Noise and Vibration Control


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  • Acentech Offering consulting in the areas of architecture, noise and vibration control, fluid dynamics, environmental and industrial acoustics, and audiovisual, video and sound system design.
  • Acoustic Associates Provides an independent consultancy service to solve noise and vibration related problems.
  • Apple Dynamics Acoustics, electroacoustics, electronics, audio and communication consultancy service. Training courses also provided to industry professionals. United Kingdom .
  • Applied Acoustic Design Acoustic and environmental engineers and consultants offering noise and vibration control and consultancy services worldwide. Automotive test facilities designers.
  • Applied Dynamic Measurements Manufacturer and supplier of precision acoustic weighting networks and filters. Noise and vibration research and consulting, including Torsional Vibration.
  • Architectural Acoustics and Lighting Acoustic and lighting definitions and concepts. Reference for architects and interior designers.
  • Associates in Acoustics, Inc. Consulting firm in industrial noise measurement, engineering noise control and hearing conservation programs. Includes noise manual downloads and resource links.
  • Audiometric Testing of Northern New England Hearing testing and conservation programs for business and industry. Understand and control noise levels, lower employee hearing loss, and meet OSHA 1910.95 requirements.
  • Auralex Acoustics Specializing in the manufacture of acoustical and soundproofing materials. Offering acoustic foam, bass traps, sound isolation barriers, sound diffusors, and consulting.
  • BKL Consultants Ltd. Provide a wide range of objective and independent design services in acoustics, noise and vibration control, and environmental impact noise analysis.
  • Bowlby and Associates, Inc. Assistance in transportation and community noise analysis and mitigation, and transportation air quality assessment.
  • Bretech Group of Companies Provides engineering services to clients around the world. Principal fields of activity include; maintenance management, condition monitoring, and advanced diagnostics.
  • Brüel & Kjær Manufactures instruments, systems, and software, providing complete system solutions.
  • Camets Services Pty Ltd Engineering firm with experience in many areas including regulatory and research aspects of acoustics, noise, vibration control, and design. Australia.
  • CCR Associates Llc Offers consultation and diagnostic services to organizations with acoustical concerns that include speech privacy, confidentiality, and machine noise .
  • Charles M. Salter Associates Provide acoustical consulting and audio and visual system design services.
  • CSA Engineering, Inc. Provides engineered solutions for vibration suppression, isolation, very low-frequency suspension systems, noise control, and specialized dynamic testing.
  • Cullum Detuners Limited 50 years experience in the design, development, manufacture and installation of jet engine test facilities.
  • Curtis Technology (UK) High Performance DSP specialists providing compact, modular solutions for Radar, Sonar and other DSP applications.
  • Design, Imaging, & Control, Inc Research, development and consulting in sound and vibration control and advanced control systems.
  • DSM & Associates Solutions for acoustics, sound, audio/visual systems and project management. Assisting architects, engineers, school systems, Colleges and Universities, churches, recording studios, television and radio stations contractors.
  • Envibe Condition Monitoring Designs and implements predictive maintenance programs for industries including food plants, manufacturing facilities, municipal utilities, petrochemical plants, hospitals, and gas transfer stations.
  • Ernst Terhardt Teaching and research on electroacoustics, psychoacoustics, musical acoustics and audiocommunication. This page is written partly in German.
  • Fox Audio Sound system design and installation for churches, restaurants, institutions, retail outlets, educational facilities, industry
  • Hankard Environmental Inc. Noise and vibration consultants. Solutions to all types of noise and vibration problems.
  • Harris Miller Miller & Hanson Inc Provides a full range of acoustical environmental services for airports, highways, rail and transit systems, military activities, construction projects, industrial sites, and recreational facilities.
  • Hessler Associates Inc Provide noise control design and analysis services for industrial customers, particularly those involved in the manufacture and construction of power generation equipment and facilities.
  • HGC Engineering Structural dynamics include building vibration and floor vibration, which can cause structural fatigue. The solution is applying Finite Element Analysis (FEA) methods to design custom vibration isolation systems.
  • Ingenieurbuero Dr. Bodden Consultants for sound quality, sound design, applied psychoacoustics, acoustical measurements and related topics.
  • Intelligent System Design Laboratory Research and development of optimization for noise control and electro-magnetic system, Department of Mechtronics at Kwangju Institute of Science and Technology, Korea .
  • Internet Sound Institute Learn about sound systems and operational techniques and how to use sound equipment.
  • Landmark Sound Labs Offer professional and consumer electro-acoustic engineering services for laboratory and field acoustic testing , audio product research and development and acoustic design and testing of audio spaces .
  • Machine Dynamics, Inc. Engineers offering noise and vibration analysis of machines and structures, field and shop balancing, and alignment.
  • Marvin Hamstad, Ph.D. Acoustic emission specialist; waveform-based wideband acoustic emission research and development involving composites, metals, finite element modeling, and AE sensors.
