Here you'll find suppliers (and many manufacturers) of mechanical power transmission components such as gears, bearings, motors, speed reducers, etc. This category has nothing to do with electrical power generation nor automotive transmissions.

Other languages: Chinese Simplified, German, Japanese.

  • A. P. Wittwer Company Distributor for Witton Kramer and Perigrip industrial brakes and related components.
  • A.H. Gears Ltd. Gear and gearbox design and manufacturing company. Services include upgrades and repairs of existing units, as well as customized production to meet customer requirements. New Zealand.
  • Aa1 USA Co. Distributor of Heli-Cal couplings, universal joints, flexible shaft couplings and pumps
  • Accu-Drives Inc. Bearings, power transmission, material handling and industrial electronic control repairs.
  • Advanced Solutions Inc. Source of replacement and equivalent clutches and brakes for Heid, Binder, ZF, Stromag, Simplatrol, Mayr, Ortlinghaus and others. Manufacturer of Commonwealth Couplings.
  • All Power Transmission Inc. Manufacturers of universal joints, cv-joints, plus gear and disc couplings
  • American Roller Screw Inc. A complete line of Satellite or Planetary Roller lead screws where high load capacity, speed, acceleration and reliability are required in difficult environments.
  • American Vulkan Corporation Manufacture, sales and service of flexible couplings for industrial and marine transmissions. RATO, Vulastik-L, Vulkardan, and Flexomax couplings.
  • Ameridrives International Manufacturer of mechanical power transmission products offering coupling products including gear and diaphragm couplings, spindles, U-joints, clutches, brakes, gearboxes and forgings.
  • Andantex USA Inc. Provider of high-precision motion control components and systems.
  • Applied Industrial Technologies Headquarters for a major distributor of bearings, industrial rubber parts, hydraulic and pneumatic products, drive components and specialty items.
  • Applied Power Solutions Authorized power transmission distributor specializing in clutch-brake systems, including pneumatic, hydraulic, electromagnetic, combinations, drum, disc, low-inertia, water-cooled tension, and power-take-offs.
  • Artec Machine Systems Custom engineered turbo gearboxes, on site field service, and custom lubrication systems.
  • Asia Helical Gearbox Producer of High Performance Gearboxes
  • Auburn Gear Manufacturer of a wide range of planetary gear products.
  • Bailey Morris Limited Propshaft and driveshaft manufacturers, repairers and modifiers. Suppliers of universal joints, centre bearings and components.
  • Bear Equipment Manufactures sheaves and pulleys to your exact specifications. We specialize in wire rope sheaves and pulleys.
  • Bearing Depot and Supply, Inc. Distributor of bearings, power transmission products, retail and wholesale. Also direct importer of super precision bearings and metric oil seals. Large stock of electric motor bearings.
  • Bearing Sales And Purchase Ltd Bearing distributor specializing in the purchase and sale of all types of bearings.
  • Bearings and Industrial Sales, Inc. Offers a large inventory consisting of bearings (ball, roller, and spherical), roller chain, lubricants, oil seals, electric motors, gear reducers, conveyor idlers and many other types of power transmission products.
  • Bearings Specialty Company, Inc. Distributor of bearings and power transmission equipment, class 10000 clean room and linear motion engineering services available.
  • Befared Manufacturer of gears and gear-motors from Poland.
  • Belcon Engineers Manufacturers of timing belts and pulleys.
  • Belden Inc. Manufacturers of universal joints and couplings.
  • Bibby Transmissions Group Flexible Couplings and Torque control parts - also Leaders in Torque limiters, gears and flange types.
  • Bierens Machinefabrieken B.V. The Netherlands. Manufactures gear wheels and units for variety of customer requirements. Site incorporates diagrams and photo examples of product range and includes details of manufacturing process.
  • Bison Gear and Engineering Corporation Manufactures gearmotors, reducers, and PMDC motors.
  • Bonfiglioli Italy. Produces a selection of gear motors, variable speed and inverter drives, and electrical controls.
  • Boston Gear Integrated motion control products and components
  • Bretmar Transmission Company Ltd Distributor located in Auckland, New Zealand specializing in importing, warehousing and marketing power transmission products and pneumatic equipment.
  • Brevini Provide power transmission pre-after sales services, technical development assistance, maintenance, warehousing, assembling and testing.
  • Brother Gearmotors Distributors of Brother AC powered GTR gearmotors.
  • Brown Group Ltd. UK. Distributor of power transmission equipment.
