Sites in this category relate to a wide range of machinery, equipment, and systems that mix, blend, dispense, and deliver a host of wet and dry materials and components. Applications exist in numerous industries, but the common denominator is the use in some form of processing that results in an output that differs from the input. Note: In contrast, equipment and devices that separate and sort materials and components, rather than, as it were, turning them into all-of-a-piece, are more properly allocated to the Process_Equipment/Separators category and its subcategories.

Other languages: German.

  • A&J Mixing International Inc. Canada: Manufactures single and double rotor modular mixers for atmospheric and vacuum liquid addition.
  • Aaron Process Equipment Company Manufactures broad range of mixing, blending, and process equipment. Includes batch mixers, ribbon blenders, agglomeration systems, and rotary vacuum dryers, and double arm mixers.
  • Adhesive Systems Technology Corporation Manufactures mixing, metering, and dispensing equipment for bonding, molding, and potting applications. Material range includes adhesives, epoxies, urethanes, silicones, polysulphides, and acrylics.
  • Advanced Materials Group, Inc. Develops and manufactures products and specialized systems for mixing and dispensing multi-component chemicals. (Nasdaq: ADMG).
  • Aeromix Systems Inc Aeration and mixing equipment for wastewater treatment plants.
  • Aim Blending Technologies Inc. Full service manufacturers of standard and customized ribbon blending machines. Design includes compliance with official sanitary requirements. Site provides detailed product and configuration information.
  • AirTech Spray Systems Manufactures systems for metering, mixing, pumping, spraying, and dispensing fluid materials.
  • All Champ Food Machinery Co. Taiwan: Manufacturer of food production machinery, dough mixers and high speed blenders.
  • Ambar Burgul Company Lebanon: manufacturer of filling, mixing machines, hammer mills and grinders for coffee, sugar, spices, grains and seeds.
  • Amerind USA Manufacturer of mobile and stationary emulsion mixing equipment for mining and construction industries .
  • Aran America company Rents, sells and leases continuous mixing plants, mills and high speed block mixers for concrete.
  • Aurora Process UK Ltd. Provider of turnkey process machinery for mixing, blending, and powder handling. Located in the UK.
  • Autocon Specializes in supply of continuous process mixing, blending, and dispersing equipment. Applications include cements, chemicals, fertilizers, foods, pastes, and slurries. Site provides product and processing information.
  • Battaggion S.p.A. Italy. Manufactures broad range of mixing machines. Includes kneading units for medium and high viscosity pastes, with tangential and overlapping agitation action. Site includes photos and detailed product information.
  • Bran+Luebbe Manufacturers of Metering Pumps and systems for liquids and solid. Near Infrared Analyzers, Continuous Flow Analyzers and On-line Monitors.
  • Brawn Mixer, Inc. Designs, engineers, and manufactures top-entry, side-entry, and portable mixers. Products, request for quotation, and employment.
  • Caotech B.V. Netherlands: manufacturer of ball mills and other cocoa and chocolate related mixing machinery .
  • CB Mills Company Vetical and horizontal small media mills for color dispersing and chemical mixing.
  • Charles Ross and Son Manufactures mixers for chemical, pharmaceutical, food, coatings, adhesives and other process industries.
  • ChemFlow Systems Inc. Manufactures patented blending/delivery equipment for biotechnical, chemical processing, pharmaceutical, and semiconductor industries. Site incorporates overall product descriptions and data sheets of available units.
  • ChemGrout Manufacturer of piston and progressive cavity grout pumps, grout mixers, and colloidal grout plants.
  • Chemineer, Inc. Manufactures standard and custom industrial fluid agitation equipment and systems.
  • Cleveland Eastern Mixers Provides a complete line of industrial mixers and agitators for batch sizes from 5 gallons to 500,000 gallons. Serves the chemical and food processing, pharmaceutical, and personal care industries in addition to customers in the water and waste treatment industry.
  • Collette nv Belgium: Aeration, planetary and high shear mixing and granulation equipment. Vacuum, gas-assisted, and microwave drying for food processing, pharmaceutical, and fine chemicals.
  • D.H. Melton Co. Inc. Manufactures selection of mixers and dispersers for production and laboratory use. Site provides photos and specifications of available models.