  • Massey Technical Services Provide engineering services for industrial operations including preventive maintenance with the use of vibration analysis, and infrared thermography.
  • Mecanum Inc. Consulting and software development in acoustics, vibrations and mechanical engineering.
  • Mecon Ltd Consultants in acoustics, vibration, noise control, and NDT. United Kingdom .
  • Navcon Engineering Offer solutions to problems related to airborne and structure borne noise, vibration, and structural dynamics. Consulting services include problem diagnosis, design, manufacture, implementation and verification.
  • Noise and Pulsation Control, Ltd Design and supply customised solutions for industrial silencing and noise control. We design and manufacture Vent Silencers for Steam and Gas duties, Suction and Discharge pulsation Dampeners.
  • Noise Control Engineering Inc. Offer noise and vibration control engineering services for the marine, industrial, and commercial environments.
  • NVH Materials Links to associated websites around the world involved with noise, vibration, and harshness. Links are categorized for easy searching.
  • Ostergaard Acoustical Associates Providing acoustical consultation for architecture, forensics, industrial and environmental acoustics.
  • Patching Associates Acoustical Engineering Ltd. Offering acoustical consulting and design in oil and gas, architectural, transportation, mining, manufacturing and environmental noise control.
  • PDA Acoustic Consultants Acoustic and noise consultants covering architectural, mechanical and environmental noise areas and offering expert analysis and advice.
  • Pollution Control Consultancy and Design (PCCD) A Sydney based, independent, accredited acoustical and environmental engineering consulting firm that provides a services in air, noise and water pollution assessment and control.
  • Polysonics Corporation Consultants in acoustics, vibration, audio-visual systems, and telecommunications.
  • Power Acoustics, Inc Provides consulting services in acoustics and noise control for industrial applications with specialization in the power generation industry. Environmental noise prediction software is also available.
  • Quality Research Development & Consulting Inc. Offers service, technology, hardware and software products which incorporate energy management techniques for vibration and noise control problems .
  • Quest Technologies Inc. Manufactures, markets and services a complete line of including sound level meters, noise dosimeters, vibration meters, and QuestSuite for Windows data management software.
  • Reactec, Ltd UK. Design, development and manufacture of hand-arm, whole body, and machine and marine vibration control and isolation, and anti vibration systems and services. Custom development and technical consultancy services. Links to related sites.
  • Redrock Acoustics Design engineers for acoustical transducers including ribbon tweeters and high power subwoofers.
  • Robert A. Hansen Associates Consultants in acoustics and audio/video systems design.
  • Roth Acoustical Associates Noise control consultants providing assistance with industrial, architectural, community and product noise control and acoustic issues.
  • Rupert Taylor Ltd Consultants in acoustics, noise and vibration specializing in railway noise and vibration, particularly computer modeling.
  • Société d'Acoustique Industrielle Engineers offer a range of services for noise and vibration solutions in industrial environments. Bilingual - English and French.
  • Sound and Vibration Magazine Publication for sound, NVH, and acoustic professionals. Links to other sites.
  • Sound Intensity Measurements Provides on-site, accurate results for product research and testing as well as various complex environmental or industrial noise issues.
  • Soundcontrol4less Specialists in noise and vibration control products. USA.
  • Sount Technology Consultants, Inc. Acoustics, sound, theatrical lighting, and AV systems for churches, theme parks, and stadiums.
  • Stewart Acoustical Consultants Acoustical consultants providing services in architectural acoustics, environmental-community noise, and industrial-occupational noise.
  • Stoneman & Co Ltd Engineering consultancy specialising in industrial and environmental noise issues, including automotive fuel systems dealing with tank slosh and filling problems.
  • SVT-Engineering Consultants & NVMS Pty Ltd Consultants in occupational and environmental noise assessment, vibration and noise control engineering, structural dynamics, flow-induced vibrations, acoustic fatigue analysis, and machine condition monitoring .
  • The Balancing Company Provides dynamic and static balancing, field balancing, overspeed spin testing, fan and blower repair, vibration analysis, predictive maintenance, and balancing machine calibration and repair.
  • The Talaske Group Consultants in acoustics audio and video systems design. Includes a listing of completed projects.
  • UGN Producer of high-quality parts for acoustic, interior trim and thermal management products.
  • Vibra-Analysis,Inc. Offers vibration analysis for csi mastertrend users and databases remotely over the internet. Provide analysis and reports which enhance predictive maintenance program.
  • Vibratech Ltd. Offer engineering solutions for the vibration industry. Services include maintenance, repair, calibration, installation, site planning, and technical support. United Kingdom.
  • Vibro-Acoustic Consultants Consultancy specializing in noise and vibration control,from site selection to structural dynamics to building qualification.
  • Wieland Acoustics, Inc. Acoustical consulting firm providing noise and vibration monitoring, control, and design services for public works, transportation, residential, commercial, and industrial projects.

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