  • BW Elliott Manufacturing Flexible shafts and flexible coupling assemblies, valve-control components for military and commercial aerospace, agricultural, automotive, lawn and garden, medical, and many other industries.
  • C&L Worldwide Power transmission product supplier specializing in bearings, seals, and custom molded products.
  • Capitol Marine Gear Provides a line of transmissions that included 12 marine reduction models and four direct drive models for either industrial or marine use.
  • Ceram Co., Inc Specialty Products Division manufactures collars and shaft related components. Produces a wide range of standard and special collars domestically. Available in steel, stainless steel, and aluminum.
  • Challenge Power Transmission Plc. Manufacturer and distributor of power transmission components and related branded products.
  • City Seals and Bearings Limited Suppliers of belts, chains, pneumatics, seals and bearings.
  • ComInTec S.r.l. Produces torque limiters of various types, couplings, clutches, speed variators.
  • Compomac s.p.a. Compomac produces and sells worldwide mechanical transmission parts.
  • Condo Electric Industrial Supply Distributor of motors, motor controls, pumps, gear boxes, pulley, belts, and starters.
  • Dayton Superior Products Manufacturer and importer of shaft collars, including solid and split styles, threaded collars, clamp couplings, rigid couplings, cold rolled, stainless steel, and aluminum materials.
  • DF Coppie Coniche Gears, curvic couplings, spiral bevel and hypoid.
  • Diequa Corporation Specializing in precision power transmission components including couplings, helical drive systems, gearboxes and screw jack actuators
  • Direct Bearings & Power Transmissions Ltd UK distributors for bearings, power transmission, fastenings, plastics, adhesives, pulleys, wheels and castors. Based in Kent and supplying to customers throughout the UK and Europe.
  • Don Dye Company, Inc. Manufacturers of a complete line of V-Belt and Flat Belt idler pulleys and drive sheaves for agricultural, industrial and home use.
  • Drive Lines Technologies Supplier of mechanical power transmission components, couplings, gearboxes and drive shafts.
  • Drive-All Manufacturing Co, Inc Manufacturer of industrial single and multi-speed reducers, increasers, and worm gear boxes.
  • Driveline Service of Portland, Inc. Specializes in universal joint driveshafts and other driveshaft designs, including constant velocity joints, metal disc and other driveshaft couplings for mechanical power transmission.
  • East Anglian Bearing Service Suppliers of all types of bering, chains, v-belts and power transmission systems. Stocks a range of tools and lubricants, and now Siemens electric motors.
  • Eberhard Bauer Gear Motors Full program of gearmotors and speed reducers from 0.1 ~ 100Hp. Inline helical, shaftmount, wormgear and helical-bevel designs are offered.
  • Econobelt Features timing belts in 11 different profiles, made from fiberglass and reinforced Neoprene.
  • Elecon Engineering Company Limited Gear Boxes for Power Transmission Industrial applications.
  • Emerald West Services off-highway products, with parts, remanufactured components, new application engineering and component sales.
  • Emerson Power Transmission Corporation EPT is a producer of power transmission drives, components, and bearings.
  • Emmanuel D. Koumakis S.A. Manufacturers representatives for power transmission products.
  • ESBI Manufacturer of highly flexible couplings with offices in Calcutta, Pune, and Bangalore, India.
  • Esco Transmissions Manufacturer of flexible couplings, gear couplings, disc couplings, special train couplings, high speed couplings and elastic couplings.
  • Euro-Technologies, Inc. Distributor for Tschan flexible shaft couplings, Stuewe shrink discs and keyless shaft connections, clutches and brakes, Tueschen and Zimmermann (T and Z) coupling and brake system for belt conveyors, Ketten Wulf engineered conveyor chains and sprockets.
  • Eurotechniki Manufacturers representatives for power transmission products and conveyor belts. Greece.
  • Fairfield Manufacturing Company, Inc. North American manufacturers of custom gears, shafts, gear assemblies, and Torque-Hub final drives.
  • Fiveways Belts and Bearings Sells a wide range of belts, bearings, and other power transmission parts, as well as industrial lubricants, adhesives, and seals. Delivery anywhere in the UK or worldwide.
  • Formsprag Clutch Manufacturer of overrunning clutches to the power transmission markets.
  • FUH Industrials Inc. Importer and distributor of bearings, chains, sprockets, gear boxes, shaft couplings and power transmission components.
