Includes listings for manufacturers of AC and DC power supplies, converters, inverters, batteries, and chargers.
  • AAK Corporation Manufacturer of DC power supplies, DC/AC and AC/AC converters, constant current sources, and similar products.
  • AC Power Corp. Manufacturer of automatic voltage regulator, UPS , AC power source, frequency converter and power line conditioners.
  • Acopian Power Supplies Manufacturer of single, dual, triple and wide adjust output AC-DC power supplies, DC-DC converters, high voltage power supplies, power systems, and redundant power packages.
  • Advanced Conversion Technology, Inc. Designers and manufacturers of both high and low voltage custom power supplies for military and high grade industrial applications.
  • AEES Full range of thyristor chargers, switch mode rectifiers, inverters, DC-DC converters, emergency lighting, UPS single and 3 phases, voltage stabilizers, and cathodic protection.
  • Amtex Electronics Manufacturer of AC/DC power supplies, DC/DC converters, power inverters and battery chargers.
  • Analytic Systems Manufacturer of AC and DC power supplies, DC to AC inverters, DC to DC voltage converters, and battery chargers for multiple applications.
  • Anoma Electric Company, Ltd. Manufacturer of AC and DC adapters, lithium ion battery chargers, switching power supplies and transformers.
  • Aseem Power Tekneeks Pvt. Ltd. Manufacture of ups systems, inverters, converters, constant voltage transformers. From India.
  • Astron Corporation Provider of power supplies, converters, inverters and chargers.
  • Behlman Electronics Manufacturer of AC and DC power supplies, inverters, converters, UPSs and line conditioners.
  • Benbro Electronics, Inc. Design and manufacture electronic equipment including commercial public address amplifiers, power supplies and DC/DC converters. Online line card and product specifications.
  • Beta Dyne Inc Power converters and inverters, DC/DC converters, isolation-amplifiers. Application areas include telecom, computer and instrumentation.
  • Block GmbH Manufacture of transformers, chokes, power supplies and EMC filters for industrial machinery, telecommunication, computer, medical systems. US Office.
  • BluTek Power, Inc. A manufacturer of AC to DC and DC to DC power supplies.
  • Broadband TelCom Power, Inc (BTC Power) Manufacturer of power supplies and converters.
  • Bussan Co. Bulgaria Produce rectifiers, inverters, welding machines, charge devices and another power supplies.
  • C & C Power Inc. Manufacturer of custom DC power products and complete turnkey power systems for the telecommunications marketplace.
  • CCP Srl Manufacture of power supplies.
  • CE+T Digital Power Solutions Belgium based company specialized in DC/DC conversion, DC/AC conversion and AC power solutions including standalone and parallel inverters.
  • Compact Power Company Manufacture of Titan series precision, adjustable, A.C. output power supplies and frequency converters.
  • Condor DC Power Supplies, Inc. Manufacturer of power supplies for medical, communications and industrial electronic OEMs. Online line card, model number search, specifications and PDF data sheet and safety certificate available for download.
  • Conversion Devices, Inc Manufacturer of power supplies for medical applications with output ratings from 100 to 6000 watts. Online line card and data sheets.
  • Cosel Asia Ltd. Supplier of switch mode power supplies. A subsidiary of Cosel Japan.
  • Current Solutions, Inc. Focuses on all types of power supplies.
  • Dehner Elektronik GmbH [German, English, Spanish] Distributor of switching power supplies in Germany.
  • Delta Electronics Switching power supply manufacturer and a major supplier of video displays and electronic components .
  • Delta Energy Systems Custom designed AC/DC, DC/DC converters, inverters, power supplies, and power systems.
  • DR Tecnologie A specialized manufacturer of electric energy conversion apparatus. Products include UPS, AC/DC power supply DC/AC inverters and DC/DC converters. Target markets are telecom, refineries, and railways.
  • Drake Power Systems Suppliers of AC/DC Power Supply systems and Transformers to customer specifications complete with technical support staff for world-wide response.
  • Dubas Engineering Manufacturer of uninterruptible power supplies, battery chargers, servo controlled voltage stabilizers and frequency converters.
  • Duvine Manufacturers of power modules and battery chargers. United Kingdom.
  • EA Elektro Automatik Manufacturer of power supplies for industry, laboratories and telecom applications.
  • Ecopac Power Ltd. UK supplier of switch mode power supplies and dc-dc converters.
  • Elgar Corporation Programmable AC power sources for benchtop and automated test equipment applications to meet commercial, industrial, and military requirements.
  • Elnova Limited Manufactures UPS, CVT, battery and DC power supplies.
  • Elpac Electronics, Inc Manufactures external power supplies, AC adapters, and docking stations for portable electronic devices.
