• Aa-1 USA Company Manufacture pumps for oil, chemicals and water. Also flexible couplings, power transmission and other equipment.
  • Accurate Detection Pty Ltd Distributors of detection instruments for utilities and pipeline contractors.
  • Action Air and Equipment Air compressors, pipe spinners, air hoists, kelly spinners, mud agitators, wire line units.
  • Advantage Products Inc. Manufactures a no-turn tool or flow-through torque anchor for progressive cavity pumps and a wellhead which allows coil tubing access.
  • Age Developments Pty. Ltd. Design, manufacture and operation of packers, shoes, valves, plugs and pump systems for onshore and offshore applications.
  • Alert Control Technologies Provide shutdown safety systems to monitor remote, unattended production facilities.
  • Algas-SDI Producer of LPG vaporizers. Products include small gas fired and electric vaporizers, compact packaged systems and large fully engineered and integrated utility systems. Includes a listing of worldwide representatives.
  • American Polymer Products Group Custom molded polyeurthane products. Fabrication of decks, heliports, and boat landings. Fenders for boat landings, platforms, and docks.
  • Anson Ltd Provides valves, manifolds and fittings for high pressure applications. Includes information about facilities, approvals and awards, a list of offices around the world and a catalog of products.
  • Antelope Oil Tool Manufactures primary cementation tools utilized in the oil and gas industry worldwide.
  • Arvine Pipe & Supply Co. Sales of new and used oilfield pipe, tanks, pumping units, separators, and equipment. Tests, cleans, inspects, and reconditions oilfield pipe.
  • Ashfield Technology Aberdeen based company specializing in the rental of high quality laboratory equipment, mainly to the North Sea.
  • Bengt Fridh AB Founded 1969 and is a completely owned family company. The company has workshops for mechanical constructions, electrical constructions and control constructions for different types of combustion equipment.
  • Best Swivel and Valve Manufactures and distributes oilfield equipment. Products include swivel joints and related flow line equipment, hose loops, pup joints and hammer unions.
  • Busek Company Develops bonding processes suitable for many of the major types of bulk and composite silicon carbide. Offers information on manufactured systems, material processing activities, and facilities.
  • Byggwik (UK) Ltd Supplier of tank jacking and heavy lifting systems. Includes a gallery and a list of services.
  • Cameron Provides equipment used to control pressures and direct flows at or near the surface or well head.
  • Camex Equipment Sales and Rentals Inc. Source for new and used oilfield transportation equipment. Products include vacuum systems and oilfield trucking rig-ups. Online stock inventory.
  • CE Oil Tool and Supply, Inc. Based in Lafayette, LA. Rental services for the Oil and Gas industry.
  • CETCO Oilfield Services Supplies production well testing services and equipment, also designs and builds customized equipment. Features a catalog of products.
  • Channel Supplies Gauging, sampling and safety supplies and equipment used in the petroleum industry.
  • Church Energy Services Ltd. In house engineering, manufacturing, welding, testing and certification of oil field equipment.
  • Circle T Sales and Service Inc. Microbial products paraffin and scale, enhance waterflood capability, and clean waste water.
  • Containment Solutions Containment Solutions provides aboveground and underground fluid storage and handling products.
  • CRG Boiler Systems Steam and hot water boilers for drill rig winterization, as well as general commercial purposes.
  • Crown Energy Technologies Custom design and manufacturing of well service equipment, drilling and workover rigs. Remanufactures this equipment also. Provides service at field locations.
  • Cyclotech Limited Provides technology in the following areas: separation of oil and sand, including submarine applications. Features products and services.
  • Dansco Manufacturing Inc. Buy, sell, rebuild pumping units. Located in Abilene, Texas.
  • Derrick Equipment Company Manufacturer of solids control equipment: shale shakers, mud cleaners, hydrocyclones, patented screen surfaces, Super G motors, centrifuges, degassers and agitators. Includes interactive calculators and a catalog of products.
  • Devin Rental Tools, Inc. Provider of systems for both land and offshore. Designs and manufactures coiled tubing towers, lift frames and motion compensated injector-head platforms. Includes a catalog with technical specifications.
  • Divicom Inc. Supplies flowmeters, oil smith meters, brooks meters, daniel meters, marine loading arms, turbine meters, pumps, strainers and skid fabrication for terminals and pipelines.
  • Double E, Inc. Manufacture and sell oil production/service tools and pollution control equipment for pumping wells.
  • Echo Wireline Company Rental of portable wire line retrieval units designed to retrieve MWD and directional drilling monitoring tools.
  • EM Cable Service and Cable Repair Provides electromagnetic cable repair and services for the oilfield industry. Manufactures equipment for maintenance of EM cables.