  • G&G Manufacturing Company Manufacturer of power transmission products: Sprockets, sheaves/pulleys, bushings, couplers, adapters, PTO drivelines, u-joints, tubing, shafting, wheel hubs, spindles, trailer jacks
  • Gas Turbine Services Limited Service and repair parts for gas turbine engines.
  • Gear Products Inc. Manufacturer of mechanical power transmission components including slewing ring bearings, worm gear winches, swing drives, planetary winches.
  • Gears & Sprockets Headquarters, Inc. A full service machine shop and speed reducer repair facility.
  • General Engineering and Equipment Co. Distributor of electrical and mechanical power transmission components. Includes AC/DC motors and controls, gears, chains, sprockets, clutches, and couplings. Also provides repair services.
  • Great Lakes Power Service Suppliers of periodic and predictive maintenance, both shop and field service repair, rebuilt exchange and remanufactured components for engine flywheel mounted transmissions.
  • Grove Gear Manufacturer of standard worm and inline speed reducers, as well as customized versions for OEM specialty requirements.
  • Guardian Industries, Inc. Offers product listings with part numbers for this producers of shaft couplings, pump drives and gen-set compressor drives. US based (IN).
  • Gummi USA, Inc. Power transmission products for a variety of industries. Products include industrial pneumatic clutches and brakes, universal flexible couplings and quick release valves.
  • H. M. Cross & Sons Manufacturer of Conveyor Systems; Distributor of Power Transmission and Material Handling Equipment, Variable Speed Drives; Conveyor Systems Design and Installation Service.
  • Hangzhou fada marine gearbox works manufacturer of marine gearbox and associated transmissions parts.
  • HangZhou Power Transmission Corp. Manufacturer of Sprockets, Pulleys, Gears, Bushes, Racks, Motor bases, Couplings, Shaft Collars, timing pulleys and Chains.
  • Hansen Transmissions International Manufacturer of standardised and customized gear reducers.
  • Hayes Power Transmission Products manufacturer of flexible and flywheel couplings, aluminum engine housings, SAE pump mounts #1 through #6, custom built bearing stub-shafts, and bearing supported stub-shafts.
  • Helander Products, Inc. Designs and manufactures miniature spring and roller clutches including overrunning clutches, single/fractional revolution clutches, on-off solenoid and magnetic actuated clutches, back stopping clutches, indexing clutches and free wheeling clutches.
  • Helical Products Company, Inc. Manufacturer of couplings, U-joints and machined springs utilizing the HELI-CAL Flexure.
  • Hi-Lo Manufacturing Manufacturer of adjustable and fixed center distance variable speed pulley drives and systems.
  • HM Manufacturing Manufacturer of custom timing belt,Multi "V", "V" belt, and Flat belt pulleys and sheaves.
  • Hub City Manufacturer of worm gear, bevel, parallel shaft and in-line speed reducers, mounted bearings and the Mina-Gear subfractional horsepower gearmotors.
  • Hutchinson Transmission Manufactures Poly V belts designed for various industrial applications.
  • igus, Inc. Manufactures cable carriers, harnessing, flexible chain, bearings and linear guide systems.
  • Industria UK-based distributor of bearings and other power transmission products.
  • Industrial Belting & Transmission, Inc. Distributor of motors, gear drives, sprockets, conveyor belt, v-belts, idlers, bearings, keyed shafting and roller chain.
  • Industrial Power Transmission Components Sales of Twin Disc and Rockford Power take-offs and industrial clutches.
  • Industrial Pulley & Machine Co., Inc. A manufacture of cast iron pulleys serving customers across the US, such as agricultural, air compressor, mower industry, and military.
  • Inertia Dynamics Manufacturer of motion control products, including electromagnetic clutches and brakes, spring applied brakes, wrap spring clutches and brakes, motor brakes, clutch and brake controls and moment of inertia measurement instruments. Custom designs and sub-assemblies. ISO 9001 certified.
  • Involute Tooling Corporation India. Manufacturers of shaft mounted speed reducers, worm gear units, custom built gear units, timing pulleys, sprockets, and open gearings.
  • Jacmar Motion Control Ltd. Specialists in variable speed drives and motion control systems. Expertise in industrial drive and system applications.
  • Johnson Bearing & Industrial Supply Manufacturer's representative and distributor of bearings and related products.
  • Johnson Power Ltd. Manufacturing and repair of universal joints and driveshafts for many industries including wastewater, papermill and steelmill. They repair all major brands of ujoints, driveshafts and gear couplings.