  • Emerson Network Power Distributor of AC/DC and DC/DC power supplies. The company is a subsidiary of Emerson (EMR:NYSE), based in Carlsbad, California.
  • Engelking Elektronik GmbH European power supply manufacturer.
  • Espey Mfg. and Electronics Corp. Designer and manufacturer of custom magnetic components and power supplies for both military and industrial applications. (AMEX:ESP).
  • ET Power Systems Ltd Specialists in electronic loads, AC power supplies, DC sources, and high voltage power supplies.
  • ETA-USA Switching power supplies.
  • Ever-Glow Electronic Co., Ltd. Manufacturer of power adapters, transformers, battery chargers, and related accessories.
  • Expert Auto Electric Manufacture products designed for mobile industrial, fire, emergency, bus, coach, and recreation vehicles. Products include inverters, battery chargers and generators .
  • Ferrus Power Ltd. UK manufacturer of custom and standard switchmode power supplies.Any brand repair service - free quote.
  • Friwo North America, Inc. Manufacturer of wall and desktop power supplies and battery chargers.
  • Gamatronic Manufacturer of power electronic equipment providing a complete solution for power conditioning. UPS, voltage stabilizers, inverters and rectifiers.
  • Gammatron Pty. Ltd. Design and manufacture of battery chargers, transformers, power supplies, instrumentation, sensing and diesel engine related products.
  • GKB Electronics Ltd. Power supply repairs, upgrades, retrofits from 500W to 25kW.
  • Global Yeou Diann Electric Industrial Co., Ltd. Manufacturer AC/AC, AC/DC adapter, class 2 power transformer, battery charger and switching power supply.
  • GlobTek, Inc. Manufacturer of AC and DC power supplies including linear, switching, open frame, and custom designs.
  • Glory Power Tech Co. Ltd. Manufacturer of switch power supply, AC-DC switch power supplies, DC-DC converters and battery chargers.
  • Hon-Kwang Electric Co., Ltd. Manufacturer and designer of power supplies, adaptors, chargers and transformers. From Taiwan.
  • IREM S.p.a. Manufactures power conditioners, automatic voltage regulators and UPS and micro hydroelectric power plants. From Italy.
  • iTest Makes a modular test system whose primary application is to generate high quality supplies for test benches. From France.
  • Jerome Industries Manufactures external power supplies (power adapters) and battery chargers, for the medical and industrial OEM market.
  • Jesagi Hankook Ltd. Designer and manufacturer of pulse and dc power systems. Product data and specifications available in pdf format .
  • Jiming Power Taiwan ac adaptor manufacturer, exporter. Manufacturer of AC adaptors, transformers, power supply, battery chargers. Customer designs are welcome.
  • Kay Industries Manufacturer of Phasemaster single phase to three phase, phase converters.
  • Lambda Electronics, Inc (An Invensys Company) Manufacturers of AC/DC and DC/DC power supplies, rectifiers, DIN-Rail mounted power, and custom or modular power supplies.
  • Leader Electronics Inc. Manufacturer of switching and linear power supplies, adapters, transformers, SPS, USPS, chokes, coils, ferrite core, battery charger and travel charger. From Taiwan.
  • Ling Luh Electronics Co., Ltd. An OEM manufacturer in Taiwan making transformers, AC/DC adaptors, power supply and chargers.
  • Majorpower Corporation Manufacturer of DC/AC power inverters, AC/DC rectifiers and battery chargers for telecom, utility and any critical applications.
  • Manson Engineering Industrial Ltd. Designs and manufactures linear and switching power supplies, dc-dc converters, dc-ac inverters and lead acid battery chargers.
  • Martek Power Manufactures AC to DC power supplies, DC to DC converters and DC to AC inverters.
  • Mascot AS Manufacturer of power supplies producing a range of more than 100 different types of power supply.
  • MGV Products Manufacturer of AC/DC switching power supplies and DC/DC converters rack mounting.
  • Micrin Technologies Corporation Design and manufacture a line of power distribution and supply equipment for the wireless telecom industry.
  • MicroPower Direct Offers full line of low cost power conversion products. Standard off-the-shelf, modified and custom units offered.
  • MIL Electronics Home Page Manufactures High Voltage: (to 2000V), Medium Voltage: (to 100V) and low voltage/ low emi, DC to DC and AC to DC, power supplies for use in scientific apparatus.
  • Milpower Develops and manufactures power supplies and custom RF power amplifiers for commercial, military and space-borne communication applications. Design, manufacturing, and test capabilities.
  • Milpower Source Military, avionics, naval, space, telecom, ruggedized power sources and uninterruptible power supplies.
  • Morven Electronics Manufacturer of AC-DC power supplies, DC-DC converters, custom power supplies, power systems.
