• A.A.P. Equipment Inc. Sales of new and used foundry equipment including permanent mold machine, melting furnaces, oven, mixers, ladles including molding machines, air hoist and gear box. From Canada.
  • Accurate Pattern Offers prototyping and pattern design and fabrication. Also makes models for concept development.
  • Adolf's Pattern Shop, Inc. Provides alignment systems for molds and filtering systems for metals. Supplies Cope and Drag Inserts, and Super-Slick-Plastic.
  • Advanced Technology Information and support for lostfoam and diecasting metal processes. Systems, equipment, technology, tooling, molding, training, and support.
  • Aeriss Inc. Manufactures and supplies range of refractory and other ancillary products for foundries and steel and utility companies. Also provides variety of repair, refurbishing, and installation services.
  • Aluminium Martigny France Manufactures and supplies products and equipment for non-ferrous foundries. Includes fluxes, crucibles, die-coats, filters, degassing and gassing control systems, and chill casters.
  • American Precast Refractories, Inc. Manufactures precast refractory shapes and services for the foundry, steel, aluminum, copper industries.
  • Athleticon Handelsgesellschaft.m.b.H. Sells die casting and metalforming lubricants and equipment.
  • Baraldi Lubrificanti Designs and produces release agents for aluminum die-casting for approximately 30 years. The company operates 14 plants in an area of 3000 m2, guaranteeing extremely flexible and efficient production.
  • Brach Machine, Inc. Manufacturer of nozzles, gooseneck noses, plungers, couplings, shot rods, and shot couplings for die casting machines.
  • Budget Casting Supply Supplies for small commercial and home hobby foundry.
  • C.M.H. Manufacturing Co. Manufactures permanent mold casting equipment and related machines and accessories, such as tilt pour process units and catchers. Site provides detailed product and application information.
  • Carpenter Brothers, Inc. Long established provider of foundry supplies and equipment. Products include metals and alloys, sand additives and specialty sands, chemical binders, ceramic filters, and abrasives.
  • Cavenaghi S.p.A. Italy. Manufactures line of chemical products for foundry and related industries. Includes binders, hardeners, coatings, auxiliary foundry products, refractory materials, and resins for paper and plywood impregnation.
  • Conquest Industries Equipment and training in spin-casting technique that provide high integrity, close tolerance, zinc and plastic spin-castings with exact detail surface finishes and tolerances
  • Delta Pattern, Inc. Foundry patterns, core boxes, aircraft and commercial type.
  • DY-KAST Supply and Equipment Co. Offers range of non-ferrous diecasting, foundry, and forging supplies. Includes ladles, skimmers, die heaters and clamps, thermocouples, molds, safety gear, cleaners, coatings, and lubricants. Online orders possible.
  • Eastern Crucible Refractories Co. Offers a variety of crucible sizes and special shapes in magnesia, alumina, spinel and mullite. Crucible back up and top cap refractories in many formulations are also available.
  • Economy Industrial Corporation Makes casting machines for pig iron and ferrous and non-ferrous metals. Casting machines for aluminum ingots and de-ox cones and pyramids. Accessory equipment includes ladle tilters, transfer cars.
  • Fick and Associates Offers an inventory of casting and forging products and services for industry.
  • G.N.R. Italia Optical spectrometers for metal analyses, produced for foundries and metal laboratories.
  • Gerhard Speckenheuer GmbH Germany. Offers consultation regarding use and supply of heat conducting pipes and pins for molding aluminium and thermoplastic materials. Discussion of underlying principles and benefits.
  • Green Diamond Products Produces sand that is used for casting and molding in the iron, non-ferrous, and manganese steel foundry industry.
  • Harrison Machine Co. LLC Manufactures shell and cold box core and automatic molding machines for the foundry industry. Also offers accessories and selection of rebuilt equipment.
  • Hazelett Strip-Casting Corporation Specializes in manufacture of twin-belt continuous strip and bar casting machines. Explains available equipment, processing capabilities, underlying technology, and range of potential applications.
  • Heating Induction Services Inc. Offers wide range of forging, melting, heat treatment, and power supply products, with some focus on incorporation of induction heating elements. Site provides detailed information regarding available items.
  • Hottinger-N.A. Manufactures core machines, foundry automation, shell moulds, core boxes, core shooters.
  • Hydracast-Producer USA Hot chamber die casting machinery and accessories
  • IMR S.p.A. Foundry machinery, technology and products for the copper alloy industry. Located in Italy-Romans d'isonzo(GO)
  • Induction Melting Co.Ltd. Manufacturer of induction melting furnaces in Iran.
  • Industrial Revolution Ltd. Canada. Specializes in manufacture and supply of foundry equipment, provision of furnace maintenance programs, and steel fabrication work. Products include ladles, pouring systems, fume hoods, and refractory materials.
  • Ingotech Design and Manufacture Manufacturing and refurbishing ingot casting machines and furnace tapping equipment.
  • Insider Brazil. Manufactures broad range of refractory products. Includes steelmaking lances, porous plugs, monolithic ladle lining, and special concrete for gunning.
  • Jiaozhou Hongda Forging Machine Co.,Ltd Manufacturer of forging machines.
  • Kelsons Engineering and Fabricators India. Manufactures laboratory equipment for testing sand properties, as well as a selection of molding, pouring, fettling, and core machinery.
  • KRIMACO GmbH Germany. Buys and sells used foundry equipment, especially cold and hot chamber pressure die casting machines and peripheries. Services include installation, setup, and rebuilding.
  • L&N Metallurgical Products Co Supplier of expendable molten metal sensors to the steel and foundry industries.
  • Laempe+Reich Corporation Specializes in full service supply, installation, and support of core production equipment. Site describes business approach and services provided for North American customers.