  • Enardo International, Ltd. Designers and marketers of pressure vacuum relief valves, gauge hatches, emergency pressure relief vents, flame arrestors, and the increasingly stringent federal, state, and local air quality regulations.
  • EveryPart.Com Oilfield Equipment Online Auction. Oilfield Equipment for sale. No charge to Buyers or Sellers for auction.
  • Fabseal Fabrication and installation of flexible PVCs, HDPE and other material liners into tanks, pits, ponds, silos, vats, sumps, and berms.
  • Fann Azmayan Pooyandeh Design, engineering and manufacturing of petrochemical, refinery and power plant equipment. Based in Iran.
  • Flametron Australia Pty Ltd Electrical equipment and enclosures for hazardous locations. Based in Australia, operating worldwide.
  • Fluid Design Solutions Inc. Design and manufacture of oil field drilling and service equipment, based in Alberta.
  • Framo Engineering AS Supplies systems for the oil and gas industry. Products include subsea processing, multiphase pumps and flow meters and centrifugal separators.
  • Frank Henry Equipment Ltd. Manufactures and distributes Oilfield Equipment such as electronic weight monitors, pumps, wireline sheaves, swabbing tool, swivel subs and chemical cutters.
  • Franklin Howard International Ltd Supplier of machinery and materials including drilling and workover rigs and ancillary equipment and parts.
  • G.F. Plant Spares Suppliers of oil, fuel and grease pumping and control equipment. Includes a catalog of products.
  • GASO.com Wheatley and GASO duplex, triplex and quintuplex plunger and piston pumps. New, remanufactured and used pumps and pumping assemblies.
  • GasTech Designs, manufactures, installs and services a broad line of oil and gas processing equipment worldwide.
  • GE Power Systems Gas turbine sales, leasing and service.
  • Gekko, Inc. Procures and ships various types of oil industry equipment from Houston, Texas. Includes a catalog of products.
  • Gemini Enterprises, Inc. A purchasing agent for several petroleum, petrochemical and construction companies overseas. Includes a list of supplies.
  • GenTex Oilfield Equipment Manufacturing Inc. Hot oil units, pressure trucks and other oilfield equipment supplied internationally with safety training available.
  • GKD Industries Canadian manufacturer providing machining and engineering services focused on well stimulation, wireline and flow control equipment for the oil and gas industry.
  • Gosselin Pipe & Steel Ltd. Buyers and sellers of new and reusable oilfield equipment such as pump jacks, tubing, casing, drill pipe, compressors, sucker rod, and tanks.
  • Gregory's Gauges Manufacture of replacement parts and repair kits used in the oil production industry.
  • Gulf Island Fabrication, Inc. Fabricates offshore drilling and production platforms and other specialized structures. (Nasdaq: GIFI).
  • Hazardous Location Equipment Equipment made to work in hazardous conditions.
  • Heath Consultants Limited Gas leak detection equipment, flame ionization detectors, confined space entry equipment, optical methane detector, ethane identifiers, personal gas monitors, and landfill gas monitors.
  • Hendershot Tool Company Manufactures Midco sand pumps, bailers and standpipe, mudline/manifold fittings. Provides also drill string repair throughout Oklahoma. Features a catalog of products, a list of services and history.
  • Hot-Hed Sales, service and rentals of oil tools and supplies.
  • Hydro Carbon Flow Specialist, Inc. Provider of zero discharge systems, cuttings boxes, portable marine tanks and vacuum systems. Features products with their technical specifications.
  • Hydroweld Specialist in underwater welding. Manufactures wet welding electrodes, circuit breakers, electrode holders, SL17 welding screen and hydrothermic underwater cutting electrodes.
  • Integrated Scientific Ltd. Suppliers of fully automatic testing equipment for the petrochemistry industry including testers for vapor pressure, flashpoint, infrared absorption and density.
  • Intercat Inc. Intercat specializes in developing and manufacturing Fluid Cracking Catalyst (FCC) additives.
  • International Snubbing Services, Inc. Designs, develops and builds rigs, construction products. Includes profile and a list of manufactured systems.
  • Iris Systems Inc. Produces a line of fail-safe, discriminating flame monitor systems with wide applications.
  • ITS Drilling Services Supplies liquid recovery and rigvac units, pumps, pressure washers, trash compactors, and waste management systems to the oil and gas industries.
  • J Integral Engineering, Inc. Provides a method of well stimulation, the GasGun. Includes technical explanations, comparisons with other equivalent products, field results and a list of field offices.
  • Jereh Petroleum Supplier of oil and gas equipment, including drilling equipment and tools, work-over and production equipment, rigs and accessories, components and spare parts.
