
  • Templecoombe Limited Suppliers of bespoke printed carrier bags in paper, polythene, and cotton.
  • Tenax Manufactures custom made multiwall paper sacks and bags. Up to four color printing available. Located in Germany.
  • Texas Technologies A full service supplier of desiccants, humidity indicator cards, bags for all requirements, film, ultra-clean bags, cleanroom supplies, Cleanfilm, static shielding, nylon, poly, aclar and barrier bags.
  • The Bag Company Manufacturer of Zippit reclosable polybags, open polybags, TearZone specimen transport bags, Clearview polypropylene bags, packed in a Dispenser Bag.
  • Thong Guan Industries Plastic packaging producer which includes, drinking straws, plastic wrap, and plastic rope.
  • TnT Plastics Manufacturer of polyethylene film and bags, specializing in process print up to 8 colors.
  • Torninova SRL Manufacture air bubble packaging film systems.
  • Tri Pack Plastics Plastics packaging: reuseable and environmentally sound polypropylene packaging solutions.
  • Tufpak Manufacturer of printable plastic retail merchandise bags, sealable pouches, coin bags, autoclavable biohazard bags, industrial packaging and extrusion films.
  • Ultimet Films Vacuum metallisers of plastic films for food industry. Stripe metallising and print metallising possible. Contract slitting of films.
  • United Bags, Inc. Specializes in multi-wall paper, bulk, polypropylene, polyethylene, burlap, cotton, sandbags and mesh bags as well as stretchfilm, pallet covers, and other packaging accessories.
  • United Distributors Supplier of vinyl bags, plastic bags, medical packaging, mattress bags, moving equipment, and packaging materials.
  • Universal Flexible Packaging Suppliers of printed laminate film flexible film printed bags and contract packing.
  • Universal Plastic Manufacturer and supplier of all types of plastic bags, including poly bags, merchandise, tubing, food and medical industry bags.
  • Versa Tech Inc Manufacturer, fabricator, and distributor of Expanded Polystyrene.
  • Vipac Manufacturer of vinyl promotional packaging, including cosmetic, zipper, and garment bags.
  • Viskase Supplier of cellulosic casings and a producer of specialty plastic films for the food industry.
  • Western Plastics Provides packaging materials for the industrial and foodservice industries. Products include pallet wrap, machine film, bubble wrap, bags and sacks and shrink wrap.
  • Windmöller & Hölscher KG Germany. Multi-national group of companies, involved in the extrusion, printing, laminating, finishing and conversion of blown and cast polymer films for the packaging industry. Links to member companies and related sites. Multi-lingual site.
  • World Polybags Pvt., Ltd Sri Lanka. Plain and printed carrier and butcher bags, food wrapping sheets and bin liners, from high and low density polyethylene. Part of the Multisacks Group.
  • Worldpack, Inc. Rotogravure printer and converter of flexible packaging, including shrink film printing and manufacturing.
  • Yuan Harng Chinese plastic tube manufacturer suitable for bubble gum, cosmetics, shaving cream and toothpaste.
  • Zim's Bagging Protective packaging specialist is a converter and printer of specialty flexible packaging products.

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Sub 06.12.2014 10:32, Wind@Umetnost
Filigranska kapija od stihova - Dejan Milenković
Sub 06.12.2014 1:28, tragalac@Umetnost
Recepti, jela od mesa - rostiljijada
Sub 06.12.2014 0:45, niko650@Životni stil

Virtuelne razglednice

za rodjendan, godišnjicu braka, srećnu slavu, ženidbu, udaju, položen vozački, prijem u radni odnos...