  • Konus Konex Production of flat power transmission belts and nonwoven felt conveyor belts
  • Konus Konex Ltd. Flatex flat power transmission belts
  • Koysan Marine Transmissions Hydraulically and mechanically operated marine gearboxes.
  • Kraft Fluid Systems Distributor Of hydraulic and power transmission equipment, drives and drive systems, cartridge valves and manifolds, proportional valves.
  • Kumera Corporation Supplier of mechanical power transmissions, main process equipment and modernization services for metallurgical industries, hazardous waste burning lines and industrial casting.
  • Lead Screws International, Inc. Ballscrews, precision ground ball screws, rolled ball screw assemblies, special screws, ball screw repair.
  • Linix Motor Co.,Ltd. Producer of AC Gearmotor, DC Gearmotor, PM DC Motor, Vacuum Cleaner Motor, Synchronous Motor, Motor Housing, Ceramic Magnet, NdFeB Magnet, Flexible Magnet and Gearbox
  • Linn Gear Co. Manufacturer of stock and custom sprockets, gears, pulleys, bushings and other mechanical power transmission components for industrial applications.
  • Logan Clutch Corporation Designs and manufactures multiple disc fluid and air actuated clutches and brakes for machine tool, industrial, marine and off-highway applications.
  • Lohmann + Stolterfoht GmbH Develops gear drive technology by combining hydraulic and mechanical systems. A unit of the Mannesmann Rexroth Group.
  • Louis Allis Drive Products Manufacturers motors, ajustospede eddy current drives, allispede drives and Louis Allis circuit boards.
  • Lucas Industrial Distributor of power transmission products, including shaft collars, couplings, mounted and linear bearings, linear shafting, and chains.
  • Lufkin Industries Specializing in the design and manufacture of enclosed gear drives for industrial applications.
  • Machine Service, Inc Manufacturer of drive shafts, couplings, universal joint, driveshafts, propeller shafts, spindle shaft couplings, slip drivelines, metric drive shafts, mechanics driveshafts, dana spicer shafts and GWB driveshafts.
  • Magtorq Private Limited A planetary gear box manufacture.
  • Marine Transmission Center Hundreds of ZF, Hurth, Velvet Drive transmissions, a stockade of genuine parts and accessories.
  • Martin Sprocket & Gear Martin manufactures sprockets, gears, couplings, sheaves, timing pulleys, drag and screw conveyors and industrial hand tools.
  • Master Drives Inc. A complete line of cast-iron single and multi groove sheaves and H and QD bushings.
  • Mastergear Valve Actuators Manufacturer of Mastergear manual gear operators for the valve industry including quarter turn, full rotation and motor driven geared actuators.
  • Max Power Gears India. Manufacturers of gearmotors and reducers.
  • Mayuresh Enterprises Manufacturers of helical gear boxes, extruder gear boxes, geared motors, worm reduction gear boxes and special purpose gear boxes.
  • Medway Power Transmission Ltd. Supplier of timing belts and pulleys, chain, sprockets, tapered bushes, couplings, bearings, rod ends and spherical bearings.
  • Midland Bearings Ltd Importers and suppliers to the bearing trade and OEM accounts
  • Midwest P.T. Sales Manufacturing rep firm who represents Engineered Class Chain, Roller Chain, Gearboxes, Linear Rail and Cylinder Covers, Keyless locking devices, and Vibrating Conveyors.
  • Moore Gear and Manufacturing Company A complete line of cut tooth gears including straight and helical gears, stock and custom racks, splining and broaching.
  • Motion Drives and Controls Distributors of Boston Gear, Horton, Magpowr and Coiltek power transmission components: brakes, gears, clutches.
  • Motion Industries Australian distributor of power transmission equipment.
  • Naismith Engineering & Manufacturing Australian importer/reseller of power transmission products from around the world and then sell them around Australia through our distributor network.
  • Nook Industries Manufactures linear motion products including ball screws, lead screws, acme screws and screw jacks.
  • Nottingham Electrical Transmissions Specialists in the repair and sales of many different types of fixed and variable speed gearboxes, electric motors and inverters. Gearcutting and machining facilities.
  • Ogura Industrial Corp Producer of eletromagnetic clutches and brakes in single plate, multi-disk, tooth, magnetic particle, hysteresis, c-face and foot mount
  • OH Electro-Mechanical OH Electro-Mechanical distributes motors, drives, gears, sheaves and other motor related parts to the industrial, HVAC and waste water markets.
  • Ondrives Manufactures gearboxes, couplings, bearings linear motion and mechanical drive components.