  • Dantco Mixers Corporation Manufactures mixers, agitators, dispersers ribbon blenders, can crushers, tanks, blades and impellers.
  • Delta Equipment Inc Manufactures industrial mixers for tank volumes of 50 to 5000 gallons. Available air or electric powered, in aluminum, cast iron or stainless steel.
  • Dosmatic U.S.A. Inc. Manufactures water-driven injectors and medicators for use in animal health, horticultural, agricultural, and chemical industries. Site includes detailed product and application information.
  • Dynamix Agitators Agitators and mixers to customer specification for light and heavy duty applications .
  • E.T. Oakes Manufactures mixers, foamers, blenders and depositors for food, pharmaceutical and chemicals.
  • East Fork Industries J. B. Foote concrete mixers. Trailer mounted portable units. Provide parts and service.
  • Ekato Ruhr und Messtechnik Manufactures mixing tanks, agitators, blenders, impellers.
  • Enevor Describes its fluid mixing technology and its applications and energy saving potential.
  • Enodis Plc. Food equipment manufacturer and suppliers of building and consumer products. Products include food mixers and dispensers.
  • Esmach Manufactures dough mixing machines for bread and confectionery bakeries, sells internationally.
  • Fast & Fluid Manufacturers of a range of automated fluid dispensers, mixers and shakers for applications in the paint, ink, cosmetics and food markets.
  • FBF Italia s.r.l. Italy. Manufactures line of homogenizers for dairy, food, ice cream, chemical, cosmetic, and pharmaceutical industries. Site provides detailed information regarding products and applications.
  • Fluid Management Co. Manufacturer and distributor of mixing and dispensing equipment for paint.
  • Frigmaires Engineers Manufacturer of mixers, grinders, dispersers, milling, drying and separating equipment.
  • Grovers International Manufacturers of ribbon, double cone, cage blenders and rapid mixers for the pharmaceutical industry.
  • Grovhac Incorporated Manufacturing broad selection of mixers, agitators, and pumps for variety of industrial applications. Site provides selection guidelines and detailed product and usage information.
  • GSE Dispensing The Netherlands. Design, development and manufacture of automatic gravimetric dispensing and color management systems for applications in industrial printing and paint and coating manufacturing. Detailed machine catalogs. Technical brochures on PDF files.
  • H.C. Davis Sons Manufacturing Co., Inc. Manufacturer of industrial mixers and blenders including: batch, ribbon, and paddle types used in the plastic, chemicals, soils, feed, and concrete industries.
  • Hansa Industrie Mixer Germany. Design and manufacture of mixers for food products and industrial applications. Multi-lingual site.
  • Hawkins Chemical, Inc. Distributes industrial chemicals and sells and services products and equipment for chemical feed and control. Based in Minneapolis, Minnesota. (Nasdaq: HWKN).
  • Heng Chih Machinery Co. Ltd. Taiwan. Manufactures broad range of processing equipment. Includes shaking screens, mixers, granulators, blenders, and waste recycling units. Site provides detailed product photos and specifications.
  • IN-MIX Ltd. Denmark. Manufactures selection of mixers with varying choices of heads, propellers, and drives. Site explains differences in configuration for agitating, blending, mixing, dispersing, dissolving, emulsifying, and hydrating.
  • Indco Inc. Manufactures wide range of mixers and related equipment. Includes dispersers, drums, impellers, paint shakers, propellors, stirrers, and tanks. Site incorporates technical tips and access to downloadable catalog.
  • Industrial machine Mfg. Inc. Manufactures adhesive and resin applicators and dispensing units, as well as explosion-proof hot melt drum unloaders and hot-melt equipment.
  • Inkmaker Asia Pacific Manufacturer of mixing and dispensing systems for aquas and solvent based inks.
  • Inkmaker s.r.l. Italy:Manufacturers mixers and dispensers for water and solvent based paint, cosmetics ,food ,and textiles .
  • Integrated Dispensing Systems UK. Distributes range of equipment for metering, mixing, and dispensing adhesives and sealant materials. Site incorporates links to manufacturer sites and product information.