  • Munk, GmbH Manufacturer of power converter systems and rectifiers and control systems for multiple applications.
  • National Controlling Equipment Industries Manufacturers of power supplies, and converters, power conditioning equipment, ups, isolation transformers and servo stabilizers, under the PowerGuard brand name. From India.
  • Neuron Electronics Co.,Ltd. Manufacturer AC-AC converters, DC-DC converters, battery charger, DC power supplies, DC-AC inverters and electronic ballasts.
  • Newmar Manufacturer of battery chargers, power supplies and converters, electrical panels and accessories for communication, navigation and industrial applications . Product features and specifications.
  • Noratel Manufacturer of transformers and power supplies.
  • Nucon GbR Designer of ballasts for automotive HID xenon light and DC-DC converters.
  • Nutech Industries, Inc. An electrical manufacturing firm which has developed new electrical products for portable temporary power distribution.
  • Peak to Peak Power, Inc. Power supplies, CD/DC converter and accessories.
  • Phoenix Contact GmbH & Co. KG Manufacturer of power supplies, plc-system cabling, terminal blocks, signal conditioning, overvoltage protection, process-interface, interbus, and fiber optics.
  • PICO Electronics, Inc. Manufactures and sells transformers, inductors, DC-DC converters and AC-DC power supplies. Online line card, specifications and purchasing.
  • Pivotal Power Develops and sells power conversion equipment, including uninterruptible power supplies, rectifiers/starters, intelligent battery chargers, converters, and inverters, for defense and industrial applications.
  • Power Bright Inverters Manufactures 12 and 24 volt DC to AC modified and pure sine wave power inverters, transformers and adapters. Facilities in USA and Canada.
  • Power Conversion Technologies, Inc. Provides power electronic solutions through the design and manufacture of linear power supplies to 15MW, switching power supplies to 100KW, inverters, converters and other products employing PWM, IGBT based technologies and DSP control.
  • Power Conversions Pty Ltd Manufacturers of industrial DC-AC sinewave inverters and DC-DC converters and associated power control equipment.
  • Power Guide Marketing Power systems, technical sales and support. Power supplies, DC/DC converters, transformers, batteries and charging systems, cable assemblies, fiber optics, medical.
  • Power Pax Manufacturer of switch mode and linear power supplies and transformers.
  • Power Solutions A distributor for power supplies, packaging, and cooling.
  • Power Tech Equipments Makers of UPS inverters, CVTs and voltage stabilizers. Includes product range and client listings.
  • Power-One, Inc Manufactures AC/DC, DC/DC and telecom power supplies.
  • Powerbox Manufacturer of power supplies offering custom design solutions as well as standard products.
  • Powercom A California, US distributor of power conditioning equipment.
  • Powerstax plc Manufactures high power density AC/DC bulk power units and DC-DC converters.
  • PowerStream Technology Design and manufacture of power supplies, battery charger, UPS and battery packs. Offers compliance testing services.
  • Powervar Manufactures power conditioning products for computers, electronic instruments and medical equipment. Online line card, specifications and PDF data sheets available for download.
  • Primax Technologies Inc. Manufacturer of industrial rectifiers, battery chargers, DC UPS, DC-DC converters and power supplies.
  • RAM Technologies Manufactures medical grade power supplies from 40 watts to 400 watts.
  • Rantec Power Systems Inc. Manufacturer of power supplies and DC/DC converters.
  • Redline Technologies Manufacturer of high power DC and pulsed power supplies for laser, EDM, plasma and other applications. From Germany.
  • Reich Associates, Inc. Electronics manufacturing, radio communications equipment, relm, computer systems, specializing in high voltage power supply design and manufacturing.
  • Reo UK Suppliers of power conversion components, equipment, and systems.
  • Rompower Research and development facility and manufacturer of custom switch mode power supplies. DC-DC solutions for automotive, commercial, industrial, and military requirements.
  • RSI Power, Inc. Distributors of power products from Mean Well, ETA-USA, Cosel and Power Mate.
  • Safety Power Ltd. Distributor for a wide range of power products.
  • Samlex America Inc. Manufacture and distribute power supply products. Products include dc power supplies, inverters, converters, and battery chargers. Product applications, design features and specifications.
  • Schock Power Corporation Produces DC-DC converters for transportation applications, intelligent battery charging systems, and AC-DC power supplies.
  • Seform Electronics Co., Ltd. Manufacture of switching power supply, linear adaptor and dc-dc car converter. From Taiwan.
  • Servostar Manufacturer of electrical and electronics instruments being used for power conditioning. India.
  • Setnic Co A manufacturer switch mode rectifier and chargers, DC to DC converters for communication applications, online and offline UPS.
