• 4Life Research Manufacturer of wellness supplements for fibromyalgia, weight loss, general health, and skin care.
  • AST Sports Science, Inc. Corporate website for AST brand product. Product information, research, articles, online bodybuilding tools, store locator and online shopping cart.
  • Avesta Limited UK manufacturer of collagen and glucosamine supplements. Includes information on health benefits.
  • Bergstrom Nutrition, Inc. Raw material supplier of MSM (methylsulfonylmethane),a nutrient composed of sulfer and methyl. Includes company and news information.
  • Biocel Maker of arthritis supplements. Includes links to studies on the disease.
  • Bon Vital Nutrition Nutritional, health supplements, vitamins, natural, herbal medicine, and prescriptive formulas.
  • BR Essentials, Inc Produces Bulgarian essential oils, concretes, absolutes, flower waters, dry extracts, liquid extracts, dietary supplements, vegetable oils, and cosmetics.
  • CHS International Resesarch Manufacturer of nutrition and life science products. Manufactures biotech products, such as aging research products, and RNA products.
  • Covex European manufacturer of pharmaceuticals, dietary supplements and nutraceuticals.
  • Davinci Laboratories Makers pf gluconic DMG, Perna Pplus, and other natural dietary supplements.
  • Dehly Ltd Swiss contract-manufacturer of pharmaceutical confectioneries, specializing in pastilles based on Arabic gum with essential oils or plant extracts.
  • Doctor's Best Retail line of herbs and herbal formulas.
  • Efficient Laboratories Manufacturer of proprietary brands of vitamins and mineral supplements. Also produces over-the-counter medications.
  • Emerson Ecologics Distributor of natural and herbal health care products to health care professional.
  • Energyent, Inc. Offers recipe analysis, consulting, cooking workshops, products, and nutrition education for the food and nutrition consumer.
  • Fiber Choice Fiber based nutrition supplement for weight management and health.
  • Fizogen Precision Technologies, Inc. Website includes product information, bodybuilding tips, corporate contact information, and shopping cart for direct sales.
  • FoodScience of Vermont Manufacturer of all natural vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids, and other nutritional supplements.
  • Fu-E Lifesciences Co., Ltd. Manufacturer of health products, including soy isofalvone, grape seed, bilberry, vita-c/ calcium tab.
  • Green Pasture Products, Inc. Information and sales of butter oil and cod liver oil products, the so-called "x-factor" oil providing a number of health benefits.
  • GTC Nutrition Information about products including Xylitol, Natureal oat bran concentrate, CalciLife prebiotic mineral, Aquamin natural calcified mineral source and NutraFlora prebiotic fiber.
  • Health Products Corporation Manufacturer of vitamins, over the counter drugs, herbal formulations, stop smoking gum, diet and weight control, oral hygiene, skin and hair care.
  • HealthForce Nutritionals Manufacturer of bio-compatible whole food nutritional supplements.
  • Hexagon Manufacturer and exporter of nutritional solutions and soft drink concentrates from India.
  • Imedeen Distributes nutrients that revitalise and improve skin's inner condition. Manufactured by Farrosan, a Danish pharmaceutical company.
  • Immudyne Biotechnology company specializing in scientifically formulated dietary supplements and skin care products.
  • Innotech Nutrition Solutions Website for Innotech brand of nutrition products that includes web based seminars, online retailer locator (Canada), and product information.
  • Innovative Nutritionals Manufacturers vitamins, herbs, minerals, supplements, custom formulations, encapsulation, tableting, liquid and powder filling.
  • Irwin Naturals Retail brand of liquid gel vitamins and herbal formulas.
  • K-Max Health Products Co. Manufacturer offering wholesale and private label vitamins, herbs and minerals.
  • Kirkman Fluoride Sells fluoride and fluoridation products.
  • Laboratoires Le Stum Products for natural healthcare practitioners based in Lorient, France.
  • Labrada Nutrition Manufacturer of sports and fitness nutrition line.
  • LifeSprings Colloidal Minerals Marketer of colloidal minerals; offers product information, distributor network, and contact information.
  • Liquid Health Manufacturer of liquid and capsule form vitamins, minerals, and nutritional supplements.
  • Lumina Health Products North America's exclusive wholesale distributor of Cellfood products to health professionals, health food stores, and special retail marketers.
  • MedPlus Health Markets and distributes pharmaceutical and health supplements, including vitamins, weight loss, and nutritional products to the Singapore market.
  • Metagenics, Inc. Line of nutritional supplements designed for the health professional.
  • MTC Industries, Inc. A manufacturer and distributor of botanical extract nutraceuticals and pharmaceuticals.
  • Natrol, Inc. Manufactures and markets branded, high quality dietary supplements, including vitamins, minerals, herbs, specialty formulations, weight control products and hormones. (Nasdaq: NTOL).
  • Natural Balance Manufacturer of nutritional supplements and formulas for weight loss, energy, and sports nutrition.
  • Nature's Plus Natural nutritional and dietary products; vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, therapeutic nutrients, diet aids, sports drinks and beauty aids.
  • Nature's Secret Retail brand of cleansing focused herbal products.
  • Nature's Way Manufacturer of complete vitamin, mineral, herbal products line. Product information, contact, where to buy.
