This category is for companies that provide services or goods for the production and distribution of biodiesel, an alternative to diesel fuel.

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  • Abatec SA An Argentinian manufacturer of high temperature, pressurized jet reactors with capacities from 400 to 4000 L/day
  • Ageratec AB Offers biodiesel production equipment. Lists references, an overview of the transesterification process, and environmental benefits of biodiesel. Norrköping, Sweden.
  • Alterra Bioenergy Resources Corporation Manufactures and distributes biodiesel in Georgia,USA.
  • American Bio Energy Working to construct and operate a 30 million gallon per year biodiesel production and blending facility in central Ohio. They will be using soybean oil, canola oil, palm kernel oil, and recycled fryer oil. Lewis Center, Ohio, United States.
  • Amplefuel A biodiesel production facility located in the UK with a capacity of 25,000,000 litres per annum.
  • Aquatic Biofuels A blog that mostly focuses on producing biofuels from fish waste and algae. Also contains biographical information on the author.
  • Argent Energy Produces biodiesel from tallow and used cooking oil by-products. Located near Motherwell, Scotland.
  • Arizona BioDiesel Produces B99 biofuel from reclaimed and recycled oil and grease.
  • Bay Biodiesel LLC Biodiesel producer in Martinez, California, United States. Their fuel is distributed by Golden Gate Petroleum.
  • BDI - BioEnergy International AG Manufactures plants for producing clean, renewable biodiesel fuel from waste vegetable oil and other resources. Lists products, describes their processes, and their feedstocks.
  • Bently Biofuels Produces biodiesel from seed oils and recycled restaurant grease in Minden, Nevada, United States.
  • Bio G-3000 Griffin Industries offers premium biodiesel. Lists benefits, general information, federal requirements, and news items. Based in Cold Spring, Kentucky, United States.
  • Bio Lyle's Biodiesel Worskshop A Seattle, Washington man promoting the use of biodiesel. Includes videos, supplies used and where he sources them, how he gets his oil, and production methods.
  • Biobot A UK based company that offers processors for creating biodiesel from home as well as training on making biodiesel. Site includes videos on running their biodiesel processor, pricing, dealers and contact details.
  • Biocnergy Europa B.V. A Dutch based company that designs and manufactures biodiesel and bioethanol plants as well as ancillary equipment. Site contains details of plant available, services offered and contact information.
  • Biodiesel Analytical Solutions Contains details on the Mcgyan® process for manufacturing biodiesel. The company also supplies lab equipment suitable for the biodiesel process.
  • Biodiesel Energy Co UK Biodiesel suppliers and oil collection service in the UK
  • Biodiesel Holding Offers equipment that produces biodiesel. Lists the different units and technology available, business presentations, videos and references. Based in Slovakia.
  • Biodiesel Industries Inc. They have created a large network of biodiesel production facilities in the United States. Describes biodiesel, affiliate projects, and research information.
  • Biodiesel of Las Vegas Uses virgin soybean oil and waste fryer oil to make their fuel. Production of about 20,000 gallons a day. Site contains a photo gallery of their facility, a blog and contact details. Based in Nevada, United States
  • bioDiesel Of South Florida Sells biodiesel in Florida. Contains company details, locations and goals.
  • Biodiesel S.A. A small engineering firm providing small, affordable biodiesel equipment in Argentina. Catalog of offerings, discussion on the biofuels industry, and their processes.
  • BioDiesel Technologies GmbH Containerized biodiesel manufacturing equipment and related environmental technologies. Company history, products offered, references and FAQs. Based in Austria.
  • Biodiesel Warehouse Offers a selection of biodiesel production equipment, washing and polishing systems and feedstock supply. Also provides consulting and project development services.
  • Biodiesel-Kits-Online Online store that offers home biodiesel kits, commercial processors, equipment, chemicals, and other services for making biodiesel, an alternative energy source.
  • Biodieselmach Ukraine based company that produces medium to large biodiesel plants.
  • Biodieselmach Manufacturer of batch and continuous flow biodiesel equipment. Contains details and pictures of equipment available as well as pricing.
  • BioEnergy of Colorado, LLC. They produce biodiesel from virgin soy oil in Denver, Colorado, United States. Lists prices, pictures of the facility, and their philosophy.
  • Biofuel Systems Offers a range of biodiesel processing equipment from simple, compact processing kits to a full-scale commercial plant with equipment, personnel and training provided as required. Also offers fuel additives. Based in Neston, England, UK.
  • Biofuelson A South African Research and development company that develops biofuel technology and biodiesel equipment. Contains equipment details as well as details of past projects.
  • BioOilTanks UK based company that sells tanks, dispensing equipment and flow meters suitable for use with biodiesel.
  • Biopetrol Industries AG Working to be one of the largest biodiesel producers in Europe. Based in Zug, Switzerland.
  • BioPur Inc. Produces biodiesel for residential (personal vehicle and home heating) and commercial customers. Bethlehem, Connecticut, United States.
  • Bioro One of Belgium's first biodiesel refineries founded in 2005 and located in the Port of Ghent. Produces biodiesel and glycerin from vegetable oil feedstock.