  • JL Bryan Oilfield Equipment Includes photographs of production gas units, separators, heater treaters and tanks for sale.
  • Kenetics Technology International Design, procurement, construction of fired heaters, CO Boilers and NOx reduction systems for petrochemicals and refining operations.
  • KNM Steel Sdn Bhd Design and manufacture of process equipment, turnkey storage facilities and turnkey process packages. Serving Malaysia and the Asia Pacific Region.
  • Kolda Corporation Provides a full line of pipeline rehabilitation equipment; oil spill containment, prevention and recovery; oilfield fire pumps; offshore cranes; and related products for the petroleum industry.
  • Kosco Sales Specializes in oilfield related products and soapsticks. Includes a catalog with prices.
  • Linde Process Plants, Inc. Engineering, fabrication, construction and technology services for gas processing plants.
  • Louisiana Steam Equipment, Inc. Steam traps and energy management services. Live steam training. Steam traps, Steam manifolds, control valves, liquid drainers, vacuum breakers, gauges, humidifiers, rotary joints.
  • Lyon Operating Co. Inc. Small oil and gas operator that deals in equipment and supplies for the oil and gas industry as well as lease purchasing and plugging operations.
  • Marks Products, Inc. Manufactures video camera systems to video log vertical and horizontal boreholes. Includes a catalog of products with photograph galleries, information about downhole camera techniques.
  • Mastco Derrick Services Ltd. Complete design, welding and manufacturing services for derricks, as well as for drilling, service and workover rigs. Based in Alberta, Canada.
  • Merpro Ltd. Manufacturing services and process technology. Equipment for solids removal, solids separation, filtration and clean-up disposal.
  • Midco Fabricators, Inc. Making tanks, treating units and other oil country equipment to customer specifications. Certified welding, sandblasting, and painting capabilities. Engineering and design services.
  • Mitcham Industries, Inc. Leases and sells seismic data acquisition equipment to companies in the oil and gas industry, including channel boxes and other peripheral equipment. (Nasdaq: MIND).
  • NetOil International Sucker rods, pumps packers, rupture disks and panels, safety relief valves, graphite inserts, temperature sensors, and other production equipment.
  • Network International Network International sells surplus oil and gas, construction, and power equipment through auctions and private sales.
  • Nuovo Pignone GE Power Systems Upstream, midstream, downstream oil and gas engineering solutions.
  • OceanTec Electronics Products, applications and engineering recommendations for offshore oil production, subsea controls, seismic exploration, environmental monitoring, and oceanographic research. Offers a catalog with technical specifications.
  • OffshoreINLAND Specialist rehabilitation of pumps, motors, valves, cylinders, and complete hydraulic systems for the pulp and paper, steel, marine, and offshore drilling industries.
  • Oil Filtration Systems Manufactures a variety of filtration systems designed to remove particulates, water, dissolved gases, and acids from hydraulic, lubrication, and dielectric fluids.
  • Oilfield Equipment Procurement Experts Specializing in oilfield equipment procurement and export. Providing oilfield supplies and support on oilfield construction projects, onsite oilfield materials planning and management.
  • Oilwell Hydraulics, Inc. Engineering and manufacturing company of hydraulic artificial lift equipment. Includes pictures, catalogs and a brochure in PDF format.
  • Omega Manufacturing Corp. Fabrication and repair of rig and refinery equipment, centrifuges, sour gas incinerators, fired furnaces and heaters. Custom welding.
  • PennEnergy Includes an inventory of exploration and production, refining, power generation, utility and automation equipment.
  • Power-Flow International Export oil field equipment distributor with products including gas engines, pumps, wellheads, sucker rods, and air compressors.
  • Precision Air Drilling Leases equipment for high powered compression drilling to both on and offshore drilling operations.
  • Pro-Tech Fabricators, Inc. Design and manufacture of oilfield equipment, such as low-pressure oilfield production tanks, skid-mounted frac tanks, flow-back tanks, and mud tanks.
  • Quinn Pumps Manufactures oilfield reciprocating rod pumps. Provides location information, product details and company history. Serving Canada and US.
  • Radoil, Inc. Texan manufacturer of specialty oilfield equipment.
  • Raven Oilfield Rentals Providing a variety of equipment for exploration, production, construction and pipelines. Located in Fort St. John, British Columbia.
  • Ray Oil Tool Company Designs and manufactures centralizers, casing shoes and float collars.
  • RB Pipetech Valves, manifolds, couplings, pressure vessels, high pressure hoses and misc. pipe fittings. Joint and pipe testers. Design services. Operating in the North Sea.