  • NBTY, Inc. Manufactures, sells and distributes vitamins and food supplements. (NYSE: NTY) Ronkonkoma, New York.
  • Nestle Clinical Nutrition High-calorie supplements, meal replacement drinks, tube-feeding formulas, and enriched drinks and soups.
  • New Chapter Makers of wild omega fish oil and whole food health products, organic supplements, multi-vitamins and minerals, herbal extracts, tonic mushrooms and live probiotics, with a sustainable Non-GMO focus.
  • New Vision Biotech Manufacturer of alternative health care items, particularly shark derived products.
  • Nickers International, Ltd. Vegetarian nutritional supplements for horses, pets and people with a special focus on biotin and antioxidants.
  • Nordic Naturals Specialized in Omega 3 and Omega 6 essential fatty acids and other toxin defense products.
  • Nufar Natural Products Manufactures and markets natural products for treatment of diabetes, arthritis, psoriasis, and prostate, plus natural sweeteners, diets, natural cosmetics and dead sea products.
  • Nutra/Balance Products Manufacturer of nutritional food products including supplements for a variety of medical needs and diets - thickeners, fortified juices and cookies.
  • Nutraceutix, Inc. Provides nutraceuticals, probiotics, and other beneficial nutritional supplements, products, and services.
  • NutriLabs Manufacturer of sports, weight loss, herbal, and vitamin nutritional supplements.
  • NutriMedika Corp. Provides medical professionals and their patients with nutraceuticals in dosage forms that afford absorption and utilization.
  • Nutritional Supplements Offering Cyber Edge, vitamins, minerals, and nutritional supplements.
  • NutritionManufacturer.com Manufacturers private label supplements plus wholesale of proprietary line.
  • Online Future, Inc. Manufacturer, distributor, and private labeler of nutritional and herbal supplements.
  • PCG Manufacturer of supplements; develops and sells proprietary trademarks and develops new products for others.
  • Preventive Nutrient A research based drug development company focusing on products for diabetes treatment and management.
  • Pride Nutrition Provides nutrition products and dietary supplements including metabolism enhancers, appetite suppressants, joint support, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, EFA complex, protein, and cell volumizing workout fuels.
  • Productos Tropicales Naturistas About the firm which is extracting, processing, manufacturing and exporting natural products of Peruvian origin used in the phytopharmaceutical industry.
  • Propolis Wax Green Export Produces and exports bee products from Brazil.
  • Protexin Manufacturer of probiotic supplements for human health care, animals and horses, veterinary market as well as special probiotics for water treatment.
  • ProThera Inc. Manufacturer of a line of nutraceutical products for exclusive distribution by healthcare professionals.
  • Reliance Vitamin Private label manufacturer offering a full range of vitamins, minerals, EFA, amino acids, herbals, antioxidants, and health specific formulations.
  • Renew Life Retail brand of digestive care and cleansing dietary supplements.
  • Ross Products Division Offers pediatric and adult nutritional products including Similac, Isomil, Ensure, and Pedialyte as well as enteral feeding devices.
  • Sabre Sciences Products specifically designed to support the entire hormone system to enhance energy, adrenals, skin care, and libido.
  • SHS North America Manufacturers and markets specialized clinical nutrition to health care practitioners and patients.
  • Sidroga Inc. Manufacturer of medicinal and herbal teas. Company and product information, and contacts.
  • Slim-Fast Maker of several meal replacement options to aid weight loss. Information and guidance on health and nutrition topics.
  • Source Naturals Manufacturer of vitamins, minerals, and bio-aligned supplements. Highlighting quality assurance, symptom recommendations, and newsletter.
  • Spirit Sciences USA, Inc. Manufactures RU-21, an all-natural supplement designed to regulate alcohol metabolism to prevent hangovers and reduce some alcohol-related damage to the vital organs.
  • Symbiotics Manufacturer of supplements including bovine colostrum, herbal remedies, and performance enhancers.
  • Terry Laboratories Producer of aloe vera products including gels, concentrates, and extracts.
  • The Digestive Health Specialists Produces a synergistic family of natural products to support the health of the digestive system.
  • Tower Laboratories Makes heart health and anti-aging products.
  • Trace Minerals Research Retail brand of dietary supplements that focus on delivery of trace minerals and full spectrum mineral complexes.
  • TriMedica Manufacturer offering wholesale and private label dietary supplements. Company, product, and contact information provided.
  • Vita Logic Manufacturer of vitamin supplements. Company, product, and purchase location information provided.
  • Vita Sport Manufacturer of sports nutrition products.
  • Vitaball Maker of vitamin gum balls. Provides information on company, the product, and where to buy.
  • Vitalabs, Inc. Manufacturer offering wholesale, custom, or private label dietary supplements.
  • Vitanica Maker of supplements formulated especially for women. Company and contact information, and retail locator.
  • Weider Nutrition International Inc. Manufacture, market, distribute and sell vitamins, nutritional supplements and sports nutrition products. features a nutritions library, corporate overview, and job opportunities. (NYSE: WNI)
  • Wobenzym Brand website for Wobenzym enzyme products that includes product information, FAQs, contact information and store locator.

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