  • BioRoute Biodiesel suppliers in the UK by tanker truck. Lists benefits of the fuel and benefits fleet owners will experience.
  • Biotane Fuels Producer of various grades of biodiesel in Coachella, California. Lists their policies, announcements and news articles affecting this industry.
  • BioWorks Australia Supplier of biodiesel production equipment ranging in size from 150 liters to 44,000 liters. Also includes details of training courses, quality and fuel for sale.
  • Biox Corporation Uses their own process to develop ASTM D6751 and EN 14214 grade biodiesel from any feedstock, vegetable oils, and other oils. They operate a 1 million litre capacity plant in Oakville, Ontario Canada.
  • BQ-9000 Quality Management Program A cooperative and voluntary program for the accreditation of producers and marketers of biodiesel fuel.
  • Canadian Bioenergy Corporation Distributor of biodiesel in western Canada. Describes the company, the fuel, and lists news items.
  • Carotech Promotes the use of palm based biodiesel from Malaysia. Describes the technology and product line with a glossary.
  • CentralBioDiesel HTP S.A. Manufactures biodiesel reactors that can produce approximately 200 gallons a day and can be expanded to over 2300 gallons a day. Based in Costa Rica.
  • Chemiphase Ltd UK based company that manufactures biodiesel additives. These include pour point additives, cetane improvers, antioxidants and pH correction chemicals.
  • Community BioFuels A consulting, marketing and manufacturing company bringing biodiesel and bioheating oil to the motor fuel and heating oil markets.
  • Community Fuels Producer of biodiesel in California, United States. FAQs, upcoming events, and announcements.
  • D1 Oils plc A global biodiesel producer produced from the Jatropha Curcas tree. Based in London, England.
  • DieselGreen Fuels Sells biodiesel and used cooking oil (WVO) for fuel (wholesale and retail) and does conversions to run on WVO. Located in Austin, Texas.
  • Duda Diesel LLC An on-line store supplying filters & chemicals for biodiesel production. Includes a discussion forum and information on straight vegetable oil as a fuel.
  • Ender LLC, Inc. Plans to produce biodiesel (B100) from virgin soybean and rapeseed oil feedstocks for the diesel market in the United States. Based in Detroit, Michigan. Contains company information, a prospectus for investors and a description of the planned technology.
  • Feece Oil Fuel A biodiesel supplier based in Illinois. Contains details on outlet locations, services, products offered and contact information.
  • Franken Filtertechnik KG Manufacturer of phase separators, filtration and wash systems for Biodiesel. Includes technical details, graphs and photos of the equipment.
  • A Minnesota biofuel company that creates and designs, custom MVO systems and biodiesel reactors for use in diesel engines.
  • Global BioSolutions LLC A US & European supplier of biodiesel and it's byproducts. The site contains information on the products offered as well as a contact form and more detailed company information.
  • Great Plains Oil & Exploration Working to develop camelina, a non-food oilseed crop, into an alternative for diesel. News items, information for growers, an overview of the crop, and a FAQ. Based in Montana, United States.
  • GreenEarth Fuels, LLC Working to produce biodiesel from non-food feedstocks, such as camelina. Describes their projects in North and Central America and lists news items. Based Houston, Texas, United States.
  • Greenergy International Limited Suppliers of biofuels. Includes FAQ and company history. Offices in England, Germany, and Switzerland.
  • GreenGuildBiodiesel Coop A biodiesel coop located at the University of Maryland. Contains location details, membership rates, current fuel prices as well as a photo and video section.
  • Grown Fuel Biodiesel Consultancy An independent consultancy in Australia with experience in every aspect of the biodiesel industry, offering tailor-made biodiesel production plants using proven production methods as well as feasibility assessments.
  • Imperium Renewables Produces biodiesel refining and manufacturing technology. Seattle, Washington, United States.
  • Integrity Biofuels Offers B100 soy biodiesel. Lists their services and company history. Morristown, Indiana, United States.
  • Intelifuel Cia Ltda An Ecuadorian based, international company that provides biomass for biodiesel and alternative fuels production. Includes details of services offered, restaurant collection services, and contact details.
  • JatroDiesel Biodiesel refiner and equipment manufacturer based in Mason, Ohio, United States. Lists products and services as well as a message forum.
  • Keystone BioFuels Inc. Has a biodiesel production facility in Shiremanstown, Pennsylvania, United States. FAQs and information about the use of biofuels for home heating oil.
  • Master Fuel Systems Retailer that sells biodiesel home brew kits that convert vegetable oil and rape seed oil into biodiesel. Includes product and process descriptions.
  • Milligan Bio-Tech Inc. Produces a diesel conditioner that is a blend of canola based products for their cleaning and lubricity properties. Based in Foam Lake, Saskatchewan, Canada.
  • Nanoelf Biodiesel Manufacturer of Biodiesel Plant and Equipment. Also contains a forum dedicated to small scale biodiesel manufacture. Located in South Africa.
  • NearBio Maintains a list of biodiesel retail stations in the United States accessible from a web browser or cell phone.