  • Realbase Engineering Sdn. Bhd. Malaysia Manufacturer, supplier and engineering services provider specializing in subsea systems, manifold systems, fluid control products, and instrumentation.
  • Rentalsite Searchable database of products and systems.
  • Roxar Offers integrated field development and reservoir management solutions. Features flow measurement, monitoring product overviews, information about reservoir modeling and simulation software as well as consultancy services.
  • SCFM Compression Systems Co. Custom gas compression units for gas production and distribution, landfill gas, fuel gas boosters, and custom air compression.
  • Seals Eastern Inc. Engineers and manufactures elastomer packer elements, bonded seals, gaskets, and o-rings
  • SEEwater Worldwide network of manufacturing and distributors in the plumbing, utility, marine, and petroleum industry capable of supplying and providing solutions to companies and engineers.
  • Sertco Industries, Inc. Manufacturer and packager of reciprocating compressors for wellhead, gas gathering, and biogas applications.
  • Shaw Industries Limited Specialist products and services for the exploration and production, pipeline and downstream sectors of the global oil and gas industry.
  • Sim-Con Oilfield Equipment Ltd. New and reconditioned oilfield production equipment including pump jacks, engines, tubing, sucker rods, and Tanks.
  • Siraga Designs, manufactures and installs LPG cylinders bottling, manufacturing and repairing plants.
  • Sogiant Oilfield equipment manufacturer, including pump jacks, casing and tubing, drilling rigs.
  • Specialty Component Sales Inc. Provides components and fabricated equipment to both onshore and offshore projects. Features catalogs and brochures.
  • Specialty Process Equipment Corp Engineering, design and manufacture of production equipment for phase separation, oil treating, gas conditioning and water treatment.
  • Spector Lumenex. Provides a wide range of wired communication systems required by the oil, gas and petrochemical industries, both onshore and offshore.
  • Spectrex, Inc. Manufacturer of flame and gas optical detectors for high risk/high value applications such as the oil and gas industry.
  • Spencer-Harris Manufacture and repair of rig parts, mud pumps, heat exchangers and aqua ammonia convertors.
  • Standby Systems Inc. Designs and builds propane-air peak shaving and standby systems for natural gas replacement. Offers catalog of products.
  • Steam Solutions Stocking steam trap representative specialized in steam products and services for petrochemical industries, paper mills, universities, hospitals, restaurants, laundromats.
  • Tectrol Manufactures long nose heater chokes, high pressure control valves, liquid level controls, and pressure control equipment.
  • Tesco Corporation Designs, manufactures, rents, sells and services high efficient oilfield equipment which reduces the cost of drilling and producing oil and gas.
  • The ABB Group Manufacturer of products required for complete subsea production systems.
  • Tilsley & Lovatt Specialists in power generation supplying biogas generators and waukesha distributor engines.
  • TLR Well Services, Inc. Provides flowback and production equipment for rent or sale. Includes a catalog, and references.
  • Toromont Energy Systems Inc. Design and fabrication of modularized natural gas compressor packages. Sell, rent or lease.
  • Tracker Sales Ltd. Sales, service, rental and appraisal of drilling rigs and oil field equipment.
  • Transbulk Systems Inc. Online ordering for OPW Swivel Joints. Includes repair parts.
  • TransTex Gas Services, LP Builds, maintains, and refurbishes natural gas processing equipment known as amine plants or amine units to remove gas contaminates.
  • Tru Valves. Supplier of pressure relief devices to the chemical, petrochemical and offshore industries. The Netherlands.
  • Twister Supersonic Gas Conditioning Technology and equipment for natural gas dehydration, dewpointing, heating value reduction and NGL recovery. Operates unmanned without chemicals.
  • Uraltechostroy Ltd Design and fabrication of modular oil and gas processing plants. Offers a full range of services from project design up to commissioning and start-up. Based in Russia.
  • Vector Magnetics LLC Provider of wellbore proximity measurement techniques using active electromagnetic and passive magnetic methods. Includes a list of past jobs, specifications, links to papers and patent numbers.
  • Vulcan S.A. Design and manufacture pressure vessels and surface pumping units. Located in Romania.
  • Wellsite Compressor & Equipment Co., LLC Worldwide buyers and sellers of quality used gas compression, power generation and natural gas process equipment.
  • Wenco Energy Corporation Manufacturing vent values, thief hatches and flash arresters.
  • Westcoast B.O.P. Products Inc. Manufactures and supplies replacement parts for all major blowout preventer types. Offers a catalog of products.
  • Woodco USA An American Petroleum Institute (API) licensed manufacturer of specialty oilfield products.

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