  • Shenzhen Blue Iron Technology Co., Ltd. Manufacturers of AC/DC adapters, regular adapters, CCEE linear adapters and switching mode adapters.
  • Shun Shing Standard Corporation Manufacturer of power supply products including switching power supply and AC power adaptor.
  • Sinetech UPS,uninterruptible power supplies,general power protection,power supplies,battery chargers,DC-DC converters,sinewave and squarewave inverters,lightning protection devices,data and power protection devices,general power conversion products.
  • SLAT Manufacturer of rectifiers, battery chargers, DC/DC converters and inverters for protection of high and low power electricity systems.
  • Snaptec Specialises in the design, manufacture and distribution of professional power conversion products. Find profile, product catalogue, technical notes and contact details. Australia.
  • Sola HD Manufacturers of power protection, conversion, and transformer products. Product catalog, distributor resources, specials, FAQs, downloads, and contact details.
  • Something High Electric Co., Ltd. Manufacturers AC/DC, DC/DC switching power supplies, adaptors, chargers.
  • Sparkle Power Inc. Switching power supply manufacturer. From China.
  • Statronics Power Supplies Design, manufacture, sales and distribution of power supplies and associated power conversion products.
  • Stontronics Manufacturers of transformers, power supplies and battery chargers. From UK.
  • Sunpower (UK) Ltd Manufacture, design and distribute switched mode and linear power supplies, as well as battery chargers and larger industrial power supplies for hot swap andredundant applications.
  • Sunpower Technology Corp. Manufacturer of switching power supplies. From Taiwan.
  • Sunpower USA An OEM power supply designer of redundant fault tolerant, enclosed, and industrial power supplies.
  • Switching Power Inc. Manufactures standard/custom switching power supplies for high reliability applications and turn-key chassis hot swap solutions.
  • Tai Chyang Electric Eng Co., Ltd. Manufacturer of power supply, rectifier, transformer, scr rectifier, high frequency rectifier, pulse power supply, pulse-reverse power supply, transistor rectifier.
  • Tamura Designer and manufacturer of power conversion and magnetic products specializing in power supplies as well as power and audio transformers.
  • Tascom International Ltd Design and manufacture of power supplies for industrial and military applications.
  • Total Power Electronics Incorporation Manufacturer of switching power supplies, CCFL driving inverters, EL driving inverters, DC/DC converters and AC/DC adapters.
  • Tri-Mag, Inc. SMPS, DC-DC converters, EMI/RFI filters, and industrial PC chassis.
  • Tumbler Technologies AC/DC power supplies, DC/DC converters, and DC/AC power inverters. Commercial and medical grades; standard and custom products.
  • Tundra International Manufacture of power inverters for road vehicle and water craft markets from 300 watts to 5000 watts.
  • Unifive Technology Co., Ltd. Manufacturer of switching AC adaptor, switching power supply, mosquito repelling bulb, shoes cleaner, battery and air cleaner.
  • Universal Microelectronics Co. Ltd. Manufacturers and suppliers of magnetic components, power supplies and printed circuit board assemblies.
  • V-Infinity LLC, Specializing in DC-DC converters and AC-DC power supplies in open PCB, metal enclosed, and u-frame models.
  • Vacon Plc Manufacturers frequency converters operate motor drives for industry, ships, trains and buildings anywhere in the world.
  • Vanner Power Group Designers, manufacturers, and distributors of power conversion and battery monitor products.
  • Vector Manufacturing Ltd Manufactures power inverters, portable jumpstarters and hand held lighting for the RV and marine aftermarket.
  • Vicor Corp. Power supply manufacturer offering DC-DC converters, AC-DC power supplies, power modules, and military power solutions.
  • Victron Energy BV Dutch manufacturer of inverters and chargers and solar applications.
  • Voltage Converters Division of Export Depot Selling transformers from 110 volt to 220 volt, voltage converters, AC-DC power inverters, voltage regulators and plug adapters for use overseas. Offers online sales.
  • Wall Industries, Inc. Designer and manufacturer of DC/DC converters and AC/DC power supplies.
  • Warner Power Design, engineer and manufacture customized industrial power conversion systems, including power supplies, power centers, transformers, chokes and reactors for industry.
  • Watford Control Manufacture voltage control and power supply products including AC voltage stabilisers, power conditioners, transverse and common mode interference suppressers. From UK.
  • Wilmore Electronics Co., Inc. Manufactures solid-state power conversion equipment, includes dc-dc converters, dc-ac inverters and UPSs.
  • World Power Components Provides power supplies, transformers, converters, and filters.
  • Xantrex Technology, Inc. A power supply manufacturer. Employ zero voltage crossing, or soft switching technology that dramatically improves efficiency and virtually eliminates switching transients in DC power supplies.

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