  • Jaygo Incorporated Manufactures range of equipment for chemical, cosmetic, food, and pharmaceutical industries, with focus on blending, mixing, dispensing, grinding, and drying operations. Also offers testing and rebuilding services.
  • Jenco Manufacturer of mixing, aeration and drying systems for the food and chemical industries.
  • Jiffy Mixer Co. Inc. Manufactures a portable mixer for dry and liquid materials or combinations thereof.
  • K-Tron International, Inc. Holding company with subsidiaries which design, produce, market and sell gravimetric and volumetric feeders for the handling of bulk solids in manufacturing processes. (Nasdaq: KTII).
  • Kneader Machinery USA, Ltd. Manufacturer of mixers and dispersers for a variety of materials, including color concentrates, chemical additives and ferrous materials.
  • Komax Systems Inc Designs and manufactures static mixers, steam heaters, and reactors for variety of applications. Markets include pulp and paper, oil, gas, chemical, plastics processing, and water and wastewater treatment industries.
  • Krebs AG Germany. Design and manufacture of electric spraying guns and systems for stain removal, and paint and food spraying applications. Also, cleaning solvents, and accessories. Extensive technical information. Presentation videos. Product brochures on PDF files. List of trade events. English and German.
  • Kreisel Pumps Manufactures colloid mill For Homogenizing, dispersing, emulsifying, mixing and reaction for cosmetic, food, chemical and pharmaceutical industries.
  • Krones Ag Mixing and dispensing systems for beverage blending and carbonation .
  • Lazareth International sarl Mixing equipment and proportional dispensers for finely pulverized powders, standard powders and pastes.
  • Lehman Manufacturing Co. Manufactures slip mixing and casting equipment for the ceramic industry. Sizes for hobby casters and industrial applications.
  • Lightnin Distributes a broad range of mixing equipment for chemical, pharmaceutical, food and beverage, pulp and paper, and waste water industries. Includes portable mixers, fluid processing systems, agitators, and mixing impellers.
  • Ling-Kwang Industrial Co., Ltd. Taiwan: Mills, mixers, dust collectors, and plant equipment for the processing of food, chemical, and pharmaceutical products.
  • Liquid Control Corp. Metering, mixing, and dispensing equipment for dispensing of various multiple component materials.
  • Littleford Day Inc. Manufactures mixers and blenders, for chemicals, food, plastics, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, paint and pigments.
  • Lleal Sa Manufactures mixers, agitators, and granulators for food, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, chemicals, paint and adhesives .
  • Maelstrom Advanced Process Technologies Ltd. UK. Specializes in supply of fluid mixing machines and systems. Applications include emulsification, dispersing, blending, conditioning, and homogenization. Site discusses common problems and suggests nature of solutions.
  • Manes Macchine s.r.l. Italian : sells granulators, mixers and lab equipment for pharmaceutical, chemical and food industries.
  • Minoga Industrial Co. Ltd. Taiwan. Manufactures variety of processing equipment for cosmetic, pharmaceutical, food, and chemical industries. Includes emulsifying, mixing, filling, and pulverizing units, as well as powder presses and heat exchangers.
  • MischerExpo Directory of German mixing equipment suppliers servicing various process industries.
  • Missenard Quint Industries Manufactures a variety of agitators, mixers and sealing systems.
  • Mixing Systems, Inc. Manufacturer of jet aeration and jet mixing equipment
  • Morton Mixers & Blenders Ltd Manufacturing a range of mixers and blenders used for the food, chemical, pharmaceutical other process industries.
  • Neptune Mixer Company Manufactures a variety of blending and mixing equipment such as metering pumps, static mixers, stainless tanks, panels and chemical feed systems.
  • Novaflow Systems Inc. Canada. Specializes in supply of manual and automated systems to blend and dispense liquids for the ink, chemical, dye, and paint industries. Site incorporates detailed product and application information.
  • Ozark Enterprises Limited UK manufacturer of dispensing, weighing, and mixing systems, specializing in textile applications.
  • Peter Pugger Manufacturing Manufactures clay mixing machines (commonly known as pugmills) and associated equipment for the pottery industry. Site provides detailed product and usage information.
  • Pharmatech Ltd. Manufactures broad range of powder processing and handling equipment for pharmaceutical, cosmetic, chemical, and food industries. Includes blenders, hoists, lifts, tippers, and dust containment systems.