  • Ostelectric industrial brakes We manufacture thruster and thrustor brakes, drum brakes, disc brakes, couplings for lifting installations
  • P.I.V. Antrieb Werner Reimers GmbH & Co Germany. Manufactures gearboxes and transmission systems for applications in a wide variety of industries. Site incorporates detailed product information and list of available technical catalogues.
  • Peerless Winsmith Inc. Manufacturer of a broad range of speed reducers in both standard and custom designs.
  • Permalon Transmissions Pvt., Ltd India. Manufacturers of a wide range of drive and flat belts and tapes for high-performance power transmission applications. Also, belt joining, slitting and grinding equipment. Technical information and product specifications.
  • Pix Transmissions Limited Manufacturing "V" belts and hoses.
  • Placid Industries Manufacturer of magnetic particle brakes, magnetic particle clutches, hysteresis brakes, and controls.
  • Power Drives Inc. Supplier of fluid power, automation components and systems.
  • Power Transmission Technology Inc. A manufacturer of clutches, brakes, torque limiters, and power take-offs for heavy industries.
  • Powerline Components Supplying new and used parts for Caterpillar, Cummins, Detroit Diesel and Perkins engines for agricultural, generator, industrial and mining applications with Allison transmissions and marine exhaust manifolds.
  • PowerTec Brushless DC motors 0.5 to 400 hp in NEMA standard configurations. High performance, low inertia, high efficiency designs. Standard NEMA base speeds and high-speeds available.
  • Precipart Corporation Custom precision gears and gearing systems.
  • Precision Gears Ltd Gear and Gearbox manufacturer, specializing in gearbox overhaul. 24 hour rapid response, On-site Appraisal. New Zealand based.
  • Premier Propshaft Co Ltd Manufacturer of universal shafts and joints.
  • R & M Bearings Suppliers of bearings and power transmission equipment since 1983 in the Tayside and Fife Regions of Scotland, now exporting worldwide.
  • R + W America L.P. Designs, manufactures, assembles and markets couplings for the PT and motion industries.
  • Ray Pickel Co. Manufacturers rep for power transmission equipment
  • Reell Precision Manufacturing Manufacturer of electric and mechanical clutches, friction hinges, and slip clutch devices
  • Reli-a-Flex High torsional stiffness and low bearing loads, Reli-a-Flex is able to outperform traditional one piece couplings and can even approach the performance of a bellows coupling.
  • Reliable Precision Sales Industrial servomotors, DC motors, DC gearmotors, Gearheads
  • Renold plc An international engineering group, producing a wide range of high quality products including transmission, leaf and conveyor chains, gearboxes and mechanical variable speed drives, clutches and couplings.
  • Rexnord Corp. Supplier of power transmission components, drives and conveying equipment for process industries including bearings, chains, couplings, drives, motor brakes and idlers. Online line card and technical information.
  • Riley Gear Corporation Manufacturer of precision ground gears to AGMA class 15 specifications up to 55 inches in pitch diameter, custom gear boxes, design consultants.
  • Rino Mechanical Components Inc. Precision mechanical components
  • Rossi Motoriduttori Group Manufacturer of gear reducers, gearmotors, and electric motors.
  • Roton Products, Inc. Maker of screws and nuts for use in power transmission or positioning applications (not fasteners). Primary products are lead screws and ball screws, acme, hi-lead, torqsplines, and trapezoidal (metric) screws.
  • Ruland Manufacturing Co., Inc. Manufacturer of premium quality shaft collars, rigid couplings, and flexible couplings. One- and two-piece collars and rigid coupligs, flexible beam couplings, oldham couplings, bellows couplings, and clamping devices.
  • Shackelford-Wattner Power transmission couplings, including gear couplings, high speed gear couplings, disc and diaphragm couplings, and shaft couplings. Also coupling inspection, balance, repair and/or replace.
  • Shimpo Drives Inc. Manufactures a variety of cycloidal speed and servo gear reducers, as well as adjustable speed drives.
  • Sit SpA Italy. Multi-national group of companies, involved in the design, development and manufacture of power transmission technologies for a wide range of industrial applications. Detailed product catalogs, including technical information. Brochures on PDF files. English and Italian.
  • SITE French manufacturer of gears.
  • Snapidle Features Snapidle brand chain tensioners and belt tensioners, plastic bearing inserts, plastic pillow blocks, plastic flanges, chain rail, and wear strip. Items are available in both UHMW and Teflon.