  • LPM Design and manufacture aluminium and magnesium low pressure die casting machines and plant for foundry automation. Details of products, applications and technology offered. Location Italy.
  • M.P.Carbon Private Limited Manufacture of quality crucibles, furnaces, graphite stopper heads and graphite powders and flakes to the refractory, foundry and casting industry.
  • MagCasTec Canada. Supplies broad range of products for magnesium industry. Include melt systems, metal handling equipment and tools, gas blending units, and safety items. Site incorporates photo gallery of available products.
  • Maglione French company specializing in manufacture of core vents. Applications include core boxes, casting patterns, and polystyrene injection molds. Available in aluminum, brass, and steel with right and conical slits.
  • Maruti Protectives India. Produces waxes for investment casting industry. Versions includes pattern waxes with and without fillers, as well as water soluble core, adhesive, and patching types. Site incorporates detailed product specifications.
  • Mayo Engineering Supplies new and used foundry equipment for investment, sand, die, gravity die, pressure die and shell casting. Complete foundries considered for purchase.
  • McEnglevan Industrial Furnace Co Manufacturers of gas-fired crucible melters and safety crucible handling equipment, sand mullers and mixers, vibratory riddles and pyrometers.
  • Miller and Company LLC An integrated and diversified suppliers of raw materials to the ferrous foundry and steel industries.
  • o.d.t. Engineering Pty. Ltd. Australian company specializing in equipment and production consumables for aluminium casthouses. Includes vertical and horizontal casting machines for billets, rolling ingots, and T-bars.
  • Omega Foundry Machinery Ltd No-bake foundry and ancillary equipment, core shooters, gamma vator, mould manipulator, sand production, sand mixers, die casting, sand reclamation.
  • Palmer Manufacturing & Supply, Inc. No bake foundry equipment is designed and built to withstand the demands of metalcasting facilities.
  • Pattern-Make Industries Offers information about this pattern design and fabrication firm. Based in India.
  • Peterboro Tool Co., Inc. Using the latest in CAD/CAM and CNC technology, provides wax injection molds for the investment casting industry, since 1971.
  • Precision Foundry Tooling Foundry tooling - patterns, core boxes, core masks, and molds for the foundry industry, including laempe, disa, and shalco. Rapid prototypes, CAD design and modeling. Serving Iowa, Illinois, Missouri, Indiana, Wisconsin, Minnesota.
  • Prumyslovy Servis Features material for foundries such as steel shot, steel grits, corundum grits, coated sands, coatings, foundry vents, and anvils. Based in the Czech Republic.
  • QUAD Engineering Offers machinery and a complete range of engineering services to the steel mill industry.
  • R.J. Cyr Co. Inc. Canada. Manufactures scrap preheaters for electric induction foundries. Objective is improvement of furnace performance and reduction of melt deck labor in melting steel and cast iron metals. Demonstration video.
  • Rapid Products Solutions, Inc. Precision stereolithography prototypes and models. Patterns for secondary molding operations. QuickCast patterns for investment casting. Design conversions to 3D solid CAD.
  • Refractech Pty. Ltd. Australian manufacturers of refractory products and supplies for foundries as well as the petrochemical, and power generation industries.
  • Reliant Pattern Inc Offering fixture and poly die patterns for automotive, restoration, foundry and robotic parts.
  • Retech Systems LLC Manufactures wide range of processing equipment and systems for the foundry industry, with emphasis on advanced methods of melting, pouring, and metal powder production. Site incorporates product and application information.
  • Richards Engineering Inc. Design and manufacture mechanical and thermal foundry sand reclamation, fettling equipment, sand mixers, core m/c's and sand moulding lines .
  • Sarvesh Refractory Limited Manufactures refractories and related products required by the iron and steel industries.
  • SERT Presents solutions to improve metal flow control for continuous casting of iron and steel. Based in France.
  • Shandong Refractories Corp. Refractory manufacturer provides con-casting refractories, fused silica products, refractory bricks, hard firclay chamotte and magesite-dolomite clinker.
  • Shenango Advanced Ceramics, LLC A manufacturer of refractory kiln furniture made from cordierite, recrystallized silicon carbide, and mullite compositions.
  • Silvan Dis Ticaret A.S. Producing Cast Rolls for mini mills, spare parts for several industries and supplier of ferroalloys. Based in Turkey.
  • Stoker Concast Indian manufacturers of casting machines, casting equipment, continuous casting machines for copper and copper based alloys, with graphite heating elements and graphite die for jewellery industry, electrical brass wires.
  • Suinco Chile. Manufactures mold release agents for use in aluminium and copper casting operations. Site provides detailed account of products and applications.
  • Suyash Enterprises India. Specializes in manufacture of thermal analysis equipment for cast iron foundries. Includes carbon silicon analyzers, carbon cups, and temperature indicators.
  • The Brock Metal Company UK. Specializes in supply of zinc and aluminum alloy ingots for pressure and die casting, galvanizing, and plating industry requirements. Site provides detailed product and application information.
  • Tulsa Centrifugal Casting Machines Features information about this manufacturer of centrifugal casting machines. Also provides molds, mold designs, spare parts, spray equipment, and design engineering services.
  • Unicast Development Company Offers materials and support for use of specially developed, ceramic-slurry-based casting process. Site provides step-by-step explanation of process and applications and includes details of available products.
  • Veneta Lombarda Refrattari S.R.L. Commercialization of refractory items for steelworks, foundry for alloy, cement factories and similar, crokery, baked clay and petrochemistry industries.
  • Vulcan Engineering Company Foundry engineering, manufacturing, and installation group.
  • West Pattern Works Creates patterns, castings, molds, models or prototypes.
  • Yeong Guann Casting Iron Factory Co., Ltd. Manufacturer of machine accessories for casting iron, ductile iron, and gray iron.

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