  • Philadelphia Mixing Solutions, Ltd. Manufactures fluid mixers and agitators for the CPI, environmental, pharmaceutical, mining industries.
  • Premier Mill Manufacturer of chemical processing equipment for batch and continuous application. Products include mixers, blenders, particle size reduction equipment, and laboratory scale units.
  • Processall Inc. Manufactures industrial, pilot, and laboratory mixing equipment, chemical reactors and vacuum dryers.
  • Procomac S.p.a. Italy. Designs and manufactures turnkey filling lines for glasses, bottles, and aseptic products. Serves food, beverage, pharmaceutical, and packaging industries.
  • Promix Mixing Equipment & Engg. Ltd Manufacturers of direct, gear and belt driven mixers and agitators. Also, a wide range of couplers, mixer shafts, impellers and propellers, three- and four-bladed and radial turbines, and automatic lubricators.
  • Rexson Dispensing Systems Ltd Manufacturer of gravimetric dispensing systems for the Coatings, Paint, Leather and Ink industries.
  • RimCraft Technologies Inc. Manufactures broad range of mixing and dispensing equipment and accessories. Handling capabilities include adhesives, barrier coatings, cements, epoxies, gypsum, resin matrixes, and rubber materials.
  • RJS Technologies, Inc Specializing in meter, mix and dispensing systems for liquid silicone rubber, RTV's, epoxies, urethanes, and similar materials.
  • Ross Equipment Mixers for adhesives, chemical, coatings, cosmetics, electronics, food, pharmaceutical and plastics industries.
  • Sampling Systems Ltd. UK. Manufactures wide range of manual and automatic devices for sampling powders, granules, liquids, creams, gels, and tablets. Applications include pharmaceutical, chemical, food, and cosmetic industries.
  • Schold Machine Manufactures mixers, dispersers, mills, rotors and stators, custom designs.
  • Sealing Systems Pty Ltd Australia. Manufactures and distributes cold and hot adhesive application systems, hozes, nozzles, consumables, and spare parts. Site includes details of available products.
  • Seneca Tec Manufactures on-center mixing equipment, pump stations, transfer stations, mixing tanks, and powder mixers.
  • Serpak, Inc Manufactures adhesive dispensers and equipment, custom fabricated and off the shelf ,complete systems to single stations.
  • She Hui Machinery Co., Ltd. Taiwan. Manufactures processing units for mixing, pulverizing, milling, and blending materials. Available operations also include drying, collecting, and separating.
  • Sigma Equipment Manufacturer of soap plodders and refiners, basket mills and pumps for cosmetic, soap, pharmaceutical and chemical industries.
  • Silverson Machines Manufacturer of high shear suspension and colloidal mixers, mills, homogenizers, and dispersers.
  • Sonic Corporation Sonolator homogenizing systems, colloid mills, prop mixers and tachblend multiple-feed blending systems.
  • Texas Process Equipment Distributes industrial pumps, process equipment, mixers.
  • The General Machine Company Manufacturer of tumble blenders for the pharmaceutical and chemical industries.
  • The Lödige Group Manufacture a range of wet and dry mixers and dryers. Includes a process technology know-how section to help in finding the best solution for specific requirements. English and German.
  • Tonnaer Machines b.v. Mixing and kneading systems for the food, confectionary, chemical, plastics, pharmaceutical industries.
  • Tridak Inc. Manufactures dispensing valves, systems, controllers, and filling equipment used by industrial, dental and medical manufacturers.
  • Triplematic, Manufacturer of mixing and dispensing machines for epoxy glue, hot melt, butyl rope sealant.
  • Utranazz Ltd Portable concrete mixing equipment. Rough terrain, self loading mixers and truck mixers.
  • Van Wyk Systems BV The Netherlands. Manufactures liquid and powder mixing, blending, and dispensing systems for the textile, paint and coatings, and flavours and fragrances industries.
  • Veenstra Coevorden BV Netherlands: specialist in liquid mixing, bulk handling repair and maintenance of pumps and valves.
  • Vortex Ventures Manufacturer of mixing eductors, slurry and tank mixers and separation hydrocyclones .

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