  • Snow-Nabstedt Power Transmissions Manufacturer of single speed reversing transmissions for applications up to 30 h.p. shift from forward to reverse under a full load.
  • Soham Engineers Manufacturer of couplings for encoders, tachogenerators and servo motors
  • Soldevilla Dexis Spanish distributor of power transmission components.
  • spinning-composites Specializes in supply of composite driveshafts and flexible couplings for power transmission applications. Objectives are longer span shafts and couplings that can cope with bigger working angles without power loss.
  • Stafford Manufacturing Corp. Stafford Manufacturing Corp. produces shaft collars and couplings in a wide range of sizes and configurations. Metric products. Domestic/Imported. Hinged Collars. Set Collars. Stepped and keyed couplings. Custom Products.
  • Stam Srl Italy. Design and manufacture of advanced power transmission systems.
  • Sumitomo Machinery Corporation of America Manufacturer of gearmotors and speed reducers, including cycloidial gearing.
  • Summit Gearworks Inc. Manufacturer of industrial gears and power transmission products and services, including: gear cutting and power transmission component refurbishing.
  • Tecnica Industriale Srl Italy. Distributor of power transmission products.
  • Tedisa A Hirth couplings manufacturer.
  • The Revak Companies Turbomachinery and rotating equipment repairs, rebuilding, rerating and engineering services. Gas and steam turbines, compressors, turbine generators, gearboxes, bearings, governors, controls, pumps, fans, blowers and surplus parts and equipment.
  • The Speed Reducer and Gearbox Superstore The speed reducer and gearbox superstore. Stock Falk, Winsmith, Reliance, Dodge, Horsburgh and Scott, Grant and hundreds of others. 24 hour repair service.
  • Toledo Gearmotor Company Manufacturer of inline and right angle gear reducers.
  • Toltec Incorporated Supplier of finished bore sprockets and other power transmission components.
  • Tramec srl Italy. TRAMEC SRL distributor helical, parallel shaft, shaft mounted, right angle, high precision planetary and specialty gearboxes.
  • Trantex Corp. - Taiwan Manufactures electromagnetic clutches and brakes for industrial applications.
  • Troy Belting and Supply Distributor of power transmission, material handling, industrial rubber with a full functioning motor shop. Products include motors and drives, generators, belts, chain, reducers, hose and conveyors.
  • TruKey Shafting TruKey shafting is pre-keyed and in-stock for quick delivery. Available up to 20' in length and many diameters and materials.
  • Tsubaki Products Chain products, power transmission units and components, automotive timing chain and drive components, and material handling systems.
  • Turner Uni-Drive Manufacturers of multispeed industrial transmissions, gearboxes, and speed reducers. Engineering, design and manufacturing.
  • Variators Ltd. Supplier of mechanical variable speed drives
  • VeeArc Drives VeeArc, the ONLY authorized Siemens Repair Center in the USA. We specialize in AC and DC drive systems, circuit board repair, spare parts and field service.
  • VL Motion Systems Inc. Manufacturer of inline gearmotor and wormgear motors, speed reducers, drum motors, custom gearmotors and gearboxes. Exclusive distributors of Eberhard Bauer geared motors, Binder brakes, clutches and Danfoss soft starts, AC variable frequency drives and synchronizing and positioning system.
  • Voith Turbo GmbH & Co. KG Manufacturer of fluid couplings, turbo couplings, clutches, hydrodynamic brakes, variable speed drives, cardan shafts, Safeset safety couplings and connecting elements.
  • Voorhies Supply Distributor of power transmission, bearings, hose, and mill supplies.
  • W.C. Branham Inc. Manufacturer of fluid power, power transmission, and motion control products for the packaging and printing, corrugated and paper converting, material handling and assembly, off-highway, and in-plant machinery. River Falls, Wisconsin.
  • Wallace Machine They specialize in standard and non-standard industrial rollerchain and millchain sprockets; single to multi-strand sprockets of all kinds.
  • Western Belting Company Distributor of mechanical and electrical power transmission, motion control and conveyor components.
  • Wichita Clutch & Brake Wichita designs and manufactures a wide range of pneumatic and hydraulic brakes and clutches for many industrial and marine applications. Also supplies control systems and ancillary equipment.
  • Wiromet Mechanical Plants Offers turbine blades, plunger pumps, phase shifters, fluid couplings, electro-cylinders and machining processes
  • Worldwide Bearings Supplier of bearings for motorcycle, ATV, snowmobile, go-kart, and watercraft.

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