This category and its subcategories are concerned with the recognition, handling, and processing of materials and components that have more than one constituent part. The systems, machinery, and equipment, as well as the various ancillary products they employ, are designed to analyze, categorize, sort, and separately store or dispose of the different parts. The end results can vary, but they will invariably comprise at least a couple of distinct elements. Note: Sites related to joining or merging materials and their parts are more properly indexed in the Process_Equipment/Mixers_and_Dispensers category. Additional note: On the whole, sites concerned with the removal of contaminants in air, gases, and water belong in the Process_Equipment/Filtering category. (This differentiation is based on a recognition that a single cleansed/purified element/condition is the end result of filtering, whereas a separating process [as already implied above] produces at least two parts of the original whole.) At the same time, however, there's something of a fine distinction when it comes to oil/water, liquid/solid, and wastewater treatment systems, which invariably result in two reusable elements and are therefore more properly allocated to this Separators category.

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  • Aeroex International Inc. Canada. Manufactures patented equipment for removing aerosols, liquids, oils, water, and emulsions. Site provides detailed explanation of process, which features mechanical pre-separation and permanent self-draining media.
  • BOKELA Germany. Specializes in application of solid/liquid separation technology and custom design and arrangements for manufacture and supply of appropriate equipment. Site describes approach and capabilities.
  • Cansolv Technologies Inc. Canada. Offers sulfur recovery and recycling process units for the natural gas, power, pulp and paper, refinery, and smelter industries. Site includes animated illustration of process.
  • Chicopee Engineering Associates Inc. Specializes in manufacture of air/oil separators featuring patented filter construction. Site provides detailed product and application information. Also offers selection of pump and compressor components.
  • Chip Systems International Manufactures, sells, services, repairs, and upgrades broad range of processing and separation equipment. Focus is on chip processing systems, but product range includes centrifuges, conveyors, dumpers, and shredders.
  • Claud Laval Corporation Manufactures solids-from-liquid separation and filtration equipment. Applications include automotive, oil, gas, and power plants; cooking oil equipment; cooling towers; irrigation systems; machine tool coolants; and steel mills.
  • ConSep Pty Ltd Australia. Specializes in supply of specialized concentration and separation equipment for the mining and mineral processing and wastewater treatment industries. Site provides detailed product and application information.
  • Cuccolini s.r.l. Italy. Manufactures broad range of screening equipment for use with glazes, liquids, and powders. Applications include grinding and refining, removing iron particles, and transferring liquids with pneumatic pumps.
  • Custom Advanced Connections, Inc Suppliers of separators, separator screens and a wide range of auxiliaries and accessories for applications in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries.
  • DEC Impianti Group Italy. Specializes in building and supply of solvent recovery and noxious fume disposal systems. Site provides information regarding available processes, equipment, and applications.
  • Eta Engineering Services India. Specializes in manufacture of gyratory type vibro screens designed for size-based separation of powder, granules, dry or wet solids, or liquid filtration. Applications include food, spices, and seed industries.
  • Hangzhou Xinyuan Filter Press Co. Ltd. China. Manufactures range of filter presses for solid-liquid separation. Applications include coal, chemical, environmental, food, metallurgy, non metal, petrochemical, and pharmaceutical industries.
  • Hoffland Environmental Inc. Employee owned company specializing in manufacture of environmental remediation equipment. Applications include treatment of toxic heavy metals and hydrocarbons, oil and grease residues, suspended solids, and animal waste.
  • Industrial Screen Products Inc. Range of engineered stainless steel screen products for liquid and solids separation. Includes flat, cylinder, sieve bend, and water intake versions, as well as collection and retention items. Site provides detailed list of applications.
  • Innosep Thai company providing customized separation systems using advanced membrane technology for a wide range of industrial applications.
  • Inter-Source Recovery Systems Inc. Manufactures chip processing equipment. Includes wringers, conveyors, metal shredders, parts separators, dumpers, and filtration units. Site incorporates discussion of payback and compliance benefits of process.