  • New Fuel Company A biodiesel production facility in Dallas, Texas, United States. They will also establish a filling station concentrating on other alternative fuels.
  • New Fuel S.A. Offers fully-automated, commercial-sized biodiesel processors. Describes their various size units, inputs and operating costs for the units, and a comparison of biodiesel standards by country. Based in Buenos Aires, Argentina.
  • NewDiesel Producing and distributing biodiesel in the Lake Tahoe and Carson Valley ares of Nevada, United States. Also gives an illustration of one homebrewer's efforts to produce their own fuel.
  • Nexsol Biodiesel International marketer and producer of biodiesel fuel and biodiesel home heating fuel.
  • Octana Biodiesel Industry Services Provides multi-feedstock technology for the production of biodiesel and delivers complete solutions for the development of biodiesel production plants. Madrid, Spain.
  • Orbitek Holds exclusive licensing rights for technology it developed with Cornell University for the production of biodiesel. Lists their vision, press releases, and benefits of biodiesel.
  • Pacific Biodiesel, Inc. Produces a clean, renewable diesel alternative fuel from waste vegetable oil. Includes press releases, contact details, and media resources. Based in Kahului, Hawaii.
  • Pacific Centrifuge, LLC Offers constant-flow centrifugal biodiesel/glycerol/methanol separators, both for the individual batch producer and also for larger continuous production facilities.
  • People;s Fuel Cooperative Offers biodiesel fuel and consulting in San Francisco, California. The site contains details on services offered, fueling locations, and a list of biodiesel compatible vehicles.
  • Philadelphia Fry-o-Diesel LLC A company dedicated to producing renewable, cleaner burning fuel from waste grease. Gives some industry statistics, staff listing, and a project timeline. Based in Pennsylvania, United States.
  • Primafuel Working to improve the environmental, economic, and social sustainability of low-carbon fuels with offices and laboratories in the US, Europe, and Asia. Based in California, United States.
  • Promethean Biofuels Promethean is based in California and collects used vegetable oils and grease to make renewable fuel products. Promethean is a cooperative organization.
  • Red River Biodiesel A developer of biofuel technology and manufacturer of ASTM 6751 biodiesel from multiple feedstocks.
  • Renewable Energy Group Designs and builds turn-key biodiesel plants based in Ralston, Iowa, United States. Project updates, facilities, definitions, and a certificate of analysis.
  • Rocky Mountain Biodiesel Consulting Works to develop the commercial biodiesel industry in the United States. Based in Glenwood Springs, Colorado.
  • Rothsay Biodiesel Commercial-scale producer of biodiesel in Dundas, Ontario, Canada. Describes the fuel, the company, and statistics about their production.
  • Simple Fuels Constructing an industrial-scale production facility that will utilize local restaurant grease as their feedstock. Reno, Nevada, United States.
  • Smithfield BioEnergy A processor of various meats to provide biodiesel. Lists history of biodiesel, news items, and products offered.
  • Solaris Cybernetics Designs and deploys intelligent autonomous robots to create green fuel.
  • Solazyme, Inc. Renewable oil and bioproducts company whose technology uses algae to produce oils and biomaterials in standard fermentation facilities.
  • Solix Biofuels A company working with Colorado State University to mass-produce biodiesel from algae. Fort Collins, Colorado, United States.
  • SoyPlus West Central Cooperative produces biodiesel as well as other related products in Ralston, Iowa. Lists products, benefits, news items.
  • SunEco Energy Works to produce a "biocrude" feedstock for biodiesel or regular diesel as well as a livestock feed supplement. Based in Chino, California, United States.
  • Sustainable Oils Contains information on Camelina, an oilseed crop which can be used to produce biodiesel with reduced water requirements. Contains industry news items, events and grower opportunities. Based in the United States.
  • Tellurian Biodiesel Distributes and produces biodiesel, which is a non-toxic and biodegradable alternative to petroleum diesel. Benefits of the fuel, trivia, history of diesel engines, and links.
  • The Ultimate Biodiesel Guide Sells a guide to making and using biodiesel fuel for home heating, transportation, and boating. Also offers a newsletter about biofuels.
  • Triangle Biofuels Industries Manufactures biodiesel in Raleigh, North Carolina for business and government from virgin and waste vegetable oils.
  • USA Biogreen Site contains details of the biodiesel processors that the company offers as well as contact details and a FAQ,
  • VEPower A UK company trading in bio fuels, especially biodiesel. Contains fuel pricing, products, services and contact details.
  • WaveCatalyst Contains details of microwave assisted reaction vessels and electrostatic separators. Company is located in Belgium.
  • Western Iowa Energy, LLC. 30 million gallon biodiesel production facility in Wall Lake, Iowa, United States. Announcements, partners, and benefits of the fuel.
  • Wintek Corporation Produces equipment suitable for methanol stripping and recovery from biodiesel and glycerin. Also produces dehydration systems. Based in USA.
  • World Energy Provides alternative fuel (biodiesel) solutions for federal, state, utility, transit, municipal, and private fleets.
  • Yelpo Factory producing rapeseed oil for sale to biodiesel manufacturers. Located in the Gabrovo region in Bulgaria.

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