  • Kansas City Deaerator Company Full service manufacturers of deaerators and accessory products for power and industrial markets. Site includes specifications and prices of available trays and spray valves.
  • Kason Corporation Manufactures screening and separation equipment for wide range of processing industries. Includes vibratory and centrifugal screeners, static sieves, dryers, coolers, and moisterizers. Offers access to technical library.
  • Koch Modular Process Systems, LLC. Distillation and liquid-liquid extraction equipment for solvent recovery, steam stripping and chemical purification. Complete turnkey modular separation systems. Pilot plant testing services.
  • Koehne Consultancy Holland BV The Netherlands. Specializes in design and supply of enhancements to separation equipment and systems for the oil and gas industry. Objectives are optimum operational effectiveness and productivity.
  • Larox Flowsys OY Finland. Manufactures pinch valves for shut off and control requirements in slurry and powder processing. Available in different configurations according to job needs. Site provides detailed product and application information.
  • Mahle Industrial Filtration The Netherlands. Specializes in manufacture and supply of equipment for solid-liquid separation. Includes wide range of standard products and special purpose installations.
  • Membrane Technology & Research Inc. Specializes in design and supply of membrane based hydrocarbon recovery systems for petrochemical, natural gas, and refinery industries. Site includes explanation of process and provides access to related technical articles.
  • Natco Group Inc. Manufactures wide range of onshore and offshore wellhead and refinery equipment for oil, gas, and petrochemical industries. Focus is on dehydrators, desalters, heaters, separator systems, and water filtration units.
  • New Tianjin Technology and Development Corp. Ltd. China. Manufactures range of separation equipment for chemical, fertilizer, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, refinery, and associated industries. Includes packings, trays, mist eliminators, and column internals.
  • Pall Corp Manufactures wide range of filtration and separation equipment and products. Applications include electronics, healthcare, industrial fluids, and pharmaceutical industries. Site incorporates detailed product information.
  • Pan American Environmental Manufactures wastewater treatment equipment. Applications include oil/water separation, oil/grease interception, chemical pretreatment, slant plate clarifying, emulsion cracking/breaking, and dissolved air flotation.
  • Poseidon Company Canada. Specializes in supply of dissolved air flotation clarifiers for wastewater, effluent, and industrial process steam treatment applications. Industries served include dairy, food, laundry, petrochemical, and pulp and paper.
  • Precious Metals Processing Consultants Inc. Specializes in supply of equipment for electrolytic recovery of heavy and precious metals. Site describes patented systems, with an account of the processes involved, the potential results, and the payback benefits.
  • Premium Vijimech Private Limited India. Manufactures broad range of separation equipment. Includes vibrating screens, air classifiers, graders, destoners, and grain cleaners. Site incorporates detailed product information.
  • Press Technology & Mfg. Inc. Manufactures range of dewatering equipment for broad range of industrial and municipal applications. Also offers lab analysis service and undertakes prototype and small run waterjet cutting jobs.
  • RHEWUM GmbH Germany. Manufactures wide range of machines for dry and wet material screening, separation, and classification. Site provides detailed descriptions of available equipment and includes table showing differences in application.
  • ROTEX Inc. Manufactures screening and separating equipment for chemical, plastic, mineral, food, and agricultural industries. Includes dry granular screeners, particle size analyzers, and vibratory liquid/solid separators.
  • Sanborn Technologies Manufactures wide range of fluid recovery, clarification, and solid-liquid separation equipment. Includes centrifuges, hydrocyclones, and membrane systems. Site incorporates detailed product and application information.
  • SPEware Corporation Distributes sample preparation and extraction columns and related equipment. Site includes detailed account of products and applications in agri-chemical, clinical, environmental, pharmaceutical, and research industries.
  • Termochimica Impianti S.r.l. Italy. Specializes in design and construction of steam pressuree deaerators and related equipment, including high pressure vessels and reactors, shell and tube heat exchangers, columns, rotary driers, and crystallizers.

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